Dokuo: OK this is a new story that I just had to write. It is Adam Lambert fanfic. Involves the Jonas Brothers so enjoy! JODAM!

Chapter 1 Adam's POV

When Adam was 13

I was singing in my room like I usually did when I was happy sometimes when I was sad but that doesn't count. It is 7:30 in the morning and I was getting ready for school. I don't know why I was happy though. Well, my dog just got adopted by someone else. But I guess singing cheered me up and I guess nothing could stop my mood.

"Adam! Time to go! Don't want to be late!" My brother Neil yelled from the living room. I rolled my eyes and quickly replied:

"I'm coming! Calm down!" I said and picked up my backpack and ran to the living room and found Neil wasn't there. I looked around but soon I heard a "YAHHHHHH!" and my brother had tackled me from the side. "Get off me you little freak!" I yelled and shoved him off.

"What scared to attack me! I knew gays were little prisses." He said and walked past me. That threw me over the top. I ran up to him and punched him in the nose. He fell back holding his nose but not crying, he was holding them back, he always did, to proud to show emotions.

"What to proud to show your feelings? That's what I thought." I said and stepped over him. He didn't bother to come back and attack me back. Somehow I was not surprised by that. Why does everyone have to hate me because I choose to live the alternate life style. I hated it. My mom and dad told me not to worry, they loved me whether i was Bi, Gay, or straight. So why can't I dye my hair black if they love me so much? Ugh, life's to complicated.


I walked out of school feeling good. I had aced my math test which rarely happened to me. I spun around to see Tommy was right behind me.

"Ok are you sure you're not a stalker?" I asked him. Tommy was my best friend and we always joked around like that.

"Oh yeah I'mcoming to molest you. Yeah sure." He said feeling 'down there'.

"Yes please." He cracked up on that. I started laughing with him but what he didn't know was that I meant it. Badly. But I couldn't...he was my friend...that'd be awkward. Tommy calmed down taking a deep breath and putting his hand on my shoulder.

"I gotta go see ya!" He said running to his girlfriend. I rolled my eyes and my parents were waiting for me. When that happened it wasn't good.

"Hey mom, dad. What's wrong?" I asked suddenly nervous. "Where's Neil?" My mom held back tears and swallowed. I was scared now. "Where the hell is Neil!" I may have punched him but he was still my brother. And I loved him. Not like that...woah incest.

"Adam, Neil isn't coming home." My dad said. I calmed down because I thought he was going over to a friends house for a week but mom never got that sad over it.

"What exactly do you mean by that?" I asked.

"Adam, after you left him on the street with a bloody nose. A gang snatched him up and they surrounded him. They shot and stabbed him 33 times altogether. A man found his body behind The bowling alley." My dad said. I stared at him for at least 2 minutes. "Adam? Hello?" I dropped to my knees and couldn't believe it. This morning I never expected this I wondered what it would be like without him. It seemed pretty good but now it was all real. I dropped my head in my hands and started crying uncontrollably.

"I never told how much I loved him. He was my own brother!" I said through between loud sobs. I could hear people behind me talking and whispering about me. I wanted to scream in their faces and just curl into a ball and die. So I could be with Neil again. I never thought I would miss him this much. I never anticipated this. My parents picked me up and put me in the car. I lied down on the soft seats in the car. I got up once we were home and saw my tears had soaked the seats. At this moment in time I didn't care. I ran into my room and slammed my door. About a hour later I stopped crying but was just staring at the wall thinking. Thinking of nothing in particular just...thinking. I left my room and crept in the hallway. I heard my mom crying in their room, i decided to eavesdrop.

"I can't believe he's gone." She sobbed. "He was my son and I loved him but now I'm stuck with this gay freak of a son in my house." That upset me...bad. I couldn't believe it, my mom thought I was a gay freak. I ran down the hallway and outside. The busy streets of Hollywood were faster than ever. I ran into a sort of slow lane by my house. It was raining and I screamed through tears. I didn't scream anything but just screamed at the gods on my knees. I heard my mom calling my name.

"ADAM! ADAM MITCHELL LAMBERT GET OUT OF THERE!" My mother screamed. I ignored her and looked forward a car was coming at maybe 71 miles per hour. I was waiting for it. Waiting. The driver tried to swerve but instead came back at me. THWACK! The last thing I heard was the snapping of my own bones. And my mom screaming.

Dokuo: Now wasn't that sad? Yes it was. Never ever say anything against gays. I support them. And when you say that's so gay do you realize what you say?