A man sat on the far side of a café closest to the southern window, his tie fitting loosely around his neck and his shirt's top buttons undone. He took another sip of his boiling hot coffee and stared out the window, studying every detail his eyes would allow him to view. He had to admit that Milan was beautiful, even if it was 1880. He took the last sip of his coffee and hastily shoved the leftovers of his Pavlova into his mouth before leaving a few moments later.

He walked through the winding streets and turned the corner. As he turned, something hit him from behind causing the man to be thrown metres into the air before he fell to the ground on his back, in intense pain. The last thing he saw was a scaly lizard type creature with about 10 rows of sharp teeth. The creature pounced and then a few seconds later vanished from sight, leaving the man drenched in a pile of his own blood, the life slowly draining from his eyes.