Chapter ThreePresent day

Henry slammed his hat down and shook himself out of his coat.

Morris glared at him, 'Shouldn't it be up to me to do that?'

'No I don't!' Henry angrily grabbed a glass.

'Well, it's good that your week end was memorable at any rate!' Morris snapped.

Henry knocked back the whisky, 'I am not getting into this again Morris!'

'Was she good?'

Henry felt like screaming, ' As I have told you about a hundred times, I only did it to get contacts.'

Morris glared at him, 'You didn't come to my bed all weekend!'

''No? And why do you suppose that is?'

'because you were spending time with her!'

Henry couldn't cope with Morris' jealousy, 'I only did it to influence her! It's worked before! Morris! She's got contacts! I mean being 'connected' with the Lady Sylvia McCordle? Imagine how that sounds!'

'Oh don't you worry! I am!' Morris snapped.

Henry groaned and put his head in his hands, 'OH-MY-GOD! I cannot keep having the same fight with you over and over again!'

'So what was it? You preferred her bed to mine?' Morris had been keeping it in but now it had all coming flooding out.

'Don't be stupid!' Henry replied. 'The servants talk a lot! If I spent the weekend with you, it would've spread round the household like wildfire and we would've been ruined and probably imprisoned!'

'You must've been so happy to have had that excuse!'

'OH FOR THE LOVE OF GOD! Will you listen to yourself Morris! I-slept-with-her-to-improve-our-situation! And you have to admit it is working!'

'Do you think of her?' Morris asked.

Henry shook his head 'What?'

'When we're in bed together are you thinking of her?'

Henry couldn't believe this was happening, 'No! Where's all this coming from?'

Morris shook his head, 'Do you have any idea how I felt when I wanted you to join me and you didn't?'

Henry sighed. 'Yes I do! But what could I do? The servants would've caught us and we would've gone to jail!'

'That's a pathetic excuse!'

'Oh it's pathetic is it?' Henry grabbed the paper and threw it across to him, 'WELL YOU TELL THAT TO THE POOR SOD WHO'S JUST GOT SIX MONTHS!'

Morris lookdown at the ground. Henry ran his fingers through his hair, 'I-I can't cope with this Morris. You're making it to hard, maybe we should take a break.'

Morris ran to him, tears in his eyes, 'No! No Henry!' He ran to him, 'I-I'm sorry!'

Henry sighed and wrapped his arms around him, 'If this is going to work, you are going to have to trust me Morris! I mean we have been together for a couple of years now.'

Morris nodded, 'Yeah I know. I'm sorry. I just, I just love you so much. And I, well I can't help be think that one day you will break our 'arrangement' and find a better director or something like that.'

'Never.' Henry pulled him closer, 'Morris I owe my entire career to you, you helped me get out there, you put me on the map. I love you!'

'Really?' Morris asked.

'Yes! Morris, what I do is for us! You have to believe that!'

Morris looked into his eyes and they kissed tenderly.

'No more Morris! I mean it! Sylvia means nothing to me!' Henry added, 'She was just a passport to boost my popularity.'

Morris kissed him tenderly, 'I love you Henry.'

Henry kissed him back, 'I love you to.' He sighed, 'Listen, I'm sorry I was so distant while we were staying with the McCordles, I just want us to be safe.'

Morris nodded, 'I know!'

Henry smiled, 'hey! Why don't we get an early night?'

'I'd really like that.'

With that, Henry took his lover by the hand and lead him upstairs.