This idea came to me when Jeremy said to Damon at the finale : "you may erased my memories, but the feeling is still here". What If Damon met Elena before Stefan? What If she had fallen for him first, but he had erased her memories? Would he erase her feelings too?

Elena was mad. No. She was furious. She thought that Damon was her friend. How could he? How could he have done that to her. Erase her memories? She had to find out what had happened then. Why Damon did this.

She opened her journal in an attempt to relish her anger

Dear diary

I found out today that me and Damon have met before. I walked in to the boarding house and I overheard him talking to Stefan about that. Stefan was asking him about then. He was asking Damon about that time, but Damon was saying that what happened almost two years ago, is not important. That it shouldnt matter since I dont have any memory of that. That noone, except of him, will ever know. I was in shock at first. Apparently me and Damon met the summer of 2008. Almost one year before my parents died. Were we friends? I have no idea. Did he use me like Caroline? Was I his play thing? I dont Know. But I will. I will. Even If this is the last thing I will do.

P.S. I am also so mad with Stefan right now. He knew about that and he didnt say anything.

Elena closed her diary and sighed. Summer of 2008. Bonnie had left town. Caroline also. She wasn't dating Matt yet, but she was spending a lot of time with him. Maybe he could tell her something. She took her car keys and left her room. She would visit Matt and maybe he could help her put the puzzle pieces in order..

Author's not: So What do you think? Should I continue this or not? I am not sure If its a good idea...