Summary: Bella and Edward met in 1917 at the ripe age of 16 years old. They fall in love almost instantly, marrying only 2 months later. Another 4 months later and the news of Bella's pregnancy is nothing but a joy to the family, that is until Edward Sr. And Elizabeth Masen become ill with the Spanish Influenza. What they didn't know was that Edward had caught it too. Edward's death occurs only 3 months after the birth of their twins, how will Bella cope being a single mother to two young children? And what happens when Bella is changed into a vampire…? 93 years after her husband's 'death', she i now a vampire and decides moves to the town of Forks, what she doesn't expect to meet there, is the very object of her dreams. The love of her life, her husband…Edward.

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I really loved this idea for a story. I've read one or two with this kind of storyline before, but I'm opting to make mine a bit different. I'll put my own twist to it. So…without further adieu, I give you the, albeit short chapter 1, of 'Destined Love'.


"Mother, I'm just going to go for a walk around the market. Is there anything you'd like me to get you while I'm out?" I asked as I walked into the kitchen where my mother was preparing a batter for biscuits.

"Oh, actually, would you just post some letters for me, dear?" she asked, wiping her flour covered hands on her apron as she walked over to the cabinet in the corner and pulled a few envelopes out of a drawer.

"Here they are." she stated as she flicked through them. "Ah, yes, they are all there. I need them to be posted today. They're just some invites for the Charity Ball next week, I've taken the liberty of inviting some extra guests, friends of mine. Dorothy Simmons is one of them I'm afraid." my mother laughed.

"Dorothy Simmons? The woman with the…unfortunate looking teeth." I asked, trying not to giggle at the image I had in my mind of her.

"The one and only." mother laughed lightly. "She'd be crushed if she weren't invited. I also invited Elizabeth and Edward Masen, some lovely people I met a few weeks back, your father is doing some work with Mr. Masen, so we were introduced." she told me. "Anyway, here." she said, handing the pile of invites to me. "Make sure they are all posted. I don't want anyone left out." she added before she returned to her baking.

"Okay, I'll be back later." I replied, turning to exit out the door.

I smiled slightly to myself as I breathed in the fresh outdoor air. Finally, some alone time. I feel like I never have all that much time to think anymore. The past few days had been filled with conversations and heated discussions with my mother and father. They want me to marry, and soon. My father's side of the family are all wealthy businessmen, doctors or just doing extremely well in the trade business. My father owns a few company's and is therefore quite well-known, so It is probably expected by society and our family that I would marry sometime soon. My mother is most likely looking for possible candidates right this moment.

I sighed at the thought. I didn't want to let my parents down, but I had tried to confide in them many times surrounding my feelings towards marriage. I have always thought that people should marry because they are truly in love, not because everyone around you thinks your of the age to be married.

I've told them, marriage is an honour, but not one I dream of. This 'outrageous idea', as they call it, most definitely did not sit well with them. My father had rolled his eyes at me and chose to ignore my comment, while my mother looked about ready to have an aneurysm. They wanted me to get married, have children and spend all of my days mopping up floors, polishing and cooking dinner for the family. Not exactly what I want.

I looked around at the people shuffling around the market. Stalls were set up in various places with people selling: fruit, vegetables, and an assortment of handmade items such as shawls, coats, dresses and so on.

I walked past each stall slowly, taking in the beauty of the handmade items in particular.

I walked over to the post-office and began to throw each invite into the small box labelled 'Post' carefully, well aware of my clumsiness. That clumsiness, of course, made itself appear when I bumped into someone behind me, surprising me and as a result, dropping the pile of invites onto the floor and sending them flying in all directions. Fabulous.

"Sorry" I apologised before bending down to collect the envelopes on the floor.

"It's not a problem, I'm sure it was my fault anyway, I wasn't looking where I was going." I heard a velvety voice respond. The voice was so…beautiful. I had never thought a voice could be beautiful, that is until now. I looked up at the person who was hunched down beside me, helping me to collect the invites. I almost gasped at the sight. He was beautiful. Not just his voice. His appearance was too. His skin was a pale colour, as pale as mine, but his was gorgeous. It suited him perfectly. He had a perfect, straight nose, perfect looking lips and a chiseled jaw line.

After he had collected the remainder of my invites he looked up. Is it possible that he can get more beautiful? His eyes were the most amazing colour of green and I was surprised by the depth in them. The man seemed to look me over before his eyes landed on mine. I couldn't look away, it was as if his eyes were drawing me into him. We kept our eyes locked, looking intently at each other before he broke the silence.

"I'm Edward" he told me, as we both began to stand up. It took me a minute to calm myself enough to speak.

"I'm Bella" I replied.

"Nice to meet you Bella" he said, smiling at me as he handed me the invites. I had to force myself to snap out of the haze I had been sent in by his smile and take the pile from his hands. As our hands brushed past each other, I felt a spark of electricity shoot through my body. My eyes widened upon feeling it and I looked up at Edward to see a shocked expression on his face, something that was similar to my own expression I can imagine.

"Yeah…it was nice to meet you too, Edward" I told him. He nodded his head at me and smiled once more before turning to leave. He stopped suddenly and turned around to me again.

"Bella? Are you busy? Would you like to go for a walk with me…?" he asked, looking downward as he shuffled his feet nervously. I was speechless for a second which he obviously took as a no.

"You don't have to. I'm sorry. You must think I'm crazy, some stranger asking to walk with you" he said, laughing nervously. "I'll just go" he added, jutting his thumb towards the door.

"No" I interrupted, placing a hand on his arm. That same electricity was there even though his arm was clothed. I pulled my hand back in embarrassment. "I'd love to go for a walk with you" I said, looking up at him shyly. A crooked smile spread across his face at my answer and I responded with a shy smile of my own. "I just have to finish posting these" I told him gesturing to the pile of invites.

"That's alright. I'll wait for you." he smiled, leaning against the wall. How will I get through this walk without fainting?

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