Thanks for the lovely reviews guys. Skipping ahead one months. WARNING: this chapter contains screaming, crying, fluff and a mild scene.

I sighed and got back out of bed. This was ridiculous now. Half an hour I'd been up. It was getting tiresome. I wandered into the kitchen, turning the light on. I leant on the counter and looked up at the moon. 1 o'clock in the morning but I wasn't at all tired.

A few minutes later and I felt my underwear becoming wet. What the hell? I thought I'd wet myself. A sudden pain across my hips proved me wrong. I clutched my stomach and screamed up the stairs. "JOHN!" a few seconds later and I could hear John jumping out of bed and running down the stairs.

"Amy?" he skidded into the kitchen. "What's-" he cut off when he saw that my waters had broken. "Oh. C'mon Amy." He grabbed my hand and helped me get changed into something move comfortable. A dress. He then helped me back downstairs and into the car. Normally I'd have a few hours at the least, but my family had a thing for quick births. I was proved right as I felt the urge to push only half way to the hospital.

Almost immediately as we pulled up into the hospital, several Doctors had gathered round the car and were doing everything to help. The noise and the crowd was making me stressed and scared. No one seemed to notice though.

I soon found my self in the maternity ward. "Amy, Amy , Listen to me Amy. Just breathe. Everything will be okay. You can do this. Just push." the Nurse smiled at me and I felt some what reassured. I didn't remember much after that, only the pain and the words of reassurance. But a few minutes later, ten minutes, and the paint subsided. There was a high pitched screaming sound and the Nurse smiled over at me and John. She handed us two bundles of cloth before turning away.

"Amber and Jacob." John smiled down at me and gave me a hug. I looked down at the bundle in my arms for the first time and saw a Green eyed, Ginger haired baby girl staring up and me. I smiled down at her and she seemed to smiled back up at me. John took amber off me and handed me Jacob. I smiled down at Jacob with his Brown eyes and Brown hair and he gazed back. He was Deffinatley his father. I finally had the family I wanted.

The end

I really liked writing this story but I found that this was a good place to end. But don't worry, I will post a sequel in a few days time called; 'Life After.' I'm also in the middle of writing a story called 'Time Lords' where Amy is a Time Lord at the Academy. love you all. Katy