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Okita was trying to burn a hole into Kamui's head while Ginpachi-sensei taught math. Everyone else was glancing over at the two and whispering.

He twirled his pencil unconsciously in his hand. Why is he here? Why is he here? Why is he here?was all he could think of.

Sougo replayed the scene that had just happened over and over in his head.

"I don't want you admit you to the hospital again y'know."

That bastard!

The pencil flew out of his hand and landed on the floor next to some girl he didn't know. The girl bent down and picked it up. She blushed and shyly whispered, "Here you go, Okita-kun."

But Okita was too busy being angry to notice.

"O-Okita-kun? Okita-kun? Excuse me, Oki—"

Okita snapped, "WHAT do you want?"

Now everyone's eyes are on Okita.

"Ah~ Okita. You can't yell in class. There's no reason to—"

Okita got up quickly, causing his chair to hit the desk behind him.

"Whatever. Class is lame." He shoved his hands in his pockets and walked out of class.

Being in the same room with the man who almost killed him is making him feel extremely irritated.

Class ended and Hijikata made his way up the stairs to the rooftop. He knew Okita would be there. He's always there when he's annoyed.

Opening the door to the rooftop, Okita was in the same spot as always, lying down with his arm covering his eyes. Hijikata stood beside the flaxen-haired boy.

"Oi Sougo. You can't lose your cool like that."

Without losing a beat, Sougo replied, "Shut up and eat your mayonnaise."

The mayo-loving man sighed. "Look, I am as annoyed as you right now. The enemy mingling with civilians… it makes our mission much harder. We just have to work with the situation. So let's just finish up the rest of today. It's lunch time. Let's go."

Okita didn't move an inch. "Leave me alone."

Hijikata sighed. He knew Sougo would come around when he's ready.

The boy with blonde hair heard retreating footsteps and then the sound of the rooftop door closing.

He looked up at the sky. It was murky and cloudy. The wind was beginning to pick up. A storm is coming soon.

There were only five minutes left of lunch before Sougo reappeared in the classroom. The classroom was rowdy and noisy as usual. Okita slid the door open and an eerie silence ensued. His hot red eyes met up with cold blue ones. And beside those blue menacing eyes were a pair of red ones identical to his. His sister was sitting beside Kamui.

It was as if time stood still.

Kamui's smile never left his face. "Ah, Okita-kun. I was looking all over for you. I wanted to apologize for tripping you before. Here, I bought an extra sandwich from the cafeteria. Your sister said you don't bring a lunch."

Okita tried hard to keep his composure. That bastard honestly deserves a beating. "It's alright. I'm not hungry, thanks."

"Ah, Sou-chan, you should thank Kamui-kun. He was afraid you'll be hungr—"

Okita's eyes never left Kamui's. "Ane ue. Go back to your class."

"But Sou-chan—"


Mitsuba sighed and got up. "It was nice meeting you, Kamui-kun. I hope you get along with Sou-chan. He's a little hard to get close to but he's a very nice boy."

Kamui gave his signature smile. "Of course, Mitsuba-san. I feel like Okita-kun and I are reallyalike."

Okita scoffed. As Mitsuba passed by her little brother, she patted him on the head, "Be good, Sou-chan."

But even then, Okita's glare didn't waver.

Okita walked to his seat, people moved out of the way in fear.

"Excuse me, what class is it right now?" Kamui asked the girl sitting in front of him.

"English," was her response.

As Okita passed the orange-haired monster, he heard him mutter in English, "You better think twice before you act, little Sou-chan."

Okita clenched his fist and continued to his seat. He knows exactly what Kamui is talking about. The boy with the icy blue eyes has held his beloved sister hostage.

Ginpachi-sensei came in with a smoking lollipop and lazily started the English lesson. Whatever the lesson was about, Okita's mind was too busy plotting how to destroy Kamui in the cruelest and most gruesome way to wipe that smug look off his face.