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A moment of beauty,
or a lifetime of regret.
If you'd only let me see the stars
I'd be forever in your debt.

Just one look
up at the night sky,
so I don't have to spend my life
living in a lie.

The Inside of your walls
will never allow me a glance
at the magnificence outside of you;
I'll never have the chance.

I can beg you forever
to let me out, please.
I'll give you anything you wish;
I'll fall down on my knees.

It's beautiful outside,
back where the world is real.
And I'd give anything for that,
anything to truly feel.

Or you can keep me locked up,
but never truly content.
Though every moment to this day,
Inside you I have spent.

Incarceron, don't do this;
don't keep me from the stars.
No one should stay forever,
locked behind your bars.

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