(the ocean called their name.)

it started on a lonely day

Jasmine of Olivine, the girl wearing a sea-foam green dress, scanned the area, her eyes flickering ever so slightly at random moments. The skirts of her newest outfit tossed and flipped, unsure of whether to stay attached to her thighs, or to show them. She hated the dress with a burning passion, constantly having to keep it in place with ringed fingers, but the outfit had been a small blessing in its own right. It had brought her here, to Sunyshore City.

The city was lively, that was certain. Wingulls cried overhead, as the hot, blistering, unforgiving sun, shone upon the solar-powered metropolis. The brunette girl wandered around aimlessly, hoping that she would be able to get out of the sun for a couple of seconds. She ended up under an elevated promenade, and the girl sighed in relief. She would allow her body temperature to lower for a couple of minutes and then force herself to go back outside to the sun.

Why was she here anyway?

Oh yeah, Falkner. That's why she was here. The bit about the dress was a pleasantry, a nice little lie to keep Whitney of Goldenrod content with herself long enough not to come looking for her.

"Oh, come on, Jazz." The blue-haired male smirked, lips pulled into the widest of gestures, teeth glinted against bruised skin. A drop of liquor trailed down his cheek, slid past his jaw, and landed on his collarbone. The pulse of the music, the brightness of the fluorescent lights they stood under, reflected in that little, disappearing drop. When it landed on the floor, the spell was broken, and Jasmine flinched, unaware she had been captivated by the minuscule liquid.

She took the moment of lucidity to roll her eyes. "No, thank you." She sniffed, and turned the other way, walking purposefully towards the main building. It was about time to leave the party, anyway. A gym leader get-together, correction. Cynthia had forbidden alcohol of any kind, it was a business rendezvous, the Sinnohian stated grandly, before getting herself absolutely smashed and on to the lap of one of Unova's young and attractive gym leaders. Jasmine pitied her, the blonde woman was new to the entire social life aspect of the job. She didn't know that when someone forbids alcohol, it was bound to show up. This time, Sidney from Hoenn had done the job of smuggling the drink in, and the other leaders drank greedily. After months of work, many sought the meetings as a form of respite, and free booze.

Except Jasmine. She found the practice distasteful, mostly because she was still part of the younger leaders, making her unable to drink, even if she wanted to.

Not that she did. If she really wanted to, she could've gotten Blue or Erika to deliver a bottle of the finest champagne to her hotel room door.

"Where are you going?" Falkner hiccuped, stumbling towards her. His face was contorted into the perfect mask of confusion, the light source from the party made him look paler than usual. She grimaced, and gave him a fleeting glance. This was so not her thing, dealing with drunkards was a mess she left to the prettier trainers.

"I am going home. This party is stupid." The brunette rolled her eyes, and started to collect her things, headed toward the coat rack for her ivory cloak, an ordeal that hit her hamstrings without heels, and a lovely hood that made her invisible to the outside world. She would pick up her cape there, and then her purse with one of the nameless ace trainers who made a habit of crashing the parties, only to end up serving the elite.

"Oh, all right then," Falkner slurred, as he lunged for the girl, grabbing her wrist. Jasmine flinched at the contact and her confidence skyrocketed to an all time low. She wiggled away from his touch, burning against her skin. Her foot landed on his shin, the kick enough to jolt him from continuing whatever he had planned for the evening, she scowled as the blue haired flying master grimaced and lurched from the hit.

"Don't touch me, you piece of shit. Get sober, and we'll talk." She glowered and turned away from the male, skulking away to another corner of the pathetic ordeal. She was tired, annoyed, irritated, any other word she could find that ended with the 'ed' suffix, that was what she was feeling. Her brown mane was a liability at this point, she rummaged for a hair tie in her cardigan pocket, and pulled the tresses back in a ponytail. She was going to get out, call a cab, head to the nearest train station, and take the first train back to the hotel she staying at. Sinnoh's Battle Frontier was a pain in the ass, and had no lodging to speak of, except for a little hideaway in the Resort Area. There, she would go to sleep, and as soon as the morning broke, fly away

Until then, she had to maneuver herself through the inky dark and strobe lights.

Falkner wobbled behind her, pleading for forgiveness in his altered state of consciousness. Jasmine promptly ignored him.

"Jesus," A newcomer let out a low whistle at the sight, his voice was acidic. Jasmine and Falkner both turned to face the newest addition to that night's dramafest, and were shocked with what they saw. The Violet City native let out a gurgling noise, and Jasmine pressed her fingertips against her lips with a gasp.

He was gorgeous. His face was stone, features chiseled into an almost amused glance. His eyes were the color of the ocean, an ever-conflicting blue, the color dripped from iris to skin, bruised. A fighter, maybe? His hair was a light blonde, the color of lighthouse shine and sunrise and freshly baked sugar cookies and Jasmine needed to stop thinking about that hair. He wore a military-like uniform, but a soldier in blue skinny jeans, black boots, a black shirt covered by a blue jacket was mostly unheard of, so she was filibustering at this point. Maybe he was in some special division, where the main requirements were to be incredibly attractive, and incredibly cold.

Falkner shattered. "If it isn't the Shining Shocking Star." Jasmine heard the unspoken plea-please don't hurt me, my face is perfection on a stone slab, oh my god don't hit me thanks okay please no-and tried not to laugh. It was about time she left, though, she didn't want to be known as the girl who got Falkner's ass handed to him via pretty boy from Sinnoh.

The blonde ran a hand through spiky hair, and shrugged. "My reputation precedes me. I hope you're not causing trouble tonight, Falkner. I thought Lance had a conversation with you regarding your drinking?" The question hung in the air, and the flying type leader shrunk underneath the authority from another region.

Jasmine attempted to leave, but every eye was on them, even the most intoxicated of leaders were staring, eyes glassy and bright. Alder of Unova was already on his feet, heading toward them with intention of breaking up a potential fight. He was intercepted by Steven Stone, who after his stint as an actor, wanted to see some action. Both men quarreled and bickered while Bugsy let out a whoop, and a cheer of "fight, fight, fight!"

"Shit, sorry, man, uh, didn't realize Jazz, was your girlfriend, and..." Falkner slurred his way through an excuse that seemed plausible enough, while slowly backing away from the stoic blonde.

Jasmine made a choking noise.

The Sinnohian let out a short chuckle, dark and sad. He grabbed Falkner off the floor, calloused fingers clutched the blue fabric of his traditional Johto garb. The click of cameras perforated the otherwise serious atmosphere, the band Cynthia contracted from Falltree City were belting out an electric swing, much to Champion's horror.

"Well, that's a new one."

With that, a fist collided with Falkner's usually darling, award winning face, and blood spurted from the male's ivory nose. The blue haired male howled and clutched at his broken appendage, while the blonde dropped Falkner to the floor and turned toward his unwanted crowd. The trainers sifted and thawed, leaving Jasmine slightly apart from the rest of the group. She let out a squeak, unaccustomed to being the center of attention, and grasped for straws, hoping to get out of being in the limelight.

Too late. The blue eyed miscreant was already walking toward her, head tilted.

"Are you okay?"

His tone was concerned.

The girl nodded mutely, eyes wide with anxiety. The party came to a crashing halt.

"Oh my...oh my god...yes...oh my god..." Jasmine stammered, unable to finish her sentence. The man gave her a nod, turned away, ready to leave, and finally the brunette was able to complete her thoughts. "What's your name?"

The man's head turned towards her slightly, his deep blue eyes concentrated on her, only on her.


Jasmine sighed at the memory, holding a particular fondness and terror for the man that unconsciously defended her honor. Volkner, he said. The instant the party concluded, Jasmine approached Cynthia and asked about the blonde. Cynthia was shocked by the question, most leaders were knowledgeable about other region's upper crust, but answered it anyway, after wiping off black lipstick from her left cheek. Volkner was the eighth gym leader of the Sinnoh region, and was located in Sunyshore City.

Now, here she was, waiting for a miraculous cloud to cover the harsh sun. With that done, she could dash to Sunyshore Gym, say her thanks and be on her way.

Maybe she would take the advice someone gave her upon leaving Johto-who was it, Erika?-and join Sinnoh's Super Contests for a spell. After winning, or losing miserably, she would go home, back to her Amphy, back to her lighthouse, and back to Olivine.

Miraculous cloud spotting! Jasmine hurriedly walked toward the local Pokémon Center, sighing in relief as a cold, gust of air hit her face. She took a deep breath, relishing the new climate before moving toward the resident Nurse Joy.


The nurse's eyes flickered in recognition.

"Jasmine of Johto. Hello." She gave Jasmine a warm smile and Jasmine returned it with a shyer replica.

"Hello, Joy. I wanted to know if there was a room here, for a day or two." Jasmine bit on her lower lip as Joy checked her computer. The pink haired nurse tapped a few things, here and there, before looking back at the brunette.

"Why yes, there is." She handed the gym leader a silvery key. "Are you on vacation here?" Jasmine pondered the question. Was she here on vacation? The center was bustling with beach goers and tourists, it wouldn't be that big of a surprise if she was conducting herself in the same manner.

After thinking about it, she decided she really wasn't on vacation.

"Well, not exactly. It's a business thing." Jasmine shrugged, stuffing the key in her white cardigan pocket.

"With our gym leader, Volkner?"

Jasmine blushed slightly, and Joy grinned sheepishly, realizing how that sentence sounded.

"Ah, well. I see. Enjoy your stay, Miss Jasmine."

Jasmine gave a nod and scurried to her room, a neat and simple affair, perfect for short stays. One twin bed, a dresser, a desk, and a large window. The brunette dropped her cardigan on the made bed and darted back outside.

She was off to the Sunyshore gym.