Nina and Lupus' Eye

Nina had been walking for five consecutive hours, "Natsu, do you think we could take a break?" she shouted up to the falcon, "Fine, but only because you asked nicely," The falcon screeched and came in for a landing. "Thanks Natsu; if you hadn't said yes, I might of died!" Nina said panting, "Nina you're acting rather sleazy, is it because of that scrappy male and his mangy raven?" Natsu asked perched high up in a tree, "Natsu, he looked like the... the wolf who is the reason where searching for Lupus' Eye," Nina said looking up at the branch, "Ahh, you noticed too…" Natsu spoke softly and fluttered down to Nina, "Yeah, he…" she said close to a whisper and watched Natsu pull a burdock out of her fur, "His eyes were the same shade of gold," she said averting her eyes from Natsu. "It's okay to for you to miss Lyta, Nina," a single tear fell from Nina's eye, "He killed her out of cold blood!" She shouted as more tears fell.

"Where did that "Nina" go?" Ganza sad in a slight growl, "How the heck should I know, Ganza? I told you they went in this direction and you should be able to pick up there scent," Sweth cawed down to the grey wolf, "Yeah, but she reeked of flowers and those are everywhere around here," Ganza said attacking a small bundle of daffodils, "Screech!" the pair heard the scream of a falcon as it attacked a hare, "That's the same one from before, follow it, Sweth!" Ganza demanded, "Fine, fine. Sheesh!" Sweth said as he approached the falcon. When Natsu saw this she gained altitude and dropped the hare; with her beak free she dive-bombed Sweth in an instant, "Ganza! He-elp!" Sweth shrieked as he plummeted. But Ganza had already began chasing the fleeing falcon; luckily, Sweth had landed on Ganza's back, "Thanks a lot Ganza!" Sweth said as he began pecking Ganza's head, "Stop it Sweth, I was busy!" "YEAH, AND I ALMOST DIED BECAUSE YOU WERE SO "BUSY"!" Sweth shouted as he began to peck Ganza harder, "Ow! Quit it!" Ganza barked furiously.

When Nina saw the enraged wolf following Natsu, she decided to attack Ganza, "Hah, I found you, "Nina"!" Ganza shouted. As he bit Nina he tripped in a hole and twisted his ankle, "Ouch!" Ganza whimpered, "Are you okay?" Nina asked as she went to Ganza's aid, "Why are you helping me?" Ganza asked as Nina sniffed his ankle, "Oh, I see! You're trying to give me a sense of false hope! Well it's not gonna work! Ow!" Ganza growled as he stood up and hurt his ankle worse, "Sit down, you moron!" Nina yelled angrily. Ganza sat down, frightened by Nina's rage, "Why are you trying to help me?" Ganza asked puzzled, "Unlike you, my mother taught me manners," she said tying a stick to Ganza's ankle with a blade of crabgrass, "There, try moving it now," Ganza did as Nina said and wriggled his ankle, "Wow, it feels a lot better, thanks!" Ganza said feeling bad for hunting Nina down.

"Uh, sooo," Ganza said trying to fill the awkward silence, "my name's Ganza," Nina looked at him and said, "I'm Nina," "Yeah, I know who you are, your falcon said it quite a bit," Ganza replied, "Oh, my falcon's name is Natsu," Natsu flew over and was surprised to see the two talking, "Speak of Death, here she is now! Natsu, this is Ganza, Ganza this is Natsu," Ganza looked over and said simply, "I know"