"One of the great advantages of having a werewolf as a boyfriend was that he mostly was walking around half naked – and with a valid excuse. The only downside combined with this was having a mind-reading father. But when the father was not there..."

This is my second Jacob/Nessie story, sequel to Other Half. It's about how Nessie and Jacob are starting to develop their new relationship, and what happens along the way. You don't have to read Other Half to understand the plot, but it's recommended since I somewhere refer to what happened in that story. You'll find it on my profile:)

Rated M for later sexual content, language and mature themes.

Disclaimer: Everything belongs to Stephenie Meyer, I'm just havin' fun with her characters. No money is being made from this work. I don't even own the title, I stole it from a Van Morrison song.


Song: Sweet thing – Van Morrison

"It's good to have you back honey"

Rosalie reached out and patted my cheek lovingly. Her eyes weren't on the road at all, but still, the car didn't sway an inch.

We were driving home from the airport. I'd just gotten home from a four-day-long school-excursion /class arrangement-thing with my English class. You know, museums, historical events and memorials, then one poor hour spare time before some more museums. And so on.

"They will be so surprised when they see you're home"

"You didn't tell them you were picking me up?"

"They weren't home" she smirked. "They've probably realized it by now though"

That explained it. Rosalie had answered the phone when I'd called home, but it had surprised me a little bit that she was coming alone. Normally my whole family would have been there, as if I'd been gone for months or something. Silly I know, but still. And Jacob would have been there too... My stomach clenched just a little bit. I would have expected him to be there, at least. Well, it was only four days, I told myself. But still I couldn't help but ask.

"Did Jacob...?"

"He didn't know either, no"

Aha. He hadn't known. My stomach relaxed.

"Someone's eager to see the dog again, or what?" Rosalie teased.

I just blushed.

"Well, you didn't need to wait long" she said, a new tone to her voice. "He's right there"

"What? Where?" He was here?

I sat up, looking at the road ahead of us. We were driving on the highway, the forest close to the road on each side. Why would Jacob be out here? I looked as far ahead on the road as I could, but I couldn't see him.

"Not there, honey." she pretended to be resigned, but didn't manage. "In the forest"

My head snapped up to look out my right window, and there he was. Running alongside the car, right by the edge of the forest. He was hidden behind the first line of trees, and I could only see glimpses of his reddish fur, but I knew mediately that it was him. He had come to greet me.

I felt a smile spread in my face as I watched him. I had missed him. It had only been four days, but I had missed him. I guess it had been even harder for him; I knew how the imprinting made it difficult for him to be away from me for a longer period of time. Before I left he had jokingly suggested to come with me by hiding in my suitcase. I knew it was a joke, but I also knew he deep down had hoped that I would somehow say yes, come. But I couldn't and he knew that. Anyway, I was home now.

We reached the driveway down to the Cullen house, and Rosalie had to slow down. Jacob came out from the forest completely now, not bothering to hide since there were no other cars around. He jogged steadily beside the car, grinning at me, his tongue lolling out of his mouth. I heard Rosalie hiss, a little irritated sound which made me laugh. I turned over to look at her, pleadingly, and she sighed.

"Oh fine, just go run off with your dog" she said, rolling her eyes as the car slowed to a halt.

"Thankyouthankyouthankyou!" I squealed, throwing myself over her, hugging her tightly. I planted a big kiss on the cheek, and she started laughing.

"You're the best!" I blurted out in a hurry, and the next second I was out of the car, watching her speed away towards the main house.

I looked around, expecting to see Jacob, but he wasn't there. I was standing alone in our driveway, surrounded by forest. No wolf. Weird.

"Ja..?" I started, but didn't get to finish. A very muscular arm had just wrapped around my waist, gushing the air out of me. I felt my feet disappear from the ground under me as well.

The next thing I knew I was wrapped up in his arms, one around my waist, the other under my knees, and he was kissing me fiercely. I kissed him back, my hands finding their way up to his hair, tugging a little bit, bringing him closer. He groaned, and the sound of it made my stomach tingle. His hands gripped me even closer to him. His smell surrounded me completely, and I felt home. Right here in his embrace. I let my hands slide down over his bare chest, up his neck and down again, wanting to feel him under my fingers. I felt a tremble run through his body at my touch.

I missed you, I thought, my hands wrapped behind his neck.

"Welcome home" he said, barely removing his lips from mine, his eyes still closed. Then he broke away completely, opening his eyes. They glowed, his whole face shining with excitement. I smiled.

"You know, I don't think I'm gonna let you down for a while" he informed me.

He brought his lips down again, pressing them softly against mine. Without breaking the kiss he started to walk in the direction of the house.

Careful, I thought, I might get used to this.

"Fine with me" he mumbled against my lips, refusing to break free again. "Maybe you should"

He carried me all the way back to the house. And no, we didn't talk much.

It had been nice of Rose to come and get me, since she and Emmet were rarely home these days. They had moved away to go to college, and so had Alice and Jasper. Normally my whole family would have moved by now, like they always did. They had if fact stayed far too long. There were two reasons for this. One, my mom didn't want me to grow up too far away from grandpa Charlie, and two, Jacob. We still didn't know exactly how to fix that one. He was bound to La Push both because of Billy and because of his pack. He was alpha, and couldn't just leave like that. But he was also bound to me, even more, and there was no way we were leaving without him.

The problem was that Carlisle and Esme were looking many years younger than they originally should, something that had made it necessary for Carlisle to quit his work and start working at another hospital in another city. They had a house there as well, but they still came to the main house as often as they could. It wasn't as if the distance mattered to them. At least this way, it prevented people from getting nosy and we could stay here for a little while longer. Out of sight out of mind, right?

So the Cullens tried to stay low, make a low profile. And of course they succeeded perfectly as always. And lets face it, my family was not the typical family you just bump into and small-talk with over the Brussels sprout in the local veggie-shop.

Right before we reached the house, Jacob put me down. He grabbed my hand as we walked the last few meters towards the house.

"I would have come to the airport" he said, looking down at me. "But someone took off before I got the chance to get there"

He said the last part loud and clear, perfectly aware that Rosalie would hear it from inside.

"No problem" I said quickly, before she could hiss something back to him. "I'm here now"

"Yes you are"

I turned around and saw both of my parents standing on the front porch. My mom rushed over to me to give me a hug.

"Hi, honey. Did you have a nice time? You're going to have to show me everything that happened"

It's good to be home, I thought, sending Jacob a sideways look. My father chuckled, and hugged me as well.

We got inside, and then all I could see was a shadow of short, black hair before Alice was hugging me tightly.

"Hey you!" she greeted me, he voice high with excitement. "Did you have a nice time? I know you're going to show me everything you bought and everything you did soon, because there's a big blanc whole in my afternoon and I guess that's because of you!"

"Most likely" I laughed. "I'll fill it in for you later"

She loosened her grip, and I could see Rosalie, Esme, Carlisle, Emmet and Jasper standing behind her. Jasper sent me a happy smile and Emmet grinned at me like he always did. I hugged all of them, and we all went into the living room. Jacob followed as well.

I sat down on the sofa with my mom, filling both of my parents in on everything that had happened. Well, I just needed to touch my mom; dad saw my mental pictures anyway. I also had to repeat it several times to everyone else; they all wanted to see. Jake was sitting quietly beside me on the sofa. We were in the living room for hours, until finally Alice lost her patience and all but dragged me upstairs to help me unpack my suitcase and see what I'd bought.

One of the great advantages of having a werewolf as a boyfriend was that he mostly was walking around half naked – and with a valid excuse. The only downside combined with this was having a mind-reading father. But when the father was not there...

We were wrapped up on the sofa in the cottage. It was late; it was dark outside. After spending the whole day with my family it felt good to finally be alone with Jake. My mom and dad would be back soon, they were still back at the main house. I guess this was their way of giving us some privacy before they came back to kick Jacob out. Normally he didn't spend the nights. We weren't exactly there yet.

I had spent the rest of the day replaying almost everything that had happened on my trip to everyone, and I was exhausted. But not that exhausted...

"I missed you"

His words were muffled, because his lips were busy kissing down my jawline.

"I missed you" he said again, kissing a trail down my neck. "I missed you, I missed you, I missed you"

"You keep saying that, yeah. I was only gone for four days, not four months." I laughed, but then added silently I missed you too, you know, my hands resting on his neck.

"It seemed like four months" he mumbled before he reached back to press his lips to mine.

Again, it hit me how beautiful he was. We had been, well, together, for almost two months now, but still I had the feeling of not getting enough of him. After our last school break together, (yeah, that one, the one were he told me about the imprinting before I was snatched away as Johams guinea pig to-be) our time together had been far less than what I wanted. There was school, and afterwards there was always someone there, somehow making either me busy or him busy. Not intentionally, of course, but I just wanted to be with him. Alone. More.

He was laying on his back, covering the whole sofa with his broad shoulders, his feet too long pointing over the edge. I was tucked between him and the sofa with his arm wrapped safely around my waist. The look he sent me was almost marveling, as if he couldn't quite believe that I was there in his arms. He leaned down again and pressed his lips lightly to mine again. As always, the whole inside of my body started to tingle.

His kisses were heaven. I hadn't kissed anyone before him, so it wasn't as if I had anything to compare to, but it felt at least pretty amazing. I wondered if he'd had any experience on this area before...but then I backtracked quickly. I wouldn't go down that road, and my mother was partly the reason. Ugh. Not thinking about that, not thinking about that.

I ran my fingers up his neck and wound them up in his hair, tugging a little to bring him closer. He let out a quiet groan from the back of his throat, and deepened the kiss instantly. His hands started to run up and down the small of my back, pressing me closer to him. I grabbed his hair more tightly, and he groaned again, bringing his lips even closer to mine. Huh. I must remember that, I thought, smirking.

His hands were still rubbing my back, pressing me to his side as if he just couldn't help it. His mouth gently parted my lips, and not only could I smell him, I could taste him as well. I ran my tongue out to brush his bottom lip and felt him shiver. Soon after his own tongue darted out and met mine. Heaven. My breath was getting uneven, coming out in shallow gasps.

"Nessie" he mumbled against my lips, his voice low and husky.

I knew what he was about to say and sighted inwards. That my parents would be here any minute, we needed to sit up in a more appropriate way, we needed to stop before they came too close, this was not the right place, the right time, yadda yadda.

"You're...you're so..." he started, his breath uneven, lips and tongue busy exploring my mouth. "You're beautiful."

Surprised, I opened my eyes. It wasn't what he'd said, more the way he said it. So... sincere. He'd always told me he thought I was beautiful, but not like this. Not with his lips grasping for mine, his breath heavy and uneven, hands gripping me tightly to him. It was almost as if he'd wanted to use another word but didn't dare.

We heard it then, light footsteps outside in the forest. My parents. They were walking, giving us time to de-snuggle. Jake unwillingly tore his lips away from mine, and we both sat up into a sitting position. He moved his hand from my waist to rest around my shoulders and smiled down to me.

I realized I hadn't asked him what he'd been up to lately – there had been way to much attention on me since I got home.

"So, what have you been up to?" I asked "Anything happened while I was gone?"

To my surprise, I saw his eyes darken a little bit, as if a shadow crept over his face. My parents entered just then, and he looked up. His face transformed into a smile again, but it didn't seem a hundred percent real, I thought. He looked down at me before he answered, still smiling, still tense.

"We can talk tomorrow. You should get some sleep."

"Al right" I said, unsure.

It looked as if something did happen, but he clearly didn't want to talk about it now. Maybe it wasn't important. I couldn't help being curious, though. I looked up at my dad, but he didn't seem troubled at all. He must know what it was, but I also knew he could hear my thoughts right now. He averted his eyes from me. Hiding something? He looked at me then, of course, and sent me a honest but resigned smile. Fine. I guess I could wait until tomorrow.

"You know, you can stay a little longer if you want to, Jacob" my mom said. "It's not that late"

"I know" he smiled. "But I guess I should be heading home, you know..."

His voice trailed off, and my mother nodded understandingly. I felt like I was missing out on something here.

Jacob turned to send me another smile, sincere this time.

"I'll let you sleep. You must be tired"

He stood up from the sofa, stretched and walked over to the door. I followed behind. He kissed me goodbye, a quick peck on the mouth, before he left. I stood in the doorway, watching him as he walked towards the forest. His back was slightly hunched, and it looked like he was brooding. Right when he reached the edge of the forest he turned, and saw that I was watching him. He sent me an earnest smile and waved before he disappeared behind the trees. I turned around and closed the door when I heard the silent thudding from running paws fade into the distance.

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