What is that sound? Oh yeah it's Miss Pillsbury, shouting at me a Quinn in her office. 'Girls I'm so angry at you both. Drinking alcohol while you're pregnant Quinn, really?' Oh crap I forgot Quinn is pregnant. What if she loses her baby? Or even worse her baby becomes an alcoholic. 'And you Rachel. I thought you would know better than this.'

'Shut up Miss Pillsbury. Who are you to judge me?' Quinn's face turns red and she stares at me with a serious look on her face. 'Excuse me Rachel?'

God why did I say that for, Right I should just tell her about my dad she will understand. 'My dad's having an affair!' there I said it. Miss Pillsbury gives me a long stare followed by a pause. 'Oh Rachel I'm so sor-

'WITH A WOMAN!' Miss Pillsbury soon remembers about my dad. She rolls her eyes and faints. Making a banging sound when she hits the floor. 'Miss Pillsbury?' Quinn leaps out of her chair and attends to Miss Pillsbury. 'Rachel, what did you?' Oh yeah blame it all on me Quinn that's what you're doing. 'We wouldn't be in this situation if you hadn't of gave me some whisky. 'What? I...I-

Long pause but no answer Quinn, what's wrong cat got your tongue.

Wired, I can hear one of my dads. I turn around and see him standing in the hallway. He dials a number on his cell phone. My phone starts to ring "All the single ladies all the single ladies". 'Seriously?' said Quinn joking about my ringtone which tells my relationship status. He turns around and sees me. 'Hey sweetie' oh not now dad. He is halfway through the door and he sees Miss Pillsbury lying on the ground. 'Dad I can Explain' well if I explain then he will find out about my other dad having an affair. 'You're Husband is having an affair!' Quinn Just told him. 'Rachel I need to tell you something' said my dad worryingly. 'That's why I'm hear'

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