Beyond Darkness

Act 12: talking terms


I just don't know what to do anymore.

Now its looking like my Lawliet is recovering everything is even more confusing! What am I suppose to do when he gets better? I can't let him go free, he is mine! Can he live upstairs with me? Will he try to kill me while I sleep?

It's been almost a week since he started improving and while he still can't walk, at least he can sit up and move around a little now without causing his lungs to shut down!

I cast my gaze over to the tired eyed raven as he sips at some sweet corn soup I made for him and he immediately looks back. I love the way his delicate fingertips cares the ugly orange plastic bowl as though he doesn't want to touch it at all. The sight makes me huff out a small snort of laughter and I turn back around to face the bland, green, faded wall paper.

"You have something on your mind beyond?" The detective asks, taking another small sip from the bowl.

"I do…"

"Are you going to share it with me?" Are we really on talking terms right now? Dose he really want to know what I'm thinking or is this just a way to dig his claws into my mind and find a new escape rout?

"You really don't want to know Lawliet."

"I am sure that I do beyond."

"Yeah but it's the reason you want to know that bothers me!" I snap a little and pull my legs into my chest tightly, resting my chin on my knees.

"I assure you I am not fishing for any information that would somehow disadvantage you." He is so convincing in his lies. He probably would even fool himself.


"I'm serious Beyond; I want you to tell me what has made you so quiet today." Should I tell him? I suppose there is nothing he can gain from these thoughts of mine that could damage my chances of keeping him under control at this point…

"I was wondering what I should do with you now that you're recovering and possibly thinking of escaping again." You can almost see the elders heart drop at these words. He doesn't want to be locked away again, that's obvious. I don't want to lock him away again. No, that would throw away whatever fragile relationship we have built over the cause of his recovery.

"I don't want to have to lock you up Lawli, but if I let you go you will either run away and I will never see you again or have me locked in the mad house." I mumble into my knees, "There is also the possibility you will cut my thought as soon as my back is turned and I don't want to die…"

Everything is silent for the longest of moments as the detective digests the information given. Any response he gives is most likely a lie; nothing a captive says can be trusted. I know that, he knows I know that. Lawliet isn't saying anything because he knows there's nothing he can say that will better his situation.

"Lock me away in this room then." That suggestion takes me by surprise and I roll my head to the side to examine his expression. "Make it so I cannot escape, I will not even try if you allow me the simple right to be warm and comfortable here."

He won't try because he knows he would be unsuccessful. That's what he is really saying. The rest of what he said however made a lot of sense.

"So… You won't fight me if you are aloud to remain in the bedroom, is that right?" I ask, watching the raven carefully as he nods his head quickly. Well, I suppose this is better for us both then having him locked away in the dark.

I guess I'll have to put bars on the windows then…