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For want of a nail is an expression that expresses how a small thing can lead to big consequences. Mostly they are negative. But they can also be positive; sometimes not finding your keys means you avoided that accident. If you have never heard the expression or poem, it only takes an easy search. While this story is Kallen/Lelouch story, I will tell some parts from someone else's perspective. Usually someone minor and no I don't mean Helga the cafeteria worker at Ashford or Keikko, the janitor aboard the Ikaruga or even Cheese-kun. It will be someone you probably know. But it will be from their point of view.

I guess that starts now.

Shinichiro Tamaki was a loyal man. He also worked hard at everything he did. He had a dream of becoming a bureaucrat. But when Britannia invaded Japan, his dream fell apart. Of course he could still do it but that would mean becoming a traitor. He would never do that. Soon the chance came to be a resistance fighter. He did the best he could. Until one day when a mysterious voice came over the speaker. At first he was skeptical, but soon he said let's follow it. Of course it was Zero. Tamaki was one the first to follow Zero. Well except of that Suzaku Kururugi incident but Tamaki's watch was broken. It wasn't his fault they didn't wait for him.

Of course to make matters worse Zero's green haired lover was constantly agitating him. Even Kallen made fun of Tamaki. Of course during the Black Rebellion Zero put Tamaki in charge of guarding some brat Britannia kids. He should have been out front helping Tohdoh but he did what he was told.

When they were captured Tamaki knew that Zero would come. Of course he did in his usual flamboyant fashion that let everyone know it was him. To Tamaki what happened didn't matter. It was the end result when Zero liberated Japan. Tamaki could become a bureaucrat after all he was Zero's best bud.

Still everybody ragged on him. He made a comment about Zero having other ladies to Lady Kaguya. I mean she was important, but she's still a girl. Zero needed a woman. Wasn't CC Zero's lover. Tamaki also noticed that lately Kallen knew a lot about what Zero was doing too. Was it his fault he was just stating the obvious? Unlike them he thought about Lady Kaguya's feelings. Better to let her down easy now.

Then they were exiled. Tamaki loved Zero's brilliant plan. Of course now that they had their own island Zero would be giving him an important role. After all they were best buds. Tamaki was just trying to lighten up the mood when he made a comment about the Chinese Eunuch generals. It wasn't his fault nobody could take a joke.

Then the green haired witch came looking for her hot sauce. Tamaki wondered if that was her codename for Zero or something. Tamaki was going to play a trick on her. He told her it was probably still in the boat. That would teach her. Of course everybody was mad because Tamaki couldn't find Zero. It was some business about a Britannian prince. Weren't they done with Britannia already? And where was Deithard. They couldn't find him either. Tamaki saw him go down to the boat where he had laid the trap for CC. Oh crap Tamaki thought. He better go take care of that. Of course if anyone found out what he did there would be trouble.

Diethard leaves Zero and Kallen alone.

"Can we trust Deithard?" Kallen asks, "He used his own discretion with Sayoko back then."

"It actually makes it easier to read his thoughts now. That man is trying to make the symbol of Zero into a god. One can predict his action from that train of thought. Besides, as far as media manipulation goes, he is a rare person of utmost talent."

Kallen and Lelouch are checking systems within the base

"Do you really plan on taking over the capital of the Chinese Federation?" Kallen asks.

Lelouch answers, "In a method of not becoming invaders. If it falls into our hands, then conditions for defeating Britannia will almost be met."

Kallen smiles and thinks, "I guess he's all right now. I was worried for a moment about what would happen to him back there."

Lelouch looks up at Kallen and wonders what's going on with her.

"What's the matter?" he asks her.

Kallen spaced out for a moment and Lelouch startled her.

She slipped and fell on top of Lelouch. They are face to face.

"Tell me Lelouch. Why did you come back?"

"Kallen, when all of this is over, would you come back to Ashford with me?"

"Lelouch, what do you think of me?"

"Kallen, you are my Q1 of course."

Lelouch tries to get up, but Kallen keeps him down.

"No, what do you think of me as a person."

"As Zero or Lelouch."

"Both. You're the same."

Lelouch looks away. Kallen sighs and begins to pull away.


Kallen sits up.


"We both …. Love you."

Lelouch sits up and kisses Kallen. She tries to pull away, but Lelouch brings her in tighter. Both begin to move their hands over each other. After a few minutes they are both lying there exhausted. Kallen can't believe what she just did. Lelouch is simply smirking. She hits him.

"What was that for?"


"That doesn't make any sense. I mean what now. We just."

Kallen hadn't considered anything else. What would happen now? What if she became? The thought horrified her. She was about to say something.


"Lord Zero, Come to the Ikaruga right away. We have a problem. The empress Tianzi is going to marry some Britanian prince."

"Damn. Maybe we should make them wait."

Kallen looks at him stunned. "Are you crazy? Go take care of this right away. "

Lelouch smirks. "Perhaps you are right. And I can see everything."

Kallen shrieks and begins to cover up but stops herself. He was still joking after what just happened. He was up and dressed. He held out his hand to her. They kissed. She pushes him away.

"If you solve this problem, you can see everything whenever you want."

He laughs. "Then it's a deal."

At the pre wedding celebration

Nina comes in screaming "Zero, vengeance for Princess Euphemia!"

Suzaku stops her.

"Suzaku why are stopping me. You were Euphemia's knight. Is it because you still consider yourself an Eleven?"

Suzaku pauses long enough for Nina to escape, but Kallen stops her.

"Kallen, why you're half Britanian."

"No, I'm Japanese."

"Japanese. You mean eleven right. An eleven pretending to be my friend. Give my back my goddess. Give me back Euphemia."

Nina collapses. Suzaku catches her.

This is another tragedy Zero has caused.

Schniezel warns Zero not to show up at the wedding

That night Suzaku is troubled. What would have happened if he had just let Nina go? It was just a reaction for him. Someone with a knife coming in the direction of the second prince. Of course Kallen was there. He had to find out if Lelouch was Zero.

Later that night Lelouch is up working on the finishing touches of his plan. CC is staring at him, eating pizza of course. There is a knock at the door.

Lelouch says, "Who could it be at this hour?"

"Maybe it's your girlfriend."

"Be quiet witch."

"It's me. Kallen."

CC looks at Lelouch and walks away.

Lelouch opens the door. Kallen is standing there.

"Can we talk?" Kallen asks as she looks around for CC. With CC nowhere to be seen Kallen walks into the room. Lelouch walks over to the bed and signals to Kallen.

Kallen shakes her head.

"I promise Kallen nothing will happen."

Kallen still unsure walks over to the bed anyways. Lelouch kisses her.

"Now what did you want to talk about."

Kallen looks down and sighs, "Nothing. It was just you know earlier we."

"Kallen let's just, you know." Lelouch sighs

She lies down on the bed and falls asleep.

Lelouch shakes his head and lies down beside Kallen and falls asleep

In the morning Kallen is leaving the room quietly so no one can hear or see her. However Kaguya is standing near the door. Kallen not paying attention bumps into her.

"Lady Kaguya, I'm sorry," Kallen stammers. Kallen wonders if Kaguya saw where she was coming from. Kallen continues, "I was talking to Zero about today's operation."

Kaguya looks at Kallen and replies, "I told you once before I don't mind. They say heroes are fond of sensual pleasures. If we consider the physiology of mature men."

Kallen turns red.

Kaguya continues, "After all you were one of Lord Zero's first followers. The leader of his zero squad. It is only right that you take care of him personally. It's just well never mind Kallen. It will be a busy day. "

Kallen continues to blush as Kaguya walks away.

Kaguya knows she is young. She tries very hard. It seems as if Lord Zero only has eyes for other women. She doesn't mind really. The cause is more important than the individual. If Zero chooses Kallen or someone else, then it is his choice. Of course Kallen is also important to the cause. Zero must not toy with her. She will have to speak with him or her.

At the wedding ceremony

"I question to the voices of the skies to the cries of the earth to the hearts of the people!

Where in this marriage is the will of the Chinese federation?

There it had begun Xing-ke thought. Suddenly Zero appeared.

Zero's plan has worked so far. The empress has been taken. The Black Knights were on their way out. They are at the hangar the knightmares are being put away. Kallen sees CC and Zero, Lelouch walking away. Before Kallen would have stayed, now she went down with them. CC simply smirks. Lelouch explains to them how his plan worked out. They arrive at the command deck.

"What is the status of at Penglai?" Zero asks.

Deithard responds, "Reinforcements from India have already arrived. All that's left is to return and join forces with them but the empress is."

There is an explosion. The lead knightmares have been destroyed. Ohgi orders a halt. Zero is perplexed. There shouldn't anything approaching them for an hour. On the screen is a knightmare like none they have seen before. Kallen can't believe it. She should have stayed above. She runs up to the hangar as fast as possible. She runs into someone by the Guren.

"Oh Captain Kouzuki. We were just."

"Is the Guren ready to go?"

"The air glide was taken off. But we can get one. It also needs an energy filler."


"Well Mr. Tamaki asked us to take it off. It will only take a few minutes. Look there it is."

Kallen can't believe it if she hadn't gone down. Now. She would have to wait. However she would get a new energy filler.

"By the way where is Tamaki?"

The technician shook his head and shrugged.

Tamaki took his knightmare out. It was time to prove that he could do it. While in the hangar he had the techs mount an air glider on his knightmare. The enemy knightmare was taking everybody down. Even Asahina and Chiba couldn't do anything. But Tamaki charged in.

Xing-ke couldn't believe he let his guard for a second. He allowed what appeared to be an inferior knightmare get to him. He sees the Guren coming up. He has to do something. This knightmare will have to do. He uses his slash harkens to tie it up.

Kallen moves the Guren near the enemy Knightmare. She can't believe it is wasting its time on Tamaki. Kallen almost wants to laugh. She is about to fire her radiant wave when the enemy traps Tamaki.

Tamaki can't believe what happened. He only wanted to help; now he was trapped. His cockpit was blocked. He sees the Guren coming up.

"Kallen. Save me!" Tamaki yells.

Xing-ke has trapped the enemy knightmare and puts his sword at its head.

"I didn't want to do something like this. But I have an objective. The empress return her now."

Suddenly a large enemy force comes up behind the Black Knights. Xing-ke goes back towards his force with Tamaki. Lelouch feels like laughing or crying. What is he to do? If it was Kallen or Tohdoh. He would risk it all to save them. But Tamaki in a simple Burai. It was almost a joke.

Ohgi screams, "Turn the Ikaruga around, right away!"

Deithard stands up "I propose we retreat

"Why? We need to get Tamaki back!" Ohgi screams

Deithard continues, "Shinichiro Tamaki is just one soldier and a poor one at that. If it were someone of greater importance. However there are issues to consider."

Minami stands up "Are you suggesting we give up on him?"

"Minami this is a choice between our objective and the life of one person. I don't think there is anything to consider. We need preserve our forces and prepare to join with the Indian army. Zero your decision please. We tried our best. The Guren went out there. Any more would be taken as partiality and favoritism and would cause the organization to collapse. Shouldn't you differentiate between our emotions and your decision making? In order to accomplish a greater goal one needs to make sacrifices at times."

Lelouch contemplates it. "Turn the Ikaruga around and fire the hadron cannon. Kallen and Tohdoh cover our retreat. Don't endanger yourself. Advance to the fourth scheduled point. Once we arrive we will defeat the enemy and rescue our friend."

Everybody sighs.

The Black Knight escape to the Emperor's Tomb. The Black Knights talk amongst themselves

"All knightmares have returned."

"There is only one way in. We will use our forward firing hadron cannons."

"So we wait for the Indian army now."

"Are they coming?"

"What's our position a siege battle with no reinforcements?"

Xing-ke and the rest of his fellow conspirators were caught by the Eunuch Generals.

Now was no the time for this. The empress needed to be rescued. Suddenly the Knights of the Round appear. Xing-ke can't believe this has happened. The Eunuch Generals continue to betray their people. Do they not know who they are dealing with? That is second prince Schniezel, the man who captured half the EU. The Chinese troops prepare to fire upon the Black Knights.

Lelouch thought they plan on burying us and finishing off Xing-ke.

"Deithard, are you preparations ready?"

"What here?"

"Everyone is here. Isn't this the best stage?"

Lelouch reassured himself. I will be the victor even under this hopeless situation.

The Chinese forces began bombarding the Emperor's tomb hoping to trap the Black Knights and empress.

Xing-ke can't believe it. They are throwing away the empress. Damn those Eunuch Generals. They plan to bury the empress in their greed. Xing-ke orders the units to hold fire but the Eunuch Generals countermand his order. Xing-ke goes to back to attack the Eunuch Generals when Gino attacks him.

The Black Knights send out their aerial forces, Kallen, CC, Tohdoh, Asahina, and Chiba.

Xing-ke is still engaged with Gino. Suddenly Suzaku comes down with Lancelot. He and Tohdoh engage. Anya attacks the Chinese rebels Xing-ke goes to help his forces but Gino prevents him.

Zero calls the Eunuch Generals.

"You, personally, admitting defeat? It is too late however."

"You have no intentions of ceasing fore no matter what. Tianzi will die at this rate."

"The Tianzi is merely a system. Replacements are abundant. It won't serve as a negotiating tool."

"You want me to prepare a tribute higher than peerage in Britannia, then."

"My, the new travels fast. It was a cheap bargain, indeed."

"Cession of territory and an unequal treaty a cheap bargain."

"That is none of our business. Yes as nobles of Britannia, that is none of our business.

"What of the citizens that remain!"

The battle continues outside. Now Kallen and Suzaku are battling. Xing-ke and Gino are in a deadlock. Anya is taking on Asahina and Chiba.

"Zero, when you walk, do you try to avoid stepping on ants on the ground. We throw away the paper we use to wipe our buttocks. It's the same idea."

"You sell you country, throw away your leader, betray your people. What is it that you wish to grasp in the end?"

"This is shocking. To think that Zero was such an idealist. There are plenty of leaders and people, like the number of bugs in this world."

The Eunuch Generals laugh at this. As Chinese forces continue to bombard the Emperor's tomb. The defense systems aboard the Ikaruga are being overwhelmed.

The empress and Kaguya are frightened.

The empress screams, "Stop this already." She runs out.

Kaguya goes after her. "Empress."

The empress gets outside on the deck of the Ikaruga. The defense system of the deck has stopped working.

Zero continues. "How corrupt. Nobles what a joke. Officials that don't even know what the obligations of nobles are."

Tianzi is running on the deck. "Stop it! Just stop this fight already!"

Xing-ke spots the empress running and goes to defend her but Gino stops him.

The Eunuch Generals command the troops to shoot Tianzi.

Xing-ke flies down to save the empress. He uses the defenses of the Shen Hu to protect the empress. However it is not enough.

"Run away Empress Tianzi!"


"You finally got to the outside world but you haven't seen anything yet. I will hold my shields here."

"But you need to be with us, Xing-ke! I want you to"

"Such words are too honorable for me. However you need to leave."

Xing-ke can't believe it. He can't save the empress. He thinks about all the planning. Everything was for this moment. For the empress and now.

"Someone! Anyone. Please save her!"

"Very well. That wish has been heard." Zero responds as he pilots the Shinkirou in front of the Shen Hu and Tianzi.

The Chinese force fire upon them with everything they have. When the smoke clears standing there is the Shinkirou. They can't believe it.

Zero continues. "I ask you all, gentlemen of the Chinese Federation and Britannia. Do you still wish to fight? Fight Zero?"

Nobody can believe that Zero would come out in open. The Chinese units continue to fire having no effect. The Shinkirou fires its weapon destroy a large portion of the Chinese force. Even forcing the Mordred back.

Prince Schniezel wonders why Zero has chosen now to come out.

Zero speaks to Xing-ke. "How pathetic Xing-ke. Not only are betrayed by your countrymen, but you can't even save one woman. But now you know that I am the only one you can join forces with."

"That doesn't mean I will become your subordinate."

"Of course not. You have the ability to lead a country. I need to save Tianzi, you, and all the weak citizens of the Chinese Federation."

"You think you can change the course of this battle with just that knightmare of yours?"

"No. The tides of battle can only be influenced not by real time tactics but by strategy."

Suddenly report start flooding to the Eunuch Generals of revolts everywhere throughout the Chinese Federation. The same reports come to Prince Schniezel. He wonders what is happening. He is informed about a conversation between the Eunuch Generals and Zero. How could they do this without permission? Schniezel asks for the conversation to play.

Lelouch can't believe they fell into the trap. "Thanks to Tianzi, the evil doings of the Eunuch Generals were able to be accentuated. "

Xing-ke can't believe it. "It couldn't be that he took this action knowing they would betray."

"Indeed I used the other part of your plan. A civilian revolt at the same time as the coup d'etat."

Suddenly the Black Knights appear out of the Emperor's tomb.

Tohdoh comes out swinging. "It is not a siege battle without reinforcements!"

Deithard continues, "Reinforcements exist. All the impoverished civilians of this land are our reinforcements!" Deithard works at getting the dialog between the Eunuch generals and Zero out as well as the events of the battle out.

CC comes in contact with Anya through their knightmares. Anya freezes. It a leaves and opening for Asahina to take Anya down. The sight of the Mordred falling distracts Suzaku enough for Kallen to deliver a blow. Soon the Lancelot falls. Gino decides to go and back up his friends. The Black knights send out their ground forces.

"If we bombard my prince we can finish them."

Schniezel thinks about it. "No we shall retreat. A country is neither territory nor its system. It's the people. Having lost the support of its people, the Eunuch Generals do not have the standing of entering our country as representatives of the Chinese Federation."

Gino helps Suzaku and Anya pull back. Lelouch expected Schniezel to retreat.

Xing-ke takes the opportunity to go back and kill the Eunuch Generals. They get to the prisoners and Tamaki is released. Once he returns to the Ikaruga he receives a big welcome.

The next day they are all aboard the Ikaruga.

Tianzi and Xing-ke are reunited. Tianzi is happy to be outside the Forbidden City.

Deithard looks towards Zero. "Zero, there is a need to tell the world that Tianzi's marriage has been annulled."


"In that case it would be advantageous for her to marry a Japanese in my opinion."

At the sound of this Tianzi is frightened. Lelouch ponders the thought. He thinks pretty much anyone would work.

Diethard continues. "With you permission I can prepare a list on candidates."

Kaguya can't allow this. "You must not."

"Lady Kaguya this is a highly political issue here."

"It's a simple matter of love. It must not be dealt with as politics."

CC comes in. "Yeah she's right."

Deithard can't believe this. "We are at war here."

Even Chiba comments. "You be quiet."

Deithard can't believe what is happening here. "Zero your orders."

Kaguya implores. "You understand right, Lord Zero."

She looks at Kallen for support. Kallen looks up at Lelouch.

He doesn't know what to do. Suddenly Tamaki interrupts. He hasn't had a chance to talk to Zero since his return. Of course the matter of his official position is yet to be settled. Lelouch takes the opportunity to escape this situation for a while. Deithard can't believe Zero is walking away at this moment.

Zero responds. "Tamaki's issue is an important matter as well."

Lelouch walks towards Tamaki. He can't believe that even CC agreed with Kaguya. He could use geass on everyone to settle the matter but. Tamaki is talking about his position. Of course Lelouch is ignoring him. He just needed to get a way for a while and think. Lelouch's phone rings. He answers it. Suddenly Tamaki realizes that he is talking to himself. He can't believe after what he just went through Zero just walks away.

Lelouch answers his phone. It's Shirley.

"Hey Lulu. Can you talk now?"

"Well yes. What is it?"

"You know the president's graduation event. If I talked about it in class, Rivalz would tell the president."

"Isn't it just better for the president to decide herself?"


"Shirley may I ask something?"


"I want to break up a couple but it's hard to persuade the people around them."

"Do those two want to break up?"

"No there are family issues."

"You can't!"

"Why not?"

"Because love is power. Falling in love with someone gives you great power! Thinking about this person every single day. Writing poems, waking up early, making scarves for them, jumping into waterfalls, and screaming the person's name. I mean. You don't have someone like that do you Lulu. To dedicate more than you normally would for someone."

Lelouch thinks of his sister. "Our wills have the power to even change an entire world. Is that right, Shirley?"

"Um yeah."

"Thank you I'm glad I asked you."

He hangs up. Shirley screams. It always happens.

Lelouch goes back up to where everyone is still waiting.

"Tianzi. Your future belongs to you." Zero says as he stretches out his arms.

Everybody is ecstatic. Kaguya screams, "Splendid decision, Lord Zero."

Deithard still can't believe it. "But we need to clearly show the superiority in our relationship."

Zero continues. "The source of power comes from our hearts. Be it the people that stood up against the Eunuch Generals or we Black Knights. We have fought with the power of our hearts."

Everybody agrees. But Deithard is still shocked at Zero's actions. Xing-ke is amazed at the kind of person Zero is.

Lelouch and CC head down to his room. They discuss his plans for the geass order. Suddenly Kallen comes down. CC smirks and promises to do what she can.

"Are you going somewhere?"

"I must head back to Ashford. I can only have Sayoko cover me for a while. Everyone will become suspicious. And the president's graduation event is coming up."

Kallen nodded. They kiss.

"I thought I, we could talk. I could help with something."

Lelouch thinks.

"There is something you can help CC with while I'm gone."

At Ikebukuro station

Suzaku takes over the scene. He leaves Shirley alone with the police.

She will be safe here he thinks. The police put her in a car. Shirley can't believe it. She wants to go help Lelouch. She has an idea she begins to bang on the window. When the policeman opens the door. Shirley feigns claustrophobia. The officer lets his guard down. Shirley pushes him down and runs away.

"Wait for me Lulu. I won't let you be by yourself."

Shirley approaches the scene and sees bodies on the floor.

"Where are you Lulu? He's fighting I knew it."

She picks up a gun.

"Lulu all by himself."

Lelouch is staring at the pathetic sight of an immobilized Jeremiah.

"Now I will have you tell me the location of the order and the whereabouts of VV."

"You shall be the one to tell."

Jeremiah moves despite the gefion disturber interfering with the sakuridite that power his cybernetic parts.

"What impossible."

"I have my reasons. My readiness to carry out my loyalty to the end and a truth I must find out."

"Impossible. How can you be moving?"

"Lelouch, why do you act as Zero and turn against your motherland Britannia and you own father?"

"Because I am Lelouch vi Britannia! My father, Emperor of Britannia, let my mother die. Because of that, Nunnally lost her eyes and legs and together we lost our futures."

"I know. I was there, as well."

"Your were mother's"

"It was my first mission to protect Empress Marianne, whom I greatly admired. However

I couldn't protect her. I couldn't carry out my loyalty"

Jeremiah succumbs to the gefion disturber and falls.

"So you joined the pure blood faction."

"Master Lelouch, you became Zero for Empress Marianne's sake, right?"

"You didn't come to kill me but to."

"My master is not VV but Empress Marianne. Now I don't have any regrets. "

Jeremiah collapses. Lelouch runs towards him and deactivates the gefion disturber.

"Jeremiah Gottwald, your loyalty isn't over yet. Am I right?"

Jeremiah lifts his face to Lelouch's

"Yes your majesty."

"Jeremiah I need you to head back to the command center inside Ashford. We need to plan our next move."

"Yes your majesty."

Lelouch is about to run down the stairs. Standing there are Rolo and Shirley. Shirley has a gun. Lelouch stops. He hears Shirley speaking.

"I like Lulu. What about you, Rolo?

"I like him. He is my only brother."

Rolo eyes the gun.

Shirley sighs. "You are Lulu's ally, right. Please let me join too. I want to protect Lulu. "

Lelouch smiles. He goes over there.

"I want bring Lelouch's happiness. I want to."

She sees Lelouch. "Lulu." She drops the gun.

Rolo looks on.

"It is fine, Rolo. Jeremiah has been taken care of. We will proceed with the rest of the plan. Now go back to headquarters."

Rolo doesn't look happy but complies.

Shirley looks up at Lelouch. "Lulu we better leave. Suzaku is here."

Lelouch nods. He picks the gun Shirley dropped. Shirley looks at him.


She simply nods.

Suzaku arrives only to find dead bodies. He sees two figures leaving but he can't be sure who it is. They look a lot like.

"Lelouch and Shirley."

When they arrive back at Ashford. Lelouch makes sure Rolo is with Jeremiah. He is a little unsure about Rolo. The way he was looking at Shirley at the station. Shirley has a million questions. Lelouch looks at her.

"Shirley what has gotten into you?"

I remember Lulu. I remember you are Zero and. Why Lulu? Why are you Zero?"

"For Nunnally. For my mother, Marianne vi Britannia."

"Marianne vi Britannia. That means you."

Her eyes open wide as she realizes what that means. Nunnally is governor. That means.

"Aaa you're a prince." Shirley bows down before Lelouch. "I'm sorry your majesty."

Lelouch shakes his head. "Shirley get up."

Shirley doesn't know what to say. "Who knows your secret?"

"Well Milly has known from the beginning that I'm a prince."

Shirley gasped. That was it. If Lelouch returned to the royal family it would solve Milly's suitor problem. Sure Milly was out on her own. But if Lelouch returned and offered.

Shirley sighed. "Milly. Are you returning back to the royal family? I mean Nunnally is back. Are you going back you to be with?"

Lelouch thought about what Shirley was asking. Return to the royal family to be used as a pawn. He couldn't. The emperor knew he was Zero. Then Lelouch thought about what Shirley was really asking.

"Oh no Shirley. Me and Milly."

Lelouch wanted to get the image out of his head. Imagine if Milly was princess. Shirley sighed.

"Does Kallen know? I mean, are you Zero for her also."

"She knows everything. That I'm Zero and a prince."

"Do you love her?"

"Shirley, I, we."

How could he explained what happened? She wouldn't understand.

Shirley nods.

"It doesn't matter. I will help. I will help for Nunnally's sake. Does Nunnally Know?"

Lelouch shakes his head. "They are using her as a pawn to get to me. Shirley I have to keep appearances here."

Shirley thinks about it. "Wait during the thing in the Chinese federation. Zero was there. I saw it. But you were here."

"That was Sayoko. She is my double when I'm here. Shirley for now if you want to help you must keep appearances here."

"Lulu I want to help. Find me a double too. Or don't you want."

"I didn't want to involve anyone else."

"To late Lulu and I want to learn to pilot a knightmare."

Villetta walked into the command center. The only person there was Lelouch/Zero. Maybe it was time to end this. She felt for her gun.

"Miss Villetta, please take a seat. Of course Rolo is nearby in case anything happens."

Villetta looks around but doesn't see Rolo. Of course he could be anywhere nearby. He only needs to be able to know what was happening in this room. Villetta took a seat near Lelouch. She put her gun on the table. She saw someone in the background that she had noticed before, but it was to big to be Rolo.

"Villetta Nu gained the rank of baron by finding out the true identity of Zero. But your position has been compromised by us and your relationship with Kaname Ohgi. Of course you've met Shirley right."

Shirley walks into the room and sits next to Lelouch. She is carrying a gun.

Villetta quivered when she heard that name. This had already been discussed why was he rehashing this.

"Yes that girl shot me to protect you once. And."

"Unfortunately I have used my geass on you so I cannot use it again. But I have found a solution for that. Lord Jeremiah now please."

Jeremiah activates his geass canceller. Villetta freezes for a moment and remembers Lelouch ordering her to surrender her Knightmare over a year ago in Shinjuku.

"Lord Jeremiah why are you?"

"Because of my loyalty."

"Your loyalty is to the royal family."

"Yes it is because he is."

Lelouch stands and looks into Villetta's eyes.

"Lelouch vi commands you to be my slave."

"Yes your majesty," Villetta says as she dropped to her knees.

Lelouch and Jeremiah leave. Villetta recovers her senses.

"What happened? What am I doing?"

Villetta couldn't believe what has happened. She must take care of the situation. First it starts with Ohgi. She must eliminate that stain on her life.

Kallen is trying to help CC find the geass order. It isn't an easy task. The Chinese Federation is a large country. Suddenly Lelouch calls them.


CC looks at him. "What happened?"

"I have pinpointed the location of the order with Jeremiah and Rolo's help. Kallen prepare the Zero Squad for immediate departure. We are going to destroy the geass order."

"I thought you wanted to use them. They aren't armed. They just research geass. ""No, we will destroy them."

"What happened?"

"They have toyed with everyone. Sending assassins out. Playing with everyone's emotions, Shirley, Milly. Everybody has been toyed with by geass. I will end it now."

"So you are doing this because of them."

"If this is the power of kings then one bearer of this power is enough. I will erase it all."

"Are you going to erase me too?"

"I can't erase you even if I wanted to. You immortal witch."

"Immortality being the issue isn't that the same for VV."

"I'll just make him unable to do anything. The method Clovis used in the past still exists.

CC are you still with me. You once headed that organization."

"That was a while ago. I was nothing more than a puppet. VV is more. I am your accomplice after all."

"About that what are the terms of the contract. What is your wish?""That is not important to the mission. I don't plan on telling you now. "

"You are incorrigible you immortal witch. You selfish woman. "

"Yes that's why I'm CC."

"Very well tell Kallen I have a surprise for her."

Kallen listens to the conversation between the two. She notices the way CC just lays there in her undergarments. They almost seem like brother and sister. Kallen wonders about that. No it's more like."Kallen. Kallen!"Kallen looks up at CC.

"Your boyfriend wants to prepare the Zero Squad."

Kallen bristles at the comment.

"It will be done."

"He also says he has a surprise. Maybe he's thinking of proposing to you. You know over the years I have become ordained in over fifteen religions world wide."

Kallen scoffs at this as she leaves. CC smirks.

Kallen is alone waiting for Zero to arrive. It is not an unusual. She is head of the Zero Squad. He arrives. Zero comes out of the Shinkirou. Suddenly someone appears behind him. That person falls on top of Kallen. She looks up at the orange haired girl.

"Hey Kallen."

"Hey Shirley."

"If you two are going to fight over me, then it would be better to wait until after the mission."



Both girls angrily follow after him. CC is waiting for him in his room. CC smiles as she sees him enter.

"It's a good thing your girlfriend was anxious to."

Just then Kallen and Shirley walk into the room.

"Wow Lulu this is so cool."

CC looks at Lelouch. "I see how it is. Maybe you are your father's son. Was I not enough for you my dear?"

"Be quiet witch just prepare for the mission."

CC leaves the room.

Shirley is confused. "What is she talking about?"

Lelouch shakes his head. "It's nothing."

"Okay can someone explain a little about what is going on? I know about you being Zero. What about our memories and this Rolo guy."

Lelouch tells Shirley a little about CC and geass.

"So CC gave you your geass. Do think she can give me one? Does Kallen have one?"

"I don't know. No, Kallen doesn't have one."

"Have you every used it on me or Kallen."

Lelouch shook his head. He didn't want to answer.

"It's fine Lulu. So where is CC so I can ask her to give me geass?"

"She is probably in Kallen's room waiting for her to go over there so she can come back."

Shirley thought that over. "She sleeps here with you."

Lelouch shakes his head. "No, she has her own room."

"Okay I'll go over and keep her away from." Shirley smiles as she looks toward Kallen.

"Where is Kallen's room?"

"Down the hall first door on the right."

Shirley thought it over. "Oh I see. Right down the hall."

Kallen is startled by the comment. "No it's not that. You see the Zero Squad."

Shirley smiles. "Well I'm off to find CC. Don't wait up for me okay."

Lelouch and Kallen are alone. "What happened at the president's graduation event?"

Lelouch shakes his head. "Where do I begin? You see Sayoko is a little dedicated to her job."

Lelouch tells her about Sayoko scheduling him dates with almost all the girls at Ashford. He talks about the president's graduation event. And the exciting finale. She laughs the whole time.

"So Shirley is your girlfriend at Ashford. Well what about here."

"You have a promise to keep."

"And what is that."

"I solved our problem with the Chinese Federation. So you owe me."

She leans into him. He laughs a little. They kiss.

Shirley goes over to Kallen's room where CC is lying on the bed.

"Um CC, what are you doing?"

"She isn't coming in here tonight. So I decided to use this room."

"Okay well Lulu told me about geass and I want to help."

"You should practice calling him Zero while here."

"CC give me geass I want to help Lu- Zero in anyway I can. He told me about the contract. Even if I don't know what it involves I want to help."

CC was unsure if this girl would be able to help. She was dedicated to Lelouch though.

CC approached her.

"I will give you a new life. You have a reason to live. This is a contract. In return for power, I want you to grant one of my wishes. If you agree to the contract, you will be human but different. A different source, a different time, a different life. The power of kings will make you isolated."

Shirley began to see visions. Isolated, no I will not let Lulu be alone.

"If you are prepared for that."

Shirley straightens herself. She begins to see herself surrounded by people but they are frozen as she moves around them. That must be her power. Freezing people in place but there are limitations. She can't feel her heart as she does it. She looks around.

"Geass doesn't work on me so don't bother."

"Very well. It doesn't matter. With this power I will protect Lulu. I will help him regain his happiness. Even if it kills me."

Authors' note: I used Tamaki to get rid of CC and Diethard for a few minutes so that nobody would be able to find Zero.

The reason I had Shirley get geass was it made getting to my ending easier. Also it is possible for CC to get her wish easier in her mind

I don't own this poem or this version of it.

For Want of a Nail

For want of a nail the shoe was lost.
For want of a shoe the horse was lost.
For want of a horse the rider was lost.
For want of a rider the battle was lost.
For want of a battle the kingdom was lost.
And all for the want of a horseshoe nail