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This is my alternate version of chapter 5. The only difference from my original chapter 5 is that Kallen is not with Lelouch at the beginning. The UFN meeting goes a little different. The battle with the Knights of the Round has Shirley instead.

Chapter 4 is the same except that without Kallen to hold him back. Lelouch moves around Pendragon more. Shirley attempts to comfort him while in Pendragon.

Gino Weinsberg as lived a privileged life. He was born the son of noble, but he worked hard to get his position. He wasn't The Knight of three because of who he was but because of what her did. Everybody through his noble birth in his face like it was his fault. He liked to work but he also liked to play.

When he went to Ashford he was working but he has some fun. He thought back to those days at Ashford. He wondered if anyone else knew about Lelouch. He heard that Milly had known him as a child. How could someone lie to everyone around him? Still it didn't matter now. They were making him a new knightmare, Tristan Extruder. He would drag the "emperor" out himself.

Lelouch is sitting on his throne. Shirley and CC were also outside testing out their new knightmares. CC has the Lancelot Frontier. While Shirley has whole new knightmare since it didn't have a name and it was for girl, they named it Guinevere. Suzaku and Jeremiah are out attending to rebellious nobles. Lloyd and Cecile are off in the hangar. So to keep Lelouch company they left it, the stupid yellow blob. He wishes now he would have brought Milly. She is cut out for this sort of thing. He has been hard at work changing the entire culture of Britannia. Nothing would be the same when he was done. He really wishes he would have told Kallen the truth but there was no time.

The Black Knights are sitting and watching in awe at all Lelouch has done to change Britannia. Some wonder about his intentions. Tamaki has no doubts.

At Ashford Milly is off to meetings to discuss Lelouch as emperor. Nina is hiding out on campus. Countries are looking for her as the inventor of FLEIA. Rivalz brings her pizza. He is also hiding out on campus.

Suzaku and Lelouch are in a garden.

Suzaku is talking about recent events. "Within days of his ascension to the throne Emperor Lelouch has etched his name into the annals of history for he has destroyed the culture of Britannia."

"This is only the beginning. I will create more rivers of blood enough to obscure the name of the massacre princess and erase it from people's memories."

CC and Lloyd ride over on horses. CC looks over to them.

"You will do it won't you. Take over the world."

Lelouch looks over at them. "Yes for the Zero Requiem."

Lloyd comes over a little worried. "What shall we do, your majesty, about this particular problem?

Lelouch nods. "That is why I have taken over Britannia."

Suzaku looks at him concerned. "Is Schniezel really thinking about doing that?"

"Yes considering the intelligence I received and the fact that the Toromo Institute in Cambodia has betrayed Britannia. There is only one truth that can be ascertained by things facts. We must advance our plans before Schniezel takes action."

Lelouch's phone rings

'Your majesty! The Knights of the Round have been spotted. They are coming here with the Knight of One leading the way! We have confirmed at least five Rounds units. They also leading the troops under their direct command.

Bismarck is leading the Knights of the Round on what he believes is a crusade of justice.

"We swore our allegiance to Emperor Charles. We will rid the world of the boy who dares profane your name, Empress Marianne."

Dorothea added, "We shall not acknowledge the usurpation of the throne! Intercepting forces. But just two units what can they do."

She almost felt like laughing

Coming out of Pendragon were the Guren and Lancelot. Both glowed from their energy wings. Lelouch sat on his throne. Shirley was for the time sitting on the other throne.

"Shirley, Suzaku as we planned this battle is going out on a worldwide broadcast."

They simply nod.

Gino is staring at the Guren and Lancelot. He smiles. This should be fun.

Dorothea Ernst looks up at the Lancelot. "What is this? Why can't I keep up?"

Before she knows it Suzaku is upon her firing the VARIS. She was gone.

From below the Guren begins firing its energy spikes. The Galahad just moves out of the way. Behind him the force of Sutherlands is destroyed.

Nonette Enneagram can't believe what she is seeing. It appears to be a orange blur. Suddenly the Guinevere appears before her. It slashes at her. Shirley is sure to only use her geass in spurts. One to conserve herself and also because around the world it will be obvious that something is going on.

Monica Kruszewski doesn't even have time to register what is going on before the Lancelot is before her. Suzaku blasts her with his VARIS.

Shirley brings the Guinevere up to blast the remaining forces when the Knight of One comes flying at her.

"Suddenly the Tristan came between them. "Knight of One, allow me to take her on."

Bismarck laughs as he goes up to fight Suzaku.

Shirley laughs at Gino. She knows that no knightmare besides the Lancelot can match her Guinevere. Only Kallen is a better pilot especially when Shirley uses her geass and Lelouch's geass command.

Gino fires his harken slashes at Shirley . She catches one and destroys it. He fires another one. She does the same.

"Knight of Three, why do you fight Britannia? I fight for justice. You should be fight for us not against us."

Gino thinks about what she said. Suddenly harkens slashes catch him. He sees the Guinevere in front of him. She swings her sword through its torso.

"Bye Knight of Three."

Suzaku takes the Lancelot up. Bismarck sees him.

"Suzaku Kururugi. I heard your objective was to become Knight of one. However, I am the one and only Knight of One. I have no reason to relinquish that to you."

He snaps off the clamps that hold his eye shut revealing his geass.

"I am an entity that surpassed even the Knight of One, Knight of Zero."

"I prideless name like that."

The Bismarck charges Suzaku. He dodges it. Suzaku turns around and charges at Bismarck firing his energy spikes. Bismarck dodges them. He shoots slash harkens at Suzaku. He catches and tosses him.

Suzaku is in awe. "How does he know Lancelot's trajectory?"

"My geass allows me to read into the future."

Bismarck looks up at Suzaku. He sees Suzaku's future movements. Suzaku shoots energy spikes to no effect. Bismarck blocks Suzaku's sword. He throws Suzaku off.

Bismarck grins. "To think I need to use this power against someone other than Empress Marianne."

Suzaku continues to fire his energy spikes to no effect.

"His read my moves. However I can't fail for the Zero Requiem. I must. Live on!""

"The title of the empires strongest knight shall rest with me."

Bismarck charges at Suzaku. Suzaku manages to dodge. He takes the Lancelot up.

Suzaku begins to dive. "Even is he can read my movements?"

Bismarck geass begins to fail as Suzaku's movement is even to fast for him to track.

Suzaku decides to dive down head on.

Bismarck scoffs at this. "Head on. You sure have underestimated me."

They both slash however Suzaku manages to cut Bismarck's sword and knightmare in half. The Galahad explodes. The pieces of its sword fall to Gino's side. Gino is still alive but his Tristan is ruined again. Gino can't believe it.

Around the world the image of the Lancelot and the Guinevere appears on people's screens.

Xing-ke and Tohdoh are in shock at what has happened. They saw the entire battle. They can't believe what those two knightmares just did. Ohgi is still worried about Kallen. It has been over a month. He hears she sleeps in Zero's old room.

Tamaki hears them wondering about Kallen. "What are you guys talking about. You know she's knocked up. I'm mean since we got to China her and Zero have been."

Ohgi feels like shocking him. "That's enough Tamaki."

But Ohgi knows that it may be true. He just hopes it isn't. He looks around everybody only looks down.

Kallen watches the battle form Lelouch's old room and cries throughout the battle.

"To the entire world." Lelouch appears on the screen. "With what you have just witnessed I believe you all have come to the realization that I am now the true ruler of Britannia. Both in name and reality. With that, I declare that the Holy Empire of Britannia will join the United Federation of Nations."

Everybody is shocked at that announcement.

Tamaki can't believe it. "See I told you guys he was a good guy."

Ohgi can't bring himself to answer Tamaki.

"I shall not bring Suzaku Kururugi or any military officer with me to the negotiations. I shall abide to all the rules set forth by the United Federation of Nations. However I would like to designate the location of negotiations to be neutral ground between Britannia and the United Federation of Nations, Japan inside Ashford Academy.

Lelouch and CC are heading towards Japan in his private jet.

"Lelouch, are you sure about this? Bringing me and some security. And that girl."

They look back at Shirley. She is fumbling with her clothes.

"We are the ones doing the requesting that we want to participate in democracy."


"We all love democracy, don't we."

Milly Ashford reporting.

"We are live from Ashford Academy, the place the emperor of Britannia, Emperor Lelouch, has chosen. Today, right here, a council will determine Britannia's participation in the United Federation of Nations. The emperor's private jet has arrived."

Tamaki volunteered for the duty to greet Zero, no the emperor but was turned down in favor of Kallen. Ohgi has misgivings about it. But felt that Kallen needed this

Kallen looks on. She asked for the right, duty to meet the emperor and take him to the meeting place. She has questions for him.

Lelouch lands and descends from his plane. Rivalz is going crazy yelling at Lelouch, who ignores him and continues walking. Milly can't believe what she just saw.

Lelouch and Kallen are come together.

"Lelouch why"

"It's a pleasure to meet you. Captain Kallen Kouzuki of the Black Knights, I presume?"

Kallen lowers her head. "Yes I will take you to the negotiation grounds."

"Is it acceptable if we take a little detour? I am quite nervous right now, you see. I feel like taking a walk."


The Black Knights are watching Lelouch and Kallen walking around Ashford. They approach the student council clubhouse.

"This brings back memories."

"I am grateful to you. If it weren't for you we would have died back in the Shinjuku. Ghetto. There wouldn't have been any Black Knights. I was so happy. I'm honored by the fact that Zero needed me. But I didn't know what to do when I found out Zero was Lelouch. Even so I watched you fight against Britannia."

She begins to go up the stairs slowly. Lelouch follows her with no expression on his face.

"Tell me. What is that same person that has joined hands with Suzaku trying to accomplish this time. Do you just want power? Do you want status? Or is this just another game. During the Black Rebellion, Ohgi told me to protect you. He said you were the realization of my brother's dream. What do you think of me? Why did you tell me to live on back in the Ikaruga?"

Kallen stops at the turn of the stairs. Lelouch just stands there. Kallen goes down and kisses Lelouch. Lelouch's hands come behind Kallen. The kiss seems to go on forever. Kallen breaks it off.

"Farewell Lelouch. The supreme Council will convene inside the gymnasium."

Kallen continues up the stairs.

"Farewell Kallen."

Kallen stops. She won't walk away, not this time. She will tell her what she feels. Lelouch notices Kallen stop and doesn't know what to do. Kallen looks at him.

"Why Suzaku, Lelouch? I am yours, your. What am I to you? Please answer me I can't live on if you don't."

Lelouch shakes his head. She can't be involved. He must do this on his own. Of course it wasn't accomplished yet. With Kallen by his side he could.

"I've lost everything my mother, Nunnally, Euphie, Shirley. I can't lose more"

"I won't leave you! What are you planning? Lelouch please tell me. Whatever it is I want to be there. I should be your knight."

Kallen begins to cry. Lelouch is distraught. "No Kallen, You. I"

Kallen cannot contain herself. Suddenly Shirley bursts into the room.

Kallen thinks no.

Shirley is out of breath. "Lulu, FLEIA over Pendragon. Go to jet."

Lelouch eyes open wide. He runs out the door and heads for the jet.

Kallen goes down the stairs. She stares at Shirley.

Shirley slaps her. Kallen wants to kill her.

"Kallen, why didn't you follow Lulu?"

Kallen wants to laugh and cry at the question

"He made his choice. He chose Suzaku and."

She points towards Shirley.

Shirley gets angry. "Lulu didn't choose us. We chose him. He doesn't want us. He doesn't need any of us. But you . If he had you, he wouldn't need Suzaku. He wouldn't need me. You would be his empress, knight. His everything."

Shirley begins to cry. Kallen touches her stomach. When Shirley sees this, her eyes open wide.

"Oh no. We have to tell Lulu."

She grabs Kallen by the hand and runs to the emperor's private jet.

"This would be easier if I could carry you."

They arrive at the private jet.

Lelouch can't believe Schniezel moved so fast. He goes back to his private jet. Cecile begins to describe the effects to of the weapon. Suddenly there is a call on the royal only channel.

Schniezel appears on the screen.

"Does it feel good to control other people? Lelouch?"


"I have recovered all the FLEIA warheads."

"You will aim an arrow at the emperor of Britannia?"

"Unfortunately, I do not acknowledge you as emperor."

"I see. You believe you are more fitting as the emperor?"

"No, you are wrong Lelouch. The person that is most fit to be emperor of Britannia is her."

Schniezel points to Nunnally. Lelouch smirks so Shirley was right.

"Brother, Suzaku, I am your enemy."

Outside the Britannian forces are shocked the idea of FLEIA. Jeremiah comes down to settle the forces down. Suddenly Sayoko appears. She collapses,

'I see so you are alive Nunnally and have chosen to side with Schniezel."

"Yes thanks to brother Schniezel. Brother I have"

"I see."

Suzaku cannot believe it. "Nunnally, Do you understand what Schniezel just did?"

"Yes he detonated a FLEIA warhead over Pendragon."

"You know that yet why do you."

"Then you are saying geass is the correct way? Brother and Suzaku both of you have been lying to me all this time, right? You've always kept the truth away from me but I know the truth now. Brother you were Zero, right? Why? Was it for my sake? If so then I."

"For you? Such audacity coming from my sister of all people."

Nunnally is stunned. Kallen stayed quiet. She wants to yell at Nunnally but she doesn't know Lelouch's intentions or feelings.

"You believe it is nature for people to receive blessings? You scorn the action of others without staining your own hands. You are exactly the archaic nobility I have denied."

"That's not."

Shirley interrupts before Lelouch can continue. "Nunnally, they are all lying to you. Lelouch loves you. He would do anything for you. He took care of you all these years he loves you because you are his sister. You are his life."

Cornelia is incensed. How dare this girl interupt? "What about Euphie? What Lelouch did to her is unforgivable. Do you expect Nunnally to?"

Shirley interrupts Cornelia's rant. "So what."

They are all stunned by Shirley's bluntness.

She continues. "Would Euphemia agree with what you are doing? Destroying a city. All those people murdered for what. At Narita my father died because of Zero. I believe you were there also Princess Cornelia weren't you. Always fighting. Following you insane father and his policies. If you only knew. I forgave him for everything he has done."

Cornelia is stunned by the way this girl is talking to her. She was right what would Euphie think about all of this.

Shirley didn't stop there. "All the time your were in Japan. Did Schniezel look for you? Did Cornelia or Euphemia try to find you? No. None of them made an effort to look for you. Who cared for you? Who saw to your every need? It was Lelouch. The only one who loves you. You're only one he loves. The only one who has his heart."

Schniezel cut the connection. Cornelia looked over to him. She had never seen him so flustered. Nunnally seemed confused by the girl's words. While Lelouch seemed determined to turn everyone against him. That girl.

Cornelia looked down at Nunnally

"Nunnally sorry for the painful dialogue."

"It's fine sister. It's just."

Schniezel seems to have recovered.

"Nunnally, why don't you go rest. It seems that he will not surrender."

Nunnally nods. "Yes brother Schniezel."

Cornelia stands up. "Brother may I have a word with you?"

Lelouch is a little shaken by the conversation. CC looks at him.

"Well that was interesting."

She looks back and smirks. She walks towards the back of the jet.

Shirley goes to Lelouch and hugs him from behind.

"It's okay Lulu. We'll get her back."

Lelouch nods.

"Lulu, do you love me?"

"You know I do."

Kallen feels like leaving when Shirley turns around and winks at her.

"Then you have to tell her how you feel."

Lelouch turns around and notices Kallen is there. Shirley goes outside.

Lelouch stands up. He goes over to Kallen and kisses her forehead.

"I'm sorry I didn't take you with me. I just didn't want you to suffer."

"Lelouch, I've. I can't go on without you."

Lelouch touches her stomach. "I know. I love you and your children, Kallen Kouzuki."

He leaves the jet and heads for the gymnasium. When Kallen gets outside, Tamaki goes over to her. He can see the tears in her eyes.

"Kallen, what happened?'

"Nothing, something happened back in Britannia. I just needed to make sure the emperor got to the meeting."

Tamaki only nods. Kallen walks away. She heads for the underground hangar that contains her Guren.

As she sits there she watches the meeting. She wonders what Lelouch's plan is. Then it all comes together. She begins to laugh like a maniac.

They are all listening to her laugh. Ohgi has a bad feeling but the meeting is under way.

"Chairwoman of the United Federation of Nations' Supreme Council, Lady Kaguya Sumeragi, I ask you to acknowledge the entry of my nation the Holy Empire of Britannia to the United Federation of Nations."

Kaguya looked at Lelouch. Was this really Zero? How could it be?

"You understand the approval of a least two-thirds of the member nations is required, correct?"

"But of course. That is what democracy is all about right?'

"You are correct."

Kaguya pushes a button and wall surrounds Lelouch. He smiles. That means they haven't told everyone about geass. They other delegates wonder about this action. Kaguya appears on a screen in front of Lelouch.

"What is your objective, Emperor of atrocities Lelouch?"

"I take exception to that, Chairwoman. Isn't the current Britannia a beneficial country for your federation?"

Xing-ke appears on a screen. "Is that really so? Resolutions within the United Federation of Nations are decided by majority."

Lelouch simply smirked at this.

Now Tohdoh appeared on a screen. "The electoral count is proportional to a country's population."

Xing-ke continues. "With the collapse of the Chinese Federation the country that boasts the largest population in the world is Britannia."

Now Ohgi is on a screen. "Were Britannia to join the federation as a member now more than half the votes would be in your hands Emperor Lelouch."

Kaguya resumes. "In other words the United Federation of Nations would be taken over by you, no?"

Ohgi questions Lelouch. "What do you have to say? Emperor Lelouch?"

Xing-ke states, "If you wish to disagree, then we ask you to divide Britannia as a country or lower your electoral count down proportional to 20% of your country's population. Of course that may not be a problem from what I hear."

"I see so you have heard some of what has happened."

Kaguya looks at Lelouch. "Yes it seems that Britannia is not a united country. We can reject your application solely on those grounds."

"I see so you agree with FLEIA and its use. Chairwoman Sumeragi. Let me ask you a question?"

"What may that be?"

"What determines the right to govern the world?"

"Pride and honor are needed to govern others."

"Very well answered. You area gifted person after all."

Kaguya is surprised at his response. Lelouch continues

"However I have a different answer."

"May we hear it?"

"The preparedness to destroy."


"To destroy the world and ourselves."

Kallen begins looking for something and then she finds it.

"Suzaku, are you there?"

Suzaku is stunned. "Yes."

"Good I am ready to follow him now."

Lelouch lifts his hand. The Lancelot comes crashing into the building destroying the wall around Lelouch. Suzaku points the VARIS guns at the representatives.

"I will not tolerate any insolence toward his majesty."

Tohdoh can't believe it "Recon team, what are you doing?"

Milly can't believe what is happening "Does he plan to threaten the representatives with force."

Minami goes to turn the Ikaruga around, but gets warning about incoming Britannian forces.

Xing-ke can't believe it. "The participation towards the United Federation of Nations, the designation of the Academy. It was all to use himself as bait."

Ohgi can't believe it. "But to betray the trust the international community gave him just for."

Rakshata adds. "No, he longer needs any trust. His objective is dictatorship after all."

Tohdoh continues. "The man that has abolished the nobility yet continues to refer to himself as emperor."

Xing-ke concludes. "Yes Zero has. Lelouch has become the enemy of the world."

The Black Knights sound the alarm. They bring out the knightmares they had stored underground when suddenly a Kallen takes the Guren up and begins to blast the Black Knight knightmares. There is no escape for the Black Knights on the ground.

Ohgi is appalled. He can't believe it. "Why Kallen? What about Naoto?"

Tamaki can't believe it. He has to act. "I'm going in to save everyone."

Xing-ke is apoplectic. "Tamak,i what are you doing you fool? They will kill everyone."

Tamaki shakes his head. Suddenly an orange knightmare comes out of nowhere and destroys the rest of the Black Knight force. Tamaki has no choice but to take the Guren Mk II away. Kallen blinks when she sees her old knightmare leaving.

Britannian forces are already in the meeting room.

Lelouch looks up at Kaguya.

"Now then, Chairwoman Sumeragi."

Kaguya shields her face.

"I shall have you resume the voting process of whether you will accept or deny my country of Britannia."

"Doing it in a manner like this."

"Leaves you no choice but to accept, I believe. Let's play this democracy game now, shall we."

Kaguya is crying as she says this.

Rivalz and Nina are running away. When they encounter a roadblock it is Lloyd who takes Nina.

A soldier comes to Lelouch. "We have secured the objective."

"Very well treat her with respect and leave the student that is probably with her."

"Yes your majesty."

After the conversation with Lelouch Cornelia wants to talk to Schniezel in private.

They walk away. Schniezel looks at Cornelia and wonders if that girl got to her.

"What is this about?"

"The citizens of Pendragon are."

"I had them vanish. Isn't that road more fortunate for them? Compared to a life of loyalty toward Lelouch."

"But Nunnally doesn't."

"The lie was the best method. In order to have Nunnally be firm in her resolve to stand up against Lelouch unnecessary information should be filtered out, right."

Schniezel thought if those girls hadn't spoken he would have had more faith in Nunnally but now.

"Brother, how do you manipulate people like that?"

"Cornelia, what is the wish of the people? While humans wish to world of all its problems they hopelessly do even want to understand each other."

"I understand it as an ideal but the civilians."

"Civilians that oppose war still rely on the police, right. Everyone knows crimes won't stop. Everyone's desires cannot de denied. Then we don not need emotions or individual principles. Shouldn't we realize peace using system and power?"

Schniezel brought up a computer generated plot of Damocles' cross. Cornelia couldn't believe what she was seeing. Schniezel continued.

"Damocles will enter the airspace of the United State of China in ten days and then proceed to second level acceleration. Then it will rise up to 300 kilometers above the surface. From that position I will fire FLEIA at all countries engaged in war."

Cornelia can't believe what she is hearing "Wait. Our objective is to defeat Lelouch! With this the entire world. Are you going to subjugate people with fear?"

"Peace is merely an illusion, you know. Fighting is the history of mankind. Don't you think some education is necessary to make an illusion into reality?"

"Are you going to educate mankind? Only gods are allowed to do things like that."

"Then I shall become a god. If people desire peace from me."

Deithard come in and praises Schniezel.

Kannon confirms that the Black Knights will join him in order to defeat Lelouch.

Schniezel looks at Cornelia. "People who have experienced Lelouch's atrocities will side with a better idea."

"Is that why you overlooked Lelouch's actions?"

"It was the method with the small casualty. Even if 100 or 200 million people's lives are sacrificed an eternal peace is."

Cornelia is incensed. She reached for her sword. "You're wrong. A forced peace is."

Schniezel snaps his fingers and Cornelia is gunned down.

That evening Kallen and Lelouch have a royal wedding. It is broadcast around the world. Suzaku and Shirley act as witnesses. All their other Ashford friends, Nina, Milly, and Rivalz are there. Also Kaguya and Tianzi are forced to attend. Of course the armed guards are kept off camera.

Around the world the Black Knights and Lelouch's Britannian forces prepare for war

Both sides make final preparations for the war.

Aboard the Avalon Lelouch is planning his next move. He spends his free time lying down rubbing with Kallen's stomach.

"You know you don't have to go out there."

She laughs. "No I have to. For all of us."

Author's note: The only difference between this and my original story was the moment of Kallen's joining Lelouch. Here it almost seems like they planned it. Her almost sudden betrayal of the Black Knights is probably the most shocking thing to them. Of course if they had listened to Tamaki. The big difference in the final battle is that Xing-ke and Chiba will attack Kallen like maniacs. Also it is only her second battle with Gino instead of third. After everything is settled, Ohgi and CHiba refuse to have anything to do with Kallen. She is considered a traitor and criminal in Japan. She must stay at the Zero Force headquarters. Even Lelouch and Suzaku are allowed to walk the streets. They don't but the option is open.

I also removed the Kallen part of the conversation with Nunnally. She didn't want to interupt before she knew Lelouch's feelings.

I think it would have been awesome for Kaguya to spit in Lelouch's face and tell him that they are still going to reject Britannia. It would have forced him to do something to the UFN representatives.

Hope you enjoyed the story.