Aragorn, in his city's courtyard and leaning over the edge that looked upon all of Mina's Tirith, Pelennor Fields, and Mordor, inhaled deeply. The ring was gone, but not all evil was. The ones of Sauron's army that remained were gathered back in Mordor and creating another army as fast as they could. Though Aragorn sent a few of his own armies out to destroy them, he didn't want to risk a whole war all over again. Eomer and Rohan had done enough and he didn't want to call for help if he could handle it without them. The clouds above Mordor weren't as dark as they used to be, so Aragorn took that as a good sign thus far.

Aragorn heard horse hooves and he looked over to the entrance of the courtyard, smiling when he saw the ever-familiar flying of long, blond hair and green attire on a slim figure. He walked over to the elf as the horse stopped. "Legolas, my dear friend, I appreciate your hasty arrival."

Legolas slid off of the horse, embracing Aragorn. "And leave the powerful Gondorian king waiting? I wouldn't want him getting a bad impression from Mirkwood."

Aragorn chuckled and looked Legolas up and down quickly to see that he was unscratched and in check. "Funny, isn't it, how we both go from a part in a fellowship to kings of our realms?"

Legolas couldn't even compare their transitions. Aragorn, exiled and unexpectedly king, while there was himself, expected but not encouraged. He bit his lip and gave a nod. "Funny," he repeated.

Aragorn frowned, putting a hand on Legolas' cheek. "Smile, my king, and rest. As happy as I am with your velocity, such matters can wait until tomorrow."

"No," Legolas stated, "they cannot. I will not waste any time that they can use to get stronger."

Aragorn nodded, looking over to see two more Mirkwood riders enter the courtyard. "Anxious, were you?" he commented on the speed of the new king.

"There's still two more besides them," Legolas dully said, sighing and petting his horse's mane. "Though, it doesn't surprise me. Why would Mirkwood elves take royalty seriously?"

Aragorn knew about the breaking down of the Greenleaf family, so the words didn't come as any shock. He knew that Legolas' expectations of everything were high and proper, as he was raised to believe, and the fact that things weren't how he thought ached him.

"Come," Aragorn commanded while patting Legolas on the shoulder. "Let us eat while my staff accommodates to them."

At the dinner table and after all the food was in place, Aragorn dismissed the servants and chefs so they could have a private talk in the dining chambers. The kings ate and drank while he filled Legolas in on information that he couldn't put down in the letter.

"I don't predict it being as bad as the war," Aragorn concluded, "but if I don't act quick, I do fear the outcome."

Legolas put down his knife and fork, his first and only plate just being emptied. "I will act with you," he decided. "You won't be alone on this. I won't allow it."

Aragorn ran a hand through his hair and took a sip of wine. He knew that Legolas would no doubt help him, but when realization came that this was another death flip of the coin, he wondered if he should have beckoned Eomer instead. He had no doubts that Legolas and the remaining elves would do wonders, but it was Legolas he was worried for.

"My king?"

Aragorn glanced at Legolas, shaking his head. "Don't call me that, Legolas, for I was first and foremost your friend and companion. We are equal."

"Hardly," Legolas chuckled. "Men are the strength of this world and ages to come. You are now my superior."

"Maybe to them, but not you."

Legolas stared at Aragorn, eyes slightly narrowed in thought.

"Plus, you are older."

At this, Legolas had to laugh. They'd only mentioned their ages a handful of times before, all for their humor. Other humans always asked him how old he was for curiosity purposes and he felt it annoying. However, Aragorn being an older man himself with many years ahead to live, they got a kick out of it.

"Older?" Legolas questioned. "Then tell me how it is I look 2,000 years old while you look about 5,000, my friend?"

Aragorn laughed hard, leaning back in his chair and slamming his hands on the table. Legolas could only laugh harder at the fact he had no idea as to why Aragorn was laughing to hard at what he said.

"How I've missed your company so much, Legolas," Aragorn expressed honestly as he regained composure. "Oh, your presence has been absent, but your humor especially."

"Glad I can help…my king."

Aragorn didn't correct him, instead thinking about the conversation they had left behind. "So, you'll help?"

Legolas, noticing the change of mood, nodded firmly. "Once again until the end. I am forever loyal to you, Aragorn, therefore my realm will be, as well, even passed my rule."

In the middle of picking up his wine goblet, he froze. "Passed your rule?" he asked, wanting that statement to be elaborated.

"I won't be around forever. I might not even see the end of what is coming ahead, but I will have you know that my-"

"Don't speak of such circumstances," Aragorn snapped as he put his goblet down and leaned forward toward Legolas. "You've conquered the worst that this age has put us through. This will be but a crumb of what that was."

Legolas only shrugged.

"Legolas." Aragorn put a hand on the elf's upper arm. "You're the most talented archer and fighter I know, more so than men and elves twice your age and wisdom."

"Men, yes, but my experience does not challenge natural talent like yours." Legolas sighed. "Let's look passed that remark and…just know that elven kind is forever on your side and this city's."

Aragorn, lips pursed, squeezed Legolas' arm gently and twirled the ends of the blond hair between the tips of his fingers. He could only express well thoughts to the elf before they meant repeated significance. Whether or not Legolas believed them was up to him.

"I thank you so much for this feast. It was delightful."

Aragorn eyed Legolas' plate. It was barely empty from the one and only fill.

"Most of what is lied out was unnecessary, however, though you knew that."

Aragorn ran his hand up Legolas' arm and to his shoulder, fingers going through the gold tresses.

"I needed to impress the handsome elven king, didn't I?"

Legolas chuckled under his breath, tilting his head so he could rub his cheek over the tops of Aragorn's fingers. He couldn't deny that he, also, missed the presence of Aragorn, but in addition the physical contact. During the long journey of the fellowship, the accidental touches and intentional holding became familiar and comfortable to him. Not having a warm, strong body around his suddenly one night, one week, one year was hard to grasp.

Legolas shut his eyes at the memories.

"Would you like bed rest? No doubt the ride was tiring and our discussion as much so."

"Would you be in that bed as well?" he asked quickly, opening his eyes.

Aragorn grinned and rubbed the side of Legolas' soft head. He leaned across the edge of the table and put his face closer to the elf's. "I was wondering if I was the only one who felt that way."

"No you weren't." Legolas rubbed his nose across Aragorn's. "You knew that I did."

"Yes, well, as king, sometimes modesty needs to be presented."

Legolas licked his lips and his eyes trailed to Aragorn's mouth. It was right there. It would only take half a second to kiss him finally, but he didn't. The thought and temptation was there, yet he knew that there was time. As an elf, he had to show his restraint for his own good and the name of elves. Little did mankind know that it was just as torturous.

"You didn't answer my question, King Aragorn," Legolas whispered, putting a hand on the man's knee.

"I must attend to a meeting with my committee first, then with my captain to notify him of your decision. Welcome your riders properly, make an appearance at a wedding on the fifth level to give them my well wishes and make a toast, visit a sick child of one of the soldiers that assisted us during the great war, and compose a letter to Gimli that requests his attendance."

Legolas rose an eyebrow.

"You could've just said no."

"I'll come to you tonight." Aragorn said more softly, "I promise."

The moon rose quickly and Legolas wrapped a blanket around his body tighter as he stood on the balcony of the guest room's. The warm breeze hit his face and through his hair, comforting him from negative thoughts that he couldn't avoid.

The door behind him opened and he turned excitedly only to be let down at the sight of a servant. The man put a tray down on the desk that was against the wall, looking at Legolas with wide, inquisitive eyes.

"Will you be needing anything else, King of Mirkwood?" he asked, bowing low.

Legolas wanted to ask where Aragorn was on his list of things he had to do, but decided against it. He didn't want to know how much longer he had to wait. Shaking his head, he turned back to look over the White City.

"If you need immediate assistance, my lord, there will be a wait staff all night in the dining room."

"Thank you, but assure them that I most likely will not be needing anything."

What he really wanted would require waiting in his room. The door behind him shut and he turned around just as fast to look at the tray that remained. He walked over to the desk, smiling as he saw what it was. There was a mug of ice water, warm milk, and two slices of bread. Lying on top of the bread were three rose petals. Picking one of them up, he pressed it to his lips and inhaled deeply.

When Aragorn entered the guest chamber after putting on his night garments, he did so quietly and with a smile on his face. The hour was just barely into the new day and later than he had expected. The visit to the sick child was heartbreaking and he stayed with the soldier to give him comforting words, longer than he expected. At the wedding ceremony, he socialized with not only the wedding party, but citizens that questioned him about the rebirth of Mordor and those that just wanted to shake his hand. He obliged to each of them.

The tray on the desk was untouched minus a missing petal and the candle on the bedside table was still lit even though the elf was, rarely, fast asleep facing it. The petal was in front of his face and he breathed gently against it. Aragorn licked his fingertips, extinguishing the light instantly. He felt bad lying beside Legolas, worrying that he'd wake him up, but he promised .

"My apologies for making you wait," he whispered, his eyes moving across Legolas' face hurriedly. It was more than uncommon to see a sleeping elf. Having grown up with them, he may have seen it happen once a year to a different elf, maybe every five years for the same. Yet, he had never seen Legolas asleep.

"And I thought your beauty couldn't ever be greater." He slowly wrapped an arm around Legolas' waist. "Sleep peacefully, my elf. I am here."

Morning barely broke, the sun just starting it's rise, when Aragorn was woken up. In his arms, Legolas, still asleep, was whimpering and twitching. Confused and concerned, he ran his hands up the elf's back and through his hair.


Inhaling shakily and his eyes opening wide, Legolas woke up right away. Realizing Aragorn was in front of him and holding him, his fast heartbeat began to calm down. When Aragorn pressed his forehead against his, his body heat up and moved closer.

"You fell asleep."

"Apparently," Legolas replied, eyes noticing the unmoved petal. "Bad thoughts keep lingering in my mind. I'm not sure why."

Mind and body still tired from the short slumber, Aragorn forced his eyes to stay open.

"What kind?"

"Death. Not even during the war did I have them." Legolas turned his face towards the pillow and sighed. He was now wide awake. "Go back to sleep. I'll be here when you wake."

"No," he refused. "I am no longer tired."

Legolas rose a hand and traced his pointer finger under Aragorn's eyes.

"Liar. Your dark circles are even darker."

Aragorn blinked slowly, denying himself of the sleep that wished to come upon him. His muscles ached, but he didn't want to give in. He wanted to be with Legolas.

"Aragorn," Legolas pleaded.

Aragorn picked up the petal and smiled. Sitting up slightly, he leaned over Legolas and put it on the table next to the candle. Instead of lying back down, he rolled Legolas onto his back and moved on top of him. The elf didn't resist, sliding his hands up Aragorn's silk shirt to finally feel the skin that he's been itching for.

Aragorn ran his hands up Legolas' covered legs and grabbed the top of the tights, his lips barely touching the elf's. His heart beat harder.

Legolas was having a difficult time keeping up the elf resistance appearance.

"Are you going to kiss me or not?" Legolas practically begged, his hips lifting at the brush of Aragorn's fingers.

Aragon finally pressed his lips to Legolas', closing his eyes. He felt a wave of relief go through him at the contact and he welcomed it. He's wanted to do it for so long and he finally had. He had the beautiful elf with him and willing. Only gaining encouragement, his tongue met Legolas' and at the first touch, he couldn't help but moan. It felt so good and overdue. He could kick himself for not doing it sooner.

Legolas leaned forward, making the kiss harder. He waited long enough and wasn't going to any longer. Holding onto the bottom of Aragorn's shirt, he pushed it up and broke away long enough to remove it. He'd seen the man naked before, but not like this how they were. Before, it was an accidental glance. Now, it was went to kiss Aragorn again, but he stopped and fell back onto the bed when Aragorn got to his neck first. Sighing happily, he lifted his hips once more to let Aragorn remove his tights. Aragorn sucked gently and untied the strings that held Legolas' shirt together. Pulling at them simply, he pushed the shirt off Legolas' shoulders and finally had the elf nude.

Not wanting to be overly passive, Legolas grabbed Aragorn's cheeks and kissed him again, rubbing his hips up against Aragorn's clothed ones. When the man finally was bare, Legolas' hands trailed up and down the skin, going this way and that. There was no limit anymore and it greatly pleased him.

Aragorn entered Legolas quick and hard, surprised that the reaction was a moan of pleasure and not a groan of pain. Nails lightly pressed into Aragorn's back and he ran both hands through the elf's long hair.

"You act like you've wanted this," Legolas breathed out, face going to Aragorn's chest and biting at it softly.

Aragorn flashed a quick smile and pushed into Legolas further, having him gasp and spread his legs more. He pulled on the hair gently so that he could stare into the blue eyes that were glazed over. He closed his eyes tight and kissed the parted lips, his hips moving faster.

The noises Legolas made were unexpected, but the ones Aragorn made weren't. Legolas always figured men would be loud, but Aragorn believed that elves would be quiet. Quite the contrary. When Aragorn grabbed hold of Legolas' cock, the near scream he made was stunning. They both sweated and breathed hard by the time they each came, Aragorn lying on top of Legolas as he held him tightly.

Legolas panted loudly, hands rubbing up and down Aragorn's back. The sky was now a dark blue with a slight hint of orange at the very bottom. Whatever tiredness Aragorn had felt before was now of a different kind that electrified him at the same time. Legolas had never done it before, but Aragorn had and it was definitely not like this time.

"You're gorgeous when your guard is down, my king."

Aragorn, who was kissing Legolas' shoulder gently, pulled away and looked at the elf.

"You were beyond handsome while you were love."

Legolas grinned. "Love?"

Aragorn nodded.

"I must say, then, that you yourself are quite gorgeous when you are sleeping and that I bask in the joy of witnessing it quite often, my love."

"By often, you mean every day."

Legolas laughed as Aragorn kissed his cheek.

"You know, unless you want to get some sleep, I think that we could keep each other awake until breakfast. Well, until hot water is made for the shower. Although, if you want to go to sleep, I will be more than happy-"

Aragorn grabbed Legolas' cock again, shutting him up.