Because They Deserve to Know

A/N: This just randomly popped into my head while I was meandering around Facebook and Deviantart. Cody is probably (more than likely) OOC. I might have a few things wrong because I haven't seen the movie in years and I can't really find it in good quality. Oh yeah, Cody is sixteen in this story.

Don't expect regular updates. Darth Real Life has reared its ugly head. And for this story chapters will be really short. They're meant to be kind of drable-ish. The reason being: I plan on turning this into a bigger story when Darth Real Life buggers off. So this is an outline of sorts I guess.

And Cody just got back from a mission. Nothing big.

Summary: Cody was tired of lying to his parents. And they we tired of Cody lying to them. They want the truth. Too bad Cody can't give it, no matter how bad he wants to.

Cody touched the bruise that was forming on his face. He was honestly surprised Big Ugly Henchmen #1 hadn't broken his jaw. He was really hoping that the bathroom mirror made it look worse than it actually was, because he knew his mom was going to flip out and then he'd have to make up some story about bullies or something.

He actually might want to start working on that now….

Cody sighed. He ducked down to grab the First Aid kit under the sink. He peeled off his shirt to look at the bruises forming on his stomach. Tentatively he poked one of the nastier looking bruises and winced. Definitely not letting mom see this one.

He eased himself down on the toilet and opened the First Aid kit and pulled out one of the two ace wraps. Gently, Cody eased off his right sneaker and sock to get a better look at his swollen ankle. Wincing, he un-wrapped the ace wrap and began to wrap up his ankle. Absently he noted it was a pretty bad sprain, and he might want to get that looked at.

Bully story? Definitely not going to work, Cody decided. Maybe tripping down stairs?

As Cody was contemplating what story to use to explain his injuries, the front door slammed open, announcing the arrival of his parents and brother. Cody grabbed his shirt off the floor after finishing with his ankle and yanked it over his head.


"Up here Mom!"

He scooped up his sock and shoe and was about to stand up when his mom opened the bathroom door.

"Cody! What on Earth-!"

"I – uh. I tripped."

Cody's mom narrowed her eyes and he lips pressed into a thin line. Cody looked everywhere but his mother. When she sighed Cody winced and stood up.

"Straight to your room. Prop up that foot and I'll bring up some ice Cody."

"Thanks, Mom."

Cody knew his mom hadn't believed him. Knew she wouldn't before he opened his mouth. She deserved the truth.

In the end, it just wasn't safe.

End, Part I.

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