CH:1 Heading home

In the woods there was a very thin man walking down a trail. He was heading to his home town, it had been three years since he left, he had left because he wanted to become void of all emotion and needs such as eating which was why he was so thin. He looked deep in thought, but his thoughts were broken when he heard something. He turned around to find that Tex had tried to jump over a log twice his size, (Tex was a teddy bear he was dark blue with a stomach that was turquoise he always wore a cowboy hat and a belt that had a pocket for a needle and a bunch of thread just in case he had some part of him that ripped on something which is why he had so many stitches) half his body made it over the top of the log, then he got stuck there.

Johnny's pov:

"Why is it that you always get stuck on something?" Johnny said with a slightly aggravated tone.

"Well it isn't my fault that I'm made of fabric and only one and a half feet tall." Tex said looking up at Johnny while trying to get over the log.

"Just get back in my backpack; we'd be able to get to town faster." Johnny said, and then turned around to start walking as Tex finally just got over the log.

"And be smothered by bunches of lint? NO WAY!" Tex said while running and jumping over things to catch up with Johnny.

"Well if you get caught in another thorn bush don't ask me for help." Johnny said, not looking at Tex.

Johnny and Tex finally made it to the top of the hill that lead down to the town, at the top of the hill there was a sign that said "Welcome to Arden."

"Come on get into my backpack I don't want anyone freaking out from seeing a talking teddy bear following me… like last time." Johnny lowered the backpack so Tex could jump in.

Tex gave an angry sigh and jumped into the bag. Johnny then got up and swung the backpack back on then continued to walk down the hill.

Johnny was walking through town it was kind of different there was a lot more graffiti… then there was before anyway, there also seemed to be a lot more gangs then there used to be to be, while Johnny was thinking he seemed to run it to something. Johnny expected it to be a brick wall by how hard it felt when his face hit it, but it wasn't. It was a guy about maybe twenty years old more or less. He was in an outfit that looked like those jocks in an old horror movie.

"Watch where you're going!" the guy yelled.

"Sorry." Johnny replied not really meaning it. Tex lifted the top of the backpack a little bit to see what was going on. It seemed some of the friends of the jock saw him and flipped the rest of the top of.

"Hey Rod, this guy's got a teddy bear in his backpack!" it was a tall skinny guy, though not as tall as Rod, he had the same outfit as Rod and looked a bit too geeky to be a jock.

"You carry a stupid teddy bear around what a dork!" Rod started to laugh and the others laughed along with him. One of the other guys started to poke Tex, he didn't look to happy about it.

"I wouldn't do that." Johnny said looking over his shoulder at the guy poking Tex.

"Why not? Am I gonna hurt him?" the guy said in a mocking sarcastic tone then started to laugh again, until Tex decided he had enough and bit his finger.

"Eeww spit that out you don't know where that's been!" Johnny said with a disgusted look. The guy screamed and threw his hand in the air Tex held on till the guys hand stopped in the air which sent him flying. Johnny and rod watched as Tex flew through the air and fell to the ground with a thud.

"THE TEDDY BEAR BIT ME!" the guy said.

"IT MUST BE POSSESED! RUN AWAY!" another guy said and after that the entire gang ran away screaming that there's a possessed teddy bear on the loose. Johnny was trying so hard not to burst out laughing at grown men running away from a teddy bear. Just then Johnny seemed to remember something.

"Come on we gonna be somewhere." he said putting the back pack to the ground. Tex sat up from laying on the concrete and got up to walk to the back pack. After Tex got in he continued walking.

"So where are we going?" Tex asked poking his head out from the back pack.

"We're going to the Defective Heads Meat Institute."

"The one with the children's petting zoo?" Tex asked raising an eye brow.

"Yep." Johnny answered.

Johnny and Tex were at the DHMI (Defective Heads Meat Institute) and Johnny was sitting on one of those long couches in the waiting room. He had to wait for his number to be called by the secretary working at the desk; she was old with glasses and seemed nice.

"Number 13." the secretary called.

Johnny got up and went to the counter "That's me."

"How can I help you?" the secretary asked.

"I'm looking for a Todd Casil." the secretary typed something on the computer

"Hmm well it seems he was transferred."

"Transferred? To where?" Johnny asked with a puzzled look.

"Let me see, he went to the… Cracked Ridiculous And Zanily youth building or C-R-A-Z-Y for short."

"Can you tell me where it is?"

"Why yes, it's in Macrimle City."

"Damn that's three miles away!" Johnny thought.

"Oh ok, thanks anyway."

"You're welcome." Johnny left the building annoyed that he'll have to walk three miles to pick up Todd. Johnny started to think of another person he should visit.

Johnny ran almost six blocks and climbed up a fire escape to the top of a building and waited near the edge looking down for something.

"What are we doing here?" Tex said popping out of the bag and looking around. "Are we waiting for someone?" Tex asked but Johnny shushed him and continued to look at the ground. "I guess that's a yes." Tex said while crossing his arms.

Johnny then spotted the person he was looking for it was Devi D. a girl he went on a date with. The date was fine till he tried to "immortalize the moment" which was advice given to him by one of the dough boys, Mr. Eff and psycho dough boy. Devi had purple hair tied into two pony tails, emerald green eyes, a mole on her cheek, and a cross earring. She was wearing a tannish jacket, a black shirt with a long skirt that ended a little past her knees, and a pair of grey and black boots. She was being followed by this one girl with a squeaking skeleton. She had a green shirt and pants with black and a pair of black and bright purple shoes. Johnny figured that it was Tenna. He never met her but Devi talked about her before there date when he used to just visit her at Dragon Books. Devi and Tenna were walking down the street and Tenna kept talking about something all happily, but Devi didn't look that all interested. Johnny waited till they passed the building before he went down the fire escape to follow them.

"Who are we following?" Tex said peeking out of the bag, Johnny didn't answer. "Are we fallowing the girl with the purple hair?" Johnny shushed Tex again. "So you are following her! Stalker."

"Shut up I am not! I' am just making sure she's ok." Johnny replied looking around a corner.

"Well then why are we following her she looks okay to me."

"Because, I want to see where she's going."

"So you admit it!"

"NO for the last time I' am not a stalker!"

"I didn't say stalker. SOMEbody has a guilty conscience." Tex said with a teasing tone.

"Aww shut up already or I'll give you to a rottweiler." Johnny threatened.

"Stalker." Tex said in a whisper. Johnny continued to fallow Devi till they went in to a CD store. Johnny waited a while but decided he should take care of some things at home.

Devi's pov:

Devi wasn't doing much; she was standing in front of a painting thinking of what to paint. The paint canvas was all covered in red there was something that resembled the sun in the corner, but Devi wasn't sure if it would stay the sun or if it would turn it to something else.

*sigh* "I just can't seem to paint today, maybe if a take a break for a while I'll think of something." Devi put down the paint pallet and cleaned her brushes in the glass of water on a shelf.

Devi went and sat down on the couch in front of the TV. She turned the TV on to see that the news was on.

"Today another citizen was shot by a suspected gang member." Devi started to think on how all these gangs and criminals just appeared all of a sudden three years ago, like something that used to keep them…or get rid of them just disappeared. Devi's thoughts were soon broken after she heard the phone ringing. She picked up the phone and answered

"This is the morgue; all bodies must be dropped off, thank you and how may I help you?"

"HIIIII Devi." Tenna, Devi's best and only friend, screamed into the phone.

"Hi Tenna." Devi said with a neutral tone.

"Hey you wanna go with me to the CD store? There's this cool new album I wanna get." Tenna said in a really excited tone.

"No thanks Tenna, right now I'm just taking a break. I should probably get back to painting soon." Devi got off the couch and walked back to look at the painting.

"Aww come on Devi it'll be fun, you might find a couple of CDs you like."

"No thanks Tenna."

"Aww come on you know what you need to do-." Devi knew what Tenna was going to say, she was already getting a migraine from it.

"You need to get out more."

"No I don't Tenna and I wish you would stop saying that."

"Aww come on. Spooky wants you to come." Tenna squeaked the toy a couple of times.

*sigh* "Fine I'll come, but after this don't bother me to go somewhere afterwards." Devi said with an aggravated tone.

"YAY! And I promise."

Devi meets Tenna down stairs and they walked to the CD store called CD Galaxy. Tenna ran off to a giant billboard that had the CDs it was advertising on it. Devi shook her head and walked to an aisle. She was looking at a CD until she heard a voice.

"Hello Devi." the voice said. It sent chills up and down her spine and gave her knots in her stomach; she turned around to find Meril. Meril was half a foot taller than her, she had short black hair, and she was wearing all black; her t-shirt had the Devils star on it with a goat head in it, she was also wearing combat boots and a leather jacket. One look at her and anybody would be scared to death especially with her blood red contacts on.

"Hello Meril." Devi answered back with anger in her tone.

"So drawn any good art lately?" Meril said in a tone that would make anyone feel uneasy.

"Yes. Robbed any good stores lately?" Devi said with dagger eyes and an angry tone.

Meril and Devi used to be good friends in high school until Meril tried to get Devi to rob a CD store with her, Devi said no and ratted her out to the police Meril was sent to juvenile hall for a few years then was set free. Ever since then she's been the leader of a gang of thugs and criminals. She's done countless crimes but there has never been enough evidence to put her and her crew away.

"Sadly, no. There just isn't much that's worth stealing nowadays." Meril said with an evil grin.

"Hey Devi look what I -." Tenna stopped when she saw Meril and her happy expression immediately turned into anger which rarely happened with Tenna.

"Hi… Meril."

"hey Tenna." Meril said still having her evil grin.

"So what are you doing back here?" Devi asked in an uncaring tone.

"Oh, cant people meet their old friends?" Meril said with a sarcastic tone.

"Not if those people aren't criminal's and high school dropouts." Meril's evil grin immediately turned into a frown.

"Well… at least I'm not a goody-two-shoes like you." Meril said with a slightly aggravated tone.

"Well at least I'm not a bitch." Devi said with a smile. Meril's face immediately turned into all out hate.

"Why you." Meril pulled out a switch knife and swung it at Devi but Devi ducked and dodged it then kicked Meril right on the bottom jaw. Meril was pushed back in to the other shelf of CDs; she would have attacked Devi if the manager didn't step in.

"Hey get out of my store before I call the cops." the manager yelled. Meril looked at the manager then back at Devi giving them both dagger eyes, then started to leave but not before saying.

"This isn't over." Devi repaid Meril's evil look with dagger eyes. After Meril left Tenna asked with concern in her voice

"You okay Devi?"

"Yeah, I'm fine but I think I wanna go home now." Devi was still looking at the door Meril left from.

"Okay I'll go pay for the CDs and then we can leave."

"Okay." Devi said looking at Tenna with a neutral expression.

Devi was relaxing in her apartment, in a while she would have to go to dragon books for the late shift.

"Well I better get ready." Devi got up and changed her shirt; the one she was wearing was covered in paint splatters. She grabbed the name tag she had to wear and pinned it on. Then she grabbed her jacket and car keys, and left for work.

Johnny's pov:

Johnny was walking home to take care of some things such as the wall that he used to kill people for their blood to paint it.

"Where are we going now?" Tex said fully able to pop his head out of the bag, since it was late and nobody was around.

"We're going to my house."

"Your house? But why?" Tex asked with a raised eye brow.

"Because I need to take care of something."

Johnny finally made it to his house. Johnny's house was covered in cracks the yard was full of long grass and weeds; only one window wasn't covered in boards.

"This is your house? It looks like crap." Tex said looking from around Johnny's shoulder.

"Shut up." Johnny grabbed the handle and opened the door, but when he did the door fell off the hinges to the ground.

"Dimmit." Johnny yelled. When he stopped it seemed to echo though out the house showing that not a living soul was there. Johnny walked down to the basement; he looked over to the left to see a wall covered in dry, cracked, old, blood. He walked over and looked at it. A couple pieces of dried blood cracked and fell off. Johnny could remember all the people he killed to paint the wall with their blood, even that one guy named Edgar. Edgar was a nice guy and Johnny usually only killed people who he thought deserved it, but he needed the blood and just picked Edgar so that he could get home as fast as he could.

Johnny dug through a pile of junk till he found a gallon container that held gasoline there wasn't much but just enough to finish the job. He started to poor some of it on the wall, and then he spilled the rest around the room and up to the top of the stairs. Johnny lit a match and threw it down the stairs; the hallway to the basement was immediately consumed in flames. Johnny walked away as his house turned to ashes.

Johnny was walking down Main Street.

"Were are we going now?" Tex asked.

"Were going to the Cracked Ridiculous And Zanily youth building to pick up Squee."

"Squee? Who's Squee?" Tex said with a confused tone.

"Squee is Todd; I just like to call him Squee more."


Johnny continued to walk till he saw something.

Devi's pov:

Devi was walking home, it was late, and she wished that she didn't have to walk, but she had to because her car broke down half way home. The worst part was that it was a bad part of the neighborhood, because it's where most of the gangs hanged out. Devi was walking along, but she soon noticed that a group was following her. Devi picked up the pace and went around the corner. To her horror it was a dead end.

"Hello Devi." there it was, that spine chilling voice again. Devi sucked in all her fear and turned around to see that Meril was standing there with eight of her gang members. Devi started walking up to Meril until she was three feet away, which was where she stopped.

"Hello…. Meril." Devi said giving dagger eyes.

"So, what are you doing here?" Meril asked with an evil smile.

"I'm walking home." Devi thought on how that really wasn't a good answer in this position.

"Well, better be careful; there are a lot of gangs out here."

"Yeah… thanks, well I better be going." Devi said as she walked around meril and past a few of the gang members. Before Devi could fully get past the last few members meril grabbed her by the backpack and threw her back to the end of the ally.

"Where do you think you're going? I need to teach you a lesson first!" Devi immediately got back up to her feet as a couple of members were coming towards her. One guy attacked; Devi easily punched him to the floor, and then kicked the other guy in the face. Soon the whole gang grabbed her and she was unable to break free. Meril slowly walked over and pulled a drain pipe off the wall next to her.

"Now I promise this won't hurt a bit." Devi was thinking on how this was the way she was going to die, but she saw something. It was JOHNNY! He was running right towards them, Devi wasn't paying attention to meril raising the pipe and got hit in the head. She felt that she hit the floor but all she could see was black, and then she heard a flesh ripping sound and a loud scream then blackout.

Johnny's pov:

He saw Devi and she was being followed by a gang. Johnny immediately became worried and watched carefully. Devi turned a corner and Johnny knew it was an ally, he knew just about every dark space in the city from attacking people to get their blood for the wall.

"No don't go there." Johnny thought with a pain in his stomach.

"Hey that's the girl you were stalking. She looks like she's in trouble." Tex said coming out of the bag half way to look around Johnny's shoulder.

"Quiet." Johnny ran over to a spot that he could see into the ally way, luckily most of the street lamps were broken on that side, so nobody could see him. Devi started walking around the gang members

"Come on just run already." Johnny screamed in his head but before Devi was past the last guy she was pulled back by someone.

"NO. DAMMIT!" Johnny screamed in his head, wishing that he won't have to get involved.

"Hey, she's in big trouble go help her." Tex yelled.

"No … Devi can defend herself I should know." Johnny remembered how she beat the crap out of him when he tried to "immortalize the moment". Devi was able to fight off a couple of guys.

"She'll be fine I know it." Johnny thought but something in his mind said he was lying to himself. Unfortunately it was right; Devi was being held by all the other gang members and one of them pulled a piece of drain pipe off the wall.

"GO!." Tex yelled and Johnny immediately started running towards the group while pulling out his knifes. Before he could reach the group, the gang member had already hit her with the pipe and she was on the ground. Johnny stabbed both knifes in the gang members back and pulled all the way down her back. She screamed in pain and fell on her hands and knees to the ground. The other gang members charged at Johnny, but he was ready for them he stabbed the first guy threw the mouth another he slashed the stomach spilling his intestines everywhere; one by one they all fell. Johnny was covered in splatters of blood and he looked over to the girl he slashed in the back, she was dead probably from bleeding to death since there was the biggest blood puddle you've ever seen around her. Johnny walked over to Devi and examined her.

"She doesn't look that bad." Tex said.

"Yeah, but that bump looks like it may get worse." Johnny said lifting up some hair in her face to see a black and red bruise.

"You better take her home." Tex said with concern in his voice.