Pinkshuchan: LALIHO! Hey everyone! This is Pinkshuchan here! Here it is; the final chapter of Super Shuichi World. I really can't believe it's come at last either. But I'm glad that this story is over and done with. I may possibly make a sequel. It depends if that's what you all really want. If not then that's fine. I would like to point out that if I did make a sequel it would have to be with a different game series. Of course I wouldn't own the game series itself but it's still fun to add characters to different story worlds. I'm not going to bore you any longer. Here's the final chapter of Super Shuichi World. Enjoy!

Chapter 8

Once And For All

At Tohma's castle, the ruler himself was laughing maniacally for his accomplishment. He had finally destroyed Shuichi. There was no way the latter would be able to escape Taki who was basically his equal. Especially after everything Tohma had thrown at him. Yuki on the other hand couldn't help but sit there in silence. The thought of Shuichi being defeated stopped his inspiration from flowing in his brain. Nothing could cheer him up, not even the compliments from Mr. Meow. It seemed like Tohma had finally won.

Suddenly, the sound of a doorbell could be heard through the entire castle.

Tohma groaned. "Who the hell would come here at this time?" he yelled.

Sakano had walked into the room. "Master, Super Shuichi is at the door." he replied.

Tohma gasped. "What? He's still alive? Didn't Taki defeat him? How could he have gotten here? Why do I keep asking these questions? And most importantly, why is there a half eaten taco in my hand?"

Yuki was willing to answer them. "Well of course Shuichi would be alive since he is the hero. He must've escaped from Taki from a miracle or more logically his brother, the castle is not that far from Taki's amusement park of death, you keep asking these questions because you're an idiot, and last of all you have a half eaten taco in your hand because you were just eating it in celebration of defeating the person you thought was defeated."

Tohma glared at his brother-in-law. "If I didn't love you I would throw you into the lava pit right now." he hissed.

"And if you didn't love me I wouldn't be your prisoner in the first place." Yuki remarked.

Tohma pretended not to hear that and looked back at Sakano. "Send him in!" he ordered, "I'll take care of him myself."

Sakano nodded and went back to the door to let Shuichi in and escort him to meet Tohma. Tohma stood there in anger as he saw Shuichi come in. When the two met eye to eye, Sakano bowed then left the two alone to handle their conflict. They stood there glaring at each other. Shuichi was the first to speak.

"I'm here," he called out, "Now let Yuki go!"

"Why should I do that?" asked Tohma, "I went through so much trouble to get him. I'm not going to let him go now."

"Let him go now or I'll have to force you."

"Yeah right! After dealing with all my minions and Taki, you don't have enough strength to defeat me. Even though you managed to get here, it will all be in vain!"

And so the battle between good and evil had started. Shuichi and Tohma did their utmost best at defeating each other. It seemed like they would battle forever. That was until a familiar voice echoed the castle in anger.


At that moment, Tohma was completely frightened. There was only one person that could do such a thing to him. And that person was standing at the door with her arms crossed, glaring at Tohma. The latter ran over to her.

"Mika, I'm glad you're home safe," he greeted her, "Did you have fun at the resort?"

Mika did not ease her anger. "Tohma, were you using my brother again in your games?" she asked in a deadly voice.

Tohma hestitated before he said "No?"

That did not help. Mika grabbed her husband by the ear and dragged him away while nagging him about how many times she had mentioned to him that the games that the two of them play is just for them and that she didn't want to add her brother into this because of the many times he told her about it. Shuichi found that convinient and ran to the cage Yuki was in. Stangely, the cage was not even locked.

"Yuki? Did you know the cage was unlocked the entire time?" he asked.

"Of course I did stupid." Yuki responded in his cold way as he got up.

"But then why didn't you escape? You had your moments."

"Maybe because I didn't want to at the moment? You were coming here anyways. I didn't want you to chase me all over the place. Besides," Yuki began to fiddle with his fingers. "There's something that I really want to tell you. It's important."

Shuichi was getting excited. This was it! It had to be! This had to be the moment when Yuki would tell him that he loved him. It was too much. "What is it Yuki? What is it that you want to tell me?"

"Shuichi..." Yuki began, "I want... I want... I want you... to wake up."

Shuichi was confused. "I don't get what you mean Yuki?"

But Yuki continued telling Shuichi to wake up. After repeating it a dozen times, he said it one last time while slapping Shuichi in the face and knocking him down to the ground.

Shuichi opened his eyes and could not believe it. He wasn't lying on the hot stone ground in Tohma's castle. It was the cold wooden floor in the apartment. He got up. He was back in the apartment. He looked around and saw Yuki standing there looking down at him.

"About time you woke up you damn brat," he snarled, "I've been trying to wake you up for ten minutes. Hurry up and get ready before your crazy manager comes to pick you up."

Shuichi couldn't believe it. It was all a dream? Well no longer it felt like everything was happening within eight hours. As Yuki told him to do, he got himself ready to work before K showed up. But before he was about to leave, Yuki stopped him.

"Shuichi?" he tried to get the boy's attention, "Look, I'm sorry about last night. Don't get used to this though. I'm not going to apologize for everything that happens between us like you do. But your game isn't completely annoying. Just when it's too loud. If you want, I'll let you have it back so you can play it as much as you want."

Shuichi did something Yuki didn't expect him to do. He rejected the offer. "Oh no!" he replied, "I've had enough Mario for a while. I'm gonna read a book instead." And with that said, he dashed out the door; leaving Yuki alone in the apartment dumbfounded. He walked around the apartment and looked at the game cover for Super Mario Bros Wii.

"I still don't understand what so great about this," he asked himself, "I mean, I've played a bit of video games myself and in my opinion Sonic is much better." He then put the game down and went back into his study to work on his novel.

The End