A Jane Austen Mix

(I give full credit to Jane Austen for "Sense&Sensibility" "Pride&Prejudice")


It was a cold summer's night, as Marianne looked out the window of her bedroom in the cottage by the sea. Devonshire was so much different than Norland, of which in secret Marianne missed the many suitors over there. Of course her childhood sweetheart Jimmy Davis, who had the color of fiery red for his hair and a deep emerald green colored eyes, of course he had fair skin (like Marianne) with freckles all over his body from head to toe. His ears had always made, Marianne laugh for how big they are, Jimmy could make them wiggle. However Jimmy had a voice, of an angel when he would read, along with singing as well. His talent for playing on the piano is very grandtageous, of which would leave Marianne in a drizzle of happiness. Another long sigh came from Marianne, she was missing him like crazy.

"Why don't you write to him if you miss him so!" Margaret asked as Marianne turned bright red, not even noticing that Margaret had came into the room.

Hearing Marianne moan Jimmy's name.

"Margaret you don't just write to a person without them writing to you first!" Marianne had chastised.

"Well why not? Change the century's tradition!" Margaret had suggested as Marianne had looked at her sister, with a new respect.

"Very well, however I believe he might be married to Miss Connell by now!" Marianne said with a mournful sigh.

"Miss Connell! The one who thought that Jimmy was the one for her?" Margaret asked in disgust as Marianne had sighed and nodded.

"But Jimmy loves you!" Margaret cried as Marianne gave a sad laugh.

"I know, however I can't take any chances. Can I?" Marianne had asked.

"Sometimes Marianne taking, chances is the best to do. You may not know if he is married to Miss Connell or not. It has been ten years since you spoken to him. After he had moved, away then came back. I seemed to remember he tried to contact you but you refused to talk to him….." After Margaret had said those words, immediate memories came into view.