A Love Alphabet

Summary: A young Padawan is captured and sold as a slave. But by the time Obi-Wan Kenobi rescues has, she is broken – or as close as she can get. Can he bring her back? And can he deal with the conflicting emotions she stirs within him?

Rating: T for the violence now and the suggestive themes later

Genre: angst (physical & emotional) ; hurt/comfort ; friendship ; romance ; just plain fluff

Canon Character(s): Master Obi-Wan Kenobi (38)

OC Character(s): Padawan Elanor (18)

Set During: a few months after RotS

Notes: This fic is dedicated to my best friend Crazytenor42. She wrote a fic just like this called Kenobi's Beloved Angel, so I am basing this design and story off of hers. It's called this because it is more an alphabet than a story about love, so . . . yeah.

And warning: the first four or so chapters are a bit depressing, so I'd advise readers not to linger on them to much. I make up for it in the progressively stronger fluff later and later on, though.

Chapter One: A

A is for Ambushed

Elanor feels a faint surge in the Force and looks around warily. As her eyes scan the dark alleys that are so common now that Tatooine's suns are setting, her hand falls to her lightsaber hilt. Now that the Jedi have been declared enemies of the Empire and are being hunted down, she is trying to be as careful as she can.

But sometimes, being careful as she can just isn't enough. Elanor has already run into quite a few clones and several bounty hunters, all of whom she barely got away from. It has taken all of her skill and drained her to the point of near exhaustion.

She is one of the survivors from Order 66, when Anakin Skywalker marched on the Temple with thousands of clone troopers and brutally slaughtered every Jedi who made the mistake of crossing his path. He stabbed her arm and choked her before leaving her for dead. He didn't that much of her because she was only an eighteen-year-old Padawan that he easily defeated.

But Elanor survived. Her arm hurts whenever she moves it and she is weak and exhausted, but she is alive.

And the only reason that keeps her going despite this pain is hope. Hope given to her by a rumor she heard one night almost three months ago. A rumor that tells her that she is not the only survivor of the massacre.

She is looking for Obi-Wan Kenobi and Yoda, who are rumored to have survived and are rumored to have tried to destroy the Sith.

She hopes that the rumor is true. She hopes because she has met Obi-Wan Kenobi before, and she knows him to be a great Jedi with great power and wisdom and compassion. She hopes because she knows that he is probably her last chance to learn the Jedi way and fulfill her life-long dream of becoming a Jedi Knight, even though it will not mean much now that to be a Jedi is to be an outlaw on the run from the law.

And she hopes because she does not want to face the possibility that she is the last Jedi alive of the Jedi Order.

It is cowardly of her and unbecoming of a Jedi Knight, but she is not a Knight.

Not yet, anyways.

She has been looking for Obi-Wan Kenobi since then. She has followed where the Force has guided her, and although she doesn't know why he would choose this desolate desert they called Tatooine, she trusts in the Force and she trusts in the judgment of a Jedi Master.

Elanor is caught completely off guard when not one, not two, but six fully armed and armored bounty hunters drop from the alley walls to confront her. They have some of the most updated weapons, she notes, and they use flanking maneuvers to cover each other. They have obviously trained as hard and as well as they could in preparation for this.

That they are seemingly prepared for her startles Elanor, but she has no time to reflect upon it, for then all the bounty hunters open fire. She has no choice but to call her lightsaber to her hand and activate it, destroying her cover.

But it is either that or die.

Elanor is well-trained in arts of lightsaber combat, having mastered and then built her style to reflect the flowing elegance of Makashi, the calm defensiveness of Soresu, and the sheer power of Djem So. She has sparred countless times with her late Master and other apprentices her age, and she has held her own very well.

But it is not enough this time.

She is being ambushed, and there is no way she can get out.

The first shot to make it through her guard grazes her arm and makes her nearly drop her lightsaber. The second shot immediately after that causes blinding pain to ricochet through her legs before they go numb and she falls. The third shot sends her lightsaber hilt whirling off into the darkness.

After that, she does not remember anything except a burning pain that consumes her and flashes of light.

A is for Assaulted

Obi-Wan Kenobi pauses mid-step as the Force suddenly ripples with more power than he has ever felt since he came to Tatooine. But the ripple is not calm; on the contrary, it is full of pain and anguish and fear.

The raw power behind the ripple tells him that the person causing it is a Force-user, one who is very strong but only partially trained. He knows from experience that that combination can be almost more dangerous than anything else, and he is worried.

But there is something else to this ripple.

Obi-Wan's breath catches when he realizes what he has sensed – he has sensed another Jedi.

At first, elation fills him. At first, he is glad that another one of his Order is alive and has survived. At first, he is happy because he realizes that the survivor must be a Padawan, one who can be hidden and trained so that the Jedi ways will not be lost forever.

But then the happiness goes away as Obi-Wan realizes too that the Padawan, whoever he or she is, is in grave danger. There is a bounty posted on Tatooine for any and all Jedi that can be found, now that they are no longer protected by the might of the Jedi Order or the laws of the Republic. They will not be turned over to the Empire; they will instead be enslaved and be kept for the enjoyment of their captor.

Obi-Wan is not certain which fate is worse.

Reaching out to the Force, Obi-Wan makes his way swiftly through the town, following in the aftershocks of the first ripple. It takes all of his concentration, for he must not only sense the smallest tremble but must also be careful to hide his own presence in the Force.

He trusts in the Force, even though he has never been good at reading the Living Force, and so follows it to wherever the trail leads. He finally stops in a dark alley; this is where the disturbance happened. Tatooine's suns have mostly set by now, but when he reaches out to the Force, he can see pretty well.

To his horror, blood is the first thing he sees. Blood spattered on the walls and pooled on the sand, staining it an inky blood red. He prays that the blood did not belong to the Jedi, but he has no way of knowing.

The next thing he notes are the burns of blaster marks. They are all over the place – in the walls, in the sand. They tell Obi-Wan that the Padawan fought back, for every Jedi knows how to deflect blaster bolts. He begins to hope that the Padawan was able to get away.

The last thing he sees is a lightsaber hilt, half-hidden in the sand.

His faint hope crumbles at the sight. No Jedi willingly forfeits their lightsaber. It can only mean one thing – that the Padawan did not get away.

He walks slowly over to it. He has met many Jedi, and he knows that if he reaches out to the Force, he can get a sense of the Jedi's Force signature and will be able to track the Jedi through that. He might even recognize the lightsaber or the Force signature.

The moment he touches the lightsaber, his mind is assaulted. Images bombard his mind, some happy and most not. They center on a young, bubbly, energetic female Padawan, one who looks startling familiar. . .

He rises then, shaken to his core, squeezing the hilt so tightly with his hand that if he'd been holding the focusing crystal instead he would have shattered it into a thousand fragments. He knows that all the blood has drained from his face, and his mind is numb.

But that means nothing to him. He does not realize what he is doing. It is merely a reaction, a by-product, of what he has seen.

Because Obi-Wan Kenobi knows who this lightsaber hilt belongs to. Oh, yes, he definitely knows. He met this Padawan once, long ago during the Clone Wars, and she saved his life during the time that they were thrown together.

Now, he must save hers.