49. Call Of Duty Operation Snowcap Part Three New Management

Story Start: Mountain Range Five Miles Outside Hidden Snow Village

Naruto frowned thoughtfully as he panned his high powered binoculars over the shinobi settlement below him. He was currently hidden in a small alcove in the mountain that was closest to the Hidden Snow Village that wasn't one of the two that nestled the village itself in like a bowl, which was rather eerily similar to the setup of the Hidden Village in the Sand. Unlike the desert settlement however, there were two main entrances instead of one, both at either ends of the valley. Preventing just anyone walking through said ends were two five mile long, twenty foot tall walls that had what looked suspiciously like electric fence wire covering the sides facing away from the village which continued for another five feet above the top of the wall. There were ten foot tall guard towers on top of the wall posted every half mile making ten in all. The village itself was almost entirely made up of block shaped buildings and dark gray seemed to be the order of decoration since all of the buildings were made out of some metal or another.

All in all, it gave Naruto the feeling that very little happiness ever occurred in such a place since it looked more like a prison than a place of residence for a settlement of just over one and a half thousand shinobi and the civilians who resided there who supported the village. But aesthetics aside, Naruto could see that the village was a lot further along technology wise than his own village. It was mainly little things that he was picking up as he swept his gaze across the village but the most obvious of the differences was power distribution.

The Hidden Leave Village had one main power plant per district and five substations that would take up the slack in case of blackouts. Important areas such as the main hospital and its handful of smaller counterparts, Anbu and Jounin headquarters, the Hokage tower and the evacuation shelters behind the Kage Monument each had their own set of power substations to prevent them ever losing power. The Hidden Snow village however seemed to have three main power stations per district and ten times as many smaller power substations in order to fully power their city. The amount of juice such a place needed to stay in business with their entire collection of tech still functioning in such harsh conditions was mind boggling. It almost seemed like a crime to disrupt such a marvel of engineering. Unfortunately for the Hidden Snow, Naruto's plan to get around that pesky armor they were so proud of without breaking out rasengans left and right happened to involve a massive seal generated EMP that would turn the whole place dark.

Speaking of seals, the EMP generator wasn't the only seal that was going to be playing a part in the operation. Even as Naruto continued sweeping the village in an attempt to find the spots where there would be the most resistance clones were moving throughout the area placing down the seals that would raise a large barrier over the entire village as well as a number of other seals that would help Naruto lower visibility through use of a seal generated snowstorm. And that didn't even cover the seals that he would be putting on his beloved goggles that would allow him to see in said snowstorm.

Finishing his sweep of the village, Naruto retreated further into the alcove he was in and pulled out a storage scroll. Pouring chakra in it caused it to spit out a white jump suit that had a padded collar and was white all over (Think Canon Naruto's jumpsuit only white) as well as a white cloak with red border lines. Quickly changing into the clothes he would be using for the mission, Naruto then unsealed his goggles and his sealing equipment and began etching a seal that would allow him to see thermal images with the left lens and another seal that would allow him to see chakra with the right.

Once had finished placing and testing his new visual seals, Naruto went back to the entrance of the alcove and sent over his mental link with his clones 'This is Alpha, to all outer parameter assigned squadrons, sound off.'

'Barrier Squad ready to go.'

'Jammer Squad in position.'

'Storm Squadron, ready to let loose.'

'EMP Squad, ready to give someone else a bad day.'

'Anti Patrol Squad One, all patrol units stationed in section one have been neutralized and secured in stasis seals.'

'Anti Patrol Squad Two, all targets enjoying a nap and secured.'

'Anti Patrol Squad Three, all targets apprehended and secured.'

Chuckling at the EMP and APS two's comments, Naruto thought 'Now comes the fun part, psychological warfare.'

Kyuubi's dark chuckling showed that he agreed with his host's thoughts as Naruto disengaged his chakra weights and shot down the mountain he was currently on and up to the top of the mountain on the left side of the village while making sure no one from said village would see him. Reaching the top of the mountain, Naruto took a deep breath before he reopened the mental link and sent 'Alpha to Foxtrot, do you copy?'

'Foxtrot here, go ahead Alpha.'

'Please inform the Old Man that I'm beginning my mission.'

'Roger Alpha, the Hokage wishes me to send his regards and to say good luck.'

Naruto closed the link and flared his chakra once. Immediately after, a blue chakra box barrier shot into existence around the outside of the two mountains before a massive blast of continuous wind began pouring off the mountain he was standing on. At the same time, a continuous blast or water shot into the wind and the two rapidly mixed into a stream of snow and ice which was manipulated by more seals as a swirling vortex formed over the village creating the first part of the blizzard. The next instant, the snow descended on the village creating a massive white out. At the same time, a series of five pulses of energy filled the inside of the barrier, knocking out anything that used electricity and not properly shielded. Which would be pretty much everything the Village used. They were a bit arrogant in the fact that they were the most technologically advanced. They never considered another village could knock out their power systems at home.

As this happened, Naruto poured chakra into his voice box and shouted "Residents of the Village Hidden In The Snow! You're current so called leader has attempted to end the life of your true leader, Princess Koyuki Kazahanna. This and his action of murdering his brother, the rightful ruler of this land makes him a traitor to your country." Naruto's voice took on what Mizuki had taken to calling his Kyuubi voice as he continued in a tone that sent unconscious shivers down the spine of everyone who heard as he said "The fact that this Doto Kazehanna is still among the living implies that either you all support his reign or that those who don't are too scared to act in the name of justice. If it is the first, then I must say I am rather disappointed in the lot of you. If it is the second, then you have no right to claim the title of shinobi. A shinobi does not cower in the corner, only to come out and take orders from one who plans to conquer the world. People such as you are called wannabe warriors. A true Shinobi takes a stand and says 'This is wrong and I am going to end this or die trying.' Now you so called shinobi have a choice. We have been ordered by the true ruler of this land to make sure no one hinders her return. If you are of the first set of mind, you have exactly twenty seconds to ready yourself to a life in prison. If you are of the second, then disarm yourselves and sit in a corner of the room you are in and just sit there until this is over. Because as of now, this village is under new management." Stopping the flow of chakra to his voice box, Naruto thought 'Dad, if you would please show that we're serious?'

'With pleasure.' Kyuubi said before a crippling Killer Intent filled the valley as the giant fox let loose, scaring many civilians in the valley pee less along with a couple of shinobi as well.

As several people felt like the end of the world was upon them, Naruto rose the hood on his cloak as he flared his chakra into a bon fire and shouted out "Mass Army Shadow Clone Jutsu!" A massive fog bank of chakra smoke joined the snowstorm in obscuring the sight of anyone not properly geared as thousands of clones came into existence on the mountain he was standing on. Slipping his goggles on over his eyes, Naruto grinned at the sight of solid chakra that went uninterrupted from mountain tip to mountain base. The chakra from all of the clones was visible in his right eye as a blanket of blue light that seemed to be burning like a fire despite the cold weather around them.

Turning his attention to the mission, Naruto shouted "LADIES AND GENTLEMEN! BEGUN, THE CLONE WARS HAVE!"

Said clones cheered and their combined shouts inspired even more fear in the people in the village before as one all of them jumped off the mountain and used Gale Palm Jutsu to fly into the village below them to begin sowing chaos as the first squads of clones sliced through the metal ceilings of the buildings they landed on with wind coated fox blades before they dropped down through the holes they made and began suppressing any and all resistance that they met. Most of the shinobi in the buildings only were able to send one round of attacks at the clones, mainly with kunai and ice jutsu. Kunai were deflected with swords while the ice jutsu were melted by fire before the clones slammed the defenders down into the ground and applied knock out seals to send them to blissful unconsciousness. A few of the residents were sitting in corners as ordered, mostly civilians. Those were placed under barriers to keep them there by the clones that saw them and then passed over as they continued to neutralize those who decided to fight.

As the first wave of his clones proceeded to subdue those that lived closest to the mountain, Naruto and other clones shot past them continuing on to their own targets. The original's own target was the building at the direct center of the village, one which was a good two stories taller than all the others around it and had twice as many guards as anywhere else. Both common and military sense said that this was the command center for the military village and where he would most likely find the one in charge of this place.

When he reached the area over the building, Naruto's heat vision lens showed him several people rushing around inside of the building past guards that were posted in the hallways and rooms that had to be important. A small part of him was impressed they were responding to his threat so quickly since not even a full minute had passed since he delivered his warning. Frowning at the thought of what they could be destroying to keep it out of the princess' hands, Naruto opened the mental link with his clones and sent 'Omega to Zulu squads, it looks like they've already started going through their version of anti-invasion procedures, so we're going to have to do this Blitzkrieg style. Each squad stack on one level and take out everyone there. Remember, no killing unless necessary. I'll draw their attention to the main entrance. When you hear the explosion, that's your cue.'

He got immediate responses and so positioned himself in front of the building and landed flashing through hand signs as he did. Feet crunching into the snow was the only warning the four guards had before they heard a shout of "Fire Style: Flash Fire Jutsu!" A wall of flames erupted out of the blizzard and shot at the guards at impossible to track speeds and slammed into the four snow shinobi and hurled two of them into the wall of the building while the other two were sent through the doors they were guarding.

As the guards slumped to the ground, the original Naruto shot through the doors pulling out both of his swords as he went while behind him a member of the twelve strong Omega squadron slapped knock out seals onto the guards foreheads to ensure their naps weren't interrupted before catching up with the others who began splitting off in pairs while the original made his way for the closest staircase to reach the top of the building where hopefully he'd find the village's commander. He was just ten feet away from the door leading to the stairs when a snow kunoichi slid out from behind a doorway further down the hallway already on the last seal of a jutsu. As swallows made of ice shot down towards him, Naruto sighed and sent a wave of fire out through his fox sword turning the elemental birds into puddles of water and said "Take care of her would you?"

"Right boss!" One of the clones behind him said before he shot forward and slammed a fist into the kunoichi's diaphragm. Naruto didn't notice this though because he was already a story above them, a set of two shinobi who had failed to ambush him thanks to his goggles slumped on the ground unconscious as he continued up the stairs to the top floor. Another failed ambush later, the blond slammed the door granting access to the hallway behind open and casually knocked out the shinobi on the other side who was facing a member of Zulu squad with the flat of his toad blade. The shadow clone pointed down the hallway he had been facing and Naruto nodded as he ran in that direction.

As he ran, he heard over his mental link with the clones 'This is Zulu Ten, I've found and engaged the commander. Requesting backup to anyone free, I'm at- whoa!' An explosion sounded further down the hall which blew the door off at the end of the hall. As the smoke cleared, Naruto saw that the entire office behind it looked like a professional demolitions group had been in there with all of the walls and ceiling gone leaving the room open to the elements. Sprinting in, Naruto saw two members of Zulu squad dodging dozens of Senbon needles made of ice that were launched by a tall man with muscles that made an Akimichi look like a diabetic kindergartner wearing silver chakra armor with a giant claymore magnetically clamped to the back of said armor.

The commander saw Naruto enter the remains of the room and sneered as he said "What's this, another brat to come to his death?"

Naruto smirked as he came to a stop next to his clones and said "This coming from the one whose shinobi are all currently being taken down by an army of shadow clones created by a teenager."

The commander snarled as he blitzed through hand signs and shouted "Ice Style: Roaring Drill Jutsu"

The snowstorm overhead coalesced into a spinning tornado that had the shape of a drill which slammed down on the three blonde's position throwing up a debris cloud.

The commander smirked since he didn't detect their presences anymore only to pale as he heard a voice say from the spot the jutsu hit "Was that it?" The smoke was blown out of the way by a dome of wind chakra that revealed the three figures were perfectly fine, the one in the lead still smirking at him. The commander snarled as said figure said "My turn."

The next instant, Naruto's toad sword was sheathed and a kunai attached to a chakra conductive wire was lodged into the man's armor at the right shoulder. The commander had just enough time to blink at the kunai in confusion as Naruto's smirk turned feral and he shouted "Get Over Here!" as he channeled his chakra through the wire and into the kunai causing it to stick to the armor even as he yanked the wire hard enough to yank the commander off his feet and halfway across the room. As the commander stumbled a little to regain his balance, Naruto shot forward and slammed his chakra filled fist into the commander's face which sent the man flying out of the room and down to the ground below, chakra wire trailing down after him.

Naruto spared just enough time to say "Find out what you can salvage in here." to the two members of Zulu squad before he shot down to the ground after the commander who had managed to land on his feet and was yanking the kunai out of his armor with a sneer on his face. As Naruto landed in the snow in front of him, the commander transferred that sneer from the kunai to him as he said "That does it, play time is over."

Naruto smirked and leveled his fox blade at the man and said "What part of my leading an army of shadow clones against this village in order to allow the rightful ruler of this land to claim her proper place makes you think I'm playing?" The fox blade began glowing red with fire chakra proving his point. The commander eyed the blade with an air of casual interest even as he pulled his claymore off of his back and the blade began shimmering with blue water chakra. Naruto's smirk turned feral at the sight of the water chakra and his opponent had just enough time to frown at him in confusion before Naruto rushed the man and he hastily raised his claymore to block the fox blade.

The two blades clashed and at first it looked like the man's water chakra was doing its job of preventing the man's claymore from melting due to the heat from the fox blade. But then Naruto added wind chakra to the mix and the claymore was suddenly a foot shorter after Naruto's blade tore through it like tissue paper. The commander had just enough time to widen his eyes before he had to duck his head to avoid getting a new haircut and rapidly jumped away from the now much more dangerous sword. He spared a glance at his now much shorter sword before he placed it back on his back as he landed and ran through hand signs before he called out "Ice Style: Wolf Pack Jutsu!"

As the name suggested, a pack of wolves erupted out of the snow in front of the commander's feet and rushed towards Naruto. In response, Naruto tossed his blade into the air and blitzed through hand signs before he caught his blade and shouted "Collaboration Technique: Howling Hellhound Jutsu!" The snow in front of Naruto turned red and began to melt a second before a large dog that was easily the size of a rhino burst out of the ground covered in shifting lava and a sheath of howling wind chakra surrounding it. The hellhound roared at the wolves who kept coming and then launched itself at them. The wind augmented hellhound tore through the pack of wolves with no problem and continued on to the commander who cursed before he took another chakra jump back while blitzing through hand signs and shouted "Water Style: Grand Water Dragon Jutsu!"

The snow that was still acting as an effective white out around them surged together to form a massive water dragon that temporarily ended the five foot visibility conditions as it roared its might to the heavens before slamming down on the hellhound jutsu throwing up steam upon contact blocking the view of what happened when the two jutsu collided but not the sound of molten rock cracking as it was rapidly cooled. When the steam disappeared, both Naruto and the commander could see that the only remains of the hellhound were a mound of steaming pebbles.

"Huh. You know, I can honestly say that I thought the wind sheath part of the jutsu would have protected it from the water." Naruto said before he suddenly spun on his right foot with his right arm bent. When he came out of the spin, he extended his sword and a blast of earth chakra shot off the blade and slammed into the hastily raised Water Wall jutsu the commander used only to find Naruto had counted on that and had already dashed to a position ninety degrees around him and sent a blast of lightning chakra at him. The commander cursed before he blitzed through hand signs and shouted "Wind Style: Wind Wall Jutsu!" The lightning chakra slammed into the wind shield but fizzled out before it could pierce it.

The commander was just about to allow himself a brief moment of relief at having countered the feint properly when two hands burst out of the ground and grabbed his ankles. The commander had just enough time to think 'What the?!' before he was dragged completely underground. As he disappeared, the shadow clone who had launched the elemental chakra attacks turned towards the headquarters to help the squads who were already in the building. The original Naruto wasn't done with just dragging the commander underground though and he proceeded to rapidly drag the commander through the ground until he was out of the village and popped out of the ground on the peak of the mountain opposite of the one he had started on. Tossing the breathless commander into a boulder, he said "I hope you don't mind, but I felt a change of scenery was appropriate."

The commander quickly rose to his feet from where he had been on his knees panting from having to unexpectedly hold his breath for five minutes and turned around as he said "What the hell are you? No one your age should be able to use all five elements so easily, and you don't even appear to be tired from creating a virtual army of shadow clones. Either you're older than you look or you've got something that kicks your chakra circulatory system into overdrive causing it to expand in order to handle the strain."

Naruto cocked his head as an amused smile formed. Chuckling, he said "I can tell you're from a shinobi group that focuses more on technology than sealing with that one sentence alone. But I'm feeling generous, so I'll give you a freebie. Ever heard of the Uzumaki Clan?"

Apparently even out here on the edges of the Elemental Nations the commander had, because his eyes widened and he began cursing elegantly even as he pulled his shortened claymore off his back and began flowing wind chakra through it to give it its previous length back. The man's cursing gave way to a determined air as he said "I was planning on going against you at only seventy five percent after that stunt you pulled with the collaboration jutsu. But if you have access to the Children of the Gods bloodline than I can no longer take you even the slightest bit lightly. Prepare yourself child for the fight of your life."

Naruto had raised an eyebrow at the name of the Uzumaki Bloodline that the commander had gave him before he yelped as he threw himself back to avoid the shrieking claymore that had nearly taken his head off. Rapidly disengaging his chakra weights Naruto thought 'Damn that guy's fast. I can't play around with this guy like I thought I could.' Deflecting a second strike of the claymore with a wind sheathed hand, Naruto continued his thought as he ducked the next swing 'Time to take this to the next level!' Pouring wind chakra to the bottom of his sandals, Naruto jumped onto the flat of the claymore as it tried to make him a foot shorter before he bent his knees and took a massive chakra jump into the sky which was helped by the seal less Gale Palms he sent out of his hands to take him to fifty feet above his opponent.

As the commander tracked his progress up into the air, Naruto began pushing more wind chakra through his legs and out his feet in order to keep himself stationary and blitzed through hand signs as he shouted "Collaboration Technique: Kyurem's Rage Jutsu!" Immediately after Naruto's shout, the blizzard above him surged to a spot over his head and formed the hunched over shape of a nine foot ten inches tall dragon that was grey with a long neck but short tail that had three spikes on it. The eyes were yellow as well as one of the three spikes that were on its forehead. On the shoulder blades that held relatively small arms were protrusions, the right one shorter than the left, that held spikes on their end. The dragon roared its might to the sky before it turned its focus downward and locked its gaze on the commander.

Said commander had just enough time to think 'What the HELL is that thing?' before the dragon opened its mouth and fired a cylinder shaped foot wide beam of purple ice chakra at him at near impossible to tracks speeds. A beam which rapidly expanded to fifteen feet wide. Eyes widening at the sight, the commander cursed before he replaced himself with a nearby boulder that was under the snow twenty yards away from his original position. He changed positions just a split second before the beam of purple ice chakra slammed down into the ground. When he burst out of the snow that was covering him, the commander's eyes widened at the sight of a fifty foot circle of spikey purple ice that looked like a solid mass of fifty foot tall spikes with maybe an inch between them.

Hearing a growling sound, the commander looked up to see the dragon was still there and looking at him with a decidedly evil look in its yellow eyes. As the fact that the jutsu was not just a one shot and then disperse kind, the commander had just enough time to think 'If we weren't enemies right now, I think I would be on my hands and knees begging the kid to teach me that. Whoa!' He quickly shushined away from the second beam that was shot at him and continued moving as a fourth and fifth beam tried to track him. He dodged five more of the attacks before the backlash of the eleventh tore a huge cut into his leg as he just barely avoided getting skewered by the stake closest to him. Seeing as how the jutsu wasn't ending after eleven strikes and thus disproving his theory of it most likely limited to ten, the commander thought 'I cannot continue to stay down here scurrying around like an ant trying to avoid a magnifying glass, that jutsu has got to go.' Putting thought to action, the commander thanked his larger than average chakra stores and jump started his previously knocked out armor system with a massive surge of chakra, about enough to make twenty ice clones with, that while not the best thing to do if he wanted his armor to last longer than the remainder of this year, did give him power back in his suit therefore granting him access to its shield, chakra absorption properties, and more importantly, his ability to fly.

Using a massively charged chakra leap to avoid a twelfth beam, the commander felt the wings of the armor unfold and a surge of chakra throw him further into the sky just in time to avoid the rising spikes. Using his flight tech to avoid beam number thirteen, he thought 'My best shot is to come from above and get close. The beam starts off small and then grows so there is a window but…' He quickly had to dodge beam number fourteen that just BARELY touched his shield and still felt like he was hit with a Mud Dragon Bullet jutsu and thought 'That attack has some serious power and speed to it. One wrong move and I could easily take a full on hit from just the smaller beam and still be done for.'

Dodging the next beam, the commander ran through hand signs and thought 'First things first, remove the targeting system out of play. Should be easy enough with this blizzard.' "Ice Style: Ice Mist Jutsu!" The blizzard currently filling up the space inside the barrier seemed to dissolve around the two combatants into a mist that had a rather freezing feel to go along with its frozen temperature. The mist took away even more visibility, something that would seriously hinder anyone not used to using high tiered wind manipulation to find hidden opponents. Now sure that his opponent couldn't use whatever method he had previously been using to see through the storm around him, the commander took his time in going through his next hand signs and thought 'Sorry kid, but you're in for a nasty fall.' "Ice Style: Roof's Bane Jutsu!"

Allowing himself the snicker that always came with calling out the jutsu's rather unorthodox name, the commander 'watched' in satisfaction as the blizzard above them was once more used to form a jutsu that took the shape of a large mass of ice and snow that covered a three hundred foot radius that rapidly fell and slammed into the ground below, taking whatever it had caught in its path with it.

His small smile of amusement faded when he heard behind him "That has got to be the weirdest name for a jutsu I have ever heard." Spinning around, the commander saw the blond kid 'standing' behind him with crossed arms and an amused grin on his face. 'How did he get behind me without me noticing?' the commander thought before he was suddenly slammed into by the Kyurem jutsu from behind and sent into the blonde's waiting rising kick that launched him even higher into the sky.

Shaking his head to get rid of the ringing in his ears, the commander muttered "Oow." Looking down towards where the blond and his apparently very 'smart' jutsu was, the commander thought 'Okay, that didn't work like it should have.' His eyes widened as the blonde's presence in the ice mist disappeared from his field of wind manipulation perception for an instant before coming back above him. Eyes wide and mentally cursing, he quickly shot backwards and barely avoided having the kid land on top of him. He tried to launch a kick at the falling blond but said blond merely spun on his y axis to avoid the leg and kept falling through the mist until he landed on the center spike of one of the spike formations that his jutsu had created. Sensing this, the commander blinked as he thought 'Why would he land when it would have been better to stay in the air?'

He got his answer when the Kyurem dragon came blitzing out of the mist below him roaring loud enough to cause his ears to ring and then promptly self-destructed when it reached twenty feet away from him in an explosion of mixed wind and water chakra that froze everything around it in a fifty foot sphere. The commander's chakra shield flared as it stopped and absorbed the chakra that slammed into him and he briefly wondered why the kid would self-destruct his jutsu so pointlessly. And then the blizzard stopped.

As the commander looked around in confusion, the snow that had stayed in the air dropped to the ground while at the same time his ice mist was dispersed with a strong wind revealing the blond still standing on the purple ice stake. Naruto had a hand to his ear as if he had a radio headset on even as he looked upwards and said "Your village has fallen, my clones have just finished securing your hospital and the power stations, which were the last areas they needed to in order to finish our plan. You're the only one left in any condition to continue to fight, the question is will you?"

When the commander looked towards the village, the sight of a completely silent village that had squads of shadow clones standing calmly on rooftops looking in their direction seemed to indicate that the blond was telling the truth. Still…Turning back to face the original blond, the commander smirked and said "Take out the original, take out the clones. As the commander of this military establishment, I am duty bound to serve the current ruler of this land, regardless of my opinion of who should or shouldn't be that ruler. Therefore, even if you are here to allow the 'rightful' ruler to take her place, this fight must continue."

The original sighed and said "Of course it does." Looking towards the far mountain, he continued "This is Alpha to EMP squadron, give me a pulse."

The commander's eyes shot to the other mountain just in time to see a single pulse of energy rush past him. Feeling the chakra being projected by his suit's wings begin to sputter, the commander muttered "Oh come on." And then the chakra died altogether and he began to have that sinking feeling as he began to fall. Directly over one of the groups of purple ice spikes. Concentrated chakra at the soles of his feet kept him from being skewered and his knees automatically bent to help take the pressure from falling over a hundred feet. Rising from his crouch, he said "That wasn't nice."

Naruto grinned from his position in the center of the spikes and said "I didn't come here to fight 'nice' pal." Hopping up to once again 'stand' in the air a few inches above the spike he had been standing on, Naruto drew his two swords and rushed towards his opponent who drew his claymore and channeled regular chakra into the blades and proceeded to do the same. The two met in a clash of blades that drew sparks before they disengaged and Naruto brought his toad blade in sideways in an attempt to knock the commander off balance. The commander performed a sweeping block that knocked the sword away from him and continued downwards to take off Naruto's legs.

Naruto jumped over the strike to his legs and kicked at the commander's armor with a chakra filled foot which made the commander fly back ten feet with a rather worrying foot shaped impression in the armor. The commander though didn't even look down to see it, instead flaring wind chakra through his feet to rush right back at the blond, launching a chakra wave off his sword ahead of him. Seeing the wave coming, Naruto did something that the commander never expected, and cut off the flow of wind chakra and dropped down onto the spikes below him. But where he should have been impaled by his own jutsu, the blonde sunk THROUGH the spike as if it was air causing it to ripple where he passed and came to land on the ground beneath fifty feet below.

The commander's jaw dropped as he thought 'How the hell did he get so proficient in water manipulation?' Then he remembered the army of clones the kid had made and thought 'Oh. That's how.' He was drawn out of his thoughts when he just barely saw through the colored ice the kid running through hand signs and thought 'That can't be good.' He was proven right when the ice below him shook before it burst apart into thousands of needles which proceeded to rush at him at terminal velocity. Too close to dodge by increasing the flow of wind chakra out of his feet, the commander instead substituted himself with a boulder that was a hundred feet away from the former ice forest. The Senbon all exploded into each other forming discolored ice chips before another jutsu from Naruto turned them into a rather oddly colored Grande Water Dragon which shot at the commander's new position only for it to be countered by one from the commander.

As the two jutsu clashed, the commander jumped up and back to avoid being sliced in half by Naruto's extended toad blade and launched an Ice Senbon jutsu of his own that were deflected by Naruto's Wind Dome jutsu. Said Wind Dome turned into a Mini Wind Dragon which shot at the commander at a speed that was much faster than its larger counterparts only to be bisected by the commander's wind augmented sword as the man dashed behind his Senbon and promptly sent a horizontal swing out while lengthening said sword with the wind chakra to give him the twenty five foot reach he needed. Naruto used his shorter than his opponent's stature to good use and rolled under the swing before he came up drawing his fox blade and sent a blast of lightning at the commander who spun around the blast and brought his sword down in an overhead slash that Naruto caught on his fox blade even as he redrew his toad blade and thrust it at the commander's right thigh which was blocked by the commander when he rose his leg to allow the shin guard he was wearing to take the hit.

Now most would think nothing of the commander blocking the toad sword with his shin guard and assume that the fight would continue with that being merely a foot note. Which was why Naruto's next move immediately after was such a shocker. As soon as the blade touched the shin guard, Naruto let go of the blade and thrust his hand forward and slammed the Rasengan that had spun into existence into the commander's armor. Said Rasengan slammed into the armor right where the impression of Naruto's foot from his earlier strike was and without the armor's chakra shielding and absorption abilities, said armor shattered like glass under the assault. Naruto's jutsu continued practically unhindered into the commander's chest where it proceeded to grind into for five seconds before the commander was launched spinning for a hundred feet before he slammed upside down into one of the ice spikes behind him, knocking him unconscious in the process.

As one of the more competent opponents Naruto had fought in a good year or two slumped to the ground unconscious, said blond muttered "Well that was anticlimactic." Getting a hum of agreement from his father as he walked over to his downed opponent, Naruto quickly placed a stasis seal on the commander before he opened the mental link to his clones and sent 'Alpha to Foxtrot, do you copy?'

'Foxtrot here, go ahead Alpha.'

'Please inform the Old Man that the Village Hidden in the Snow has now been secured and that I will be heading out to rejoin everyone else momentarily.'

'Roger Alpha, see you soon.'

Closing the link, Naruto created a shadow clone and said "Bring the commander down to the village and help coordinate bringing the village's power systems back online."

The clone nodded and slung the unconscious commander over his shoulder in a fire man's lift and proceeded to run down the mountain to help his clones bring the necessary support systems online to prevent anyone from freezing to death now that the fight was over. Naruto watched the clone rush down the mountain for a moment before he sent a quick command to the barrier squad. A moment later, and the barrier surrounding the area dropped allowing Naruto to leave and he quickly shot into the air and began making his way to regroup with the convoy.

Scene Change: Rear ATV Of Convoy

Sakura Haruno had seen many things when it came to her sempai of a former teammate. She had seen him unlock her other teammate's dojutsu and gotten it to the third level within half an hour, she had seen him literally tear up a good chunk of their training ground in a taijutsu only spar with his taijutsu rival, have a virtual war in said training ground with his clones with nothing but pure elemental manipulation, and she had even seen him sprint climb up the face of the Hokage Monument without using chakra as a challenge to said Taijutsu rival. She'd even seen her sempai make people faint out of fear from nothing but the evil chuckle he had given off when he was planning a rather nasty revenge prank. But she had honest to Log never seen one of Naruto Uzumaki's shadow clones begin to cackle for no apparent reason.

Everyone in the ATV traded confused looks before Sakura said "Um, Naruto, what's so funny?"

The clone's cackling died down to chuckles as he said "Boss and the rest of the invasion task force he made just secured the Hidden Snow Village. The only one who really gave them much of a fight for them was the commander and even he went down to a sucker punch. Simply put, this makes three invasions Boss took part in where we kicked the other guys' asses in."'

Sakura blinked and said "I've said it before and I'll say it again sempai, I don't ever want to face you as an enemy."

'Me neither.' The rest of the ATV's passengers thought. Naruto's clone chuckled and thought 'Damn straight you don't.' He then stiffened as he heard over the mental radio 'This is Infinity to all Convoy clones, we're picking up radio chatter that indicates you're about to have company coming from behind. I repeat, imminent arrival of non-friendlies. Best ETA is five minutes.'

'Roger Infinity. Tailwind, let us know when they're in sight.' Foxtrot, the clone currently riding with the Old Man and princess replied.

'Roger Foxtrot.' Tailwind replied before he said out loud "Alright guys, we've got imminent enemy contact coming from the rear which will most likely arrive within the next five minutes."

Immediately after Tailwind's statement, the soldiers in the ATV smoothly flowed into action, sliding the roof over their heads out of the way while at the same time securing their swords to hips and checking their more long ranged weapons which consisted of crossbows that utilized seals to send chakra bolts downrange, both normal and elemental, for most of them and a bow and arrow with rather 'special' add-ons for the sniper of the group that came standard in their equipment after ten years of service in the Daimyo's armed service for those who liked a little more bang with their extended reach. Tailwind eyed the bow that was covered in all kinds of sealey goodness that ensured whatever the archer wanted downrange got there and thought 'If Tenten ever saw what these guys are packing, she'd probably have an orgasm.'

Smirking at the thought, the clone stood up and cracked his neck before moving to the back of the ATV, unsealing his binoculars as he did. Panning his binoculars to the right side of the pass a mile away where a set of two continuous metal rails were that the princess had said was used to guide something called a train, the blonde just barely made out the sight of the blue glow of chakra that began thawing out the ice and snow that covered the tracks. Speaking both out loud and mentally over the link, Tailwind said "'I have eyes on the tracks, they've got chakra running through them so the enemy should be catching up to us pretty soon."'

'The princess says less than a minute from now.' Foxtrot answered and Tailwind swung his binoculars to look behind the convoy. Thirty seconds later he could see a large machine thundering down the tracks with ten cars trailing behind it. Frowning, Tailwind sent 'I have eyes on target: one engine with ten cars behind it.'

'Engage at will.'

'Roger.' Tailwind sent before he said "Sargent, If you'd please?"

"With pleasure." Sargent Nico Hayabusa, the squad's Sniper said cheerfully as he pulled out an arrow and nocked it. Standing up on his seat to get a good shot, the sniper sighted down the arrow for a moment before both the bow and the arrow flashed a faint blue and he loosed his arrow. The arrow shot across the gap between the convoy and train and slammed into the front of the engine where it proceeded to let loose with an explosion of nothing but concussive force that worked in conjunction with the train's forward momentum to completely cave in the front of the engine. An explosion of steam burst out of the two ruined barrel shaped boilers and the train immediately began losing speed. Nico then launched another arrow which slammed into the engine's side which let loose with another concussive blast that pushed the engine off the tracks, snapping the wheels in half in the process, forcing it to come to a grinding halt at a point that put them parallel with the ATV that was five vehicles behind the middle one.

The twenty ATVs in the rear of the convoy also came to a halt while the other forty of the sixty strong convoy continued on to their destination. As the ATVs rolled to a stop, the mini MAC guns pivoted in their housings to face the train while the roofs over the other nineteen ATVs also rolled over allowing the soldiers to aim their seal augmented crossbows over the lips of their vehicles without exposing them too much. Fifteen vehicles down, another sniper drew his bow in favor of the crossbow to provide long range support with Nico. Meanwhile, Naruto's shadow clones hopped out of the tracked vehicles and took positions a hundred yards away to act as a first line of defense against any chakra armor wearing shinobi. Meanwhile Sakura hopped out of the rear ATV and sprinted one hundred yards up the mountain where she could have access to her two elements, earth and water, to provide further long range support. Twelve vehicles down, Heza did the same, forming her longbow jutsu and nocking a diamond tipped arrow as she did.

As this was happening, there was also activity on the train. Rolling doors were being raised over the nine middle cars exposing machinery that spanned ninety five percent of the cars that were composed of nothing but holes on the outside. Everyone around the ATVs were putting good money on those machines being projectile launchers of some kind. Meanwhile, a panel on the final car lifted up and then split down the middle with the two parts moving to each side of the train as a person on a platform rose to stand on top of the train.

The man stared at the group of soldiers arrayed in front of him coldly with a sneer on his face. Bringing a microphone up to his face, he called out over the gap separating them "I am Doto Kazehanna, lord of the Land of Snow. You all are illegally trespassing on my lands. Surrender now, and you will be allowed to leave under guard. Resist, and you shall all be killed."

Tailwind snorted and thought 'Yeah right. We've got twenty mini MAC guns, 400 soldiers, two of which have extremely advanced sniper system seals on the bows they're wielding, two primarily Earth Style using kunoichi and twenty shadow clones of an Elite Chunnin. What's he got that can counter all that?'

'Nothing that will be affective enough.' Sora, the clone closest to Tailwind sent back, with the rest of the clones all agreeing with the two. Out loud, Sora shouted "That's funny coming from the guy who killed his own brother in order to gain the throne. Now here's a counter offer, surrender now, and the four hundred Navy men and women of the LFNS Infinity behind us won't whoop your hides!"

Said four hundred soldiers all let out a shouted "Hoo-Rah!" at the end of Sora's statement which echoed around them five times making it sound like there were a whole lot more Navy personnel in the pass.

Doto though remained unimpressed as he said "So be it." Giving a hand signal with his right hand, Doto continued "You have chosen death then." A whirring sound began to come from each of the nine middle cars before a continuous wall of kunai was launched at the ATVs turning the area in between completely black.

Naruto's clones reacted to the threat immediately, moving in synchronization that was only possible due to all of them being the same person to create a large wall of wind that blew from the head of the shortened convoy all the way past Tailwind which stopped a hundred yards past where the last ATV was. The barrage of kunai slammed into the wind wall only for each throwing knife to be immediately turned ninety degrees and shot away from the clones, coming out of the end to fall harmlessly into the snow leaving a large pile of metal.

Doto actually took a step back in surprise as what should have been his trump card that completely obliterated the military force before him was effortlessly neutralized by nothing more than a group of clones and (he assumed) their creator. His surprise turned to nervousness when as one, the clones let the wall of wind die before they each shouted "OUR TURN! GUNNERS, LET 'EM HAVE IT!"

The gunners of the mini MACs happily proceeded to do just that and a loud crack of thunder pierced the air as twenty glowing one foot steel poles tore through the chakra shield of the train with absolutely no problem due to their extreme kinetic force and punched out of the other side of the train unhindered leaving trails of lightning natured chakra coursing through out the train tearing its electrical systems to pieces and electrocuting anyone unlucky enough not to have their own chakra armor shields to keep them from being affected if they were not directly hit. Sadly for the five snow shinobi who had been hit, four of them took shots to the chest which left them instantly dead as their shields provided just as little protection as the train's shields and their bodies even less resistance. The 'lucky' fifth Snow shinobi took the shot to his right hand and instantly had said appendage blown off while he was nearly electrocuted to death, only being saved by the armor's chakra absorption properties which while saving the shinobi, was completely shorted out afterwards.

The gunners took five seconds to reposition their guns while they reloaded before they let loose with a second salvo. The first barrage had been spread even along the train in order to do the most damage to the shield in the extremely slim chance it could withstand even one round from the mini MAC guns. The second wave of metal rods turned the engine into Swiss cheese. Sixty seconds after first shots out, the entire train was nothing but a twisted wreck that was still sparking from electrical discharge.

As the thunder from the last salvo rumbled around in the pass, the rest of the Infinity's crew and their shinobi support could see that the only use anyone was now going to get from the train was using it for scrap metal. Of the forty people who had been using the train, only thirty four had survived. The two civilian conductors were killed in the first salvo due to not being protected by chakra armor and five of those who were had the rather bad luck of being in the wrong place at the wrong time during the same salvo. Only one of those five survived the attack and he was now one hand short. The rest, including Doto, were able to get clear of the train safely when the ATVs gunners had started to summarily tear the train apart one car at a time.

That left thirty three combat readies against four hundred soldiers, two kunoichi, twenty shadow clones, and twenty very powerful weapon systems. Oh, and one of those thirty three was doing his best to make sure his buddy didn't bleed out, so it was really thirty two. Three hundred and ninety eight of said four hundred soldiers had vaulted over the lips of the vehicles they were in and had sprinted the three hundred feet between the clones and the ATVs to stand even with the shadow clones where they had then proceeded to form two lines where the first line was kneeling and the second was standing, creating a two row firing brigade for if said thirty two fighters tried to cross the gap separating them.

The sight of four hundred soldiers ready to use the weapons in their hands to send fire down range and the twenty mini MACs that had no problem destroying the train they were formerly in unnerved most of the snow shinobi. If the current ruler of their land wasn't among them, the whole lot would have most likely surrendered then and there. Unfortunately for the lot of them, Doto WAS there, and he was not about to be intimidated by a bunch of people invading what he thought was rightfully HIS land.

Rapidly going through hand signs, Doto shouted "If you think that I will be intimidated by a bunch of foreigners forming lines then think again! Ice Style: Grand Ice Dragon Horde Jutsu!" Immediately after Doto called out his jutsu's name, Seven grand dragons made out of ice leapt out of the frozen mountain behind him and rushed towards the line of soldiers. They got maybe a tenth of the way across the path before they were taken out by Heza and the two snipers of the group via diamond tipped longbow arrows and concussive explosion arrows respectively.

The rest of the soldiers responded to the jutsu sent at them as a declaration of intent for all of the opposition due to the fact it came from their leader and so reacted appropriately. Barely a second after the dragons had begun their charge all three hundred and ninety eight crossbows were fired and a wave of multicolored light shot down range in a reverse ripple pattern that slammed into the thirty three Snow shinobi's position.

What happened next would be a given for anyone who had even a hint of knowledge about what happens when you force two or more elements to work together when they don't want to. Didn't change how impressive said event was though. Three hundred and ninety eight bolts composed of a variety of earth, wind, fire, water, lightning, and natural chakra all slammed together in a relatively small area and proceeded to mix and rather violently react with each other causing a massive explosion that detonated with the force of fifty explosion tags simultaneously going off, throwing ice and train wreck shrapnel everywhere and leaving a large smoke cloud that obscured everything, including the minor avalanche the explosion caused.

When the smoke cleared, it revealed that out of the thirty three people who had been in the blast zone, only fifteen, including Doto unfortunately, had been both fast enough and had enough sense to raise barrier jutsu. The rest, either way too confident in their armor's abilities or too slow to raise a barrier, were currently groaning on the ground covered in burns, twelve of which were dead, with the one who had lost his hand in the first mini MAC salvo now completely unidentifiable due to the fact that said salvo had made his armor completely useless.

Said fifteen were just lowering the barrier jutsu they had used when fifteen of Naruto's shadow clones seem to appear behind them out of thin air, which shimmered as they dropped their Chameleon jutsu and proceeded to knock them unconscious without their opponents ever knowing they were there behind them. Doto's reign was now well and truly over. The only thing left for the crew of the Infinity and the shinobi traveling with them to do was to inform those residing in Doto's fortress of that fact.