I'm Not Loving it part 16

By Fujoshi a.k.a Otaku no Baka

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Warnings: Sleep sex, Sthenolagnia, (fetish for muscles and strength/power, Russia's MAJOR kink in this story besides spandex,) Jealous overprotective America, AmeRus, some non-con on Russia's part, (not too bad *shivers*) Belarus (so now you get the connection?)

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Russia poked his head in the doorway, peering at a familiar sleeping blond on his bed.

America had been focused on providing help for Japan, as well as settling problems in his home country, such as the celebration of his boss finding 'that one guy,' and the economy. He still made time to call Russia every day, putting it off as 'benefit for the world,' so that the older nation doesn't go insane.

Above all, Ivan knew the young superpower would be worn out when he crashed at his house before the summit meeting near China's place.

America already made himself at home by taking off his bomber jacket, blazer, and pants, leaving on his white shirt and glasses. Blond hair fanned the pillow he was cuddling as well as a pool of drool.

Ivan shook his head in dismay. His 'Piglet' was cute. He used to call Alfred a pig back in their harsher days; fat, ugly, and lazy. Good for nothing but the slaughter. No, if anything America is like a cute piglet now. He is young and has potential. Oh, and the noises he make during coupling was just like a delicious piglet!

Boars and pigs could be trained for so many things, unexpectedly intelligent animals. The blond was smart, he knew, but rash and very absentminded. No, it only made the challenge even more worthy to the ashen haired nation. He could mold America into something worthwhile, a queen on his chessboard instead of a knight or pawn.

"Fredka," Ivan cocked his head, leaning over at the side and purring. "Wake up, we have to go to the summit meeting."

America didn't stir, he only continue to snort lightly into the pillow.

"Дорогой wake up," Russia chuckled and moved the nation's glasses. He went over on the other side of the bed and rubbed his nose into the truffs of hair, smelling his shampoo and the earth. So America must have tended to his garden before coming here. The thought of those sunflowers, his lover tending to them, was bringing life to the member in his pants.

Part of him wanted to ditch the meeting, to sleep with his lover all day, but Russia knew this one was important. It would breach on worldwide topics and other matters. His boss would have him if he missed it.

Ivan shook the blond's shoulders, but he only hummed and snuck himself further into the mattress, wiggling his behind right into Russia's groin. Damn, the notion to just procrastinate was getting more tempting to the elder nation.

Ivan brushed his hands down, feeling the muscles under that white shirt, and down to the man's blue boxers. He snaked his fingers under the waistband and started to touch the limp cock inside.

America was still asleep, but he had a frown on his face, grinding more into the nation's crouch. Russia only chuckled softly and spooned into the blond more, reaching over with his other hand to pull out a bottle from his dresser drawer.

He opened the cap with his thumb and poured it on his fingers, not stopping his ministrations. Ivan pulled down the waist band further, snaking his way down and pushing the nation's cheeks apart.

The blond groaned; still sleep, but his body responding to the molestation. He made a small noise as one digit pushed into his puckered hole, clinching from the awkward spot. Ivan paused before he pushed in two, curling his fingers as he continued to stroke America, going faster at the dripping pre-cum flowing steady now.

He considered having sex with the blond, to see if he would wake up from that. America eyes were screwed shut and he was panting, flushed in his sleep. He wasn't moving but Ivan could feel how those anal walls squeezing and pulling in his thrusting digits and how the cock in his grip was throbbing.

'Well, why not?' Russia pulled out his fingers and grabbed the neglected tube that was near the head of his bed. He pulled down his pajama pants and squeezed a generous amount on the tip of his dick, moaning at how it seeped down his shaft.

Ivan tried to part the man's cheeks again, spreading the stretch pink entrance wide. He lined up his member before trying to push inside, the head going in with a pop.

America grunted, feeling the threads of sleep start to part from him at the pain. Ugh what the hell was going on? He remembered going over Russia's house and talking to him, kicking it on his bed, before falling asleep...

"Ah...," Alfred groaned, feeling Ivan hump him, thrusting inside of his ass to the hilt. Yeah that had to be Russia sexing him up. What a way to get up. "W...What..."

"Ahhh...Cолнце мое you are...awake." Russia didn't stop having sex with the young nation, pulling out to the veiny head before pushing all the way back in hard. "I could not help myself Piglet. I tried to wake you, but...ah...you are so tempting, even when you are sleeping."

America tried to get his tired mind back to order, ignoring how the cock between his legs was pulsing hard in pleasure, how he felt Russia panting in his ear, and the member in his ass hitting his prostate in a forceful mantra.

"Stop...calling me Piglet, you ass." This position was horrid; he couldn't do much to get away or even hit the man. Ivan was on his back, practically to the point that he could feel the nation's heartbeat. He gripped the sheets in annoyance.

"Do you want me to call you better things then such as любимый or little cub?" Those words went straight to his cock, making America almost climax then and there. "We are lovers Fredka, and Piglet is more of an endearment than an insult," Russia made a mocking hum. "But I suppose you have upgraded yourself from Capitalistic pig. So instead of Piglet, what about Mой глупыш?"

America closed his eyes, wishing that he wa dreaming when Russia nibbled on the bottom of his ear lobe and whispered hotly in his ear, his tone seductive. "Любовь вошла в моё сердце...Ты нужна мне всё больше и больше."

The blond mewled, coming with a yell, feeling Ivan fill up his ass with a groan. The hand pumped out a spurt of sperm from his member, catching it all.

America just lay down on the pillow, hair dripping with sweat. He was still sleepy and this whole morning coupling did not make it any better. But for some reason he couldn't get mad at Russia.

"Иван." He felt the limp member pull out of him slowly, and the coolness leave his back. He saw Russia appeared at the head of the bed, licking his fingers.

"Fredka we still have much to do today, so on your feet, da?" Ivan watched as how America got on his knees, dazed. His eyes were still sleepy, his hair was mused, and his shirt was halfway off and crooked now. He looked thoroughly delicious. The ashen haired man was tempted to have sex with the nation again.

"Huh..." America tried to get down from the high of pleasure, his own member still half hard. It wasn't until his cell rang that he recalled about meeting England for something.

Lethargically, he reached over to pick it up conveniently next to his glasses. Russia heard his phone ring and sighed, excusing himself.


"America where are you! We were supposed to meet each other before the meeting and have tea!"


"Regardless! Do you know what time it is?"

America stared at the overhead clock of Cheburashka in the center of the room and reconfigured the time zones of Shanghai compared to Moscow Russia, making sure that it was close to England's timezone as well, easily. "9:30?"

"YES! And the meeting starts at 11 am! Just try to make it here you yankee alright?"

There was a click, and America wordlessly got out of the bed. He yawned and stretched, his whole body feeling lax, but nice. Morning sex was a new concept to America. Russia didn't do it often but the times he did he felt better, like a good cup of coffee. It brought a sense of strangeness but comfort to the nation.

Alfred noticed when Ivan ran back into his room, a look of horror and dread in his eyes. "What?"

America cursed and growled, storming down to where he was supposed to have met up with England after he got off of his plane. Russia's boss was kind enough to ship him over here in China.

The blond didn't care, he wanted to ditch his former mentor and just hang out with the cold nation before the summit. No, the problem that arised was Belarus. Natalya wanted to meet her brother, since it had been so long, (from what America remembered, Belarus came over before he did after the terrorist attempt,) and to spend time with him at the meeting.


America thought about telling the whole world that he was in love with Russia. He accepted his feelings a lot better now, after some consideration, but still had issues. There was the whole unionized problem, England, Belarus, and how Ivan wanted to partake in global domination. With all of those piled up, as well as his own national issues, he had a lot on his plate.

He had this awesome plan he considered about getting his... boyfriend (?) to not take over the world. It was very tempting to just submit to Ivan's idea and do it anyway, since he was tired of all the stupidity of countries. But no, that wasn't heroic so he was going to talk Russia out of it starting today.

"Alfred you look tired." England's brows raised and America huffed. He wanted to punch something. Mainly England for stating the obvious.

"I'm fine! The hero just needs some Starbucks!" America tried to play it off, but he really wanted to go home or just be with Russia. Anything but deal with this.

England only shrugged as the two made their way to the taxi waiting for them. "If you say so, boy."

Latte in hand, America walked with England towards the consulate.

He knew half, if not all, the nations knew that he and Russia were having sex. Or at least had a thing for each other. The incident with Tony showed that off quite well, even though nobody wanted to mention it. Since there hadn't been any hate mail or phone calls, he decided that the countries thought it was alright for now.

But open unionization was another matter, especially since Russia was a very large country, tried to take over the world in the past, and America was a superpower. He didn't know how his boss would handle the stress of all the representations going over that.

'If I mention I loved the big guy it wouldn't be accepted well with open arms,' China would think it would be a reason to pay him back, and half of the nations would be outraged. America didn't want to start another World War ever, so he had to play it on the down low for now.

But it was hard. He wanted to do things like a teenage couple. He wanted to hold hands, kiss in public, all that sappy stuff. It felt good to Alfred to just be affectionate, soaking it up like a sponge, after getting over the awkwardness of it all.

"Alfred, are you ok? You haven't talked since you met me at the airport." England found America's behavior strange. The nation would complain about random things, talk about his twin brother, or anything out of the blue. Now he was sipping on his drink as they walked and thinking? Must be a miracle.

"Just tired England; the coffee hasn't kicked in yet!" Arthur raised one of his bushy brows; America rarely called him 'England'. There must be really something on the boy's mind if he calls him that.

"Well, if you need it I will help you, since relations with our countries are better." England coughed, and America sweat-dropped. Yeah he had to point out the things with his bosses to make an excuse to flirt with him.

Or maybe he wasn't reading the atmosphere right.

They stood outside the door before making their way in; hearing all the nations hushing at them. America had seen them all, including a nervous looking Russia being tackled by Belarus. He wanted to bristle like a cat, push her off, and scream 'MINE' so badly.

"You two are here so we can start, Aru." China nodded his head, adjusting his tie. Everyone was talking about random stuff, but it always went to the sex videos he heard about or the orgy of nations. He didn't want to be bothered with dirty smut right now, especially since Korea has been trying to molest him all morning.

"Is it true that those two are...involved with each other?"

Iceland put both hands on his face, watching as how England and America came in the room. His puffin was sleep on the table and it was welcomed. He didn't want to hear more about Russia and America from his bird.

Norway sighed. "Sadly yes. Everyone was wondering when those two were going to announce their unionization or coupling." There were bets on if the countries would take over the world or have sex again in public, with the Trio being the brokers. Elizabeth bet that they would do something today at the meeting, but from the looks of things, it would be a moot point because of Belarus.

Denmark leaned back on his seat, his tie whipping back as well. "Hey, Berwald, is it true that you watched it before and-"

Sweden punched Denmark out of his chair with a backhand. Tino blinked at how the blond sighed. "'hat's 'irty 'o sh't 'p!"

"Ah...he's right you shouldn't talk about such things during a meeting. Even though everyone is anyway." Finland did watch the video with Sweden but he didn't want to remember what happened afterwards. The two to this day still bought copies from Estonia of the nation's 'escapades'.

America sighed; this was boring.

Because Japan couldn't make it, he was talking via Skype. Funnily enough, Switzerland was over there, as well.

The meeting was just about environmental issues, or how to help Japan, or how his country was so arrogant, or this or that.

There was nothing being done. China and England argued for a good part of it, and he had to support his ally, even though he thought the plan was dumb himself. Both of them were.

Coffee drained, Alfred considered just sleeping until it was his time to shine until he caught the sight of something.

Russia was still trying to play off being not scared, but Belarus was closer to her brother now. Closer than normal. No she was practically in his lap and whispering things in his ear. America thought that Ivan would either get sick or faint. He decided to watch the two with a careful eye.

"Brother let's leave this meeting. I am bored."

Ivan sighed, trying to push down his hysteria. He wanted nothing more than to leave, without her.

The ashen haired man was scared that Natalya would smell Alfred on him. He remembered what happened during the Soviet when he kissed Toris on the sly; she broke his favorite's hand and had demanded that her brother kiss her, with tongue, to get his rank smell off of him. He had to hide for weeks in his room.

"Oh brother I want to marry you; I want you to take me."

Ivan breathed in slowly, trying to not make a scene."Sister please this is important."

"No you are bored just like that stupid blond moron." Her eyes flashed dangerously, and Russia wanted to wet his pants, thinking that she figured out he was having relations with America. "I think I have an idea to help you brother."

Russia didn't like where this was going. He tried to scoot his chair over, but Belarus was determined. She cupped his crotch before he got far, which almost sent him screaming.

"BELARUS!" He hissed. Russia didn't want to draw attention to himself with such a wanton act.

"Brother, I want to please you." The way she said please almost made him lose his breakfast.

Ivan sobbed at how Belarus tried to unsnap his pants and pull out his limp member. Her hands were cold as she palmed the flesh, trying to warm it up.

America blinked, face faulting.

'Was she...what in the fuck?'

He spent his time watching at how Belarus was talking to Russia, then how Russia tried to move and suddenly jumped, bumping the table. She was doing something with her hand...

'The hell is she giving him a handjob!' Why didn't the other nations notice this! America growled, how dare that bitch touch what was his! Not only that, but she was his sibling, doing it in the middle of an important, albeit shitty, meeting!

Canada wondered what was wrong with his brother. He appeared to be almost sleeping, then he sprouted the most comical look, and now he was practically foaming at the mouth. The frown on his normally calm and silly face was growing more and more sinister.

"Brother, why don't you go hard?"

Russia wanted to protest on how he wasn't going hard because he didn't enjoy this.

Belarus was stroking him, trying to make him go full mast, in front of everyone. Her careful, narrowed eyes looked disappointed, and her delicate fingers were warming up quickly.

"It seems to be that I must do something else to satisfy you."

Ivan prayed that she would give up once she didn't get what she wanted, but instead vanished under the table. Russia sobbed as how Natalya breathed on his groin, growing closer and closer-


Everyone jumped; Turkey paused, who was speaking, at the sound. Then something cracked and the whole summit meeting table broke in half.

Canada's eyes were wide as plates. "Maple..."

His brother hit the massive mahogany table with his fist. America was panting, rage in his normal blue eyes. Belarus sighed and crawled back in her seat at the noise, then raised a petit eyebrow at the table.

"You fucking bitch!" Everyone wondered who he was implying to, but found out that the glare was directly at Belarus.

"Oh, shut up, you attention whoring American. I have no idea why you feel the need to call me a 'bitch.' I have done nothing wrong to you. If anything you should be sucking my brother's balls and worshipping the ground he walks on."

A few nations coughed, but nobody decided to input after that statement.

"You were trying to molest, and possibly rape your brother during a summit meeting! Not only did he not want it, but it was wrong!" Canada was spooked; he had not seen America this mad in decades, not since he tried to burn down his capital so long ago. He was gripping his fingers like he wanted to choke her.

"Oh, but you are a fool. Brother and I are going to be married, married, married." She pointed a sharp finger at America. "You on the other hand need to stay out of our business. All you do is rub your nose up people's asses to make them like you with your words of 'heroism.' Pah. Wake up; everyone hates you in this world, and there is no reason for your existence. You are nothing more than a cockroach, at best."

England knew what was going to happen; he pulled out his wand right when America flipped the whole table. All the nations scrambled as parts of it hit the wall. America was throwing chairs at Belarus, who had her knives out, as he approached her. Most of the countries escaped in the hallway, but a few of them stayed to watch the chaos.

"France! Spain! Guys help me!" France gave England a '...the fuck are you serious?' look but complied. Everyone tried to hold down America from approaching Belarus further, who only had a cold cool look.

"I say let him go!" Germany shook his head at his brother, who snuck in as usual. Prussia laughed, kicking his feet in the air. This was better than pay per view! He knew America was strong, but Belarus could hold her own. He wanted to see an epic bitch fight!

Trying to stop America was harder than they thought, especially since he was using his full power. Russia sat on the floor, mystified at how America's arms rippled behind his bomber jacket, at how he threw people off like flies.

"NO WAY! I'm not going to let her put me down like that!"

"Al! She's a girl!" Canada groaned as he was latched onto his brother's neck, swinging like a rag doll as he continued to throw more nations off.

"I don't care- she's still a crazy bitch! Она касатьется что мое!"

England cursed and started a spell. He had to do something or the wanker was going to destroy the whole building. Russia frowned, feeling the magic in the air.

'No you stupid Englishman, I cannot have you doing that.' He sighed and started a counter spell, knowing that this would be a problem if Arthur did pull it off.

A poof and then there was smoke and coughing everywhere. Russia took this as an opportunity to escape, pulling America out of the room. It proved harder than he thought, since America was dragging his feet and yelling.

"Hey let me go...what?" America's blue eyes soften at Ivan in the hallway, holding his hand. He half smiled awkwardly and stopped protesting, squeezing.

The two went down the hall and ran away from the meeting room. Going into a spare empty office room, they went into the closet.

Ivan turned on the light and sighed. He knew that all of them, including his sister, would try to find them. The snowy nation wanted to take a momentary relapse for now.

America tried to calm down as he sat on the floor, leaning against the door. The closet was decent for the both of them, but barely with the random office supplies that littered it. He ran a hand through his hair and pulled off his glasses, stuffing them in his pocket. "Sorry, but..."

"Thank you."

"Huh?" America blinked at how Ivan was blushing, hiding in his scarf.

"Thank you; if you didn't do that she would have-"

America cut him off by hugging him. "It's fine." Russia sighed as he leaned into America, feeling the blond nation stroke his back. They pulled back, still at arm's length, to rub their noses together. "I did that because I...well… you know." America blushed and closed his eyes, resting his forehead on his lover.

Russia 'hmmed' at how America was patting his hair, but then felt him make a questioning noise. "What's this?"

Alfred pulled back and stared; yes, Ivan had two fuzzy bear eyes on top of his head.

"Russia, why do you have bear ears?"

"Что?" Ivan touched his head and felt the extra set of ears. "I knew this would happen. Черт."

America 'ooohhh' and poked them, feeling them twitch. Ivan grumbled. "Your stupid comrade England decided to make a spell to drain your power, your strength, but he was using the wrong one. It would have made you into a colony and stripped all your countries' power. So I used a counter spell and this was one of the side effects."

"Whoa...it's kinda awesome!" Alfred snickered and poked them again. "So cute!" Man, he loved cute things along with food! He nibbled on them, causing Ivan to jump and groan.

"Ah... Fredka...no." He wiggled in his grip. He got hard from when America showed off his raw power, and it didn't go down that much. The blond traced the inside of the bear ear with his tongue, being mindful of the fur.

"Hmmm...what's this Vanya?" America mocked surprised as he felt Ivan poking his thigh. "Guess this must be a side effect from the spell too."

"D...D...a-Nyet." Russia groaned and licked the blond's cheek. "Your power, your strength turns me on badly."

"Like muscles and stuff?" Well this kink wasn't as bad as the other ones Ivan imposed on him, so he didn't mind indulging him. "So you won't mind if I pinned you down and had my dirty way with you?"

Russia pulled back and raised a pale brow, his bear ears wiggling. "You can try."

That was all it took for America; he was still high from the anger he had earlier and needed a release for it. The older nation wasn't prepared when the blond tackled him. They rolled around the enclosed space, trying to dominate the other one.

Ivan groaned as one elbow to his throat sent him into the box of office supplies, small rolls of tape hitting him on the head. He really wanted to wrestle with America, feel that power under his body, unhindered and raw. They couldn't make too much effort here, since the nations were still looking for him.

America grabbed Russia's wrists and kissed him hard. The man under him squirmed but kissed him back just as hotly. The blond was holding him down with just his one hand, and Ivan could feel how much effort it was on his part to even press back.

Alfred parted and grinned; he released Russia to grab the front of his top and tear it off. Ivan was grateful that the blond didn't ruin his scarf in the process. "Fredka, what are you doin-oooh." The young nation was on his body, sucking and pulling his exposed nipples with his teeth.

America knew how to handle his power; letting go to rip the rest of Russia's suit off and boxers without injuring the man in question or his scarf. He palmed the hard cock in his fingers and licked the dip of Ivan's belly button. "What do you take me for? I wouldn't do such a thing as to damage your scarf."

"A foolish and sometimes rash-" Russia cursed when America pulled on his foreskin with his teeth.

America knew he was smarter than what he showed for. The problem was nobody understood his genius! He mumbled some, breathing and feeling the heat from Russia's member. "If you are going to suck me off do it now, da?"

The blond sent him a half annoyed glare but complied, tracing his tongue from the hilt to the tip. He nibble along the underside of the manhood before he went up to the head; opening and putting the tip in his mouth.

Ivan 'hmmed'; it felt good whenever that hot wet mouth touched his member, but he wanted more. He pushed America's head down to the base. There was a horrible noise before the blond pushed back and coughed.

"God, are you trying to make me gag on your dick?"

"Now Fredka, you still cannot deep throat me?" Russia cocked his head in a mock caring manner.

"Because you are like a horse!" America glared. "And what I can't take down I just work overtime!"

The ashen haired man didn't understand some of the things America said before he thought things out. He rose, taking a more dominate position, and grabbed Alfred's head again.

"Hey what-mfff!" He sighed as he put Alfred's mouth back on his member, making sure he didn't push him down to the base again.

"Relax your mouth, Fredka," Ivan sighed and thrust inside of America's mouth gently. He thought the nation would push him off again, but instead he only pressed his palms against his hips so he could control his pace, relaxing and letting the ashen haired nation just work his mouth.

If it was back before Alfred figured out his feelings, he would have bitten down and made Russia pay, but instead he just complied and sucked down the member, breathing through his noise as saliva ran down his chin to drip on the floor.

"Ahhh, yes, that's good. As you say 'you work well with what you have.'" Russia grunted as he fucked the nation's mouth faster, feeling him keep up with him, the tongue surrounding his cock, slurping and flicking around the sensitive underbelly.

America felt good that he could please the man without relying on overcoming his gag reflex. 'Man, but I want to touch myself.' He decided to risk it and moved one of his hands, going down to squeeze his cock behind his pants.

America felt the member in his mouth expanded and his own penis did a flip. He was about to jerk himself off until he felt Ivan pull out of his mouth.

"What the hell-" America's words died in his mouth as he saw the nation pump a few times and then climax on the inside of his ear and all over his cheek. He grimaced and closed his eyes, feeling the hot sperm splashing on his face.

"Moron! You're lucky I took my glasses off ahead of time!" Russia was panting and laughing, squeezing the last of his come out of the tip, dripping it on the floor. Half of the blond's face was covered with white stuff and the other half wasn't.

America glared with one eye and tried to wipe his face with his sleeve. He pulled on Ivan's scarf and sent him falling down on him.

Russia grunted, he was sprayed on top of the younger nation. He tried to get up but felt a hand squeeze his ass, causing him to straddle the younger nation. "Fredka, this is not funny."

"Ah, but it's funny to me! It serves you right for fucking me in my sleep this morning!" America snorted and pulled out a bottle of lube showing it in Ivan's sight. Since they had so much random sex the blond decided it was better to be prepared.

Ivan gave a pout. "But you enjoyed that Pi-ohhhhhh." He felt two, then three fingers push into his ass. He couldn't help but wiggle in a wanton fashion, not used to being on the submissive side.

"Didn't I say stop calling me Piglet? Call me зайчик or something else!" Russia had a blank look on his face and America almost laughed at it, if it wasn't for his groin taking up most of his free thoughts in his head right now. He didn't know why, but since his confession of love for Ivan, he started to understand and talk more in Russian. It creeped him the hell out since he hadn't spoken the stuff since the early 1900's.

"зайчик...a...lright," Russia gritted his teeth as how America had four fingers in his ass now, scissoring them and thrusting them against his sweet spot. "Fredka..."

"Yeah, I know you want me to fuck you, da? I'm not a cock tease like you." Alfred sighed and pulled out his dripping fingers. He sat up, keeping Russia on his lap, and raised him up.

Ivan was going to protest, push the blond off, until he felt himself being impaled and filled up quickly. A garbled stream of Russian curses erupted from his mouth.

"Wow... never heard you say that before," America panted in amazement. God, it was too long since he felt the older nation's wonderful anal walls and took a more dominate side. He shimmied out of his bomber jacket, still having a hold on the ashen hair man's behind.

Ivan bear ears wiggled; his breaths were coming out in puffs and he felt dizzy. His hands were clinching into America's thighs, and he could feel every twitch from the cock in his ass. It was always different taking it than giving it. His whole body felt like it was on fire and melting, and he couldn't control anything. He was showing a weaker side of himself to the blond, and he hated it...but also deeply enjoyed it.

America didn't waste any time; he used one hand to effortless lift the bigger nation by the ass and flop him back down, using gravity to help him out. The older nation couldn't do anything but hold on to the blond's shoulders, feeling his prostate be hit dead on and hard.

"You don't have to hold back Vanya, you could scream and stuff ya know." Russia panted, leaning his head on America's shoulder, but laughed. He couldn't do much since America was using all his power to fuck him.

"N...No...I rather punch you and fuck you in the ass instead..."

Alfred rolled his eyes, feeling between them to grip the nation's massive cock. "Just shut up and kiss me. You can scream in my mouth if you want."

Ivan did; kissing Alfred on the mouth, yelling at how the blond started to thrust along with his movements, pushing his cock in further and faster. He knew he wouldn't be able to walk straight after this but it was worth it.

America groaned and leaned against the door to get a better angle, taking Russia with him and thrusting at this angle. He felt those wonderful ass muscles grip him hard before his whole lower half was covered in come. Russia mumbled something in his mouth, parting to pant and drool on his shoulder as the blond pushed up hard enough to break the door.

Both nations rolled out and stayed there. Russia lay on the blond's shoulder, gasping for air and feeling the sperm trapped in his ass. He heard America curse about making a crater in the closet. Oh well.

"Can you move?"

"...No..." Ivan grumbled into the skin. He couldn't feel anything below his waist.

"Sorry I didn't mean to do it that hard."

Russia shrugged; he enjoyed it so it wasn't a complete loss. He felt an ominous presence though, which wasn't good.

There was a scream and he sighed; yes, he was right.

Belarus shrieked again, knife out. "How dare you befoul my brother! I was the one that supposed to couple with him first!"

America gently lifted Russia off of him and glared straight at the woman. "пошел на хуй!"

France sighed; he wondered why he did the things he do.

England tried to use a spell and it failed, Russia and America were hiding, and now it was a manhunt. It was France's missing to find the two coupling nations before the crazy woman did, heaven forbid.

He heard a noise and his ears wiggled. "Oui?" He pulled out a walkie talkie from the front of his pants. "This is Frog. I repeat this is Frog. Report in Yellow Bird."

"Kesesese Yellow Bird here. Did you find the Vodka snake and the Freedom bunny?"

"Yes. I think the Banshee has spotted them. Try to get Running Bull to join up with you and meet me at this location, Roger."

France put the walkie-talkie back and ran towards the noise. He rushed, barely making time to avoid a sailing body.

The Frenchman didn't know what to say. America was running towards Belarus; trying to do a dynamic kick straight to her face. She dodged and he ended up crashing through the wall. Screaming in rage and cursing in English and Russian. Belarus leaped through the hole, knives in her hands and mouth.

France moved a good safe distance away. He found himself next to a half-naked Russia. Ah, so Hungary won the bet after all. Damn.

"Ivan, do you think you can at least attempt to stop this?"

Russia blinked, only his bear ears wiggling, memorized by the fight. France noticed how he had on America's bomber jacket, the only piece of clothing besides his scarf. Damn. He couldn't let England know what was going on when it was this obvious. It would only make the whole thing worse.

"Yellow Bird, this is Frog. Requesting back up, Oui. the Freedom Bunny is out of its pen, I repeat the Freedom Bunny is out of its pen." The blond Frenchman rubbed his temples; it was going to be hell to get America to calm down. He winced as he heard another wall crashing, and Alfred yelling in Russian.


"Russie what did you do? Do you even know what you are doing?" France had an appalled look, glancing at the big nation. The only reason that America would be speaking Russian is if they were almost unionized. They couldn't be that involved, could they?

Ivan shook out of his trance. He was starting to get turned on by America again, and he couldn't have that. Instead he sighed and ran into the battle, regretting it already. The things he would do for his heart.

It took half of the nations to get America and Belarus to stop fighting, even with Russia's help.

When the woman tried to molest Ivan in the middle of battle because she noticed his lack of state, America went even more ballistic.

The Bad Touch Trio sighed, sporting bruise marks and injuries. Even Hungary was hurt, but happy.

England was berating America, who was sitting down calmly in a chair. He was calling him a stupid wanker, disrespectful punk, and a moron. China was yelling how the blond had to pay him back for this as well, added on to his original debt. America, on the other hand was ignoring them, a childish pout on his lips. He would quip with, "She's not a woman," or "You don't understand she tried to rape Va-Russia."

Iceland looked ruffled and his Puffin was laughing. "Wow I knew those two would end up fighting, especially that one crazy bitch!"

"Puffin...stop. They almost destroyed the whole building." Iceland shook his head. Norway had to use magic among other things to get them to stop. Even Sweden and Denmark had to help in.

"Man I never thought Russia was that big." Sweden and Norway twitched at Denmark's awe voice. He was really grinning big. "I wonder if his sister Belarus has a big pu-"

Sweden backhanded Denmark once more. "'hat I 'ay 'bout 'lking 'irty!"

солнце мое: My sun, sunlight.

дорогой: Love

любимый: darling

Cheburashka is actually a cute cartoon mascot in Russia. It's the equivalent of Mickey Mouse in Russia.

It's under debate if China is a superpower now in Modern times or not after a reader pointed it out, (besides America obviously.) I do remember America and China meeting up discussing issues since they were both major powers. I have to do more research so for the reader who pointed it out thanks~

England is talking about this: http : / / news . yahoo . com /s / ap / 20110525 / ap_on_re_eu / eu_obama

мой глупыш: Silly one, loving one, silly billy

Иван: Ivan

Любовь вошла в моё сердце...Ты нужна мне всё больше и больше: love came to my heart; I need you more and more.

Она касатьется что мое!: She is touching what is mine!

Что: What?

Черт: Shit

зайчик: bunny

пошел на хуй!: Fuck you!