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An infectious breed that feeds on the human's living blood. Every trait and tale about them is true. Except one. Everyone knows that they exist and it has been an all out war between humans and vampires for centuries. Many have bended to their will and become their slaves while the others resist. Where ever there are vampires, there are vampire hunters. That is one fact that no one can ever change, no matter how different a story may be from one country compared to the other.

But now as time has passed, there are very few vampire hunters and more vampire followers. Many have claimed to see the 'good' side of them and wish to become one. But there is nothing good about them. They are vicious monsters that feed on human blood and the humans dare to say that vampires are good? Many are fooled and so few have opened their eyes to the truth and rebelled. Even the vampires themselves.

At least, that's what Uchiha Itachi believes since he discarded the vampire throne to become a human vampire hunter himself.

Ch. 1: Just like You

"You want to know a little secret, love?"

Small, feminine giggles fill the air in the dark, low lighting room. The only thing illuminating it is the light of a small light candle on the counter next to a rusty, old bed. On top of the bed are two people. One of them being completely naked and the other has half of his clothes on. The only clothing that's not on that guy is his pants. The giggles came from the one laying on the bed with his head against the pillows and a devilish, seductive smirk is on the beautiful brunette male's face. He's the one without his pants and his buttoned shirt, unbuttoned while still covering his shoulders and arms.

"Oh? You're not going to tell me you're married are you?" Itachi asks the man hovering over him. He chuckled at the silly question.

"No," he answers. He lowers himself closer to Itachi till his lips are right by his ear, sending chills through his body. "But I have been with a lot of ladies before you."

Hearing that made Itachi a little confused and taken back a bit. "So I'm your first male then?"

The man over him pulls back to look at Itachi deep into his curious, onyx color eyes and a very satisfied grin appears. He leans closer till their nose lines are briefly touching and compliments, "You're too pretty to be a guy. That's why I'm here with you." Then he plants a passionate kiss on Itachi's lips and he responded instantly, letting out moans when he felt the guy's tongue enter his mouth. The deeper his moans became, the more it turned his partner on. When the kiss broke, Itachi look flustered with hazy eyes clouded with embarrassment and lust. Seeing the blood rushing to his face pleases the guy. Itachi not only looks like woman, he's acting like one. "I haven't told you my secret yet, m'lady."

"Well, tell me what it is already," Itachi complains like an impatient child. "I want you inside me already."

"Give me a minute, okay? It's a really big secret and I want to tell you what it is before I fuck you senseless." He bends down to Itachi's ear again and he whispers, "I'm a vampire and you…" Peeking from behind his pale white lips are two long, sharp canines just pleading for flesh and blood. "…are my dinner." Itachi's body tenses and his eyes widen in fear when he hears this. The vampire lowers down at the now frighten male's neck and stares longingly at the veins under his creamy cocoa skin. He can see that they are just full of his blood and he can see that they are pumping through at high speed from Itachi's fast pacing heart. "Before I fucked my victims, I drain them all dry of blood first so that they don't become vampires themselves and rip the skin right off of my ass. You will receive no better treatment." He opens his mouth wider and his fangs just dripping with saliva and the vampirism toxins. But right before he was going to chow down, Itachi's fast pacing heart completely slowed down to normal and his muscles weren't so tense anymore.

"Too bad, isn't it? For you that is."

Before the vampire knew it, he felt something go right through him and an enormous amount of pain injects through his body. He didn't have the strength to look down to see what did that to him. His eyes are wide with pain and his breath hitched. Holding the wooden stake that stabbed the vampire in his hand, Itachi lifts up the frozen body so that they could be face to his face. His once seductive eyes that resembled that of a prostitute are now hard and cold and his expression is a blank. It's almost as if the emotions are wiped clean off his face.

"Now let me tell you a secret," Itachi says. Even his voice sounds like a total blank. "I am a vampire hunter, sent here by the Akatsuki to hunt down a vampire who's been targeting human women for his own hunger. Luckily for me, you decide to go after a male tonight."

"Wh…" As hard as he can, the vampire is trying to speak. But he's having a very hard time with the pain of the wooden stake piercing his heart and his life now hanging on a thread between his existence on earth and hell. "Wh..Who..exa-actly…are..you?"

Itachi gave no answer. He simply shoves the guy to the side off the bed and he twists the vampire's heart before letting go and allowing the bubbling up corpse to fall to the ground and cause the blood to decorate the floor like a water balloon. The body hits the floor and explodes. Blood decorates the floor and bits of the walls with blood splatter designs. Body parts spread around but it was only seconds later till they turn to ash and completely disappear. The only evidence that proved that the vampire was ever here was the blood, the bloody stake, and his bloody clothes that were thrown to the floor. Itachi starts buttoning his shirt and he looks down at where the body would have originally laid.

"I'm a human who used to be just like you."

After the shirt came the rest of his clothing. Lucky for him, he kept his underwear and pants on the bed to avoid the bloodstains damaging them. After the clothes, he ties his long dark brown hair into a loosely tied low pony tail and he got his clock. After a double check of no blood on himself or any trace of that vampire being on him, Itachi leaps off the bed and lands right in front of the door, away from the blood and about thirty feet away from the bed. He exits and closes the door behind him, only for his hunting partner to be waiting for him. Kisame is leaning up against the wall next to the door and Itachi doesn't appear all that surprised or embarrassed if his partner had heard him moan all during that prostitute act.

"Did you have fun?" the human shark looking man asks. He sounds quite amused when he asked that. Obviously, he was there for the whole thing.

Itachi simply says, "Our target is terminated. Let us go back to report to leader." But as he turns around to walk away down the hallway, he feels a big strong hand grasp his wrist and then pin him against the wall. Itachi didn't make any sudden movements against him when it happened. He had a feeling this would happen and since Kisame is the one pinning him down, he knows that there is no real danger.

Kisame holds Itachi's wrist against the wall as his other hand is leaning against it for support. He leans close to Itachi's face and he commands in a whisper, "Answer my question, Itachi-san."

Even being this close and smelling his nasty fish breath, Itachi's expression does not falter. It stayed exactly the same, as if he were just a doll. "You already know the answer, Kisame." Hearing this, the shark man smirks, revealing his sharp, pointy shark teeth.

"Even though you're human, you're still clinging to the rules of the vampires."

"That is the only rule that I obey. The rest, I could care less."

"Has there ever been anything you ever came close to caring about?"

A small pause and still, a blank face. "There has. Just not recently."

A smirk still stays on Kisame's face. The only difference about it now is that it grew wider shortly after Itachi's answer. "You truly are nothing more than a doll. Expressionless, no longer caring or worrying, and just following orders because he was told to. Tell me, how does it feel to live like that?"

Itachi still does not show a single trace of emotion. No irritation, no cockiness, no teasing, no amusement; absolutely nothing. "It's tolerable. Now are you going to release me or pin me to this wall all night?"

Kisame chuckles. He releases his partner and backs away. "I simply cannot tell the difference between you and Sasori's puppets, except that you're alive."

"Let's go."

With that, the conversation ended and both males walked out of the village inn and back to their base to report a job well done to their leader.

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