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Third Person View

The tall buildings made it hard to navigate the area, but Fedrock's seemed to know where they were going. They both ran though the last stretch of the alleyway they were in to see the tall tower that is the Shrine of Pentenance. Karol stopped and panted heavily until he fell on his knees, wheezing even harder than before. Fedrock himself is out of breath; He never had to run so much before until now.

"We made it." Fedrock exhaled with relief. He glanced back to the area behind them, feeling that the situation behind them had calmed down. Normally Fedrock would be glad that things are clamer, but considering the fact that Yuri was fighting Kenpachi didn't ease him. The only thing Fedrock felt is worry; thinking that Yuri had possibly lost.

"Fedrock." Karol spoke out his friends name as he straightened himself out by bending backwards. "Is Yuri going to be alright?" Fedrock brought his gaze to the young boss of Brave Vesperia. "His opponent is super strong! What if he-"

"He'll live." Fedrock said with an assuring tone, but in reality he was lying through his teeth just to ease Karol's worries. Fedrock didn't feel much hope for Yuri. Whether he won or lost didn't matter though, only the mission he had to complete for Yuri's sake. "Let's head up now. We're close to our goal and we can't screw up here." Karol nods and runs alongside Fedrock up to the next level.

Yuri's Location

The Battle was finished; Yuri being victorious. However, he is still unconscious on the ground after the vigor in his being drained away from overexertion. Thus Yuri has become a perfect target for anyone who may stroll through the area. Luckily only an ally came to the area. Yoruichi, who had been separated from everyone before, finally appeared and strolled her way over to Yuri's side. She taps his body a few times to see if he would react. When she got no response, she sighed.

"Yuri Lowell." Yoruichi muttered to herself. "I can see why your friends hold you up so highly." She strolled around till she is in front of Yuri's face. "I never thought that you would manage to take down Kenpachi Zaraki of all people and remained unscathed, although you did take a thrashing before that." Yoruichi sits and places her paw on Yuri's head. "I can see he pushed you to the wall. That last move you made took out every last drop of energy from you." Yoruichi examined Yuri's physical condition. She chuckled at how he is sleeping soundly. "You seem to be at peace, but we should get you out of here before we get caught." Yoruichi had begun to emit a blue wave of energy that eventually developed into a blinding light.

Bridge to Shrine

Fedrock and Karol looked down at two guards overlooking the bridge to their destination from above. Both the guards weren't that strong so a sigh of relief came over Yuri's companions as they planned out their attack. Fedrock and Karol looked at each other for one moment, nodded, and leapt off the rooftop down onto both of them. Fedrock impacted the first guards head with his knee while Karol came down with his hammer on the other one. Both guards got smashed onto the floor and sequentially knocked out.

"Alright! Piece of cake." Karol sheered as he high fived Fedrock.

"Nice call on that idea." Fedrock smirked. "Now let's get over to Rukia." Karol nodded with a satisfying grunt and ran across the bridge behind Fedrock. Once they reached up to the shutter type door. Karol began to examine it. "Hang on a sec." Fedrock reached into his sleeves and shuffled around in them. "I took this key a while back so we could-" Fedrock got distracted when he heard a click. He looks up to see that the door is unlocked now.

"Who do you think I am?" Karol grinned. "Yuri put me up to this a lot of times. So I kinda got used to it."

Fedrock wanted to question where Karol got his skill from, but he was glad that he has such a handy trait. "Good job. That saves us some trouble i guess." Fedrock gave an approving gesture, although he was a bit disappointed that he didn't even need the key and he went through some trouble to get it. Without drawing out the key from his sleeve, he removed his hand from his clothing. "Let's crack this door open." Fedrock walked over to the door and tapped it a few times, signaling the door to rise with a grinding noise of stone and sand. Once it completely opened; Karol and Fedrock entered to see Rukia sitting in her white robe near a very tiny slight showing to be her only window.

She turned her gaze to the open door. Her eyes widen in shock at seeing the one person he never thought she would see. "K-Karol!" She shouted as she shot up to her feet.

"Rukia!" Karol shouted in return as he dashed over to Rukia's side. "Alright! We finally got to you!" HE cheered.

"W-What are you doing here!" Rukia scolded as she wacked Karol over the head.

"Ow." Karol rubbed the top of the head as it throbbed. "Can't I not get hit at least once by you guys!" Karol shook off the moment to look seriously at Rukia. "Yuri and the rest of us came to rescue you of course! We couldn't leave you here knowing what would happen to you."

"Karol, you do realize what you have gotten yourself into right?" Rukia asked with a stern gaze. Even though Rukia became aggravated that everyone came for her, she felt some sort of relief from seeing a friendly face.

"Of course we do. We all prepared for what we would fight against. Yuri especially!" Karol replied back. Rukia fell silent for a few moments after the mentioning of Yuri. Her gaze met the floor and her facial expression became softer and sadder. Karol's tone did the same. "Yuri fought his way through everyone to get here, and then left us to grab you and leave."

"Where's Yuri now?" Rukia asked feeling worried for the swordsman she dragged down into her mess.

"That doesn't matter." Fedrock walked up and stood behind Karol. "What matters is that we get you out of here since he entrusted us with your rescue Rukia Kuchiki."

Rukia's eyes suddenly enveloped in shock and her head picked up to meet Fedrock's gaze as a response. "That voice!" Rukia softly spoke out. "You're-" Before she could keep speaking, the three of them started to feel a surge of spiritual pressure around them. It was heavy, almost as bad as when they stood near Kenpachi. No doubt in their minds, it's a captain.

"No way. We came so far." Karol started to shake a bit from the approaching storm, but Fedrock stood valiantly straight and stared out the door.

"You shouldn't stay! You have to-"

"Escape?" Fedrock finished off Rukia's statement. "The only way out is that bridge, and our enemy is right now crossing it." Fedrock drew out his wakazashi and walked forward. "We have no choice but to fight." Fedrock walked forward to the door. "I should have expected that I would run into him eventually."

"Fedrock!" Karol shouted as he ran up to him. He stood by his side and drew out his hammer to back him up, but Fedrock pushed him hard enough to send him flying over to Rukia's side instead. "What are you doing!"

"Stay with Rukia. I'll be back." Fedrock told Karol. Karol got edgy and gripped his weapon tighter, but he calmed himself down and stood straight. Karol looked at him once more and gave threw a smile his way, showing that he trusts Fedrock's decision. Fedrock nodded at the boy and turned to the exit.

Fedrock walked outside and made his way across the bridge. When he looked ahead, he found out his suspicions were right about his opponent. The infamous Byakuya Kuchiki stood before him. Although Byakuya didn't know who was beneath the mask, Fedrock apparently knew him well enough. "Nice to see you again." Fedrock placed his hand on his hip and swayed left and right. "I never thought I would be standing before you like this."

13th squad Barracks, Captain Quarters

Yeager, Kiyone, and Sentaro had arrived earlier to tell Ukitake the news on Aizen's death. Yeager actually wasn't there when Aizen was killed, but he still had to at least keep his captain informed of a serious matter like that. Since Ukitake is bed ridden, Yeager had to pick up the slack for his squad. Thankfully, to some degree, he had the help of his two lower seats that sat behind him while Yeager gave the final portions of his report.

"And that is all there is to it Captain." Yeager bowed at his captain that is still lying in his bed.

"I see." Ukitake lowered his head to collect his thoughts. The idea of a Captain losing in battle to him is very disturbing according to the events that are occurring. "You mentioned before you had encountered the Ryoka before correct?"

"Indeed." Yeager nodded. "I traded blows with my foe, but his fighting prowess is to be commended." Yeager didn't seem disheartened by his words; rather pleased is the correct terminology. Although everyone else in the room is confused by his tone, even though they should be used to it at this point. "However I highly doubt that the Ryoka are the ones that could have killed Aizen. The one I fought is the strongest, but he didn't have the strength enough to actually take one down. Even if he did manage to push me back."

"If that's so then how did Aizen get killed?" Kiyone questioned in a low voice, trying not to overstep her boundaries. Yeager turned to her with a grin and nodded.

"It's true that the Ryoka are the only suspects at this point, but I feel that something is missing in all this." Yeager hypothesized. "A third party could be at large."

"You really think so?" Sentaro asked

"As I said before, it's merely speculation. I'm just saying that we shouldn't conclude how he met his demise so quickly." Yeager explained. "Whatever the case is, I ask that you allow me to leave now. I must go lend a hand to my comrades."

Ukitake shut his eyes for a moment, thinking on what Yeager told him. Although the idea of a third party is indeed farfetched to him, his argument is still valid about the Ryoka being able to kill Aizen. "Alright. You may leave now Lieutenant Von Kruse. But be careful out there, if your speculation turned out to be true than things will get dangerous around here for everyone."

"You need not worry Taicho." Yeager assured while brushing aside his hair. "I'm capable of holding my own. But may I ask what will you do?"

Ukitake got up on his feet and dropped the icepack on the ground next to him. "I will do some investigating on my own. But first I must go somewhere."

Hidden Cave

Yuri woke up, lying on his back feeling just about as crummy as he did when Flynn's lieutenant stabbed him. His eyes took in the surroundings above him. All right where am I this time? Yuri shut his eyes to take a deep breath. Was I captured while I was passed out? He reopened them and relaxed himself. Doesn't seem like it though, there's only one spiritual pressureā€¦and it's right next to me.

Yuri made to get up, but a familiar voice called out to him to grab his attention. "Easy there Yuri, it's only the two of us here." Yuri, sitting up, turned his head to the right to see the small black cat that is Yoruichi.

"Yoruichi?" Yuri became glad to see a familiar face after all the thrashing he's been through. "Did you bring me here?" he questioned.

"I did, you're lucky one of your last few attacks healed most of your wounds. Carrying you here became much easier because of that." Yoruichi told him.

"Yeah that arte of mine has saved me plenty of times in the past." Yuri replied back as he leaned forward. After a moment he then noticed something very wrong with the situation. While he's sitting around becoming all friendly with Yoruichi, Flynn had been taken down earlier. "Flynn!" Yuri shouted as he sprung to his feet, but he felt Yoruichi lunge at his chest and knock him back down to the futon in a sitting position. "H-Hey!" the adolescent soul reaper protested.

"Relax!" The dark cat shouted in a commanding voice to Yuri as she sat on his lap. "Flynn is fine. Judith and Repede are fine as well." Yoruichi assured him and continued to explain. "Flynn was lucky to fight who he did. His opponent left him wounded, but alive. Judith and Repede have surprisingly avoided major confrontation and haven't gotten so much as a scratch in the fights that they have been a part of."

Yuri said nothing; only accepting what Yoruichi had told him. He threw himself back; lying flat on the futon as he collected his thoughts from the past events. "Anything else i should know?" Yuri inquired.

"Not particularly, as I mentioned you managed a spectacular recovery of your injures with that arte." Yoruichi then walked over to Yuri's side and lifted up a white object with her paw. "Although, I did find this on you." Yoruichi pushed forward a white mask with a black four-prong star symbol starting at the bridge of the nose and extending outwards past the eyes at an angle. Yuri tilted his head towards the object Yoruichi is holding up. Yuri sat up casually while being confused with what he is seeing.

"That was on me?" Yuri's eyes widen with confusion. The last he knew of it, the mask had been throw into the water by him personally. To see it now is rather shocking. "How?"

"What do you mean? How could you have it on you and not know?" Yoruichi asked him.

"I had it on me when I fought Renji. It stopped my arm from being cut clean off." Yuri removed the clothing around his shoulder to reveal that scar that got left behind. "But right after the fight I threw it in the underground waterway and it sank like a rock. I chucked it myself." Yuri fixed his shihakusho back into place and sighed. "It's official. I'm cursed."

"If you don't want it, I'd be happy to take it off your hands," Yoruichi said feeling concerned about what Yuri had told her..

"Be my guest, not like I have any use for it," Yuri told the small feline with a nod and plopped back to the ground. "Now that i think about, with you being so small." Yuri sat up again to face Yoruichi again. "How is it that you got me here?"

"Lifting things is no problem once I revert to my original form," Yoruichi replied, looking to the side.

Yuri raised an eyebrow in question. "I knew you couldn't just be some random talking cat considering my experience, but do you care to at least show me what you really look like?"

"I have no problem with that," Yoruichi said walking over to where the door is that led into the small alcove, "Having come this far there's no reason to keep it hidden from you and your friends." Yoruichi leaned back as if stretching, "Behold this is what I really look like." Dense fog began emitting everywhere as a sudden change took hold of Yoruichi. First long purple hair extended out from the small cat's skull before the feline became as long as a human. The cat then propped itself up on its hind legs and took a fully human composition, that of a woman's. Her dark black fur retracted and became smooth ebony skin. Her chest is well shaped and her hair came down her back to her waistline. She had golden eyes and a slim yet curvy figure. She stood in front of Yuri wearing absolutely nothing, although she didn't realize that part.

Yuri found his gave fixated on her for a few moments, but after that he averted his sight to the side. "Could have given me a warning." Yuri said retaining his composure.

Yoruichi became slightly confused, "What do you mean?" She tilted he head to the right to flesh out her confusion.

"Just trying to make sure my eyes won't wander too much." Yuri told her.

Yoruichi caught on to what Yuri was getting at after taking a quick glance at herself. Dissatisfied with the reaction, she decided to tease him a bit. Yoruichi took a few steps towards him. "First you act so unsurprised that I'm a woman and now you pretend you're not interested in me? I'm hurt." she said without any inflection of said emotion. "Come on, don't pretend you don't find me rather inviting."

"Who said anything about you not being interesting?" Yuri played along with her mischievous teasing; finding some amusement in playing around with her. "You look better than most women i come across. I think even Judith would be jealous if she saw you now." Yuri chuckled for his own amusement.

"Oh so I'm better looking than Judith to you? I'm flattered." Yoruichi took a few more steps towards Yuri and sat on his lap with her arms around his neck. "Well I always used you as my personal bed for some time. Could it be that you got attached?" she batted her eyes at him for extra effect.

"That's mostly out of you threatening me, so I had little choice." Yuri replied with a sweat-drop.

"Aww." Yoruichi pulled him closer to her and placed his head below her chin. "I'm sorry about that. Maybe I can make it up to you?" Yoruichi continued her play.

"Tempt me anymore and i may take you up on that offer." Yuri could feel Yoruichi's breath hit him as his head rested on her chest.

"Then why don't you?" Yoruichi bade as she lowered her head till her forehead touched upon Yuri's. "I'm game if you are." Her eyes were softer. "No one's going to die in the next thirty minutes assuming you can last that long." Yoruichi got proven wrong moments later as they both felt an enormous amount of spiritual pressure around them. Both became frozen in shock, Yuri being the first one to shake the feeling off and bolt up on his feet.

"Fedrock!" Yuri shouted after he analyzed who the pressure belonged to. However he wasn't the only one. "Him!" Yuri glanced over to the left and saw an ornate dragon figure. Yuri recognized it as a flying contraption that Fedrock explained to him earlier when they were goofing off at Kukaku's place. He grabbed it and bolted outside while activating it to soar over to Fedrock's location.

In all that commotion, Yoruichi sat up with her legs crossed. "That's just wrong." Yoruichi sighed. "No time for that though, Yuri is being reckless, so I have to go drag him back."

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