There is only the soft pitter of rain drops and inside a little cave there sleeps a male lone wolf. In the drizzle and drear there flies a young ragged raven, down he sets in front of the cave and calls out to the wolf "hey Ganza wake up I'm hungry". The wolf mumbles half asleep "you lazy good for nothing bird" then stands and looks at the raven "Sweth for the love of Lupus its pouring outside and you want me to get off my furry rump to find food for you." "Well of coarse how else am I going to eat, hunt my own food" said Sweth very sarcastically. Ganza points his nose at a pile of bones with a little meat left "just peck at that". Sweth clumsily flaps over to the carcass and starts pulling on the stringy flesh of the old deer. "Hey Sweth how come you didn't come home last night" Ganza asked as he looked at his birdie friend. "The raven swallowed what he had I his beak and replied. Well I went to the spring festival, you know the one you call a big waste of time and the birds were singing. Um and I had a little bit too much of that berry wine the robins make and well…" Ganza glared at Sweth "In other words you ditched me got tipsy and most likely fell asleep in a tree hollow somewhere." "Well if you put it like that, yes." said Sweth as he flew to the ledge where he build a small nest. Ganza laugh which more like a barky howl.

When Sweth settled in to his nest and went to sleep Ganza sat by the opening of the cave to looked out. As he watch the rain fall it seemed as though shapes started to form. There was something that looks like a small wolf running from a larger wolf. Ganza looked away and just at that moment the sun broke free of the clouds and the rain stopped and the image was gone." Ah the weather of spring" the wolf thought trying to distract himself from the image in the rain. He stood up walked outside. Ganza looked around at his territory which was a strange place for a wolf to live; most of the trees where dead and not much game. The wolf inhaled the smell of mud. He walked favorite tree sniffed around it and marked it with his scent. Then Ganza walk a little way to a small lake, took a big drink and looked at his reflection his face looked strong, powerful and full of youth but his fur was shaggy and unkempt and there were scars on his muzzle. The wolf looked up and let out a low, slow howl as he sometimes did but this it was different this time his howl was sad and full of loneliness.

Ganza was fallowing the scent of a rabbit when heard soft wings beats over head. Swoop a peregrine falcon flies down and with rabbit in its talons it flies away just as fast as it came. Ganza stares shocked at where the bird was and shouts "what the heck happen". Sweth was preening on a branch of a tree outside when the sound of the wolf made him fall off his perch. he manage to catch himself before hit the ground and went flying to his friend. "What's the yelling about you could have killed me". The raven said.

"Stupid bird!" Ganza growled enraged as he chased the falcon, "Ganza, wait!" Sweth cawed flying after him, "Don't you sense it?" "Sense what?" Ganza woofed looking up and somehow avoiding the trees, "The presence of a wolf, you hollow-head!" Sweth cawed loudly. With that said a wolf jumped up and caught the raven, "GANZA! GANZA !HELP! HELP!" Ganza turned and saw a female wolf running with the scrawny raven in her mouth, "Hey, give him back you jerky bitch!" (Note: Bitch as in the he term for female wolf, DUH!). The female wolf didn't even look back and bounded off a tree, dropped Sweth in order to bite Ganza, "Ouch, you stupid female!" he growled as she ran off, "who are you calling a stupid female at least I don't hang around with a mangy raven"said the beautiful female wolf "Nina, forget them both and let's go!" Ganza heard a voice from the sky, "The falcon! I thought it got away!" thought Ganza "Okay, let's go Natsu," the wolf named Nina replied, "Hey, come back here!" Ganza woofed angrily