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Series: Third in the Fathers & Sons Series

Series Explanation: Father & Sons is a series of oneshots that span across many fandoms and detail various father/son relationships, some typical, some not. The only rule is that the Father and Son cannot be in anyway biologically related.

Summary: Even as Nathan Stark is lost to time, he has never been prouder of Fargo.

Pairings: Stark/Fargo father/son, Stark/Callister father/son, Mentions of Stark/Allison.

Never Prouder

Nathan Stark admits, he doesn't always treat Fargo the greatest. In fact, he found razzing the younger scientist almost as fun as baiting Carter. Or at least he did until, that incident where he had given Fargo that old storage room in the basement for an "Office", and Fargo had ended up setting off a doomsday device that, if successful would have leveled all the major cities of the world. Internally, he winced, that really hadn't turned out well.

Of course that incident hadn't stopped Stark when the very next week Fargo had gotten mixed up with that drug that gave people super speed. Or when he had accidently activated that personal force field that couldn't be turned off, or during that whole dream sharing debacle when it was discovered that Fargo had dreams involving Jo, Stark and Zorro. Okay, so he likes to tease, annoy, and generally make Fargo's life miserable. But he loves the boy. Really he doe. Loves him as much as he does his own children. Stark will do anything for Fargo just like he would for Kevin and… Callister.

Callister… The Android's death still eats at the very core of his being. He did crazy things to protect him. Things that made no logical sense, and yet, they felt so right. He remembers sitting in the car trying to justify his actions to Carter, and Carter just unconditionally accepting it, saying that he was a father, of course he understood. At the time Stark didn't understand how Carter could understand it when he himself did not. But now? Now he understands.

Now, as Stark hears Fargo insist that he can do it, that he can manually hook up the device and restore the normal flow of time, he understands perfectly. Because, right now, in this moment, Stark feels exactly the same as he did in that bus station parking lot as he held his beloved son and promised him that God could give a computer a soul if he wanted to. The difference is, this time he can do something about it. This time he doesn't have to stand back and watch his son die.

So Stark looks Fargo in the eye and tells him how proud he is, turns to Carter asks him to look after Ally, and steps into the device. He bids Carter farewell, before his eyes seek out Fargo one last time. Then Nathan Stark becomes one with time.

As that happens, Stark sees what is coming. He watches as Fargo grows into the man and scientist Stark has always known he could be, watches as he assumes his rightful place as head of GD. His heart swells with pride at what Fargo will accomplish, and he realizes with shock that even as his essence is lost to the time stream, Nathan Stark has never been prouder.

AN: So here's the third part of the series. I love the relationship between Stark and Fargo and I hope you enjoyed this take on it.

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