Crazy Little Thing Called Love

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I've watched her perform from her first gig back in Forks until tonight here in Seattle. I've been there for my best friend from the very beginning. She's becoming very well-known now. She once told me that this was just a hobby but from the looks of it, she'll probably be a musician forever.

Bella's so good. Her band started when we were still in high school. It was just a joke at first but Bella, Jasper and Edward started 'Uprising' inside Bella's garage. We were hanging out, just fooling around when Bella's uncle, Billy Black, heard them playing. He told them they were pretty good and would like them to play for his bar the next night. They were pretty excited of the idea and immediately agreed with Billy.

From then on, they were having gigs after gigs and Rosalie and I haven't missed any performance. We were the "groupies" if you want to call it that. When we all moved to Seattle for college, the gigs didn't stop there. They played for college parties and other events. When we all graduated from college just months ago, the guys and Bella were offered a job in 'Blaze' bar to perform every Friday and Saturday. Since they didn't know what to do with their lives yet, they took the job.

And now, it's Friday night, and once again, we were all here in Blaze. Bella, Jasper, Edward and Emmett, the drummer, were getting ready backstage.

"So, Alice. When are you finally going to tell Bella?" Rosalie asked me. I sighed deeply and avoided her gaze at me. Ever since I told Rose I had a thing for Bella, our conversations were always me finally going to tell Bella how I truly feel. When Bella and I were sixteen, I was confused to what I really am. I turned to Bella for help since she knew she was a lesbian for a long time. Bella helped me by showing me some of her stacked playboy magazines under her bed. When she asked me how I felt about seeing naked girls, I told her I was a little turned on. She wasn't done with the test though. She showed me some lesbian porno. I got a little squirmy when the women in the internet got a little hard with each other, licking pussies and grabbing tits. I knew I was attracted to women when she showed me porn with a man and a woman and immediately refused to see a straight porn ever again. But it didn't stop there. No.

She asked me to touch myself while she said dirty things to me. I refused at first. It was gross hearing my best friend's voice while ramming my fingers in and out of my vagina. But she was stubborn and said the only way we could be sure I was a lesbian was to do it. I gave in and started unbuttoning my pants. She started speaking to me with her rough and low voice while I played with my vagina. This went on for about ten minutes when she asked me to open my eyes. When I opened it, I was surprised to see her straddling me and her face so close to mine. My heart was pounding like crazy as I gaze upon her brown orbs. My breathing was ragged as she kept on coming closer to me. She closed the distance and kissed me, softly at the beginning but hard as it went on.

After that, I can't look at my best friend the same way. I had a thing for her. I can't tell her though. Especially when she clearly clarified that what happened between us, her seeing me touch myself and kissing me, were all part of her plot to help me find out what I really am. It worked though. I am now officially a rug muncher. But the only vagina I want to munch was hers. I didn't act on being a lesbian; didn't perform physical intimacy with another woman. But I did kiss occasionally and date when I become lonely. But never sex.

I've been saving my virginity for one woman. If only she could look at me that way.

"I don't know Rose." I told her.

I didn't want to talk about it now. I wasn't in the mood for another pity party for Alice from Rosalie. I just want to enjoy this night and cheer for my friends on stage.

"Hey." Jacob greeted when he arrived from the mechanic shop he owned. He sat beside Rosalie then kissed her. And that's how Alice's pity party ended. Well, it always ended with a kissing fest from Jake.

After a few minutes, we heard Bella's guitar intro to The Killers' 'Romeo and Juliet'. She was the lead guitarist and sometimes Edward's backing vocals when he needed it. She does solo too when the song fits her.

Edward then accompanied the guitar with his awesome piano playing then after, Emmett's drum beats. Jasper entered with his bass rhythm when they needed it. They were great. They weren't really the typical hard rock band that some bands play. They were kind of mellow but their songs were still loved by the generation. 'Uprising' was Seattle's rising band and I am proud of them.

They did their song list for an hour and a half. Once the song list was finished, the listeners started chanting 'ENCORE!'. Of course they did it and went back up on stage. I watched as they walked back up then started arranging their instruments. I noticed Edward and Jasper were now holding acoustic guitars and also Jasper's harmonica was beside him. Emmett was behind his drum set then signalled to start the song. Edward entered with his plucking accompanied by Jasper's strumming.

I'm not ready and I'm not even close

I'm not like rest

No I ain't like most

Bella sang beautifully. Whenever she sang, I always had goose bumps. Her voice was so velvety and soft.

She was looking at me while singing this amazing song. Not being biased but she had the best fucking voice I had ever heard. She could lull you to sleep with it. I fell in love with it.

So let's go out late

Drink a lot

Stay up past 8 and then dance

Dance all night

Leave our boyfriends behind

Leave your girlfriend behind

She started humming with the boys. Jasper started playing his harmonica. You could get drunk with all their voices blended with each other. It's so intoxicating.

So let's go out late

Drink a lot

Stay up past 8 and then dance

Dance all night

Leave our boyfriends behind

Leave your girlfriend behind

All four of them sang at the top of their lungs without their instruments. Seeing them like this, being carefree and all, makes me believe that they will go far with this career. I never doubted their ability but now I knew they will get through it.

They were applauded and whistled by their 'fans' but the loudest one was of course the three of us. Jake, Rose and I.

They came down from the stage, greeting their listeners when they passed them, then walked over to us.

"You guys were great. One of the best performance." I told them cheerily. I brought Bella into my arms and hugged her tightly.

"Thanks, baby." She kissed my cheek and then let me go to hug Rose and Jake.

"Yeah it was great. But it definitely can't top when Jazz stage dived." That brought laughter and playful smacks from our group. I can't forget that night. It was from a college party and Jasper was full of adrenaline. When the last song was finished, he stage dived. It was hilarious.

"That was one time you jackass." Jasper defended and then slapped Jake at the back of his head. Nonetheless, remembering it was still funny.

We sat around the table and ordered beers for everyone. We were having our typical Friday ritual. Everybody was here, having fun and drinking beer. This was us ever since Emmett joined the gang three years ago and became Uprising's drummer.

Bella sat beside me but seemed a little off as she looked at her watch every few seconds.

"Hey, what's the matter?" I asked her quietly so as to keep it between just me and Bella.

"Nothing" She ended just as fast as it started. Something was up with her and I had to find out. I was just about to ask her some more about the tone of her "nothing" when I heard someone call Bella.

We all turned our heads to the voice and saw a woman, a very gorgeous woman, smiling towards Bella. She was an average height but has very striking bright blue eyes and straight blonde hair.

Bella stood up from her chair and walked over to her.

What I saw next had my heart stop beating.

She kissed her.

I knew Bella had encounters with the same sex a lot of times but not in front of me.

I was dying every second their lips were slapping against each other. Bella's arms were around the girl's waist while the blonde had hers around Bella's neck. The sad part of this sight before me was they were perfect for each other. Bella's bad ass look was a perfect match to the sweet girl next door look of her kissing partner over there.

When they broke away, they both had smiles on their faces. Bella laced her fingers with hers and started walking to our table.

"Guys, meet Jane. Jane meet the band, Jasper, Edward and his boyfriend Emmett and my doof cousin Jacob, his girlfriend Rosalie and of course my super best friend, Alice." Of course she had to insert the "super" before the "best friend". I was only that. "the super best friend". Nothing more, nothing less.

Bella let Jane sit down on her chair, which was beside me, and got her own chair at the table behind her. I immediately looked away when Jane leaned on Bella and they started kissing again. I did the wrong thing though when my eyes landed on Rosalie.

And so Alice's pity party began again.

"So, Jane. How did the two of you met?" Emmett asked the blonde girl.

"It was two months ago" Two months ago? How can Bella keep a secret from me? "at the art gallery." Art gallery? Bella never went to art gallery without me. "I was looking at this picture and she just walked over to me and started talking to me. I found her weird at first but then she started being funny." She ended with a laugh, probably remembering that day.

Oh joy.

When I looked at Bella past Jane, she had that twinkle in her eyes whenever she plays her guitar up stage or just with the guys back in the garage in her house in Forks. She was happy back then and seeing that same sparkly eyes looking at her, well, might I say, girlfriend, Bella was happy now.

I can't look at her like this. I admit, I'm so jealous of that blonde girl. I should be the one making her eyes sparkle like that, making her smile like that. But obviously, she can't see that I love her so much. Much more than just as a friend.

I kept the tears from falling and excused myself for the bathroom. Rosalie joined me and together, we walked to the restroom.

With the door shut and it's only me and Rose inside the room, I ended my facade. I let a small tear slide down my face.

"Oh sweetie, don't cry. You'll never know, it might end soon." Rosalie comforted me but it wasn't working.

"You should see her face, Rose. She's happy with that Jane girl. Besides, I can't compete with that. She's gorgeous and she's blonde." Rosalie brought me closer to her and started caressing my back and brushing my hair with her fingertips.

"What are you talking about Alice? You are beautiful. Bella's just so blind to not see what's in front of her."

"Thanks for comforting me Rose but it'll never happen. We've been friends for a long time now and she hasn't seen me but just as a friend. It'll never be in another way. I'm just the best friend" The super best friend, in Bella's words.

I pulled out from Rose's embrace and started fixing my face in front of the mirror. Rose kept her mouth shut and just waited for me to leave the bathroom. Once back in our table, I noticed Bella and Jane were gone.

"Alice, whatever you do, don't look at the dance floor." Oh great Rose, now I have to look. Out of curiosity, I turned my back but regretted once I did it. There at the middle of the dance floor was Bella sucking Jane's neck, while the skank had her head thrown back and her eyes closed.

I can't take it anymore. I had to get out of here.

"I have to get out of here." I said out loud.

"Alice, wait. Let's talk about this." Rosalie started saying but I cut her off.

"There's nothing to talk about Rose. I'm tired anyway. Stay here and have fun." I grabbed my purse and headed for the door. I heard the guys ask what my problem was but I didn't look back. I just went on and walked fast.

I hailed a cab and just when I was about to get inside the car, Bella shouted my name.

"Ali! Wait. What are you doing?" She asked. Isn't it obvious.

"I'm going home." I told her.

"No you're not. You just met my girlfriend and now you're leaving?" She grabbed my hand then tugged me, making me stay.

"I'm tired and I just want to come home and sleep." I took my hand back then opened the door, but not before Bella took my hand again.

"What's your problem, Alice? Why are you being so stubborn?" How dare she ask me that.

"I'm tired Bella. I can't take this anymore. I'm going home." I got inside the cab quickly then told the driver to hurry up and leave. I heard Bella still shouting my name. But I didn't look back.

I'm done with shit for the night.

When I got home to my apartment, I headed straight for my bedroom, not minding to open the lights as I passed them. I changed into my pyjamas, brushed my teeth then plopped on my bed.

Why can't she just see me? I wasn't that bad looking. I've got curves. True, I was no supermodel unlike that Jane girl. But I was nice and somewhat pretty.

But it's still wasn't enough for Bella's eyes to fall on me. It will never be enough.