Prologue: Beyond Breaking

"It's these painful moments of suspense I am going to enjoy the most."

Beyond escapes prison only to find his mind more messed up then ever, and now he needs to take revenge on the one who caused him the pain in the first place. L Lawliet's Life now belongs in the hands of his one and only regret…

B's POV:

I am finally free once again. Free to wander the streets and to smell the roses, free to watch the sunset over the ocean with the cooling sea breeze rushing through my midnight locks, free to play with puppies and pick up stray kittens but most importantly free to slice, cut, pierce, rip, lacerate, slash, burn, stab and break any god damn person I please!

For me however there is only one person on my mind as I weave in and out of the crowded streets of Japan. There is only one person I wish to dissect, dismember and lay open for the entire world to see. L. Lawliet. The one whom is responsible for breaking my mind must now face me on my terms!

Years of torture and torment have come to a gruesome and bloody end and yet I still failed to defeat him in my final attempts at becoming the world's greatest criminal mind. Oh but in some ways I have won; for now I see that to truly conquer my enemy I can't go around slaughtering innocents in a hopes of luring him to me, to repeat such a mistake would be foolish on my part. No, to win this battle I must attack at the cause of the disease and take my revenge on the one who ruined me directly!

I am going to find him. I know he is close. I am going to find him and I am going to break him the way he broke me! It's all planed out so perfectly not even the great L will see it coming. Last time my need to be noticed by the one person whose approval I craved for so long got in the way of my victory over him, but this time will be different. This time I am going to crush his mind and body and decimate every inch of what makes the detective so strong.

My mouth is almost watering with delight at the mere thought of what I am going to do to the older male as I sneak into his hotel at the only time he has slept in the last three days to capture him while he rests. It was a difficult undertaking to spy someone who is so used to being the one doing the spying but once my cameras where inside the fate of the raven was sealed in his own blood.

Oh Lawliet… It's these moments of painful suspense I will enjoy the most…