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Ch. 37: He'll Hate Me

When Deidara opened his eyes, it was to absolute whiteness. When he woke up, it was like he was waking up from a pleasant sleep. Something that he wish he didn't wake up from but with the bright white light shining in his eyes, he can't go back to sleep.

He grimaces when that light blinded him and his initial reaction would be to raise his hand up to block that light and then turn over to pull the covers over and block that irritating light and go back to sleep. But he can't. He can't move his arm.

With the sense of feeling coming back to him, he can feel that it's not the prickly grass of the garden that he collapsed to. He's on something soft and firm but not hard and solid like the ground. A mattress maybe and he has not sheets over his body. It's just him on this mattress. Usually when you sleep, you would have the sheets and the covers otherwise you'll wake up cold and a bit numb, but for Deidara right now, that's not the case. He doesn't feel cold at all or numb. But he doesn't feel warm either.

Confused, Deidara wakes up a little more and when he tries to lift his arm up, he couldn't. Something is holding it back. There's also something holding his torso, his legs, and ankles down as well. Lifting his head up as much as he could, with also the difficulty of lack of strength at the moment, the long hair blonde's caution alarm goes off in his head when he sees that his body is strapped down to a bed; around his wrists, over his torso, over his legs, and around his ankles. With the white walls in the background, Deidara almost looks like he's in an asylum medical room. Though what shocks him the most is that he doesn't have one arm anymore. He has both arms again and he can open and close his fists just like how he used to. But how is that possible? He thought he lost that arm when he was fighting that other vampire prince that night.

Hundred of thoughts go running through his head right now. What the heck is going on? Where is he? Why is he here? How did he get here? Is he in enemy territory? How does he have his arm back? How is it completely attached again like he never lost it in the first place? What was the last thing that happened to him before he got here?

Then it all came to him. For a few days after his mission failed and Itachi was captured by the vampires in critical condition, he went into hiding. He didn't go back to the Akatsuki. Even with the bird, going back would've been too long of a journey for him with his missing arm. So he stopped somewhere to wrap it up properly and Zetsu found him to warn him that he was still too close to the vampire's radar. He had to move again and Zetsu was the one who helped him wrap up his wound since he refused to go back. Sasori would probably give him the proper medical treatment and even give him a replacement arm. But he wasn't going to go back. He refused to leave Itachi to rot in that castle. Besides, if he went back to the Akatsuki, it would've been humiliation of a life time, plus he still had a few days before the Akatsuki came themselves. They can treat him better then. Zetsu told him that they turned Itachi back into a vampire and he was under the control of his little brother – the same brat who dared humiliate his bombs and cut off his arm. With that news, he knew getting Itachi back would be tricky. So for the past few days, he prepared his ultimate attack to threaten the lives of everyone in the castle in exchange for Itachi's freedom. He was pissed when he heard then about the sun protection barrier but from the information of what Zetsu knew about it, his C4 wouldn't be able to move past it but they could still destroy it long enough for the vampires to burn in the sunlight like how they're supposed to. With his plan set and his bombs ready, he set up a quiet bomb to scatter the C4 ones after he passes the barrier. What great luck he saw Itachi already in the garden where he landed but when he tried to talk to him, he was different. He wasn't the Itachi Deidara knew. Then the words he said…it definitely wasn't him. Itachi was leaving him. Just like how his mother left him. He couldn't have that. He couldn't lose her again! So he threatened Itachi's new family with his bombs and then…

…and then Itachi bit him. A vampire bit him.

Right as that thought comes to him, something else takes his attention. Something burning and painful, and it's all coming from his throat. He winces and groans loudly when he feels this pain and it just keeps growing and growing. It's like someone is literally scratching the inside of his throat with long wide, sharp edge nails. First it was softly scratching and now with each passing moment, it gets bigger and harsher.

What…What is this…pain?

"You're thirsty when you first wake up."

Instantly catching his attention, Deidara snaps his head to the side where he heard it and he sees Itachi sitting on a chair on the side of the bed with the calm and collected face Deidara saw last time. He always looked passive about his emotions but the expression the long hair blonde was used to seeing were the ones that looked dead. There are no emotions still but the Uchiha still looks 'alive'.

Seeing him after what the Akatsuki bomber just remembered, it doesn't reassure him in the least. It just puts him more into a panic.

"Just like what happened to me and those bitten before you."

Then the blonde accuses him, "You bastard! You turned me?" but his voice sounds horsed and weak from his pain.

Not even a speck of remorse appears on the vampire prince's face. Nor shame. "It was the only way to spare your life and prevent you from using your bombs. My brother has already disabled all of them so even if you try to set them off now, it'll only be a waste of your efforts."

Extreme rage appears on the blonde's face when he heard that. "What did you…" But then the pain suddenly intensifies when he sees something. Looking at Itachi just sitting there on his chair, for some reason Deidara can see the veins in his body and the blood that flows through them. The warm, luscious blood that his instincts instantly crave. This craving is by far the most painful thing he has ever felt; maybe even more so than when he lost his arm. He wants to replenish it. He wants to fulfill it and be done with it. He wants to bite something and drink its blood!

But he shouldn't be thinking like this! And he shouldn't be craving for blood either! He's not a parasite!

He is not a vampire!

Seeing that he's in pain as well as how the blonde does the same thing he did before – grit his teeth as hard as he can to prevent his newly sharp fangs from extending and his eyes fighting between his own natural eye color and the natural red color of a vampire, Itachi knows that he can't just sit there for long. He has blood and being this far away from him when Deidara's like this is tortuous. He should know. It's like a starving man being chained up from the grand and glorious feast he sees before his eyes, just staring at him – taunting him.

He also knows the dangers of what happens when a vampire doesn't get fed right away.

Deidara closed his eyes when the pain intensified in his throat but when he feels a dip on the mattress on both sides of him, he looks and he sees Itachi looming over him with both legs and arms on either side of him. His eyes widen when he sees him so close and to smell such a delectable scent coming from his very body.

He wants it…he wants it so badly…

Itachi raises one wrist up to his mouth and with his own extended fangs, he bites into it, tears the skin a little more, and without drinking a drop of his own blood. With the scent of blood now in the air, it's really pushing it for the blonde. Then it got really worst when the prince presents his wrist to him. Instantly, his first reaction is to move as back as he could away from the bleeding wrist. Even keep his mouth perfectly shut as his fangs ache and ache, begging to grow, and he turns his face to the side.

"Deidara, you need to drink. You need to have some blood or your body will destroy itself bit by bit." But even still as he moved the wrist closer, Deidara keeps his mouth shut like a stubborn child refusing to eat his greens. Itachi even notices he's refusing to breathe to see if that'll stop his throat from burning.

Foolish. He'll die at this rate!

All the times Itachi became a vampire master for his surviving bites, he's not one to like order people around. Almost like Naruto, however if he absolutely needs to order his vampire to do something, he doesn't feel guilty about it afterwards. "Deidara, I'm ordering you to drink my blood."

With that command, the blonde feels willing to obey. For Deidara, it's a little weird. It's like he knows with his heart and soul he doesn't want to drink blood even if his life depended on it but by Itachi's order, it's like his will is easily bended and he wants to obey him. What is this? Is this what they mean by a vampire servant serving his master?

Turning his face back towards Itachi, his mouth is only centimeters away from the Uchiha's wound. Itachi would have just moved his wrist closer for him to hurry up and drink but he waits as Deidara reluctantly sticks his tongue out as if to just try the blood. But the moment his tongue and the blood make contact, something pulses throughout his entire body. Something strong, powerful, and above all, hungry.

The blood was the most delicious thing he has ever tasted before in his life and he wanted more.

Opening his mouth, his fangs have already extended and his eyes are completely red for the incredible hunger he can no longer resist. Lifting his head up just a little more, he chomps on that wrist for the full experience of actually digging his teeth into this cold yet warm flesh that is his master. Itachi was startled for a moment when he did that. Not that the blonde decided to bite when the vampire prince already did that for him, but for that unhesitant harsh bite like an animal finally breaking through the barriers that kept him back and the impulse is coming out at anything at full force. He gasped for a moment before trying to keep his body relaxed and to just deal with the pain. Unlike when he's bitten with Sasuke that instantly bring welcoming pleasure coursing through his veins, Deidara's venom brings pleasure none the less but Itachi tries to ignore it. In all honesty, he shouldn't be doing this. Not because first biters should feed on human blood, that's only for vampire children who have matured into their natural instincts, but because Itachi's mated. His blood belongs to his mate and thus, he shouldn't allow anyone to bite him but Sasuke. It's like having unwilling sex with someone else. He doesn't want to but he knows he has to.

Deidara moans when the first drops of blood roll pass his tongue and down his throat. Truly, he has never tasted anything so delicious in his life. So rich with flavor and so filling. He wanted more. Oh how he wanted more for it not only subsided the pain his throat that's been burning all this time but with every drop he consumes, the better he feels and the stronger he becomes. To think that something you can just sip from another can make your body feel this way. It's beyond anything the blonde has ever experienced before. The power surging through him and the pleasure mixed with satisfaction he feels consuming this blood. Usually, he wouldn't feel bliss like this except in bed. Technically that's where he is now but the process is completely different. If only he wasn't tied down, he would hold this wrist exactly where it is and probably never let it go. He never wanted it to end.

Minute by minute, Deidara consumes blood and minute by minute, Itachi can feel his own strength leaving him. He expected the blonde to be hungry. Any new vampire would be – that's why he forced himself to have a big breakfast this morning to be sure not to faint in the middle of this. But just because he had a big meal, plus one small snack in bed this morning, it doesn't mean he's able to give his Akatsuki partner blood by the gallons.

"Deidara…that's enough. Stop!" he commands and by his command at that very second, Deidara releases his wrist and backs away as if the limp and the very blood of it became deadly poison. Pulling his wrist back, Itachi holds it with his other to add the slight pressure to stop the bleeding. He can worry about the clean up later but for now, both males are panting on the bed from either total exhaustion or the blissful pleasure that sprung through his veins like lightning.

Though that bliss feeling is starting to turn into disgust.

Now that he's done feeding and some bits of his mind is coming back to him, the fact that he just consumed blood on a vampire's order is making Deidara sick beyond belief. To think that he would even allow such thoughts of bloodlust and yearning to pass through his brain as he was feeding on blood like the very suckheads he spent all his life fighting and killing. Now here he is, as one of them, and he just drank his fill in blood – according to his new 'master'. He still has a small bit of that yearning left in his body. He wants more. More blood, and the second that thought comes to mind, he instantly tries to dismiss it. Because now he has become the lowest scum on the face of the earth.

Itachi can see the disgust, hatred towards him, and the self-loathing in the blonde's now blue eyes and really, he doesn't blame him. Not only did he turn him into a monster but he made him act like one too, against his will; technically. But it was for the best.

Not wanting his blood to go to waste, Itachi licks the remaining blood on his skin as his wound begins to heal. The Akatsuki bomber observes him and that small tiny part of him which still yearns for blood is craving it even more as the black hair vampire prince on top of him consumes his own blood. He wants that blood and that just makes him feel more revolting of himself.

Once he finished, Itachi tells him, "I'm going to remove your bonds, Deidara. However before I do that, there are a few things I need to tell you that you're not going to like." Looking at him dead in the eye and looming over the blonde instead of just sitting on his lap like how he was before, Itachi orders him, "Once I release you, you are not to kill anyone who lives in this castle, especially not the Kyuubi Jinchuriki. Nor are you allowed to leave this castle, harm yourself, kill yourself, or allow yourself to be killed by another because of what you are now. You are a vampire now and I turned you into one for a reason. I do not wish for you to spoil this opportunity I have given you."

Opportunity? Deidara sure as hell does not see it like that!

Itachi can see that in his eyes and yet he still snaps his fingers and like how the chains came off for him on his father's command, the bounds attached to the bed released the long hair blonde on his command. It didn't surprise the prince at all that the second that happened, a powerful force from the newbie vampire is used against him and he's pushed up against a wall on the other side of the room where the bed was. The hit of the wall is painful, especially when Deidara doesn't even know how to control his new strength and speed, but Itachi isn't surprised in the least that the blonde is looking down at him with blood red eyes not filled with hunger but with complete and utter anger.

"You back-stabbing, two-face whore!" he calls with fangs extended as well and his hands holding fist loads of Itachi's shirt. "Why? Why did you turn me into a vampire? All I wanted was to bring you back to the Akatsuki by any means necessary and you do this! Why, damn it!"

Without a single shred of emotion appearing on his face, the vampire prince simply says, "It was either turn you or kill you. It would have been a waste to eliminate someone with your skills." His voice sounded ice cold as well. No compassion or remorse.

That's why when he said that, his words pierced through Deidara's brain than any blade did before. They make the rage disappear for just a moment and for shock and dreadful realization to take its place.

"So you turned me…only to use me?" He mumble that, with small pleads that wasn't the case but if it's true, then the blonde is more than likely to believe his words this time. Because turning into a vampire is more of an insult than declaring to Deidara that the vampires are Itachi's family. Not the Akatsuki.

Still as blank as before, the ex-Akatsuki doll reminds, "I'm sure you are aware that we only had a week to kill the Kyuubi and since he is still alive, the Akatsuki will come here and finish the job. My family needs every able warrior to fight in this war and if I can turn you into my slave to do that, then so be it."

This can't be true. But given what's happened, how can Deidara not believe Itachi's words? Besides, how many times has the vampire told the bomber that he's changed and that he's not going back to Akatsuki? Several and Deidara's persistence has got him turned into a vampire…under this guy's control who's telling him that he's going to use him to fight against Akatsuki. To fight against their family. To fight against…

"Are you serious?" he questions, his voice rather soft compared to the screaming and yelling from before. But it grows as he asks, "Is that really the only reason why you turned me into a god damn bloodsucker? Just so you could have me fight against our friends and comrades!"

Still not a flicker of emotion on Itachi's face. But for some reason, his face now reminds Deidara a lot of the Itachi he knows. The doll with no emotion or compassion. Just cold-hearted, merciless slaying and even colder, harsh words. The only difference before was the life in his eyes. Then, the Akatsuki bomber saw a bit of emotion in his features. A bit of passion in what he was saying perhaps. But now, nothing. It's all completely blank.

"What else is there?"

So now, is Itachi pretending like he always was for the last twenty years or is he finally showing his true colors? Revealing himself as the vampire scum that he is? And to think that Deidara thought he was caring and that there was more to him than just a suicidal killer with no desire to carry on is existence. Look how dead wrong he is. He never cared about them! Not leader, not Kisame his partner, not the Akatsuki as a whole, and definitely not each member as individuals. In the end, they're all just humans waiting for a vampire to get close enough to sink their teeth into and turn them.

"You motherfuckin, two-face, dirty slut! I hate you! I GOD DAMN HATE YOU!" His eyes are a blaze and crazed; and yet even as he raises his hand up with a first ready to probably smash a few bones with his new uncontrolled strength, Itachi does not even bat an eye and that just make Deidara hate him all the more.

But right when the blonde is going to punch him, a hand from behind stops Deidara's fist before it even moves an inch forward. Then just as fast, a cold blade is pointed not even a centimeter away from Deidara's neck. The bomber gasps in surprises and instantly his guard goes up while being extremely careful about not getting his head slashed off. Maybe it would save him the trouble but his vampire will is making him want to avoid that blade at all cost. When Itachi sees the one who stopped him, emotion finally appears on his features; a small bit of startled surprise.

The owner of that hand and that sword is none other than Itachi's little brother and very similar to the expression Deidara had on before, Sasuke looks angry with possessiveness with his fangs extended and his eyes only red to show that he is completely and totally dead serious if Deidara dares to lay a hand against his brother.

He snarls, "In case it has slipped your mind, your lost arm has been reattached. It'll be a shame to lose both of them, now wouldn't it?" Where in the world did he come from all of a sudden?

But that can be answered later. "Sasuke, enough," Itachi tells him, once he has collected himself. Both pair of red eyes glance back at him and with his piercing, beautiful satin eyes, he tells them calmly, "Deidara is only venting out his emotions. It'll die down soon enough. He just needs to walk it off."

He says it as though it were a matter of fact. Like he expects Deidara's feeling to just die down from a little stroll. Not likely!

But Sasuke gets what he's saying. Reluctantly, he removes his sword but his hand that grabbed Deidara's fist swiftly releases it and grabs the back of the blonde's neck instead. With the same swift speed he had before and his strength, he yanks Deidara off and throws him to the other side of the room – his back hitting the wall and creating a small crack. To the blonde, that hurt but not as much as it would if he were human. To Sasuke, that was a greeting tap.

"You heard your master. Go take a walk," he commands, his fangs gone but his eyes still bleeding red with authority. When Deidara looks at him, his eyes faded back to blue and his fangs are gone too but he's still glaring at both brothers.

So in three days not only did Itachi become the vampire scum that he truly is, but he also got his little brother wrapped around his finger? For all Deidara knows, Itachi was waiting for the opportunity to return to his family. He only pretended to be a hunter to rally up the most powerful annoying ones and then eliminate them for the good of his people.

Right now, a walk sounds like an excellent idea!

"Screw you both, shit-faces." With that, Deidara picks himself up and heads for the door; which he sees is left open for him to exit. Sasuke must have just rushed in when he came in. As far as the blonde goes, and anyone who would feel as angry as him, he doesn't care but before he could go, someone stops him.

"Deidara," Itachi calls and like a dog being called, Deidara obeyed again. When he stopped, it only added fuel to his anger that his body would act against him like this. He is not a dog! But he hears the long-haired Uchiha tell him, "There is a celebration tonight before tomorrow's war. You are welcome to attend, if you wish."

What in the…? Not only did Deidara became surprised but so does Sasuke; him more than the blonde. A questioning, grave look appears on the younger Uchiha's face as he looks at his brother from the corner of his eyes but Itachi is keeping his still on the bomber.

Who in the world does he think he is? Does Deidara want to celebrate the fact that he's going to have to fight the people who used to call comrades tomorrow? But why did Itachi give him the option to attend? Of course he's not going to since he gave him that choice. So why not just order him…


Deidara's only response is, "Fuck you, slut." Then he slams the door when he left and he marches off to…the first direction he sees.

When he left, Itachi looks away finally in his guilt. Sasuke looked back when that blonde made that insult and he almost has the urge to beat the living crap out of him for that. But he doesn't. He knows Itachi isn't going to blame Deidara for his behavior. He's just going to excuse it and brush it off like it never happened because the blonde acted exactly as the older prince knew he would act. But still, that's how Itachi feels. It's not how he does.

"It took him two days to fully transform," Sasuke randomly notes from observation. Itachi turns to him for that and the younger prince is still not looking at him. He's still staring in Deidara's direction. However seeing his body language and hearing the tone of voice, Itachi better get up for this.

Standing up, he agrees, "Indeed. That's a day shorter than normal."

As he dusts off his clothes, Sasuke asks again, "Because he's one of those children, right?" He stops.

Facing him when his little brother won't do the same, Itachi asks, "You were able to read the reports." Though that sounded more like a statement than a question.

"What else am I supposed to do while Naruto and mother are making their long-ass decisions about tonight's ceremony?"

It's not a surprise that Sasuke has access to those records and reading them saves Itachi the trouble of telling him what their father told him. But the reports just graze that surface. It's only about their abilities, strengths, and weaknesses. Hearing the contempt and the trying-to controlled anger in the boy's voice, imagine how the boy would feel if he found out about the whole truth instead of only that small bit of information. With him hear, Itachi can see other signs. The tightly clenched fists that shake at his side and the small twitches of the body to show the small hints.

Though speaking of which, did Sasuke actually escape their mother this time? Because then he's being hunted down right his minute not to decide what jewelry he should wear for tonight but because they're not supposed to be together right now.

Though there's something else as well. "Sasuke, if you have something to say-" Itachi placed his hand on his brother's shoulders as he said that and as soon as he did that, Sasuke interrupts him by turning around, grabbing his collar and slamming into the wall. It didn't as much as the last time he did this but the raging anger is back on his features.

"Why is it that every time I come rushing in, I end up saving your sorry ass?" he asks, his eyes back to red but again no fangs.

Itachi's eyes are full of gentle understanding to his young mate's feelings but he dares not touch his face. It's just going to get slapped away anyway. "You have every right to feel frustrated about this. But so does Deidara. I only told him I turned him to be used in the war."

So that's it then. Sasuke is caught off guard with that reply, but at the same time he really shouldn't be surprised his brother made that move. He has a habit of not telling the whole truth. Still, those words do little to calm the younger vampire's nerves. "Why did you only tell him that? No wonder the guy was ready to kill you! You should have god damn told him you had no other choice. Either kill him or bite him, and he still has someone waiting for him."

"Sasori despises vampires more than anything. Vampire children to be more precise. Deidara knows that and he believes I just absolutely destroyed any chances of them being together again. If everything goes well, I only hope they still have a chance."

Hearing that calmed the younger prince a bit. A lot really but he can still feel some frustration from all of this. Why? Why does Itachi always feel like he should carry the weight of responsibility? Why does he always do it alone? They're mated, aren't they? Sasuke should take some responsibility as well. After all, isn't the creation of the Akatsuki just as big on his shoulders as it is for Itachi's? One thing is for sure the younger prince had to hear from their father that his brother went to go visit Deidara. He got the hint when Madara gave him the look that hinted the blonde might wake up today and that something might happen. Bless Naruto's and, for once, Madara's soul for distracting Mikoto long enough for Sasuke to escape.

Sasuke is not threatening his brother anymore. He's over that. Instead, he loosens the grip on the shirt so he could hug his mate just once more before they have to part. He's not one to go incredibly soft but Itachi is not one to ask for comfort even when he needs it. "Things will work out. You'll see. If they're good hearted enough for you to risk your life over, then we can only hope. Don't you dare tell Naruto I said that, got it?"

Thank you.

That seems appropriate to say at this moment. Itachi will admit that the hug caught him off guard again but hearing those words just make it all the world. He takes in a deep breath and lets out a long exhale. He'll partially ignore the last part a bit. For now, he lifts Sasuke's face from pressing against his chest to look up and he leans down towards it. "My lips are sealed, otouto."

They have a few minutes to spare before they have to leave to get ready for tonight. So for coming here and being his support, Itachi awards his mate with a breath-taking kiss and he accepts it full heartedly.


To say Deidara is still angry would kind of be an understatement. The walk helped but while his burning rage died down, his irritation grew.

Everywhere he went, his senses would go hay-wired. His sense of hearing picked up conversations of the workers in the next room or far behind him in the hallway as if they were being spoken right beside him, his vision has gone sharper that he can tell the difference between some of the vampire helpers and the human slaves who look foolishly happy in this god-forsaken castle, he felt the vibrations of almost every lazy step going on in the castle, and his sense of smell increased greatly to the point he could smell the food being cooked in the kitchens that smell like some of the most delicious things Deidara has ever smelled in his life. But that was a lie because every time a human passed him, he could smell the blood through their skin, their sweat, and even from a recently cut wound. It made his throat burn with need but at the same time, it added to his irritation that these humans are living in a castle full of parasites and they're happy? How can they be happy? It's freakin frustrating!

That's why right now, he's in the garden screaming to the open air because he had to rush out of that building of hell or he would have ended up pulling his own hair out. He also hoped that by some miracle, the barrier would slip just once, completely accidental, so the sun could burn him and end his misery.

But the sun is about to set so there won't be much sunlight left and Itachi's order would just make him want to hide as fast as he can if it ever should. Which is another thing to add to his irritation! The guy told him not to kill anyone, leave this castle, or harm/kill himself. Damn him! It would be a logical action for Deidara to make at this point because he always barked that he would rather die than become a vampire and now look at him! But he can't do anything about it because of his damn order. He doesn't even feel like doing any of that. DAMN HIM!

"Hello!" And then a sweet, cheery voice speaks to him.

Turning around to find the source, and swearing that he didn't hear anyone or anything within a fifty feet radius of him, Deidara's a little taken back that he ends up seeing another blonde vampire like himself but he knows this vampire.

"You are…"

The spiky blonde, young boy looking vampire just smiles a little wider to Deidara's startled expression before greeting, "Hi there, Deidara. My name is Naruto. I'm the Kyuubi Jinchuriki."

He's the vampire who Sasuke was protecting that time and he was the one who yelled out that Sasuke broke Itachi's back when he was human. At least now hearing that he's the jinchuriki, that explains the whole protection bit.

Calming his nerves back down, Deidara puts on the tough face again and scoffs, "Heh. You have a lot of guts revealing yourself to me, especially without your protector, un. Or is he hiding somewhere, un?"

One thing is for sure, that whore told him that he can't kill the jinchuriki. Damn it! If he could, he would kill him and take down every vampire with him. Damn the order!

Hearing that last bit, Naruto chuckles a bit, nervously, "No, it's just me. Though Sasuke is going to give me a piece of his mind once he finds out I'm here with you alone. Especially when you've only just woken up as a vampire, and so early too."

Deidara flinched when he heard that last bit, but not in curiosity or puzzlement. In caution. Does this guy…know? Somehow seeing his whimsical smile, that idea is unlikely.

So calming himself, the long-haired blonde turns away and scoffs again, "Well you better go back to mommy then, un. Because I'm tempted to kill you right now. At least then I can take Itachi with me when I die, un." Though that is completely impossible. He just said that to scare him off.

"And that's why I'm here." And it didn't work. Coming up from the side as if to peak at Deidara's now vampire-like, beautiful famine face, he tells him, "When teme came back with his usual ass-like behavior but a little more downer than usual, I had a feeling something happened. So I snuck away to find you as soon as I got the chance. It was kind of easy since the castle is practically buzzing about you."

Deidara rolls his eyes at that last part. Of course the workers would be 'buzzing' about him. He even heard some of it of how they're wondering while he's walking around without his 'master'. Ugh! That word just makes his blood want to boil. And also, what's with this guy? He acts like he's talking to an old friend and he's acting rather girly too. More girly than he looks.

"I doubt they're good things. They're probably all scared I'm gonna go on a killing spree, un."

"But you can't because Itachi teme told you not to, right?"

"Damn straight, un."

A second passes and then Deidara's eyes go wide. Hold on…Did he just…

Still smiling like always and walking up in front of the Akatsuki bomber this time, he says, "Everyone is worried, that's a fact. But they believe that with Itachi teme as your master, you won't cause anyone any trouble. Except for maybe your angry suicidal aura."

Now that raises a brow on the long-haired blonde's face. "Suicidal?"

"When Itachi teme was trialed when he woke up, he claimed he hated every vampire in existence but when he was turned, he wasn't as suicidal as he was before. Everyone noticed. He wasn't full of life when he first came here, but you. I noticed from the first moment I saw you, you had a fire burning inside of you. Now I see that the fire has burned down slightly. You're depressed, aren't you?"

What in the? What is with this guy? Besides the Kyuubi no Jinchuriki, who does he think he is? He's starting to piss Deidara off.

"As if! Leave me alone, un."

But like high school girl pulling information from her best friend about how her first crush, Naruto tries to get the older-looking vampire to look at him as he says, "Don't deny it. Believe me. I can tell when someone is depressed, even if I just met them. I used to see it all the time." Though that last part sounded sincere.

For some extremely strange reason, Deidara feels like telling this guy everything. Like he feels like he can trust him and confined in him his thoughts and feelings. But that's ridiculous! This spiky blonde was born a vampire and he's the reincarnation of the vampire god for, for Jashin's sake!

Oh crap. Now he's starting to use Hidan's god for his irritation purposes.

But still, looking at the boy a little longer, Deidara looks away again and asks, "So what if I am? Nothing is going to help get rid of it, un. I can't do anything about it and I can't allow anyone to do it for me, either."

"Are you depressed because you have a mate who hates vampires?"

Now that is really out of the blue. Especially when he just asked that like a curious little child.

Deidara ends up stuttering, "Huh? How did you…what…" When he couldn't think of the questions clearly, he takes a moment to calm down and not act like a total idiot as he asks instead, "Can't you vampires think of any other term besides that, un?" Though he has a little bit of blush on his face.

Aw, he's embarrassed. So cute!

Saying it like it's an obvious matter-of-a-fact, "Well we don't exactly get a marriage like humans do. We do have a ceremony and there's one going on tonight but besides that, when we mate with someone, we mate for life. We can only love on person entirely with all of our hearts, bodies, and souls. Why do you think Itachi teme never slept with anyone till now? Shouldn't an ex-vampire hunter know that?"

"Well yeah but…" Since he was distracted with the last question, it took the Akatsuki bomber another good two moments to realize the rest of what this weirdo vampire just said to him. There is a ceremony going on tonight…Itachi never slept with anyone till now…HEH? "Hold on! Did you just say Itachi finally got laid? By WHO?"

Rather he hates the guy's guts right now or not, to hear that Itachi FINALLY lost his virginity is something to be excited about. This is BIG news after all. How many years did it take for any of the Akatsuki members to at least get his pants down and it only took three days for the guy to be claimed! But who did it? Who pinned the slut?

Naruto replies, "Why Sasuke, of course." And that was all Deidara needed to become completely sick to his stomach. Itachi…was dominated…by his little brother?

"Dude…that is just wrong, un. He got laid by his own brother?" His YOUNGER brother to be exact, too. That is just…depressing.

Now with a curious look on his face, Naruto tells him simply, "There's nothing wrong with that."

Now that just makes Deidara wanna hurl now.

"Okay, seriously. You vampires are nothing but animals, un," he says, looking away with a very sick look on his face. He's wondering right now if his face is green from just hearing that one bit. And the castle is preparing the royal ceremony to celebrate their mating bonds? Perfect.

"You're a vampire too," Naruto reminds, going back to cherry.

Oh that just made it soooo much better.

Deidara losses his sickness and his frustration from earlier comes back. "Don't remind me. I already despise myself enough as it is, un." 'And soon, he will too, un.'

Naruto may not be able to see the longer-hair blonde's expression but he can tell just by looking at the back that he's upset. "You know if you're worried about your mate hating you, I don't think he will."

Again, Deidara flinches but not as intensely as before but just enough to show that he was affected by his words. "What do you know? You don't even know him."

"No, but whoever this person is maybe he just won't know what to do about it. Though I don't think he'll hate you."

Okay now this guy is starting to get on Deidara's nerves. He keeps repeating the same thing with that annoying smile on his face and he acts like he knows everything. Sure he's the god host but that doesn't mean he knows EVERYTHING.

"No, he'll hate me. He's hated vampires ever since they killed his parents when he was a child and when they tricked him to sneak them into his village so that they can annihilate all of the villagers. He especially hates children vampires because they were the ones who committed the deed. The second he sees me, he'll kill me on the spot…just like how does to every vampire we've encountered, un."

"He didn't kill Itachi, though."

"That's only because shit-face was already a part of the organization when leader requited Sasori. Shit-face was off-limits from the start, un."

Naruto didn't say anything to that. Which was surprising and not at all a relief. When Deidara looks back at him, he's didn't expect to see such a fearful surprise expression on his face. What's up with him?

"S-Sasori…is the p-puppet Akatsuki member, right?" Even his voice sounds really nervous and fearful. But it's not like 'I know that name and I'm terrified of him' but like 'I know that name and it's taboo'.

"Yeah, what of it, un?" Deidara asks, wondering why Sasori's name would make this annoyingly happy blonde so scared of it.

Though his question woke Naruto back from his thoughts. "Oh nothing, nothing. Just, um…" And then his eyes cast down to the side in sorrow. Okay, seriously. What is going on here? But then Naruto goes up to the older-looking blonde, grasps his hand and tells him as if pleading, "Don't say that name tonight at the ceremony, alright? Or who you are to him. There are some vampires who are not a real big fan of him and I'm sure they won't treat you kindly if they find out you're his mate."

That's what he's worried about? That vampires are going to target him for revenge for what Sasori's done to them. Now that's a stupid thought.

Yanking his hand away, he tells him, "I am not his mate, un. He's not faithful enough to only stick to one person."

"But you love him, don't you?"

Silence fills the void between them after he asked that. Mostly because Deidara didn't want to admit it to a complete stranger. He tensed when he heard that question and he kept his mouth shut. He's already told this guy enough. What makes him think Deidara's just going to admit it right off the bat? Yeah for some reason he seems easy to talk to and he acts like some of those people who generally want to help every person he meets. But something like that is a little too personal to tell to a stranger. Besides, Sasori hurt Deidara over and over and yet, he still keeps coming back like an abused dog being called by his master. That's because he does love him. He doesn't understand why or why he can't just drop it and move on since that compassion-less puppet doesn't care about him. But…during those days when Deidara was alone, in pain, and was preparing to get Itachi back, all he could think about was Sasori. He wanted to be with him. He wanted him to comfort him. He ached for him, even when he shouldn't. But he couldn't leave Itachi behind. He couldn't leave him in this castle. Look where that got him. But still…

Deidara didn't answer Naruto's question. He only says, "You're annoying, un. Anyone ever tell you that?"

Not exactly a 'yes' or a 'no' but Naruto got his answer. He can just tell on the Akatsuki member's face. So he smiles like the shining sun and replies, "Teme tells me that every day."

Seriously, this guy is a weirdo. He just smiles, smiles, smiles like there's not a care in the world when the shit is obviously there. But maybe, that's not an entirely bad thing. Somehow, Deidara doesn't feel as irritated as he did before. Maybe still upset that he's a vampire but he's not blinding with rage like before. Oh crap, he's turning into a vampire-lover.

Then suddenly, Naruto re-grabs Deidara's hand and cheers, "But anyway, come with me! We got to get you ready for the ceremony tonight!"

Back on that subject again? Deidara doesn't slap the teenager-looking vampire's hand away this time but he does stay firmly where he is to stay where he is as he declares, "First off, I'm not going to this damn ceremony! Second of all, what exactly is this ceremony for anyway?"

Naruto blinks in curious surprise. "Don't you remember? It's a pre-mating ceremony. You can call it like a marriage ceremony but it's only for royalties. However since Itachi teme and teme already mated, we're just having the ceremony as part of tradition."

The sickness came back when he said that. "Seriously? You're going into war tomorrow but you want to celebrate their sick union first, un?"

"It's not just that. It's because we're going to war tomorrow, we're having the ceremony." It's just one startling thing after another. Looking at his face with a raised brow again, Naruto's features gain a certain sorrow. "Teme was preaching the same thing. How we shouldn't have it and that we should be solely preparing for the war. However, our god gave us a very frightening prediction so this ceremony is more like the last party we can have together with everyone."

One last party with everyone? For some reason when he heard that, Deidara doesn't feel pleased or feel like making a comment about how much of a relief it is to hear a terrifying prediction that may or may not come true. For some reason, it really catches him off guard. These vampires…do they…is it possible that they could actually have…feelings? As taboo as it is to have such a thought, he tries to push it at the back of his mind but he's persistently coming back. And why does he feel kind of sad for them? He shouldn't! He knows he shouldn't! And yet…

Like the quickly changing rain, Naruto perks up again and says happily, "Usually only invited guests are allowed in the ceremony if they're not royalty or part of the council but I have a feeling Itachi teme invited you." That startles Deidara again. That shit-face did. "So let's get you out of these clothes and into something a little fancy. I'm not a fashion designer but I know some people who can help. We all have to get ready too you know!" With that finally being said and his hand still in his grip, Naruto pulls Deidara back into the castle.

Unknown to them both of an eye watching them from high above in the castle.

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