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Ready?" Sasha asked, smiling. "Yepper deppers! I'm alllllll ready, su!" "All right, just remember everything you've been taught. And Misha-"


"- I'm proud of you." Misha beamed at her sister, and prepared to leave. However, she had only taken a few steps when the again heard her sister behind her.

"Misha," she called, sounding anxious. "Please, don't go looking for him. It will only bring you pain." Misha turned around, and opened her mouth as if say something.

"I…" she began, but cut herself off, and, giving Sasha one last look, turned and left the room. She thought she heard Sasha call after her, but she didn't care, and tried frantically to stop the flood of memories already invading her mind. Purple hair, golden eyes, a kind smile…

"Kotaro-kun," she whispered, eyes burning with tears. "Kotaro-kun…."


"…. ro-kun." "Ko…. Kotaro-kun." A flash of pink hair, followed by a high-pitched giggle. "Kotaro-kun!" she called, smiling, hovering slightly off the ground, but this was a dream, it wasn't real, she wasn't real; she opened her eyes and smiled again, a gentle, happy smile. "Kotaro-kun. I lo-"

Kotaro woke with a start, covered in sweat. He shivered, despite still being wrapped in the warm blankets on his futon. Three years had passed since she had left, and he told himself that he would forget her and move on with his life. He would not end up like Kotaroh, he told himself, and as he got up to dress, he was already forgetting the dream.


Traveling to earth was easy enough, and Misha could still remember everything that she had been taught, but it was with a heavy heart that she began her first day as a fully-fledged angel on earth. Hovering above the trees, she gazed at the people below, happy and sad, blissfully unaware of the forces working for and against them. With a sigh, Misha flew into the city, trying to cheer herself. "If I'm not happy, I can't make anyone else happy, su. I've got to do well, su!"

Flushed with new confidence, she started working, soothing a mother and her crying baby, helping out an arguing couple. Making people happy made her happy, and she forgot her troubles as she flew about.

"Hey girly!" a voice called from above. Misha looked up, startled, but smiled as she saw Sasha flying down to meet her.

"I've been watching you! You're doing very well!" she exclaimed. "Just keep it up, and no fooling around. Mess this up, and they may move you back to heaven."

"Wait! They…. theys can't do that, su! NO! They can't do that, su! THEY CAN'T!" Misha cried, clearly upset, her normally cheerful and childlike language becoming more angry. "I love it here, I've worked so hard, su, why can't I stay, su?" she said, tears forming in her eyes.

"H-hey… calm down," Sasha said, trying to calm her sister. "It'll be fine. You're doing great! Just stay away from that boy and everything will be all right."

"Kotaro-kun…" Misha sighed under her breath.

"Eh? Anyways, I gotta get back, so I'll see you at home!" Sasha said cheerfully. "Good luck!"

"Thanks Sa-chan…" Misha began, but her sister was already gone. She sighed. "Kotaro-kun…"


He had always hated mornings, and now there was no friendly face waiting for him as he left for school. Kotaro could not stop thinking of his angel lately, and hard as he tried old memories kept flooding back.

"Owie ow ow ouch! I cutted myself again, su!" He remembered the first time she had come over, helping him make dinner for the first time.

"How about I become your new momma?" He missed the quirky way she spoke, and even all the trouble that she managed to cause him. His memories of her seemed to grow stronger, and he had the feeling that she was near.

"But even if she were here, I wouldn't be able to see her," he told himself. "It's stupid. I just need to forget about her. I have tests coming up, I have to focus." Even after thinking that, he couldn't help but remember the anxiety that he had felt before his middle school exams, and how she had helped him….

"STOP!" he yelled at himself. This was all too painful to think about, no matter how much he wished that he could hold that pink-haired angel in his arms again, knowing that she would never come back.

"Eh? Kotaro-kun, are you all right?" asked a voice from behind him. Kotaro turned, startled, but smiled when he saw Koboshi-chan peering at him questionably. "Did you say something Kotaro-kun?"

"What?" he asked, surprised, but then realized that he must have vocalized his troubled thoughts. "It's nothing, Koboshi-chan," he told the short blonde girl. "I was just talking to myself, that's all."

"Well, if that's it…" Koboshi said, sounding rather wary. "Anyways, we better hurry; we're going to be late for school!" She took off running, and Kotaro followed, his mind again shifting away from the girl he missed so much.


Misha sat on the top of a building, staring into the sky. She knew that she could not go looking for Kotaro-kun, and that even if she did, he wouldn't know she was there. "Hoe… I wish he could see mees still, su." she sighed. She wished that she could be there to hold him, to comfort him when he was sad. Even though she made him mad sometimes, he had said he loved her, hadn't he? He had probably forgotten all about her now, and didn't need her help anymore. Sighing again, she glanced down, watching a group of teenagers walk to school.

One of them had purple hair. He was talking and laughing with his friends, a short blonde girl, a tall blonde boy, and another girl, with long black hair. He happened to glance up with Misha was perched, and with a gasp she took in his gold eyes and his familiar smile. It couldn't be him, he was so much older, but still…



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