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The Price to Pay: Chapter 5

The first thing that came into Duo's head when he woke was why his bed was so uncomfortable, causing him to shift a little and mutter some obscenity. He didn't both opening his eyes, turning to hide part of his face into his pillow to settle in so that he could go back to sleep. After all, it had to be just after seven in the morning and it was still too early to even think about getting up. Wufei had mentioned about taking the next day off.

The second thing that the former government agent realized was that his pillow moved. As in it rose and fell evenly, as if it were breathing. This caused Duo to inhale deeply, holding it for a moment as he tried to decided whether or not to panic before opening his eyes or afterwards. He let out the breath slowly, his indigo eyes opening and looking around the dimly lit room. A room that he certainly knew was not his own.

Frantically, he tried to remember the night before and he sifted through his exhausted memories. He remembered driving Wufei to his house, talking with the Chinese man about how long it should take for Quatre's shields to be in working order and about how they were to start researching the organization known as Oz. They had spread the files on the coffee table, making an outline and a time frame for each murder, as well as making was Duo called a "spider web" to connect them all.

Wufei had been cranky throughout the entire thing, telling Duo that he was making a mistake or doing something wrong. The Shielder had corrected it himself, the lack of sleep causing his to be particularly prickly and easy to anger. The two of them had continued well into the wee hours of the morning when Duo began to yawn and he had leaned back against the couch in an attempt to relieve the stiffness in his back.

Then, he had woken up in the current situation. The Telekinetic slowly lifted his head in an attempt to not disturb his sleeping partner and he looked down at him by propping himself up with his forearm. Wufei's features seemed a little softer as he slept, his face less pinched and he looked younger because of it. Violet eyes traced over the peaceful face and a smile quirked his lips upwards as he saw the usually harshly restrained hair loose and tousled. Inky black strands had escaped from the ponytail, falling against the creamy skin of his forehead and Duo couldn't resist the temptation to push it back.

At the soft touch of his fingers, the Shielder stirred but didn't wake. He turned his head towards Duo's touched and he shifted, the arm that was around Duo's torso tightening a little to pull him closer. The smile on the braided man's lips became larger, but then a thought dawned on him and it caused that smile to fade away slowly.

What would happen if Wufei woke to the situation? The cop wasn't all that fond of Duo, he had made that clear as daylight to everyone in the vicinity. He shifted again, a tight feeling began to settle in his chest as he closed his eyes tightly and he bit his lip harshly. But when would he ever see Wufei so vulnerable again and without his prickly guard up? Opening indigo eyes to focus on the man beneath him, Duo took in every nuance of his countenance and burned it into his memory.

His fingers softly traced the edge of Wufei's jaw, the rough stubble that had grown in overnight tickling the pads of his fingers as he did so and he licked his suddenly dry lips. Duo would be lying if he said that he wasn't attracted to the strict play-by-the-rules cop, especially since he had always wanted to see what the man would be like flying apart as he thoroughly fucked the man into the mattress. Or the wall…or one of the desks at the office.

Okay, Duo, wrong train of thought considering your crotch is firmly pressed against his outer thigh, the Telekinetic scolded himself as he tried to change the directions of where his thoughts were going. However, as he looked down at Wufei's face and his indigo eyes focused on those lips…he couldn't help but wonder what they would feel like against his. Not really one to resist temptation, Duo leaned down to kiss Wufei.

An electric shock jolted down his spine at the first contact of their lips and Duo just barely suppressed a moan that threatened to spill from the back of his throat, inhaling deeply was Wufei's breath mingled with his own and he felt the man beneath him slowly part his lips as the Shielder began to rouse. His cock stirred in his jeans and began to harden, his pants beginning to become uncomfortably tight. A faint tremor ran through his lean body as he felt the lips beneath his own part, responding to the drugging kiss like a moth fluttering towards an open flame.

Wufei let out a soft groan, coming back from his exhaustion induced sleep to the feeling of lips pressed against his own and his hormones seemed to be thrown into overdrive. His usual morning wood came flaring to life, a fire lighting in his very veins as his lips parted to allow a questing tongue into his mouth. He wasn't fully awake, but he couldn't find it in him to care as he felt lean, calloused fingers slide beneath the hem of his shirt to trail across his stomach and move upwards.

Obsidian eyes opened to briefly meet a dark indigo gaze, Wufei's tongue stroking alongside Duo's and his eyes closed again. He must be dreaming, because there was no way the Telekinetic would be doing this to him. He parted his legs a little, causing the strong column of Duo's thigh to slide between his own and he rubbed cloth-covered erection like a cat in heat, nearly purring as it applied some much needed pressure against his aching flesh. A soft pant caused him to break from the kiss, his head falling back against the armrest of the couch and he hissed lowly, "Fuck."

Duo trailed kisses along Wufei's neck and the dark haired man shivered, gulping air into his burning lungs as a clever finger twirled around his left nipple, the nub of flesh hardening into a pebble-like state. Obsidian eyes slid closed as the dream seemed to grow more heated and he felt his face flush as the braided man's velvet tongue slid up along the column of his throat, trailing all way up to the outside shell of his ear. "Ahh," Wufei panted, his hips jerking against Duo's thigh in desperation.

"You like that, Fei?" Duo asked softly into his ear, causing the man to begin to tremble as he continued to talk dirty. "Feels like you fucking love it, considering how hard your cock is." He shifted his thigh upwards to apply a fleeting amount of pressure to the bulge that threatened to burst out of Wufei's slacks. "I bet your cock is fucking dripping already, yeah?"

Still thinking it was a dream, the usually stoic man cried out softly in need and he opened his eyes to look up at Duo. "D-Duo…" He stuttered, turning his head to look at his dream lover. He knew that his face was flushed from arousal, but he couldn't find the frame of mind to care as he watched indigo eyes darken to a purple that damn near rivaled the night sky.

A guttural sound rumbled from the braided one's chest and he rocked his hips forward, rocking his trapped hard on against his partner's hip and leaned in to whisper against Wufei's lips, "Don't do that, baby, because I'm likely to embarrass myself if you moan my name like that again."

Feeling impish, Wufei reached up to thread his fingers into surprisingly life-like chestnut hair and tugged on it to tilt Duo's head back. He leaned up to lick the salty skin that covered his Adam's apple and nipped the skin, moaning softly at the delicious taste that he would now always associate with the Telekinetic. "Duo…fuck, you taste good." Wufei moaned softly, feeling free to shake loose the tight control he always had on himself. After all, it was only a dream, right?

He felt more than heard Duo gasp sharply and he pushed upwards as he tugged the hem of his partner's shirt up to run his strong fingers over impossibly soft skin. Fingers gently brushed over the raised but smooth scar tissue of the burn that Duo had sustained at some point in his life, a small sound of sympathy rising in his throat. He felt Duo stiffen at his touch, obviously afraid that Wufei might be disgusted but the Chinese man merely moved on downwards to flick open the button at top of the opening to his jeans.

The sound of the zipper echoed through the room as Duo tucked his face into the junction of his partner's shoulder and neck, a trembling of anticipation settling into his limbs as he felt his hot flesh meet the cool air of the air conditioned house. Clear fluid already gathered at the tip of his erection and he felt Wufei trace the trail of hair teasingly from his navel down to the soft curls nestled at the base of his cock but that touch completely avoided where Duo wanted it the most. "Fei," He whimpered softly against his neck, his teeth finding the skin to bite down and suck hard.

Just as Wufei was about to wrap his hand around Duo's twitching cock, he felt the pain of the love bite and he completely froze as the pain registered in his brain. Ebony eyes snapped open, looking at Duo and took complete stock of where his hand was, as well as the situation he found himself. He inhaled deeply as panic was beginning to overtake the desire that hazed his mind as he realized that this, in fact, was not a dream. One didn't feel pain in a dream.

A soft, keening moan came from the man on top of him and Duo snapped his hips towards Wufei's still hand. The need that consumed his mind and body seemed to override his usual attention to detail. "Fei," He moaned softly, licking the strawberry mark he had left on the Shielder's neck. "Fuck, babe, don't stop." With a roll of his hips, he managed to make his cock brush against the hand that was oh-so-close to it.

The next several moments were blurred and, whenever Duo would look back on them, he wasn't exactly sure how he ended up flat on his ass on the floor. However, the couch that he and Wufei had been about make love on was between them. Looking up from his position, he saw that the Chinese man's eyes were wide and that he had a stricken look on his pale face. His chest heaved, panting as if he had just run a marathon twice over and he was visibly trembling with an arm raised up in an almost defensive gesture.

Now Duo was thoroughly confused and quite concerned, standing slowly as he kept from trying to set the startled man off. He raised his hands in a gesture of helplessness and surrender, trying to put him at ease. "Wufei…"

Wufei couldn't believe what had happened. He had been having a nice dream about himself and Duo, then this is what he had woken to. Honestly, he was having a hard time coming to terms with his attraction for a man…let alone his co-worker and fellow psychic. Obsidian eyes flickered to Duo when he spoke his name, his face paling in the morning light.

Duo slowly straightened, meeting Wufei's eyes with his own and he licked his lips a little to moisten them. "Alright, Wufei…let's just sit down and talk—"

"Don't fucking patronize me, Maxwell!" The Shielder snapped, resorting to anger to overcome his embarrassment. "I'm not a fucking woman that needs to be fucking comforted."

The braided man took a deep breath, trying to physically manage the emotional pain that lanced through him suddenly and he masked it well away from Wufei. He gave a bit of a grin, even though he was inwardly bleeding inside at the outraged response from his would-be lover. "Okay, okay." He murmured, lowering his hands slowly, "but we should really figure this out."

"Figure this out?" Wufei all but snarled, his eyes narrowing, "You were taking advantage of me while I slept! Tell me, what the hell is there to 'figure out'?" He made quotation marks in the air when he stated the quoted words. "Where the hell do you get off anyways?"

Violet eyes narrowed at Wufei and he dropped his hands, his facial features darkening and heralding and on-coming storm. "Excuse me? Taking advantage of you while you slept? Please, you were just as much of an active participant in it as I was."

"Bull shit!" Wufei shouted, a vein beginning to stand out in his forehead and neck as he shouted. "I thought it was another—" He stopped, flushing darkly as the word 'dream' hung in the air between them unspoken and he just as good as admitted that he fantasized about the Telekinetic before.

There was a brief, almost shocked silence between the two men before Duo raised an eyebrow at him. "Wufei, you've had dreams about us…?"

"Get out." Came the deadly snarl from the detective, Wufei fixing cold obsidian eyes on the other man. "Get the hell out of my house, Maxwell."

Duo started towards him, opening his mouth to speak but he stopped and just shook his head. He tucked himself back into his pants easily, the conversation having cooled the desire in his veins. He didn't have to be an Empath like Quatre to feel the rage emanating from the Shielder. Instead of arguing further, he simply picked up his half of the case files and set them straight, not looking at the trembling form of his would-be lover.

Once his things were collected, he started towards the door and opened it. However, in the threshold, he turned to finally look at Wufei's back. "You won't be able to avoid this subject forever, Wufei..." He murmured softly, his voice emotionless. "And you won't be able to avoid me, either. We still have to work together and, at some point, we're going to chat about this."

"Please," Wufei's voice caustic, "you're a fool to think I would want to be with an irresponsible child who doesn't know the consequences of his own stupidity." He deliberately lashed out at Duo, his embarrassment and uncertainty at their maximum causing him to want to hurt something. "Get the hell out of my house before I arrest you for trespassing."

Wufei's back was to Duo, so he didn't see the hurt in his dark violet eyes or the pain that was written across his face. He wasn't an Empath, therefore he wouldn't feel the overwhelming heartache that consumed the braided man or the black hand of despair grasp his soul. All Wufei heard was the gentle latching of his front door and the sound of Duo driving away in his car.

Trowa rubbed his forehead, the pain echoing through his skull and he sighed a little. He could feel blood drip slowly down his arm from a knife wound, knowing the slash wasn't too deep but had severed a few small blood vessels. Flesh wounds always bled a ridiculous amount, he had learned. He took deep, gulping breaths before opening his emerald eyes and looking around the small warehouse, looking at the three bodies that lay on the ground before him. He couldn't feel their hearts beat at all, but then again he had caused them to stop on the first place.

As always after killing something, he felt queasy and nauseous. He turned, forcing his shaky limbs to move out of the warehouse and he swallowed thickly. Truth be told, he was grateful that the sleeve of his turtleneck would soak up the blood coming from the wound, knowing that he could leave no trace behind for the people to track. He glanced at his watched, trying to ignore the migraine that was settling into his skull and threatening to crack it open with an ice pick.

"Shit," He hissed and started to jog towards his car a few blocks from the warehouse. Trowa was going to be late for dinner at Quatre's house and he certainly didn't want to raise any sort of suspicions, though he doubted it would. After all, who could connect him in with the murders?

Truth be told, Trowa was looking forward to spending some time with the blond. He found him intelligent and completely genuine, both qualities feeling like a breath of fresh air to Trowa though he would never enlighten the smaller man to this fact. In the world that the Electrokinetic dealt with, everyone was underhanded and fake. If not his need for money to support Cathy, as well as pay for his schooling and their bills…then he wouldn't be in this line of work anyways. Even now, he doubted he could get out of this horrible web that he had been trapped in.

He found the blond's smile infectious and he couldn't help but feel a little lighter around him, as well as a little bit attracted. Quatre's enthusiasm and positive energy seemed to bubble over into everything he did. Trowa had gotten to calling him a little angel in his mind, find that it suited the innocence that he exuded and the soft halo of golden hair atop his head. The aquamarine eyes, however, was what really pulled Trowa in and he would happily like to gaze into those depths as long as he drew breath. Desire was certainly a factor for accepting the dinner invitation.

However, he knew that he could never be with Quatre for too long and he would have to be content with a simple friendship. Trowa knew that anyone he was close to could be used as a weakness against him and the Oz Organization was not above using such methods. Hell, how many times had Trowa resorted to such methods on their behalf as it was? He couldn't stand the thought of tainting the innocent blond with this world he was immersed is. It wouldn't be fair to Quatre, either. As it was, Cathy was in constant danger because of him…

Because, truthfully, she wasn't hit by a drunk driver. No, it had been a warning to Trowa that he had enemies out there…powerful enemies that weren't above hurting the ones he cared for to get at him.

He slid into his small Dodge Neon when he reached it, turning the key in the ignition and pulling out into the late evening rush hour traffic. He forced his mind away from the psychic overload that was starting to set in, weaving in and out of traffic in order to get back to his home to clean up. Though, he briefly glanced in the rearview in the direction of the warehouse as a little sadness crept into his heart and he said a prayer to whatever greater being to forgive him. He just hoped that they would understand that he did what he had to do to survive…and that people were counting on him to pull through.

To be continued…

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