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Misha launched herself from the building, thousands of memories flashing through her mind. She could only see him, could only feel his embrace; the feel of his lips on hers. As she dove, everything else flew from her mind, all caution flew to the winds, and she didn't care what trouble she might be getting herself in. Gracefully reaching the ground, she raised her arms as if to hold her dear Kotaro-kun again.

"Kotaro-kun, I've missed you soooo much suu-"

She stopped, stunned, as Kotaro walked right through her.


It had been a pretty typical day, and Kotaro felt carefree and happy as he walked to school. His friends all around him, he was forgetting his dreams and memories of the morning; falling back into his normal routine.

"Sooo Kotaro, you've been a real hit with the ladies, huh?" Takashi teased, smiling. "Heard you got another letter from Rima-san yesterday! Whatcha gonna do about it?" He punched Kotaro on the shoulder, still grinning.

"Erm... well I-"

Suddenly, he couldn't speak. He had walked into what felt like a warm bath; soothing and comforting and... familiar somehow. And he could hear a voice, faintly, but he couldn't quite pick out the words...

"... are you all right?" Takashi's words brought him back to reality with a start, both the feeling and voice gone.

"What, su?"

"Suu?" Koboshi asked, staring at him. "Kotaro, you're starting to sound like Misha-san..." she trailed off, still giving Kotaro a strange look, and felt a strange pang in her chest. "Still jealous?" She asked herself, knowing that the answer was still yes. She had a feeling that Kotaro had rejected her for Misha, but now that Misha was gone, she still couldn't help the pain that filled her heart.

"Ummm... guys?" The short, black-haired girl finally piped up. "I have no idea what's going on... but shouldn't we get to class?"

"Ah!" Takashi exclaimed, beaming at the girl. "Ari-san finally speaks some sense! Let's get going!"

However, as the foursome turned and again began walking towards the school, Kotaro thought he saw Ari glance back, smiling at something that he couldn't see.


"Ko... kotaro-kun..." Misha whispered through the tears pouring down her face. In her excitement, she had forgotten that Kotaro could no longer see her, and that she was about as substantial as smoke to those of the human world. She turned to watch her Kotaro-kun walk away, and saw that small girl she hadn't recognized looking at her, and smiling slightly. "She can see me," she thought to herself, but she didn't really care at that point. Not feeling, she just let her wings carry her, until she reached the place that she knew so well.

"Oh Kotaro-kun, do you remember suu? We had so much funny fun here suu..." she murmured, looking at the empty apartment, fresh tears in her eyes. "And I cooked for you here, remember suu? And I spilled it and you yelled at me and... and..."

Too overcome to speak, Misha sank to the floor, sobbing.

"Kotaro-kun... Kotaro-kun... I love you so much... I miss you so much suu..."

Still crying softly, she crawled into Kotaro's room, curling up on his futon, her mind filled with all of her precious memories of him.


Everyone asked him if there was something wrong, and he just kept saying that he felt sick, he was tired, whatever it took to get people to leave him alone. During class he just stared into space, thinking and trying not to think at the same time. The same face kept swimming in and out of his mind's eye, just as unattainable as Misha was now.

"Umm... Kotaro-kun?"

Kotaro looked up, and saw a cute, perky brunette looking at him strangely.

"Oh hey Rima-san," he mumbled, not wanting to meet her eyes. He could tell that she had a thing for him, but when he looked at her, he kept imagining pink hair instead of brown, and violet eyes instead of Rima's light grey. She was nice though, and quirky, and he felt like he should be returning her feelings, but he just couldn't.

"Are you all right Kotaro-kun?" Rima asked, still staring at him. "You seem, kinda off today, ya'know?" She gave him a small half smile, but there was still concern in her eyes.

"I'm fine Rima-san," he lied. "Really. I'm just... really tired today. Long week I guess, and we've had so many tests..." he trailed off weakly, and one glance told him that Rima didn't believe a single word he had said. Still, she seemed to be done talking, as with another smile she turned and left, still looking concerned. Sighing, Kotaro glanced back down at his desk, and began to dream again.


She didn't know how much time had passed, but when Misha raised her head again the sky was darkening and she could sense a slight chill to the air. Sasha would probably be looking for her, and would probably know where she had been, but she didn't care. She didn't want to leave.

The door opened. Misha was up with a start, watching, not moving. She knew who had walked in the room, would know him anywhere...

Kotaro walked slowly into the room, eyes searching for someone he couldn't see.



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