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Chapter 1 Signs (Prelude)

(Ron's POV)

The last few days have been absolute barmy if you ask me. I might as well start at the beginning for you.

Well, a couple of nights ago, Hermione secretly sent me an owl t o my window so my parents would know anything. My parents, try as they may to pretend not to be on the Dark Lord's side, would kill me if they ever found out about this. And thankfully Hermione remembered that.

Anyway, so Hermione sent to a letter that said she had decided to forgive me. You're just as shock as I am. I don't know what changed her mind, but I'm glad she did.

The next morning, I had to get really early to go to the Quidditch World Cup with my father and brothers and sister. Mum has never really been into Quidditch like the rest of us.

It was amazing, until the night after the match had ended. How Fred and George knew that Viktor Krum from Bulgaria would catch the Snitch, but Ireland would win, is still a mystery to us all.

As I was saying before, it got very chaotic the night after the match when Death Eaters, the Dark Lord's followers, appeared in their masks and starts terrorizing the Muggles. As soon as we got home, Mum demanded to know if Dad had anything to do with think.

I think we all were thankful to know that he knew nothing about what had happened. Apparently, not all of them trusted my dad. That might now include Mr. Malfoy. After their fight in Diagon Alley two years ago, things have never been the same between to two of them.

It's now September the first, and me, Ginny, Fred, and George, were all boarding the Hogwarts Express for the new school year.

"Now, behave yourselves this year," Mum called to us as the train whistled to warn us to start boarding.

"You sound as though something's going to happen at Hogwarts," Ginny said to Mum with a small laugh.

"You'll see," Dad with a smile, which made us even more curious.


The Hogwart's Express was halfway to the school when Ron finally caught up with Hermione and Harry. He began telling them about his summer.

"I'm glad you're all right," Hermione said, surprisingly wrapping her arms around Ron.

"Thanks," Ron said, not knowing what else to say.

"They wouldn't have hurt you, though, would they?" Harry asked, glancing over at the compartment door.

"I'm not sure," Ron admitted. "Listen, I don't want to end up like that."

"Do you know who sent up the mark?" Hermione asked.

Ron looked at her, shook his head, and said, "I haven't a clue."

"I wonder who Dumbledore's chosen to be the new Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher," Harry said, clearing trying to change the subject. Ron was thankful for this. He didn't really want to talk about the Quidditch World Cup anymore.

"We'll know soon enough," Ron said, looking out the window.


This was kind of a starter chapter. The best way to put it is a Prelude.