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Chapter 4

When she had received her appointment as Head Girl, Lily Evans had not expected to find herself sitting in the common room at one in the morning, tearing her hair out over result forms for the new sixth years.

James was no help at all, just reading through people's results and grinning. 'Isabella Bones only got an E in Potions – she is not gonna be happy.'

'James, this is what you call abusing your power!' Lily didn't even know who Isabella Bones was, but James had a talent for knowing the name of every single person in the school – that and their relationship status. 'These results are really important for people – it could change their careers for the rest of their lives!'

'Yeah, yeah,' he rolled his eyes. 'It's not something I have to worry out.'

'Oh really? And what do you want to do?'

'I'm gonna be an international Quidditch player, duh.'

'Nice to see a young man with so much ambition,' she muttered sarcastically.

'Ouch.' He didn't sound particularly concerned.

There was an awkward silence following that, and Lily found herself becoming more and more intrigued by the results she was organising.

There were two piles – people who'd be able to continue all of the subjects they'd vied for, and those who wouldn't.

Larry Boot would be able to carry on with Charms and Potions, but definitely not Transfiguration. And Layla Smith was lacking in almost all of the subjects she'd chosen!

When she turned around she saw that James was fast asleep, the forms hanging loosely in his fingers. Lily sighed and leaned over, pulling them from his hand and turning them the right way up. It was going to be a very long night.


Lily woke up at about five in the morning, opening her eyes to see James Potter still fast asleep on the other couch. She was glad she didn't have to wake up to see his arrogant face every morning.

She stood up as quietly as she could, glancing at her watch and seeing that it was past nine o'clock. Swearing under her breath (a most un-Lily-like expression of anger), she jumped up and grabbed her bag.

She was almost at the door when she remembered the forms, and, of course, James. She ran back, forcing the two piles of forms into her bag and looking at the sleeping boy she hated so much. There was no way she was going to give him the satisfaction of knowing she was late.

With a heavy sigh, she turned back one more time at the door. Deciding it was unfair to leave him there, she slammed the door loudly on her way out, taking care to run at full speed down the corridor until she was round a corner and out of sight.

It was just about the first time she was out in the corridors while classes were in session.

She swallowed, edging past Flitwick's classroom, inside which she could hear him teaching. Once past she broke into a run again, jumping onto the first staircase she saw and praying that nobody would see her.

The journey up to Gryffindor tower was painstaking, and when she finally made it to the Fat Lady, she felt as though she'd just run a marathon and taken her NEWTs all at once.

'Miss Evans! What a surprise to see you out of classes!'

'I was just running an errand for Professor McGonagall, and realised I'd left a few papers up in my dorm. Grindylow!'

The portrait swung open for the password, and she found herself in the common room with several fifth years, whose timetables had been delayed while the teachers organised their classes. She swallowed, feeling guilty that she knew the fate of every one of them this year.

She hurried past them up into her dorm, not wanting to think about the stories Clara would invent regarding her un-slept-in bed. Deciding that her lateness was beyond explanation anyway, she went into the bathroom for a shower.

When she re-emerged, a house elf had placed a pile of fresh clothes by the sink, and she reminded herself that being head girl had its privileges.

She dressed quickly, waving her wand to dry her hair and clipping it back with a dragon adorned clasp. She smoothed out her skirt, walked back out into the dorm and sat down on her bed. She thought of all the late night gossip sessions the girls had, and cursed herself for falling asleep down in the heads' common room.

Collecting her Charms and Transfiguration books, she took the stairs back down to the common room two at a time and set off back to her Charms class.

She stopped halfway, and made a beeline for Professor McGonagall's classroom on the fourth floor, taking a deep breath before knocking on the door.


The Professor seemed to be in the middle of a demonstration, because her wand was pointed at a hawk, and rows of second years turned around to stare at Lily when she opened the door.

'I just brought the result forms for you, Professor. Sorry it's late, I was already in Charms when I remembered I need to give them to you.' Another lie – she felt like Potter.

'Thank you, thank you,' the Professor took the papers that she handed her, waving her wand and sending them floating away back out of the room. 'To Professor Dumbledore,' she smiled. 'I presume that Mr Potter did his fair share of the work?'

'Yes, Professor.' Yet another lie, and this one was defending James!

'Glad to hear it. Perhaps you can show my students how to perform a successful transfiguration of this creature into a goblet, since none of them seem capable!'

'Fera Verto,' Lily waved her wand, trying to look as casual as she could, and sure enough the bird turned into a shining silver water goblet.

'Thank you, Miss Evans.'

'No problem Professor,' she hurried back out of the classroom, seeing that it was ten to nine and wondering if there was any point in going to Charms. She shuffled away down one of the moving staircases, rounded the corner of the Charms corridor and walked straight into James Potter.

Both stepped to the right. Then the left.

She flinched as he took her shoulders, steering her around him. 'Don't you just hate it when that happens?' he grinned.

'Mm,' she mumbled non-committedly.

'Well I'll see you in Transfiguration,' he smiled that insolence-oozing smile and strutted away.

'Toerag,' she muttered after him, blaming him for her lateness. 'Oh screw it,' she turned around, chasing after him – Charms was a lost cause. 'Hey Potter, you know where the kitchens are, right?'

'Yeah,' he shrugged, 'why?'

'Can we go get some breakfast?' How she loathed having to ask him for a favour.

'Is that you asking me out on a date?' he grinned, and she just rolled her eyes, following him onto a staircase going down and already regretting her decision to ask.

Lily: Still can't believe I agreed to breakfast with you!

James: Agreed? You asked!

Lily: Let's just get some food and get outta here!

James: Maybe if people review, we'll steal them some food too...