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This thing Oh My God...

Prince Of Wolves

Seto frowned. His dragon, a small and long white beast that from nose to tail was about Seto's finger tip to finger tip in length, tighten his tail around Seto's arm, his head raising from Seto's opposite shoulder to look out for the cause of the sudden noise. His big, blue eyes scanned the bushes for any movement and Seto could tell something extremely wrong was going to happen.

Kis, Seto's loyal companion, was a force to be reckoned with for his small size; and Kis knew it. Very little disturbed the dragon that often rested like a scaly scarf around the back of Seto's neck, even if there were drums and trumpets blowing right into his scaly petite face. When he was disturbed it was often because he knew Seto was, or because something really bad was going to happen.

Seto was just fine until Kis went on alert.

Seto looked around, slowing his horse from its gliding trot to a steady walk. The small ride had gone so smoothly all day, well besides him getting terrifyingly lost and Kis not bothering to get off his lazy butt to fly up and help with directions, and he was hoping it would continue that way. If it was raiders, there wouldn't be much of a problem. It's be a spook for them, but it wasn't anything Seto couldn't handle with the help of Kis.

And Kis knew that too.

"What is it?"

Kis looked over at Seto, not moving his head from its pointed direction, and sighed, "I do not know. It must be a rabbit."

Seto didn't settle for it, "Your hackles don't raise for a mere rabbit, Kis."

Kis blinked, his four eyelids shutting and opening like an alligator's. "You think I am unaware of that?"

There was unnerving silence for a moment. Seto growled, he should get going again. Go a little faster and get away from whatever was there. That was the smart thing to do, he didn't really understand why he slowed down himself. "Hold on, Kis."

He kicked the horse's side softly to encourage her to go, "Giddy-up, Kane!" When Kane went into a trot, Seto gently kicked her again into a canter, they needed out of there, fast.

It was really too bad that a blur dashed in front of them before they could really go anywhere.

Seto's heart skipped a beat and Kis's nails dug straight (and painfully) through his skin as Kane reeled dangerously onto her hind legs. Just great! Now he would be bleeding! He hated blood! And he still didn't know what they were dealing with! "Woah, Kane!"

Kane landed again, but the blur was back with three more.

"Wolves, Seto!" Kis shouted.

"Shit!" Seto cursed. Regular wolves would be fine but he took a wild guess these weren't. Regular wolves couldn't move nearly this fast, not to mention the size was much bigger than any regular wolf would be. They just had to be Wolf Spirits, just fan-fucking-tastic! "Kane, back!"

With the pull on her reins, Kane stepped back and started to kick and whinny when a wolf nipped her ankle.


Kis spread his wings and took flight. Seto growled and tried to gain control over Kane. Why did horses have to be so difficult when they panicked! ? Couldn't they just listen? His feet fell from their stirrups as he focused on staying on and keeping control.

Kis squeaked and Seto's attention was diverted for just long enough for Kane to give a mighty kick strong enough for his unfocused attention to throw him off. He grunted and gasp as the air flew out of him and Kane flew out of there, leaving her rider and his dragon behind.

Seto cursed, sitting up and reaching for his sword as he looked around for Kis. His dragon had to be somewhere!

He didn't get much time to look, however, when one of the wolves knocked him back hard enough that he hit his head and fell into quick unconsciousness.


Seto groaned. His shoulders hurt, his head hurt, and there was this childish girly squealing. It was almost too high pitched to be more than Seto's head ringing, but that was there too, and his back was sore, his wrists and ankles felt raw, not to mention the way his arm was killing him.

Some welcoming party that was! He just had to take a new route today. He couldn't stick with the old one, despite how toxicly boring it had become, no. He couldn't listen to his little brother who specifically told him not to come this way.

And now he knew why! One would think that with him being the king of Domino he would know this kind of stuff and not to go here! Well, he knew now! Thank you, come again real soon, couldn't he just of been left there like it was a prank or something? Of course not! That would be too easy!

And that squealing!

Seto looked over to Kis, in a cage, being awed upon by another dragon of the same statute, if not a bit thinner and small, but black with red eyes. And despite the miserable look Kis was giving, Seto could tell his dragon was enjoying every second of it! What was wrong with him! ? They were trapped and he was flirting?

"Ooooo, do the lightening thing again! Can you teach me? I wanna know how to blow stuff too!"

Kis grunted, and looked up at Seto. "Mornin', Sunshine, the headache says hello."

The black dragon blinked, just like an alligator. "Ooooo! You're up!" She squealed, "I'll be right back, Kis!"

Seto gritted his teeth and growled at the traitor, watching the free dragon leave. "Thanks for the help."

"Oooh, so sorry you can't save your own ass."

"You could have flown up like I had asked and told me how to get home, you incompetent dragon!" Seto snarled, pulling against the rope keeping him tied to the post holding up some sort of permanent tent. Then he decided that was not a good idea. Pain flooded from his chest and especially his arm throughout his body like arousal, except ten million time more tangible.

"I don't recall being the one who got lost. I believe this was a wonderful learning experience."

"'Learning experience' my ass, Kis." Seto hissed, "The only learning that seems to be going on is that we're learning you've decided thinking with your male anatomy is the only thing you can do around female dragons."

"She's pretty and cute!"

"So are all the other ones you flirt with." Seto countered.


"You don't like her. I can't believe you even told her your name."

"But did you see those big red eyes? They look at you and you have to give in!"

"Were you looking at her eyes or her female anatomy? Do you even know her name?"

Kis didn't answer.

"My point exactly, Kis. You want her for nothing more than a romping."

"I'm male, Seto!" Kis defended and curled up, putting his butt to Seto's face.

"Very mature," Seto deadpanned and looked away, becoming aware of the black dragon entering the tent, a forlorn expression on her tiny face. Great, something terrible was going to happen again. They were going to get eaten or something! And Kis was being stubborn and not helping!

"Mama will come to see you shortly. He has to finish with the pups." Seto frowned deeper when he saw her look up at his dragon and look away quickly even more depressed. Seto sighed, she must of liked Kis and over heard them. Well, it'll make things easier later. For him, anyways.

Limply, she flew out of the tent. Seto almost felt bad about it, but here he was, capture by savages and sore. He didn't really feel he had any reason to feel bad about something like that. He did, however feel bad for his brother who was probably mid-tantrum about how Seto need to listen more; how Seto may have been king but that didn't mean he knew everything.

And Seto was going to have to prepare for a hefty argument when he got home on those same subjects.

He looked at Kis again. Kis wasn't to blame for this, but the way he was playing with that admittedly adorable (not that he'd ever tell anyone he even knew the word in a non-sarcastic sense) dragon had definitely gotten under his skin. He told Kis that was wrong but the Blue Eyes White Dragon just blew him off every time. At least this one got away before she got too attached to Kis and had her heart completely broken.

Light filtered the tent like a thousand candles in a small, dark room. Seto groaned, the sunlight hitting his headache to make the dull throbbing sensation feel more like a clam had attached itself to his brain like a clam-zombie.

Greeeeeat. More pain.

He peeked through his eyelids to watch a blonde boy (a really good looking blonde boy) enter the tent, looking back like he was distracted by something behind him. He opened them fully again when the tent had closed.

"What did ya do ta Aylin? I haven't seen her that depressed since your people stole her flowerbed."

Seto blinked. This boy spoke his language! "What?"

The blonde blinked, unexpectedly straddling Seto's lap and grabbing hold of Seto's face, "Her flowerbed. Ya people tore it down to put a mill that ya don't even use no more." The boy pause, "Blue eyes, brown hair," he turned Seto's face, "Strong bone structure, pale, well preened, wounded..."

The blonde blinked again.

"OH MY GOD, ya're wounded! And bleedin'!"

He wasn't very bright, was he? Yet, oddly attractive.

"Oh my gosh! I'll be right back! Bandages! Bandages!" He repeated, running out of the tent.

Kis turned around, "He's loose a few scales, isn't he?"

Seto hmphed, "It doesn't really matter, as long as we get out of here."

Kis looked at Seto and settled back down on the bottom of the cage. It hung not too far from Seto and he could clearly see the way the white dragon's eyes clouded thoughtfully, "Aylin is a pretty name."

Seto sent a sharp glare his way. Sometimes there was just no stopping the dragon! "Leave it, she's been raised by savages. You have plenty others to choose from."

"She doesn't act like a savage...and she has a lot more personality than any other female I've ever met." Kis said, closing his eyes. "She not very bright either, easy to please. It's nice."

"Ya keep your cloacae closed, mister," the boy said, re-entering the tent with a huge (practically the size of a horse! He could easily ride it with the blonde boy!) honey colored wolf demon behind him and arms full of bandages and supplies. "She's not for takin' advantage of and leavin' behind. Her real Ma did that, she don't need it again."

Again he settled himself of Seto's lap. Not too much longer after, he had a knife cutting Seto's dirty shirt open down the front. Seto didn't say anything, he just watched and examined the boy.

He was shorter than Seto, by a good few inches, and he was toned enough that he wasn't muscular but Seto could easily see the muscle ripple under his tight, sun-kissed skin, it made the blonde boy petite looking. He had a necklace with different kinds of fangs on it, trophies of battles Seto guessed, and painted designs smeared with sweat all over his showing skin, which was everywhere. The only thing the blonde wore besides his necklace, multiple anklets and bracelets was one simple, modest loin cloth that had an extra cloth attached underneath that acted firmly like underwear. Even with all the factors added together, Katsuya (though a tiny bit feminine) was still very masculine.

When the boy's hazel-brown eyes looked into Seto's, Seto swore his heart did not skip a beat. He swore it didn't. But when he looked over at Kis, the little devil was smirking ominously at him.

Damn dragon.

"Hey, Moneybags," The blonde said, grabbing Seto's attention again, "My name's Katsuya, but most people call me Jou—short for the Jounouchi Pack." He held Seto's chin and stared into his eyes and Seto was admittedly having a hard time keeping things under control. "I'm gonna take care of ya, but it's probably gonna hurt."

Probably? Seto was sure it would. But it couldn't really hurt more than his arm was right now.

Seto just looked away, "Whatever, Mutt."

Katsuya blinked before ramming his fist solidly into Seto's shoulder. Seto hissed in pain. It was his bad arm too."I'm tryin' ta be nice! I ain't a dog!"

Seto didn't reply.

Katsuya just huffed and leaned over, without getting off Seto's lap, and gathered a wooden bowl, some water and some herbs mixing it into some sort of green mush.

He could feel Kis's amused stare as Katsuya applied the mush to the small scratches on Seto's face. If Seto didn't know better, he'd say Kis was implying something.

Katsuya moved on from Seto's face to his chest and squirmed a little as he scrutinized the intensity of the wounds. Seto had some lightish wounds, the worst seemed to be from where the wolf had bit him to drag his unconscious body to the nest, and Katsuya eagerly applied mush upon the punctures.

Seto hissed as the mush burned, he could feel the clean or whatever happening on his body. It made him feel a little better though, after the burn had subsided in the older areas.

That was, until Katsuya pulled him forward.

"OWCH! Fuck! Let go you mutt!"

Katsuya immediately flinched backwards, dropping the bowl with a loud CLANK and spilling the mush all over the ground, and the wolf that had so quietly and calmly been sitting, rose to his large paws with its shackles raised, ears back, and growling like someone had dared to touch her newborn pup.

"Sorry, sorry," Katsuya apologized, holding his hand out to show the wolf he was okay and not to attack. "Where does it hurt."

Seto stared at him like he was an idiot.

"Look I can't help ya if ya don't tell me or let me move ya."

Seto sneered and looked away, more towards one of the showing tan thighs. Damn! This boy was all legs! "My arm."

Katsuya smiled and gently patted Seto's face with his clean hand. "See. Not so hard."

Seto watched the wolf. It looked like it wanted to attack still, but reluctantly it sat down.

Katsuya leaned forward and Seto could smell the forest and berries painted on Katsuya's body as Katsuya wrapped his arms around Seto enough so he could cut the rope the bound together Seto's hands, but as he was about to cut it, the wolf but in, her female voice strong.

"That seems unwise, Katsuya."

Katsuya blinked and smiled at Seto. "Ya promise not ta fight?"

Seto really wanted to ask, was this boy really that much of a moron? But instead he nodded.

"See?" Katsuya said, reaching around and cutting the rope. "Notta problem."

The wolf grumbled before standing, "I can't stand watching your idiocy, I'll send Layla in."

Katsuya frowned, but otherwise seemingly ignoring the wolf.

Seto's arms dropped forward, asleep, and the brunette his in utter pain. It hurt.

"Let me see your arm," Katsuya commanded, and as Seto ignored him to hold it himself, he leaned forward to touch their foreheads together for a better look. "It's broken."

Seto didn't say anything, but Kis found this was a place to pipe in, "He knows, he's just stuck up. Don't coddle him too much, he's already spoiled."

Katsuya chuckled and gently grabbed Seto's arm. Seto instinctively wanted to fight back, to retract his arm, but he knew better. Katsuya may have been a savage, but he certainly seemed to know what he was doing.

That thought was pushed away when Katsuya grabbed hold of it weirdly and push-pulled it with a SNAP.


"Hold yer dick, would'jya? Stop bein' a baby! It's back in place, we just gotta wrap it."

"Katsuya?" Another wolf entered, smaller and brown. She must have been Layla. "Is everything okay? I heard a scream. I thought you were above torture."

"Shush," Katsuya said, taking a splint he had grabbed before and wrapping it to Seto's arm before making a sling, all within moments. Seto had never seen any of the healers work that fast where he lived and they had more plush stuff that a stick and odd woven bandages to work with! "I'm fixin' his arm."

Layla laid down, resting her head on her paws submissively. "Fixin' his arm, or fixin' him?"

Seto didn't miss the blush that flushed Katsuya's face, "His arm!" He shouted and looked down at their laps as he made sure Seto was comfortable in his sling. "His arm…." He said again, quietly.

Seto deftly noticed Kis wasn't the only one that had someone crushing over him here. The only difference was Katsuya knew from the beginning he didn't have a chance where as Aylin didn't know anything about chances at all.