Premise: Victoria is dead – Edward has not come back and will not come back

Stephenie Meyer owns it all; I am just playing with her characters.

Monday afternoon.

God what was she doing here? She wasn't really sure herself and her internal monologue was just getting irritating. Really Bella? Do you know what you are doing? Why him?

Whatever; she knew there were some demons she just need to face and she thought this would be the easiest way to do it. Surely you could just buy a vibrator? Who needs a Rabbit when you could have a wolf?

She hesitated on the porch for a while; surely he could hear her? With his super wolf hearing. She snorted to herself, with his super wolf sense of smell he could probably smell her for all she knew. She would really need to be more educated on the actual abilities of the wolf pack if she was to spend more time with them.

Well hopefully spend more time with at least one of them.

Stop wasting time and just do it.

Her heart beat rapidly as she lifted her hand and rapped on the door. No high tech doorbells in La Push, she though to herself.

She could not hear anything and thought, with a twinge of relief that perhaps he wasn't at home. But as the door was flung open she felt a strange mixture of delight and trepidation.

"Bella" he said. His brows compressed in confusion as he looked down at her. "What can I do for you?"

"Can I come in?" she asked.

He looked at her again, obviously querying her need to be in his house.

"Um… sure." He held the door open but kept his hand at the top so that she had to duck under his arm. The closeness of him as she brushed past brought back all her nameless fears and worries.

Holy crow; you are such an idiot.

He closed the door behind her, turned and leant his back against it. He looked her up and down, still with a hint of confusion on his face.

She stood, wringing her hands in front of her stomach.

He waited.

She realised with a touch of fear, that he had effectively blocked her exit.

After a minute or so he raised his eyebrows. It was a question.

"…Aah…yeah…no…I don't know… I heard … I just thought…maybe…"

He blinked then slowly started towards her and then he began to circle around her. It was almost predatory; he seemed to pick up on her weakness and indecision. She stumbled to a halt.

Stop it! You are behaving like prey. How can you expect him to take you seriously?

If anything his behaviour made her more nervous and weirdly exhilarated.

God if he sniffs me I will just die. Whoa, that was weird.

He stopped behind her. Given he was wearing the usual wolf pack attire of cut-offs and nothing else, she could feel the heat radiating from his bare chest. She was frozen to the spot. With his height, his chin could have easily rested on the top of her head. He was so big; so powerful. She stared fixedly at the floor.

"Do you want to try to finish even one of those sentences?" he asked.

She started wringing her hands again and then exhaled loudly.

"Right." She breathed. "Start again…"

He waited. Then he bent his head down and inhaled; right in the crook of her neck.

That's it. I'm dead.

She could feel her heart rate accelerate and she knew he could hear it too.

"I'm a virgin," she blurted out.

"Excuse me?"

Well he certainly didn't expect that. I think you have probably embarrassed yourself enough for one day. Perhaps you should go home now? Yeah take your eighteen year old virgin ass home.

"Oh god. I'm sorry… I should go." She was really wringing her hands in earnest now.

"No," he said. He touched her on the arm. It was electric. "I get it," he continued, "and you don't want to be?"

He was standing eerily still behind her.

She just nodded mutely.

There was silence for a minute.

"Well that does change things." He circled around her stopping behind her again. She still had her head down. She couldn't hear him move; but she sensed him. Her eyes were squeezed shut. God only knows what her face looked like.

"So why me Bella Swan?" he asked.

She couldn't answer him; just shook her head.

"Humph," he snorted, "like I care"

Oh my god; he's going to say no. I am such an idiot.

Her instant panic made her heart race even more. She felt like she was seriously going to have a heart attack. She looked towards the door calculating how quickly she could make an exit.

"That wasn't what I meant," he corrected her obvious misunderstanding.

Bloody wolves and their freaky hearing.

He was still behind her.

"I'm honoured," he breathed huskily in her ear. He took a tiny step closer to her; the heat became more intense. He sniffed again; a long slow inhale.

"Damn; you smell so good."

His hands came up and gently ran up and down the top of her arms; from shoulder to elbow. She shivered and took a deep shuddering breath.

Her chin lifted and she felt a tiny bit braver.

"So…," he purred in her ear, "…what did you and the leech get up to?"

"N-nothing," she stuttered. "He barely kissed me properly. Too frightened of the venom and that he would lose control."

Wow. You have never told anyone that.

His hands continued to stroke her arms; her heart rate dropped and she felt some of her anxiety decrease.

"You don't... you know…look after yourself?" he queried.

She blushed and shook her head.

"So have you ever even had an orgasm?" he purred at her ear again.

She blushed even redder and mumbled, "No; not ever."

Wow. You have never told anyone that either.

He took another tiny step and she could feel him pressed up against her back. It took her breath away. Along the way one of his hands had moved down to her hip and now it pulled her back against him.

She wanted to run away.

She wanted to stay right here.

"Breathe," he whispered in her hair and she realised she had forgotten to inhale.

The hand on her hip slipped across to her stomach and held her there. He started to make small circles against her stomach. She remembered how to breathe. She felt a warmth start between her legs. She could feel the whole of his body pressed up behind her and it felt amazing. It was so warm; so hot.

She inhaled and her head fell to the side. She could smell him now and he smelt like pine; no, like cedar; cedar and sweat; he smelt like a man. He pressed his lips against her neck; against her pulse. The circles got larger. Her shirt lifted and his hand slipped under it and onto her bare stomach. She inhaled sharply. His fingertips moved across her skin.

He made some kind of crooning noise at her neck; it was weirdly comforting.

The circles continued. Now he was making circles behind her with his hips. She closed her eyes. Her world was made of circles. She breathed; he hummed against her shoulder.

She didn't know what do with her hands. She reached back tentatively and held his thighs.

He started kissing along her shoulder. His hand reached for her chin and turned her head towards him. He stared into her eyes and then leant forwards. As their lips met; his other hand plunged inside her jeans, pushed inside her panties and straight to her... oh, God… he was touching her there…

She clutched his arm. She didn't know what she wanted to do; pull his arm out or keep him there. His fingers were confident and unerring. His kiss was hard and dominating. His lips were so warm; so warm and so soft. His foot pressed on the inside of her ankle and pushed her legs slightly further apart.

Anything she tried to say was lost against his mouth.

She was finding it harder to breathe now. His fingers were making smaller circles against her; inside her panties. She inhaled through her nose and with out thinking, opened her mouth. His tongue pushed into her mouth and replicated the rhythm.

She had never felt anything like it.

He kept going. Her world became his hand, his lips and his tongue.

She stiffened. The hand under her chin moved into her hair at the back of her head and held her there. Her back arched; her legs shivered; his arm moved from her head to under her breasts and held her up; hard against his body. She pulled away from his mouth and tried to inhale. She gasped once, twice and then shuddered as his fingers brought her to a peak.

"Ugh…Oh, God," she managed to say as her body convulsed. She was clutching his arm hard enough to leave nail marks. "Oh, my God." She groaned.

"There's a girl," he crooned against the side of her head.

She shuddered again and then was still. Her heart was racing now.

He held her up and crooned more comforting noises against her neck. "So wet," he murmured against her skin.

She twitched. She blinked. She breathed. Her blood felt hot and heavy within her. Her legs felt boneless.

He held her as her breathing returned to normal.

Wow if he can manage that without even taking any clothes off…

"So," he whispered, "I think that is enough for lesson one." He kissed her and withdrew his hand from her panties.

She was confused. She stood there with tousled hair and swollen lips. "But what about you?" She blushed.

He laughed and gave her a brilliant smile. "Oh I'm not one of those kids who opened all their Christmas presents at once. I want to stretch this out as long as possible." He smirked at her. "I am fairly certain you'll be back"

He took in her glazed expression and kissed her quickly. "Cup of tea?"

"What?" Seriously he's offering me tea? "Oh,… can I have coffee? Milk no sugar."

He smiled and turned towards the kitchen.

She grabbed his arm and then stretched up and kissed him. She hoped that he got everything she was trying to say.

"Thank you, Paul," she breathed.

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