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Chapter 2

"And that wraps up rehearsal today my boys!" A long, red suited grey haired man called Pegasus clapped joyfully.

"Why are we practising so hard for? We already know that we're going to win anyway, so what's the point?" A tanned teenaged boy whined. His platinum blond hair defied gravity completely and stuck up in different directions. His lilac eyes had the look of insanity within them. He was wearing tight, black leather pants, like his other friends and band members; the only difference was his top, which was sleeveless, showing off his smooth muscles and his boots was full of spikes. His main difference was his pure gold jewellery around his biceps, wrists, neck and ears, showing off his Egyptian heritage.

"Please! We need to win this by doing it right. Besides, we need to think of our reputation." A brunette stated out coldly from his bass, he had cold, blue eyes and like the others was wearing tight black leather, only his was plain.

"Well I agree with Marik, if we keep going like this, I swear I'm going to kill somebody and my throats starting to go sore!" A white-silvery haired teen grumbled, holding his throat. His hair slightly defied gravity and stuck up in a layered fashion. He had sharp, mahogany eyes, which had an evil glint to them. He was wearing tight, black leather and his plain, black t-shirt was a cotton effect, which clung to his body. His boots however had sharp blades sticking out in different directions.

"Bakura, your throat's always going to be hurting by how you sing. Anyway, I agree with Seto, we shall win with dignity and pride!" A tri-coloured teen shot back arrogantly. His hair, like Marik's stuck up in different directions, but more neatly, he had front blond bangs and crimson tips to go with his hair. He has sharp, crimson eyes. He had the most leather on, with a leather tank top, pants, belt you name it, he had it on. He had some spikes, as Marik does, however, not as much as Bakura or Marik.

"Give over Atem! We'll just bribe the judges and then, we'll be the winners before it's even begun." Bakura scoffed. Pegasus watched this little argument with amusement before clearing his throat. All four boys looked at Pegasus annoyed, before they could say anything, Pegasus started to speak

"As much as I like your enthusiasm of winning the Battle of the Bands, however, bribing is strictly forbidden and anyway the winners are fifty percent public and fifty percent judges' choice. So you'll need more than money to win." Bakura snorted.

"Oh man! I really wanted to bribe someone," Marik pouted unsuccessfully.

"We'll just think of a new plan." Bakura smirked. Pegasus rolled his eyes.

"Okay well if that's all, then I'm going back to my office now boys. I won't see you until Saturday. No drinking Bakura or you Marik and no races either any of you! And keep practising!" With that, Pegasus left without another word.

There was a silence, and then all at once, Atem, Bakura, Marik and Seto raced to the window and saw that Pegasus had really left. Bakura and Marik cheered. Atem and Seto exchanged a glance and shrugged. Atem turned to Bakura and Marik with a smirk on his face.

"Alright, who wants food?" Marik's eyes lit up at the mention of food.

"Oh- Oh! Me me me!" Marik said like an infant. Bakura and Seto nodded.

"Chinese or pizza?" Atem asked the others. They all looked at one another

"Pizza!" They all said in unison. They all erupted in laughter. Atem wiped the tears from his eyes as he considered his three friends.

"Okay. A large Hawaiian for Seto, a large Hot 'n' Spicy for Bakura, a large Tandoori Hot for Marik and a large Pepperoni Passion for me." Atem said ticking off the list in his head, grabbing his car keys.

"Oh and four large bottles of Cola!" Bakura shouted out to Atem. "You know how none of us can share one!" Atem grinned as Marik pulled a face behind Bakura's back.

"Sure. See you all in a bit." With that, Atem grabbed his jacket and was gone.

"So what are we going to do tonight?" Marik asked Bakura. Bakura shrugged, he didn't have a clue either.

"We perform on Saturday. So we have about three days, not including going to watch the show on Friday. We can't drink or race, so I'm out of ideas." Marik sighed.

"Me too." Seto rolled his eyes at the pair. They really had nothing to do besides drink, play and race.

"This is fucking unfair. I can't wait till Saturday!" Marik whined.

"Baka! We can't drink until after next week. We have to go through all of the battle of the bands, before we can drink at all." Bakura growled.

"Baka Pegasus and fuck his drinking rules!" Marik grumbled. Bakura laughed and Seto rolled his eyes.

"Look if I talk to Pegasus into letting us all have a couple of drinks after the show, and then would you stop complaining?" Bakura and Marik considered this.

"That sounds fair." Marik and Bakura agreed. Just then, Atem walked in arms full of carrying four large boxes of pizzas and two bags full of two bottles of Cola in them each.

"Help would you?" Atem said irritably. Bakura and Marik got up and took two pizza boxes from him each. Bakura opened up a box and saw a Hawaiian.

"Here." Bakura gave the pizza to Seto. Atem handed him a bottle of Cola and the rest of them. Bakura opened the other box and found, to his luck, that it was his Hot 'n' Spicy pizza.

"Great! I'm starving!" Bakura waffled down his first slice in seconds. There was silence for a while as the four friends ate.

"So what song are we kicking off this competition with?" Marik asked. Bakura smirked.

"Burn it to the Ground!" he said. Marik smirked too; he and Bakura wrote that song when they were drunk.

"Alriiiight!" Bakura and Marik grinned knowingly at each other. Seto looked sceptical.

"Are you sure? Why can't we start with something that we practiced today Riot?" Bakura looked at Seto.

"No. Our first song is the first impression we'll get in the whole of Japan. We need to start it with a bang!" Atem nodded.

"As much as I hate to say this Seto, Bakura's right. The first impression is everything." Seto nodded.

"Okay, then it should win us the night." Bakura grinned.

"How many performances do we have to do Saturday?" Marik asked.

"If we win the night, two." Bakura said thoughtfully.

"Hmm. If we have to do two… Riot would be good." Atem smiled and looked at the others. Bakura nodded.

"Yeah that is good. Hell yeah! We got one hell of a night ahead of us." Bakura laughed.

"Speaking of a night ahead of us, what are we doing now? Cause I'm bored!" Marik whined.

"Race?" Bakura suggested without thinking.

"I can't total this car! My parents will kill me! They already said that this was my last car I was getting" Marik groaned.

"You can't anyway. Pegasus already told us no drink or racing!" Seto cut in. Marik scowled.

"Great… Just fucking great! What the fuck are we supposed to do now?"

"Go out to a club-" Atem started

"But Pega-" Bakura cut in.

"Drink soft drinks." Atem shrugged. Marik groaned.

"But that's not a fun night out."

"You never know, you might like it for a change." Atem shrugged. Seto who was busy typing on his laptop rolled his eyes. Bakura sighed it was better than doing nothing

"Fine. I'm in." Atem nodded and looked at Marik who just shrugged as if to say 'fine'. Atem nodded and looked at Seto. He wasn't paying anyone any attention. Atem got up, strode over to the wireless and disconnected it. Seto looked up and scowled at Atem.

"Come on. You're coming too." Atem told Seto.

"No I'm not, you three have fun as I've got a company to run." Seto said opening another document.

"Not tonight you haven't." Atem said hotly, snatching the laptop off Seto's lap. Seto growled at Atem.

"Give it back." Atem smirked and threw it to Bakura, who caught it with surprising skill and strength.

"No. You're coming out with us too. It's a band night out and with Bakura and Marik not allowed to drink; it's to give our band a good reputation." Atem said convincingly. Seto sighed, his own words turned against him! He should have known that was going to happen. Finally, in defeat Seto nodded.

"Fine, but I'm not staying out too late." Atem raised his hands.

"Okay, okay! Deal." So they all grabbed their keys and jacket and went to their cars.

They came to a stop outside the Courthouse, their regular club. Inside there were a lot of men and women around. When the four teenage band members entered, they caused a stir from the women and even some of the men. Atem was lapping it all up, which unfortunately for Atem, Bakura noticed.

"Let's get some drinks shall we? Before your ego gets any better." Atem just flipped Bakura off, but followed Bakura to get some drinks. Marik was already at the bar, whilst Seto had gained himself a booth.

"I'm going to join Seto. Remember no alcohol!" Atem walked off to join Seto. Bakura glared at Atem's retreating back.

"Don't worry when we drink next, we'll give him hell!" Marik promised Bakura, as he too was glaring at Atem. Bakura looked at his best friend and partner in crime. He could rely on him at anytime to get him out of trouble with both the law and people trying to hit on him. Bakura grinned at Marik.

"You bet we will." Marik grinned back.

"So what can I get you?" A voice behind Bakura asked. Bakura turned and saw a bartender looking impatient.

"Yes. Can I have four Colas please?" The bartender nodded.

"I'm going to sit down okay?" Marik said. Bakura nodded. He was waiting for the Colas to come.

"You okay Bakura?" A baritone voice sounded. Bakura looked and saw it was Atem.

"I'm fine. Just waiting for the damn Colas to come." Bakura scowled. Bakura and Atem looked when they heard a lot of giggling coming from beside them.

"What do you think would happen if we told them that we're gay?" Atem asked Bakura amused. Bakura chuckled.

"I don't know, do you want to find out?" Bakura asked suggestively.

"Hmm. Maybe, but not your way of thinking I'm not." Bakura shrugged.

"Suit yourself." The Colas eventually came and Bakura paid for them and went towards the booth where Marik and Seto were sitting. When they got closer, there was a crowd surrounding the table, Seto was far back away from it all, and poor Marik had his face close to some anorexic brunette girl who was practically throwing herself at him. Marik looked like he wanted to kill her in a slow and painful way. Bakura smirked. He was going to enjoy this.

"Back off! I already told you! I'm gay!" Marik growled at her. However, this woman just didn't want to listen.

"Aw. But I don't believe you. You're just lying to me to be nice." Marik's face looked at her in a mixture of horror and disgust. He has never been told that was trying to be nice! And he wanted it to stay that way too! Bakura couldn't help it, he just howled with laughter at his best friend's calamity. But he knew he had to step in, or Marik was just going to end up on an angry frenzy.

"Hey! Back off! He's mine!" Bakura said roughly, as he pushed his way through the crowd and shoved her back. The girl scoffed.

"No! He's mine!" Bakura eyed her viciously, this reminding him of some friendship girl, who looked an awful lot like this girl. What was her name? Anzu! That stupid girl wouldn't leave Atem alone even if he were dating a tree!

"Oh is he?" Bakura challenged. He and Marik winked at one another before they passionately kissed. Bakura and Marik had a deal back in high school that whoever tried to hit on them, they would pretend to be together, and if they had to prove it by physical means… So be it. Because Bakura was saving Marik's ass, he got to dominate the kiss, which Marik moaned into, if it were the other way round, Marik would dominate the kiss. The girl saw this with wide eyes, cried and ran off to sulk in the bathroom. The others also grumbled and began to disappear too. Bakura and Marik broke apart and smirked at each other.

"Cheers Bakura. Stupid girl, I really considered killing her!" Bakura laughed and turned to Atem who was shaking his head in amusement.

"That's what happens when you tell someone you're gay my way!" Atem laughed.

"Fair enough."

After a couple more hours, the teens got tired and decided to retire for the night. Bakura reflected that he had a fun night, considering he didn't drink at all. Sighing as the thoughts of today came to him; sleep finally claimed him and his band mates.

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