Title: "Lost Path…"
Characters/Pairings: Allelujah Haptism, mentioning of Hallelujah and Lockon Stratos (Neil Dylandy), Soma Pieres (Marie Parfacy).
Rating: G (General – Safe for all ages).
Type: Short Fic (502 words)
Setting: Prison, seclusion, endings and beginnings.
Warnings: Angst (I think)
Summary: Thoughts of a prisoner of war, locked away with only his mind to keep him company, to warp him, crave things of the past…

Sleepless nights, I've fallen into a routine. Not that it mattered anymore…

I can't ever tell when it's light or dark, and the need for such a necessity has long left me.

I miss his warmth. The way his breath would tickle on the back of my neck as he kept me in his slender hold. Or how his smile would seem to brighten when it was directed at me, but only to me no one else.

I can't bear the thought of going to bed without him there. I tried a night… I didn't sleep. I couldn't sleep. It was too cold.

Was the last time I had that luxury, I don't care, in a way, I'm grateful. Just the thought of a bed without that warmth made it uninviting. Unsavory.

I've been locked away, in this dark small chamber.

Are you watching me? I hope not… I don't want you to see me like this. Not when you told me that no matter what I should live… But not bound…

But I couldn't. I fought til the end, I won't lie there. But it was for naught. Only out of duty I suppose, and maybe survival.

My other half would have mocked me now. Stating of course it was for survival. That we're not meant to be weak, if was to be weak then we wouldn't had lived as long as we did until now.

He's gone too you know.

I've been left alone…

Nothing but cold faces and answerless questions are directed to me.

I don't have any answers to give them, what for? We lost. What is there to look for…

I long to hear your voice again, flowing into my ears, calling my name. I play it in my mind, but it just doesn't seem enough.

I am alive though… I kept our promise. The promise of staying alive, to see the never ending tomorrows, to die of old age…

I don't want to die of old age… If it's to be without you for so long, it's meaningless.

My muscles are stiff, it's been ages since I've moved freely. Not that I had anywhere to return to. I would had ran into your arms… if only you was still here for such a thing.

My arms are around me, though they offer me no comfort. No warmth. Nor feeling. Only the cold.

Voices are there again. Another questioning banter again? The answers would still be the same…

Ne, Neil? When can I join you? It's lonely down here…

Light flooded my sight just now, I dared to hope it was my death and you pulling me into your arms… A foolish dream, the light faded and only saw lots of green and black.

Green was your favorite color. And it suited you well.

Someone is stepping closer, might as well see who, won't matter mu-


I try to call out, only to be muffled by that piece of metal and cloth. Someone removes it.


- Owari-