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Authors' Note: Most of these are old, and have been posted on my deviantART for forever, but I decided to post them here to have them all in one place. Basically, as I played through Pokèmon SoulSilver, I started to get little ideas – ideas inspired by the events of the game. So I started writing little drabbles about them, and before I realized what was happening, I was basically novelizing my experience – except instead of going chapter-by-chapter, chronicling every little event (even the boring stuff, like fixing a shoelace or each time Lyra set up camp), it skips from event to event in drabble form. Of course, some of them aren't exactly "drabbles" – more like one-shots really – but they're in the collection anyway, because they're all part of the same storyline.

I gave Lyra the same party – nicknames and all – that I use in SoulSilver, because it's easier that way and – because her name is canonically Lyra – there are His Dark Materials references abound. I'll let you catch all of them, save for one: I named the Rival "Will Argento" based off the Will from His Dark Materials (so fans of HDM can probably guess what the final ship of this collection will be, though there are hints of other ships in there as well). The last name is different, however, because "Argento" means "silver" in Italian, and since Rival's name was "Silver" back in the days GSC, and since his father has an Italian name, I figured it was appropriate.

I may add in explanations for other references later, but then again, I might not – I tend to like it when people recognize references themselves. Makes things more fun. :)

I'm posting up all eight sets right off the bat, so I don't expect to get too many reviews here – but reviews would be fantastic and I would love you all forever. Believe me, I would.

With all that out of the way, let's get started!

Spots of Silver
A Pokèmon: SoulSilver Drabble Collection

Set One

001. Don't Laugh

"I have an acquaintance that most people know as Mr. Pokèmon. He keeps raving about all of these discoveries, but -" Professor Elm stopped abruptly, frowning. "Lyra? Is something the matter?"

"N - No. It's nothing." Lyra put a fist in front of her mouth, trying very hard to reign in her giggles, but it was difficult. "That's a, uh - a very interesting name." She tried to choke back another laugh, but failed, and Professor Elm sighed, looking faintly irritated.

"I know it isn't the most original name out there, but he is a good friend, and that isn't the point, anyway. If you could just not laugh and listen . . ."

"Right, right." Lyra cleared her throat, straightened up, and tried to look serious. "Sorry." Even so, she couldn't help the way her lips twitched at the corners, or the laugh that kept trying to crawl up her throat.

002. Running Shoes

"They're brand new! See you around!" The old man thrust the box of shoes into Lyra's hands before going back into his house, shutting the door behind him. Lyra stared after him for a moment before she opened the box, indeed seeing a brand new pair of Running Shoes inside.

"It's not that I'm not grateful," Lyra said to her Cyndaquil (whom she had dubbed 'Byrnison') as she sat down, swapping out her shoes. "I mean, it's not like I could have ever afforded a pair this nice. It's just . . . who goes around handing out free pairs of expensive shoes?" Looking over, Lyra saw that Byrnison looked just as confused as she felt.

003. Name

Lyra didn't know whether to be angry, confused, or strangely, weirdly happy. The boy in front of her was unlike any boy she'd ever seen before, with wild red hair and bright gray eyes. He was rough and somewhat aggressive, quite unlike Ethan, and for some reason, Lyra didn't want to take her eyes off him. But at the same time, he kept insulting her and calling her weak despite the fact that Byrnison just defeated his Totodile, and he seemed inclined to completely brush her off. More than anything, Lyra was feeling the overpowering urge to punch him in the face, and she didn't even know his name.

But as he moved past her, Lyra caught sight of a card sticking out of his pocket. Normally she didn't make it a habit to steal, but as he rudely shoved her out of the way, Lyra plucked the card from his pocket. It was his Trainer's Card, just like she thought, and along with his picture, it clearly bore the name Will Argento.

"Hey!" The boy's - Will's - voice quickly jerked Lyra from her thoughts, and she looked up to see him storming back toward her, anger flashing hot in his eyes. "That's my Trainer's Card!" Reaching out, Will snapped it from her fingers, and Lyra frowned at him.

"All you had to do was ask for it back, Will. It was falling out of your pocket, anyway."

Will's eyes widened, and he gripped the card so hard Lyra thought the plastic was going to snap in half. "Damn it," he muttered. "You saw my name . . ." Spinning on his heel, Will took off, sprinting toward Cherrygrove. Lyra watched him go, and then shook her head with a sigh, turning in the opposite direction to return to New Bark.

It wasn't until she got there that she realized just why Will didn't want her to know his name.

004. Tutorial

"And that's all there is to it!" Ethan said, grinning broadly as he turned to face Lyra. His smile faltered when he saw that she was giving him an unimpressed stare.

"I know how to catch a Pokèmon, Ethan," she said, her arms folded across her chest. Ethan laughed a bit nervously, rubbing at the back of his head.

"Well, I know, but all new Trainers need someone to show them, right? I mean, even if they don't really. It's part of the experience! And besides that . . ."

"Besides that?"

"I just . . . Uh . . . Well . . ." Ethan looked down at Mari, his Marill, and saw her smack her tail against the ground, giving him an impatient look. "It's just that, well, time's really flying by and I better go."

"What?" Lyra blinked, clearly confused. "What are you-"

"See ya!" Ethan turned, bolting back through the tall grass, Mari letting out an indignant squeak before bolting after. Lyra called his name, but Ethan didn't stop running. If he stopped running, then he'd have to turn and face her, and if he turned and faced her, then she'd see him blushing, and Ethan wanted that to happen just about as much as he wanted her to know that the real reason he insisted on giving her a tutorial was just so he could have an excuse to spend a bit of time with her before she left.

005. Heights

"Pidgeotto, use Gust!" Falkner's cry was nearly drowned out by the wind that swept up around Byrnison, sending him flying across the room and dangerously toward the edge of the platform. Lyra resisted the urge to run after him and scoop him up, and instead turned her ire toward Falkner.

"Falkner," she growled, "I swear to Mew, if Byrnison falls off this stupidly high platform, I'm going to throttle you!" Falkner stared at her in clear surprise, but not before Lyra looked back toward her Pokèmon. "Byrnison, up on your feet and use Ember! Roost that stupid Pidgeotto with all you've got!"

006. Slowpoke Tails

Lyra looked down at the Furret scampering along beside her, pausing with a frown as she noticed something.

"Pan," she said slowly, "is that a Slowpoke Tail you have in your mouth?" Pantalaimon looked up at her with a completely innocent expression and then shook his head, throwing the suspicious pink object away. Lyra looked after it, yet then shook her head.

In all honesty, she really didn't want to know.

007. Splashing Around on the Ground

Byrnison hated the Slowpoke Well. It was wet, it was damp, and he just didn't like it. For this reason, Lyra recalled her Quilava as soon as they got down into the well, and decided to travel with Pantalaimon instead. Where her Quilava hated the water, her Furret seemed to love it, scampering along the smooth stone and splashing in the puddles. Pantalaimon didn't even seem to feel bad for Kurt, who seemed to have a hurt back and couldn't go on. Lyra was a bit more dubious.

"Do you really think he hurt his back, Pan?" she asked her Furret as they moved further into the cave. Pantalaimon scampered up into her arms, and then moved to ride on her shoulder. He made a sound that sounded like disagreement. "Yeah," Lyra muttered, risking a glance over her shoulder. "I don't think so, either."

008. Gifts

Ethan's behavior was really beginning to confuse Lyra. Every time she met him, he seemed to be giving her something, such as the Vs. Recorder. Lyra appreciated the gifts - she really did - but right after he gave them to her, he always gave a half-baked excuse before turning and leaving. It was downright weird, especially since his Marill seemed to grow irritated with him every time he did.

"Ethan!" Lyra called after the third time, even though she knew he wouldn't stop. "Can't you just wait a second? What's got you in a hurry all the time?"

"I'm a Trainer!" he shouted back. "I have places to go and people to see!"

"Would it hurt you to see your best friend for more than a few seconds?" Ethan was already too far away to reply, and Lyra just sighed, putting his newest present into her bag.

Whatever his problem was, she couldn't deny that it was nice, at least, to receive presents.

009. Pink

"Actually," Lyra said, interrupting Proton mid-speech, "I have another question."

"What?" he snapped, still sore about being beaten.

"Why do all of your grunts have pink hair?" Proton stared blankly at her, and so she continued. "I mean, your hair is blue, so I'm guessing it's not a dress requirement. Or is it for grunts? Or all they all related? I find that to be kind of unlikely." Lyra turned to look around at the grunts, all of whom were staring at her by this point. "What?" she asked. "It's a legitimate question!"

"We're cutting off Slowpoke Tails, and you're worried about our hair color?" One of the grunts asked incredulously. Lyra rolled her eyes.

"I'm worried about more than that, but this is just kind of creepy. So, what's the reason?"

"I'm actually wondering about that too," Proton said, frowning. "So, speak up and tell me why you're all a bunch of pink-haired freaks before I make you regret your silence!"

The grunts quailed under his look, exchanging glances. They wanted to answer him - really, they did - but they had no idea of how to explain . . .

010. Girlfriend?

Hours after her visit to the Day-Care Center, Lyra was still musing about the conversation that had taken place there.

"I see. So this is your girl . . . friend."
"Grandma! It's not like that! She just happens to live nearby . . ."

Ethan had been quick to deny it, and Lyra didn't begrudge him that. After all, she wasn't his girlfriend, just his best friend. They'd known each other since they were babies, practically. She wasn't his girlfriend . . .

"Grandma. Don't you say a thing. We're both Trainers. We're supposed to exchange numbers."

And that was true too, right? It was normal for her to want to call Ethan to talk to him. And it was normal for him to call her. And Trainers gave each other gifts from time to time, right? Items that they no longer needed? Sure they did - even moreso when they were already friends. Best friends.

But did people really see Lyra as Ethan's girlfriend?

"Ugh, when did this stuff become confusing?" Lyra asked, looking down at Pantalaimon and Byrnison. Since she was resting for the night she'd let both of them out, and they looked at her with sympathy. "Ethan's just my best friend. We've been best friends since we were kids. That's normal, right?" Her Pokèmon merely looked back at her, and Lyra sighed. "Or at least, I thought it was . . ."

011. Juggler Irwin

"You're pretty good!" Ethan smiled at the praise, and was about to reply when the juggler - who apparently went by the name of Irwin - continued. "But you're nowhere near as good as Lyra!"

"Lyra?" Ethan's eyebrows rose, and Mari bounced back over to stare at Juggler Irwin with a serious gaze. "You know Lyra?"

"Of course I know Lyra!" Juggler Irwin seemed to go off in his own world, a rosy hue tinting his cheeks and a dreamy look in his eyes. "She beat me just the other day," he continued, "and my life has been changed forever since. She's so beautiful, and smart, and strong, and talented, and sweet, and kind, and cool, and nice, and amazing, and fantastic, and gorgeous, and - and - ahh, she just rocks my soul! And I know that we're a perfect match - absolutely perfect, just like how Lyra is absolutely perfect!" Juggler Irwin barely even seemed to remember Ethan was there anymore. "We exchanged phone numbers. I call her every day. Sometimes several times a day. She's just fantastic!"

"I . . . I see." Ethan didn't know what he was going to do with this new information, but he had to restrain himself from calling Lyra on the spot to ask her if she wanted him to get rid of this apparent stalker of hers. "Well, uh . . . It was nice battling with you. C'mon, Mari." Ethan looked down to see that Mari looked ready to Water Gun Irwin, and so he quickly scooped his Marill into his arms. "Bye, Irwin."

"Bye! Oh, and if you see Lyra, tell her I said hi!" Ethan held Mari a little tighter, not wanting to let her squirm out to go soak Juggler Irwin in water like she clearly wanted to (even if he was almost considering letting her).

"Yeah," he managed, barely forcing the word out. "I will."

012. Stupid, Stupid, Stupid

Will didn't like weak people. He didn't. And so that girl - Lyra - was weak. Very weak. She was very weak because Will didn't like her. Nope. Not at all. Not one bit. In fact, Will hated her. Oh, yes. Will hated her very, very much.

He did.

In fact, he especially hated her right that second as she stared at the Ecruteak City Gym Leader. They were all in the Burned Tower - Will, Lyra, Morty, and some creep wearing a cape that Will didn't even want to know - and Lyra had eyes only for Morty. Will didn't see what was so special about Morty. His hair was dirty blond and he wore a stupid scarf and sweater. What was so great about that? It was definitely nothing to drool over, and Lyra looked like she was ready to start drooling at any second. She was stupid. Stupid and weak. And Will didn't like her. He didn't. Didn't like her or her stupid eyes and stupid smile and stupid, stupid laugh.

She was stupid and weak and he hated her. After all, he'd have to be stupid to like her.

Lyra laughed suddenly at something Morty said, a faint blush tickling her cheeks. Will glowered, feeling something cold twist in his gut as something hot flashed against the back of his neck, and turned away with his arms crossed, fingers gripping his arms so tightly that it hurt.

Everything about the current situation was just really freakin' stupid.

013. Morty

Lyra tried to concentrate during her Gym Battle with Morty. Really, she did. But it was hard to do that when Morty's soft voice was calling out commands to his Pokèmon and when his light gray eyes kept connecting with hers. His hair looked so soft, and that sweater fit his toned body so nicely . . . Despite all the shadows in the room, Lyra could make out every bit of Morty perfectly throughout the gloom, and she was starting to think that the strength of his Pokèmon had nothing to do with why he was such a tough Gym Leader. After all, who needed strong Pokèmon when you could just distract your opponents with the gorgeousness of your body? It seemed like a perfectly acceptable strategy to Lyra.

"Oh! Uh, Byrnison! Use Flame Wheel!" Lyra jerked her attention away from Morty and back toward the battle, but it was too late; Morty had already commanded his Gengar to use Shadow Ball, and Byrnison fainted.

Yup. His Gorgeous Strategy is definitely working, Lyra thought grimly, recalling Byrnison and sending out Pantalaimon. Looking up, she saw that Morty was staring at her, and she felt her cheeks flame. Not that I'm complaining. I could look at him all day . . .

014. So Weird

"Do you really think there's something bigger going on here, Pan?" Lyra asked, letting her Furret crawl onto her stomach as she laid on the grass. "I mean, first there was that weird Kimono Girl that we saw in Ilex Forest. She just completely disappeared after you tried to lead her out. And then there was what everyone kept saying back in Ecruteak, about there being "more" to me or something. It's just really strange."

Pantalaimon mewed his consent, twisting to lay his head on her chest. Lyra sighed.

"Well, one thing's for sure. Ecruteak's a beautiful city, but it's definitely weird." Lyra reached up one hand to scratch Pantalaimon behind the ears. "So, so weird."

015. Not Stalking

"Listen, Eusine," Morty said, trying to be as patient as he possibly could. "I know that you want to find Suicune. Believe me, I would love to see Suicune - or any of the legendary Pokèmon from Ecruteak, really," he quickly amended, seeing Eusine's eyes flash. "But that doesn't mean that you can stalk an underage girl."

"I wouldn't be stalking her, I'm stal- tracking Suicune!" Eusine retorted, and Morty sighed. "It just so happens that Suicune took an interest in that girl - in Lyra. I saw it, Morty. Suicune stopped right in front of her."

"I understand that," Morty said, "but that doesn't mean that you can just follow Lyra around. Eusine, you're going to really freak her out."

"Not if she doesn't see me," Eusine replied, and Morty groaned, putting his head in his hand.

"You're going to get arrested."

"Not if I run."



". . . You know what? Never mind." Morty shook his head, heaving a long, suffering sigh. "Just never mind."