It's Friday.

That was the first thing that ran through Kestrel's mind. She groaned out loud. She wasn't going to go. At least that's what she had been telling herself all week.

But how could she not go? It was his birthday. On top of the fact that he was getting out of the hospital. Why did she even care?

'Living with these humans is making me soft.' She thought to herself as she threw the covers back over her head.


It's Friday.

That was the first thing that ran through Ben's mind. He winced out loud. He's body still wouldn't let him go where he wanted. At least that's what the pain kept proving to him all week.

But how could he not move? He was going to see her. On top of the fact that it was his birthday. Why did he care about that?

'Living in a hospital is making me weird.' He thought to himself as he threw the covers over his legs and tried to sit up again.


It was 8 o'clock, two hours late, and she was still in the tree in front of his house she had been in since 6.

The whole day she was extra passive to everyone and when she wasn't there was an ounce of irritation in her expressions and tone. She just didn't know what to do.

She looked at the thin leather bracelet she had in her hand. It had blue cord outlined in white cord running through the middle. It was a stupid gift, but at least she brought him one, right? She groaned, she hadn't even put thought into it she just took it off her dresser. He deserved better than that.

Angry with the thought of thinking this, she got out of the tree and started to walk back home.

Only to change her mind. She had only gone out of the drive way when she ran up the front steps and knocked on the door before she could change her mind, swearing to herself the whole way.

She could hear Ben's mother running to the door crying, "I told you she would come! Now don't you move you'll rip stitches!"

Kestrel didn't have a chance to run away the door was already open and she was being ushered into the house.

Ben stood up and smiled sweetly at Kestrel. He was dressed in a nice black button down with the sleeves rolled up and jeans and Kestrel had to fight not to look at him too long.

"You look lovely," Ben told her before she even thought to say anything. His smile radiating throughout the room as color swam into his cheeks.

Kestrel had wore a white dress, but she also threw on brown combat boots and a jean jacket. She bit her tongue. She had this aching feeling bubbling through her chest and she wasn't sure what to do.

"Well you two I've got birthday cake!"

And so the evening went on. Ben's mother talk and it went on and on. Ben continued to make quick side glances over to her only to turn away red face when she glared at him. Though she only did it to look at him too. The space between them on the couch felt like a magnetic pull and it was terribly uncomfortable.

The events only changed when a camera was pulled out.

"Okay you two! Get close we just need one photo!" Ben's mother announced.

Kestrel and Ben both tensed. Though, Ben was the brave one, he scooted over to Kestrel and the pull intensified. He slid his hand around her waist and his trace lead a numbing feeling where he touched.

She tried to smile, but she couldn't take it so she shot up from her place, "I really need to be heading home now."

"You sure you couldn't stay for a game honey?"

"No I really have to go be going. My sister will worry."

"I'll walk you out." Ben said getting up.

"Ben stay resting your going to.." Ben just gave his mother a look. "Okay, okay I'll be in the kitchen!"

Kestrel walked to the front door, feeling awful for leaving like this, but she just could not stay.

When they were both outside Ben shut the door and leaned up against it. "Thank you." He said quietly looking at her intently.

"For what?" She said looking the other way. Then she remember she had not even said happy birthday or given him the bracelet.

"Coming." He softly said to her. She reached into her jean jacket and pulled out the leather bracelet.

"I, umm, brought this for you. Happy Birthday." She said holding it out towards him.

"I love it, can you put it on me I'm kind of crippled." He laughed. Suggesting to his arm that was in the sling. He held out his right hand.

And she stepped towards him and tied the bracelet onto his wrist. She tried not to touch his skin, but she did anyways, and before she could pull back he caught her hand.

"Wait.." He said softly, talking a step towards her so their bodies were inches apart. He let go of her hand and drug his fingers up her cheek. She help her breath and stopped moving. Then he pushed his hand through her hair and cradled the back of her neck, as they searched each others eyes.

Ben leaned in and kissed Kestrel, and the world around them exploded in color.