Hey, Jacqueline here. This is a story dealing with Aerith's thoughts on her "sexiness" People usually say it's Tifa or Yuffie that are the sexy girls but what about Aerith? I can see Aerith as some kind of sexy. She's not as sexy as other women but she's still sexy. So this is a fanfiction on Aerith getting sexy. It's supposed to be a fun, light, comedic fanfiction. R&R please!

Pairing: CloudxAerith


Aerith was always told how cute and pretty she was but she was never seen as sexy. Aerith was bound and determined to change that. That determination of wanting to be sexy led her to one of the best Clothes shops in Edge. Her friends, Yuffie and Tifa, by her side.

"Okay, how does this look on me, guys?" Aerith said as she stood in front of a mirror with a yellow sun dress on. "It looks really cute!" Yuffie said through a wide smile. "Yea, yellow really matches you. It looks as cute as a button on you." Tifa said nicely as she nodded her head. "Cute?" Aerith repeated.

Aerith wasn't shopping for cute clothes. She wanted something sexy and mature. "Okay, I'll just get something else" she said to herself. She quickly walked to the clothes rack and skimmed through until she saw something that was sexy and mature. After putting the dress on, Aerith was once again in front of the mirror waiting for what her friends thought of the dress.

Yuffie, Tifa, and Aerith all examined the dress carefully. It was a soft red lace, embroidered by small flowers. Its bosom was heart shaped causing her breast to be lifted. The dress was held up by a strap that was tied around her neck creating a bow. Her back was completely exposed. The dress was very form fitting around the waist but was loose around her hips and legs. It went about 4 inches above her knees with a slit to the side.

"So?" Aerith said nervously. "It's a pretty dress, Aerith." Tifa began, "But isn't it, well..." Tifa stuttered. "What? Is it what?" Aerith asked worriedly. Yuffie jumped in and spoke, "It's kinda sexy." Aerith's face lit up with happiness. "It is!" Aerith proclaimed as she clasped her hands together. "Why are you happy about that?" both the girls asked. "What do you mean? I want to look sexy." Aerith's voice was happy but trailed off, " I wanna look sexy don't I?"

Yuffie and Tifa looked at each other and made a worried look. "It's just-" Tifa began but stopped. "Sexy really isn't your thing, Aerith." Yuffie said as nice as she could. Aerith's mouth fell in disappointment as she collapsed into a shop chair behind her. "Not my thing?" Aerith repeated. The girls sat next to the sulking cetra. "It's not a bad thing, Aerith" Tifa said sorrowfully. "Yea, it's why Cloud likes you." Yuffie added, hoping to make her happier. "It's just what you are. You're cute and pretty."

"But I wanna look sexy. I never look sexy..." Aerith pouted as she hid her face in her knees. "Cloud's been off around the world for a whole three months. I just want to be sexy for him when he comes home." Aerith added through a dramatic voice. "Well, it's not like it's ugly on you or anything." Yuffie said cheerfully. "So, why don't you just buy it and wear it if you want to."

Yuffie's comment flew past Aerith, "How come I'm never sexy?" Aerith asked her friends. "I have boobs and hips just like you two, in yet, I'm sexiless." Aerith through her arms into the air. "What do I have to do? It's like, no matter what I'm wearing I'm never sexy." Just when Aerith started to think it couldn't get worse, a model-esk women walked by, "Cute dress" she said. Feeling annoyed, Aerith gritted her teeth and got up to move but her two friends pulled her back down.

"I give up! Cloud will just have to deal with a sexiless girlfriend!" All of a sudden, Yuffie jumped up. "I got it! Aerith, you obviously have no clue how to be sexy." Aerth squinted her eyes as Yuffie continued, "And I'm obviously over flowing with sexiness," Aerith's face got slightly irritated. "Uh, huh. We got it. I'm not sexy."

"Well, what if myself and Tifa take you under our wing and make you go from the cute duckling you are now to a sexy swan?" Yuffie was standing in front of Aerith, her hands on her hips. "Yea, Aerith. We could tell you which clothes are sexy and stuff." Tifa added.

Without thinking about it Aerith jumped to her feet, "Okay! I'll do it!" Aerith shouted gaining the attention of costumers in the store. Realizing people were staring at her she sat back in her chair, blush on her face.

"But sexiness is also how you act, Aerith. We're gonna have to teach you that too." Yuffie said.

"It's gonna feel weird for a while, are you ready for that?" Tifa questioned.

Aerith nodded happily, "I'll do it!"