August 16, 1997

Amos Vale Cemetery

Bristol, UK.

Raining. Harry thought as he got out of the car. How cliché.

He followed the woman on the path that wound its way through the cemetery. Finally they arrived. The plot was obvious, fresh sod; the stone still pristine, fresh flowers.

Padma Patil

4 January 1980- 31 July 1997

Daughter, Sister, Friend

"Would you like me to stay Harry?" Parvati asked, her dark eyes offering the image of her twin.

"No Parvati. I think I need to be alone for a few moments." He took the young woman's hand. "Please, get yourself out of this rain. I'll be alright. Thank you for showing me the way."

"Harry…" the girl hesitated. "Padma and I shared everything. I know it didn't show at school, but we told each other everything. Padma told me about what the two of you shared." Her eyes swam with unshed tears. "She was so happy, so proud of you, so in love with you. Did she tell you about the dolls?"

Harry nodded.

"Padma has her Harry doll with her now, and forever." The exotic Gryffindor rose onto her tiptoes to kiss Harry on the cheek, "Get the ones who did this Harry. Hurt them they way they hurt my sister." She turned and walked away to the waiting car.

After the girl was gone Harry stood in silence staring down at the stone, the rain dripping from his hair into his eyes hiding the tears. He hadn't thought he had anymore tears. Harry dropped to his knees, ignoring the wet squelch from the soil. With a trembling hand, he reached out and lightly traced the lettering on her stone.

"Hey Padma. I'm sorry it took so long for me to get here. Dad took me white river rafting in Canada. He called it a time to bond before it was too late."

His tears were flowing now. "We left the day before they took you. You were gone ten days before Frank found us. We hadn't taken anything with us that would let anyone find us. Frank was almost hysterical. He loves you almost as much as I do…" His breath caught in his throat. "I'm so sorry Padma, I'm so sorry. I should have… should have…"


"We should go to him." Hermione Granger moved to open the door. An impossibly strong hand stopped her.

"Leave him alone Hermione." Franklin Richards said his eyes fixed on his kneeling best friend. "He's hurting now. When he's ready he'll come back on his own."

"I'll have to be leaving soon. Mum and Dad have forbidden me from having anything to do with Harry or the rest of you." Parvati said quietly.

"They're trying to protect you." Susan suggested.

"I know that Sue. It just makes me so angry. I don't want safe, I want revenge. They've taken Padma, they've taken Lavender, and they've taken Lisa. No one has done anything. The ministry put out a pamphlet telling people how to protect themselves. It boils down to keep your head down until the Aurors arrive. We've all seen what Harry can do, between his magic and his muggle machines. I asked him to…"

"We know." Hannah said.

Neville fixed Franklin Richards with a stare. "You know Harry best Franklin. What is he going to do?"

The blond man's mouth set into a firm line. He couldn't help but pickup their thoughts. They were frightened for themselves, worried for Harry and mourning their lost friends. They needed to be encouraged. "He's hurting now. In an hour he's going to be angry." The only son of Mr. Fantastic and the Invisible Woman leaned back in his seat, again turning his attention to his mourning friend. "Someone should tell Lord Flight from Death that Hell is coming."