Because They Deserve to Know – Chapter IV

A/N: I think this may be the last chapter. This'll my first completed chapter story ever. I feel so proud :3. For those that want more than this: HAVE NO FEAR! I plan on coming back to this and making it an epic someday. However, it looks as if my first epic will actually be a Percy Jackson and the Olympians story. Completely AU too. –grins-

Anyway, I have this focusing on his teacher, because, well c'mon. His teachers had to notice something. Especially his gym teacher. They can sniff out injuries like a blood hound, I swear.

Mr. Kerr was observant if nothing else. He cared for his students and he always knew if they had an injury, how serious it was, and roughly how long it would affect them in gym class. Very few of his students every came in with constant injuries. The only ones that did were usually on a sports team or – 'god forbid,' he thought- abused.

Cody Banks fell into neither category and that confused him. The boy was good at sports that was certain. He could easily make the basketball team, and that was why he never bought the kids bull about being clumsy. At first he really had thought Cody was being abused. He almost went to the authorities too, but the thing that change his mind was the call from his parents. Cody's mother had called Mr. Kerr and put him on speaker phone so both she and her husband could talk to him. Their first words out of Cody Banks' father's mouth was: Has Cody told where all those injuries are coming from? He keeps telling us bullies but…

Mr. Kerr had become determined to find out what exactly was happening to his student. The rest of the staff had jumped right on board with his plan. They had all noticed the bruises and broken bones and sprains.

And they were all scared.

"Cody, can I talk to you real quick?" As Cody walked toward him, Mr. Kerr took in his appearance. To be blunt, he looked exhausted. There was a nasty bruise on his jaw, shadows under his eyes, and he was limping. Mr. Kerr frowned.

"I want you to sit out today. No arguments. You're injured enough." Cody just nodded. Mr. Kerr put his hand on Cody's shoulder and paused for a moment. "Cody… I want you to know that, whatever you've gotten yourself into, you can always come to me, or any of the faculty, for help if you need it." He must have told the boy this a million times but he never talked, and every time he asked how he got the injuries…

"I tripped!"

"Oh, I ticked off a couple of class bullies, no big deal Mr. Kerr."

"I was playing basketball with a few friends. I fell…and got hit with the ball…"

"A couple of jerks we're going to go after Alex. So I kind of punched the lead dummy."

Mr. Kerr actually believed the last one. If Cody Banks was anything other than a chronic liar it was a protective big brother.

He knew as the kid's teacher he didn't deserve the truth as much as his parents or brother, but he sure as hell wanted the kid out of whatever trouble he managed to get himself into.

Too bad Mr. Kerr didn't know how badly Cody Banks wanted to tell the truth.

Hmm…on this note I do believe this story is finished unless I get bit by another plunnie and churn out something else.

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