What do they put in the water

Epilogue, sort of.

As the week shredded to an end, so did my last remaining days of High School. I still had no idea what to do or where to go or if I was going anywhere next year. One thing I knew though, was that wherever I was, Jacob would be too. I wouldn't go anywhere without him close by. Not because I ruled my life by his pipe, rather the opposite. Because he simply couldn't bear to be away from me for a longer period of time. Consequence of imprinting, I guess.

I could go to college and see him in the weekends. It was doable. But it would be hard for him. And I would miss him too, of course, it wasn't just a one-way road. I had applied to a bunch of colleges and gotten accepted to most. I had replied to none. I simply didn't know yet. Where to go, what to do. Family, Jacob, college. Didn't know.

Graduation went smooth. I got up there, got my diploma, shook hands, got down. My family was there, and Jacob and grandpa Charlie and Sue. And Seth. He said he was there to see me of course, but since Joan was third behind me in the line I doubted it was just for me. Harr-de-harr.

My selfishness had gradually slipped away and I was heartily happy for them. Still worried about what would happen when she found out, but Jacob was right. We would worry about that when it happened. Joan was thrilled about Seth. She couldn't stop telling me about how awesome he was, and they had been on one movie-date and shared two shy kisses on Seth's front porch. Aww.

"So, how does it feel?"

I was walking hand in hand with Jacob through the forest on towards Emily's house. It was Friday and the day after graduation. I was now officially free to do whatever I wanted. It felt...weird.

"I don't think I've grasped it yet" I said, jumping over a puddle on the ground. It had been raining. "It's a bit sad. I'll miss my human friends"

My human friends were spread for the winds, going to different collages all over. We'd told each other we would meet, but I didn't know if I could keep that if my family moved to Michigan or Cuba or...i dunno, Russia.

"I guess you'll still see Joan, then," Jacob smiled back.

"Yeah I guess so." If everything turned out well. That was the one advantage from this whole mess. Thank you, Seth.

I jumped over another puddle. "What do you want to do now, Jacob?"

"We could maybe go and grab some food. Or go hunting if you like?" He smiled down at me.

"No" I said, "I mean, yes we could, but that's not what I meant."

"Then what did you mean?"

"I mean, what do you want to do now, like after the summer. Do you want to go to college?" I looked at him quizzically.

"I don't know" he said quietly. "I don't know if I'll be able to do that"

I knew that. Jacob had responsibilities. He was alpha.

"But can't they manage?" I asked hesitantly, referring to the pack. "I mean, if you really wanted to go...somewhere, college for example...Wouldn't they be able to take care of them selves?"

"Yes, they would. Of course." He looked down at me. "If I stopped being the alpha someone else would take that place."

"But you could go to a college in Port Angeles, for example. And then come back here in the weekends. And you could still be a part of the pack and still live close by. So you wouldn't have to choose"

He thought about that. "Yeah, I guess I could do that. I mean, it's possible"

"Mmm." I didn't know what else to say.

"Why are you asking about this?" He tugged our entwined hands, making me look at him. His eyes were kind and curious. "Do you want to go to college, Nessie?"

"I don't know" I said truthfully. "I just wanted to find out what you wanted."

He looked at me and frowned, willing me to continue. So I did.

"I mean" I looked down, trying to find the right words. "You've always been there. For me. You put everything on hold for me. School, graduation...I feel like I've sort of delayed your life with seven years. So I thought, instead of you following me around and doing everything I wanted, for once we could do something that you..."

I didn't get to finish, because his lips cut me off right then, gushing the air out of me in surprise. I managed to tear my lips away from his though, and continued.
"I just thought that if you maybe wanted to go somewhere or do something, then we could..."

He leaned down and interrupted me with another kiss. I felt my back being pressed up against a tree, and some leaves flew past us landing on Jacob's shoulders. I managed to break free again.

"Then we could do that, since you've already put so much on hold for..." His lips crashed back down on mine, interrupting me once again. Another leaf flew past us. "For me" I finished, mumbling against his lips.

"You wont ever stop, will you?" he laughed. Then he pulled back to put a hand on each side of my face. "I haven't put anything on hold" he said. "I haven't ever been so happy as when I've been with you."

He smiled and I couldn't help but smile back. I knew he was telling the truth. I streched up on my toes to kiss him again, properly this time. We were interrupted by a loud growl coming from his stomack.

"Hey" he mumbled against my lips, before he broke free completely. "Do you think you can make some food at Emily's? I'm starving."

I laughed. "Hey, back up there. I'm not your housemaid. When we get married, I wont be slaving in the kitchen for you."

I'd meant it as a joke, but I immediately wished I hadn't said anything. The silence that fell between us was sudden and heavy as iron. Jacob had gotten an odd expression in his eyes as soon as I mentioned the word 'married'. He looked at me with an unreadable expression and I immediately wanted to backtrack.

"When we get married?" he repeated, raising one eyebrow. There was a little smile playing on his lips.

Oh, kill me now.

"If. If if if if if," I hurried to say. Why had I said that? Now he would think I wanted to get married, that I had planned this all out. It was just a joke, I'd never even been thinking about it. Marriage? Grownups married. Not us, not now. Maybe, in a distant future. Yes, maybe far away in the future. Now, I'd never even been thinking the thought. But still, it stung a little that he seemed so averted to it.

I buried my face in my hands, and peeked up at him through my fingers. He was smiling.

"When" he stated simply, and my heart missed a few beats. When it started beating again it sounded like a frantic drum.

"What?" I said weakly, both embarrassed at my own slip and dumbfounded by his answer. Did he really mean that?

"When, Nessie. When." he laughed. He smiled down at me, his eyes warm. Then he grabbed my hand in his and started walking in the direction of Emily's house.

Right there, I stopped worrying about the future. We would take what happened when it did. I was only sure about one thing; that Jacob and I would stay together. No matter what. That was all I needed to know.

A bunch of people were already there, some sitting on Emily's front porch, some leaning against the banister. Emily herself was fluttering back and forth, and Sam was trailing behind her. Paul and Jared were both leaning casually against the banister just as another car arrived. They both greeted us loudly, overshadowing everyone else.

I turned around to see Joan and Seth both climb out of Joan's old car across the lawn. I waved at her and she smiled and started walking in my direction. She looked a bit nervous, and seemed happy to see someone she knew.

"Hi" I walked over to meet her half way. She smiled absentmindedly as she looked around. Her gaze landed on the gang of boys leaning against the porch. Jared and Paul were there, as was Sam, Colin and Embry. Seth walked over to the porch and joined them. Jacob stood a few meters away talking to Rachel.

"Woah" Joan leaned forward and whispered in my ear "What do they put in the water down here?"

Her voice was impressed. I guess I could understand her. The guys were buff. And half-naked, as always. I guess to one who didn't know about the wolves and the packs, seven overly muscular bare-chested Quileute guys like these gave some impression.

"It runs in the family" I whispered back.

Well it was true. The wolf-gene did run in the family.

As I was talking to Joan, I overheard someone say Joan's name. She couldn't hear it of course, with her human ears. I looked over to the porch to find Rachel and Jacob talking. It was Rachel who had said Joan's name, and now she was moving her gaze back and forth between her and Seth.

"He really likes her, huh?" I heard her say as she eyed Seth, who kept sending Joan longing glances from his stance at the porch . Her look was both intrigued and a little worried.

That was one heavy underestimation. Jacob laughed.

"Yep. Our little brother has done the deed"

"What?" Rachel hissed, trying to keep her voice to a whisper. "He's slept with...?"

"No, stupid. He imprinted"

"He...? Oh." Realization dawned on her face "Well that explains it"

Jacob chuckled.

"You have a leaf in your hair" Joan interrupted my eaves-dropping, reminding me that we were supposed to be in the middle of a conversation. She stretched up and pulled it out. "What have you been up to? Rubbing against a tree?"

I blushed. She raised her eyebrows as she realized. She cast a glance over at Jacob before she sent me a wicked smile.

"You two! I thought the woods were made for animals"

I snickered inwards. Look around, honey, I thought, glancing over to the seven wolves standing on Emily's front porch. Animals don't always stick to the forest.

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