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Set after the visit to Gosford Park.

Chapter 1

Morris Weissman entered his home with Henry in tow. He looked around their house with the green stylish wallpaper & old fashioned wooden stair case. It had been quite an eventful visit & the murder was still fresh in his mind, Morris shuddered with horror, he wasn't willing to return to England any time soon that was for sure. He turned to see his lover, Henry place the cases down & shut the door. He gazed at this handsome young man. Morris was extremely fond of him, he loved him. He remembered the first time they met. Morris had been shooting a major motion picture at the time when this young man had approached him, he had seemed somewhat lost, looking around.

'Can I help you?' Morris had asked.

The young man glanced at him, ' wondered if you had any parts going, see I'm an actor, well, just starting out and I was wondering…'

Morris smiled as his voice trailed off. Being 'that way' inclined he noticed how handsome he was an was eager to take him under his wing.

Everything had run smoothly, one thing had lead to another, and suddenly one day, they had found themselves in a passionate embrace. It was late one evening, He had nervously entered Morris's study, Morris had been busy writing, Phillip smiled as he watched him work, his face contorted into a frown, he was dedicated, no question about that, suddenly he looked up,

'Oh hi!'

'Sorry, is this a bad time?' Henry asked, 'I'll come back…'

'Oh no! No! Please!' Morris replied I was just jotting down some notes, 'What can I do for you?'

'Oh, I just have a question about the script.' Henry replied.

'Oh yes?' Morris asked, his kind face becoming concerned, 'Which bit?'

'Ummmm… The bit where Constance wants to talk to her husband, um…I'm having trouble picturing it…'

'Oh!' Morris replied, 'Well…did you want to act it out with me? Sometimes that helps.'

Morris approached him gently, at once, Henry felt a shiver run down his spine, his heart pounded. It wasn't that he found Morris particularly attractive, it was more his nature that attracted him. Morris was a simple, kind man who enjoyed society and making friends. He was benign and simple at times whereas Henry was fiery & nearly always had an ulterior motive.

Henry recalled their first film success. It was a hit story about a mother who had given up her son for adoption and then fell in love with this young man who worked for her, only to discover that he was actually her son. The film received very good reviews from the audience. Morris and Henry were on cloud nine. Even their friend, Ivor Norvello turned up to congratulated them. It was after this celebration that Morris kissed him. They had had a few glasses but were not drunk they headed back to their rooms,

'Oh my god! That was amazing!' Henry had said.

Morris shrugged modestly, 'Oh well is as much yours as it is mine Henry! I mean a producer can't produce a good film without good actors.'

Henry smiled, 'Thank you for giving me the chance.'

'I always knew you had potential.'

They stared at each other for a while, Henry's heart was pounding, then, very slowly and simultaneously they leaned in and kissed softly, it was the sweetest kiss Henry had ever known. Morris pulled Henry closer and deepened it. Finally he pulled away, both of them looked at each other amazed, both breathing hard. After that, Henry couldn't let him go and they slept together. It was sweet and satisfying to both.

Henry discovered he could use his sex appeal one day in June. Morris was chasing up a few details with the start of his new film, 'Tell me no lies' and so Henry had taken the opportunity to go out and get some fresh air. He went for a walk in the park, the sun beat down on him and it was gorgeous. Looking around, Henry spotted a young lady in muslim white, fanning herself. She looked like a woman of great fortune. He approached her and bowed,

'Good day!'

The woman turned to him, she had rosy cheeks and clear blue eyes, she was attractive no doubt about that. She smiled, 'Good Day'

'It's a fine day today isn't it!' Henry remarked.

She laughed, 'Indeed it is, mind you, I think my father wishes it were horrible, that way his cinema would be making more money!'

Henry's ears pricked up, 'Oh…your father owns a cinema?' he asked, trying to be nonchalant.

'Yes…MGM to be precise!'

Oh this was to good an opportunity to lose.

'Tell me…' Said Henry, 'what sort of films does your father allow?'

'Oh! All sorts! Comedy, drama, detective ones are his favourite!'

Henry could hardly believe his luck, 'Wow! That's pretty impressive! Tell me, Would you like to go out for dinner sometime?'

She went pink, 'I'd loved to!'

That evening Henry arrived home to find Morris waiting for him. Morris grinned, 'hey!'

Henry smiled, 'Hey!'

'You seem happy!'

'Oh I am!' Henry replied kissing him.

Morris frowned, 'May I ask why?'

'Ok Morris, you will never believe who I met today!' Morris shook his head, 'Only the daughter of the head of MGM!'

Morris' eyes widened, 'No! Where did you meet her!'

'In the park! We have a date!'

Morris felt as if he had been punched in the stomach. Still he couldn't be that surprised, Morris was a good ten or thirteen years older than Henry, it was only natural that he would want someone…younger.

Phillip sensed his uneasiness and took his hands in his, 'Look…don't worry, I know what I'm doing, if all goes well, we could have a contract!'

Morris frowned, 'at what about the girl?'

Henry shrugged, 'I'll think of something.'

Morris stared at this charismatic young man and wondered what he had got himself into but Henry kissed him tenderly and all the worry seemed to go away. Henry had promised him that he would be alright and they would be, he trusted him.