Naruto Fan Fiction story

Plot summary: What if Mizuki and Iruka realized Naruto's problem when they were first teaching about clones? What if Mizuki wasn't traitorous, but instead was supportive? And what happens when Naruto learns about the kyubi during his academy years and right after goes nuts with shadow clone justu learning? VERY smart/strong Naruto.

AN: good at coming up with fight scenes in head, don't know about on paper. Due to this, will post references u can look at to understand the combat moves. For instance, flip then push off would be like goku from dbz flipping, landing on his feet and with one push go at least five feet before having to land again. Also, I'm messing a little bit with Naruto's age here so that he is one year older than the rest of the rookie nine and in the same class as team Gai.

Story begins: Fifth Academy Year (in my fic, this is second to last. Making him twelve and starting at seven) Academy Training Grounds

Every one was excited. And why shouldn't they be? They were finally going to learn the clone justu. (sorry all you Japanese fans, while I may add some Japanese, mainly some honorifics, I'm sticking to English justu simply due to the fact that my Japanese literally sucks.) Mizuki and Iruka had just gone over how to perform the justu and everyone was seemingly getting the hang of it relatively quickly, that is everyone except one particular orange clad blonde.

"Hah! Look at that loser! He can't even get it to stand up!" Shouted one particularly mean spirited student who took great pleasure at Naruto's continuous failed attempts to do the simple justu.

'Hm' Mizuki thought, 'wonder if it's cause of that fox in him, maybe…'

"Hey Iruka."

"yeah?" came the response.

"Think maybe Naruto has to much chakra? I mean, he always is the one with the most stamina."

"You know, that would explain it." Iruka said.

"So why not take it up a notch?" Mizuki asked with a grin.

Iruka got the same grin and said "Why not? Hey Naruto! Try this instead." and proceeded to show Naruto how to do the shadow clone justu. To say that Naruto was ecstatic that he could actually do this justu was an understatement. Then Mizuki, being the good teacher he is took it even further by explaining to Naruto about the learning ability of shadow clones. To prove his point, Mizuki made a shadow clone of his own and took the clone Naruto made out of earshot around the building and proceeded to tell him of a VERY good idea for a prank. (It was no secret in this village that he like the kid's style of making people laugh.)

After punching the blonde's clone to dispel it and dispelling itself, the real Naruto automatically got a gleam in his eye and said "never thought of that thanks!"

Mizuki just grinned while the rest could only wonder what madness would soon be unleashed. Mizuki then took Naruto to see how many he could do, but stopped him at 200.

"Dang Naruto! You're a real monster when it comes to chakra." 'Though given the fact what he suppresses each day it's no surprise.' "let's go back."


The two went back to the rest of the class who was done and Iruka asked the one question that started all of the sheer bad ass action in the coming years. "So how did it go?"

"Naruto?" Mizuki asked.


"Show them."

"Shadow Clone Justu!" Instantly every student's mouth was at their lowest limit as literally hundreds of Narutos appeared all around them.

"Well, heh heh, guess that answers that question." Iruka said not believing the sheer size of the kid's chakra reserves if he could pull this off.

"Yeah" Mizuki said, "hey Naruto send your clones to the library and start learning anything you can find. It'll be a good way to help you with your grades." Oh how right he was.

End Chapter.

Author's Notes: This has been WAY over due. Therefore, before I post new material. I'm doing a quick run through and correcting what I can. Please be patient with this as I should have an actual update soon enough.