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Lily Evans is warm and kind as butterbeer; James Potter is mischievous and tasty as firewhiskey! Mix the two and you end up with one hot cocktail. Seventh year: hormones raging, graduation excitement and a long-awaited change of opinion! J/L and more!

Chapter 1

Lily Evans was reading on the platform, sitting on her trunk and waiting patiently. It wasn't the first year that she'd been early, since her biggest fear was of missing the train, but this year was special; special because there was a brand new gold badge shining on the front of her white blouse. However, it was the book she was reading that was the most unusual at all – a muggle tale of love, lust and passion, because that was what Lily was seeking this year. And she certainly wasn't going to find it in James Potter.

'Arrogant toerag,' she muttered under her breath as he drifted into her mind, and a couple of third years standing a metre or so away looked up in surprise. 'Arrogant, arrogant, arrogant toerag.'

'Not talking about me, I hope?' A familiar voice said, and she looked away from her book to see Remus Lupin, a good friend of hers, even if he was also mates with him.

'Hey, Remus,' she stood up and hugged him, 'how was your holiday?'

'Good,' he smiled, standing his trunk and straightening his school tie. 'Yours? I see you made Head Girl!'

'Yeah, I know, it's crazy huh? I assume you made Head Boy, right?' she added, scanning his white-clad chest and narrowing her eyes.

'Not exactly,' he shook his head, 'but I'm happy being a Prefect – Head Boy sounds a bit too much like hard work! What are you reading, anyway?' He asked, grabbing the book before she could hide it, 'Cafe Love?' he raised his eyebrows.

Snatching it back, she forced a laugh and said, 'no, it's a spell book with a concealment charm. Some of the curses in it aren't exactly... good for teachers' eyes.' She crammed it quickly into her bag and picked up the end of the trunk. 'Well, looks like people are starting to arrive, I'd better go find the Prefects compartment, wince you're probably waiting for Sirius and Peter,' she ignored the name of the last member of the group.

'Yeah, I'll see you,' he nodded, waving as she hurried away to the train, heaving her trunk up the steps and into the corridor.


'No. No, no, no. NO!'

'Calm it, Evans,' James said, lounging across two seats in the carriage, grinning at her and thrusting out his chest to allow the Head Boy badge to glint in the light. 'Guess we'll be working together from now on.'

'In your dreams,' she groaned, sitting down angrily and opening "A History of Magic". She'd read the book a million times, but she could hardly read her other one in front of him. Professor McGonagall was up at the front of the carriage talking about procedures and suchlike, but Lily was trying ridiculously hard not to look at the handsome boy just a metre away from her.

'Mr Potter, would you like to listen to a word I'm saying? As new Head Boy, you have a lot of responsibilities!'

He ignored her, leaning across to Lily and smiling, 'So, we'll be sharing a dormitory from now on, eh?'

'You know that's a myth,' she spat, though a lurking doubt hung in the back of her brain and she swallowed, just as McGonagall made her way down the carriage towards them.

'Now, you two will be expected to work mostly in the allotted common room - ' she halted as she spotted Lily's horrified face, ' – no need to worry, Miss Evans, it will just be like your ordinary common rooms, only with some added features, as being a Head is not an easy job, and there could be late night work!'

'Oh, there'll be lots of late night work,' James nodded, winking at Lily, who seethed.

'You'll be expected to assist the teachers with anything they need – this will often include errands, patrols and lesson planning.'

It was James's turn to look shocked. 'I thought I was just gonna be giving out detentions!'

'You will have the power to hand out any punishments you feel necessary – that does not include curses, Potter – but if this power is abused, it will be removed, and you could face suspension from the post.'

'Don't worry, Prof, I'll be on my best behaviour,' he picked at his nails and ruffled his black hair so that it floated perfectly in an attractive style.

'You'd better be, Potter, I did have my doubts when they appointed you.'

'Oh cheers,' he rolled his eyes, 'now can I go?'

'No,' she said coldly, 'you have much more to learn about your new role, and then you need to speak with all the Prefects.'

'Oh just perfect,' he muttered, 'I might just hand my badge back in.'

'Oh please do,' McGonagall sighed. 'Now, here are your robes,' she handed the two of them robes with gold trim and a Gryffindor badge with Head Boy and Head Girl embroidered over it.

'Oh wow,' Lily said without a hint of irony, grabbing hers and immediately pulling them over her blouse and skirt. There was a tiny "HG" on the shoulder, and many more pockets that normal robes. 'Isn't this awesome?' she beamed to James before remembering who he was.

'Yeah, just perfect,' he repeated, taking the robes reluctantly and pulling a face. 'I thought, since Evans was Head Girl, this would be awesome,' he muttered to himself, 'I might just hand back the badge now! I wasn't even a prefect, I don't have a clue what all this is about.'

'If you were listening to what the Professor was saying, you would,' Lily said coolly. She herself was absorbing every word that the professor said, wanting to be perfect at her new post. 'Oh did you hear that? We get our own bathroom – not even the Prefect's Bathroom!'

'Awesome, a bathroom for just the two of us!' he smiled, oozing insolence and undoing his tie. 'Do we get a kitchen as well?'

'Shut up, James, stop ruining your chances! This is a great opportunity,' Lily said, trying to rise above his immaturity.

'I will, I will, since we get to share a dorm.'

'Common room!'

'Oh come on, Evans, you know you want me really.'

'I wouldn't date you if you were the last living molecule on earth,' Lily spat, though a tiny, miniscule part of her brain disagreed – a part that she kept locked in a dark corner.

'That comment would probably hurt a lot more if I knew what a molecule was.'

'My last year is ruined,' Lily buried her head in her hands.

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