Unwanted Travelling

Summary: Naruto is trying an experiment that involves rediscovering the Hiraishin. After months of reading Jiraiya's notes on sealing and some of the hints and stories focused on his father, Naruto has finally done it! Or so he thinks, Konohamaru doesn't quite agree however.

Disclaimer: I don't own Naruto or Negima, all property and rights of the following series are owned by their respective authors (Masashi Kishimoto and Ken Akamatsu), this is strictly for fan services only.

Konohamaru looked on to his idol's seals placed on his arms and back. As the said older boy was making some seals on the ground they stood on. Fuinjutsu happened to be an art that Naruto sucked at, so much so, that many of the populace that now adored the blonde couldn't help but let someone watch over him. There was one time Naruto had accidentally let off a sealing technique near the Hyuuga Complex.

Needless to say, Hiashi had him digging up one third of the mansion's right wing while placing his palm on the blonde's back.

Konohamaru sighed, looking at his idol and rival once again who was about close to finishing the seal on the ground. The blonde then giddily went for his jacket and the haori symbolizing his sage status. It had been a while since the war ended, a year had passed and Naruto is now sixteen, had garnered the name as the new Sannin along with Sakura and Sasuke who had surprisingly betrayed Madara at the end now roaming the continent in peace. Naruto had convinced him of a truce between the Uchiha and the Senju and so far, it looked like he wasn't breaking that truce anytime soon.

As Naruto dressed and stepped into the middle circle, he grinned while saying to Konohamaru, "This will be the greatest moment in history, where I, Uzumaki Naruto, will rediscover and improve the Hiraishin!"

Konohamaru seemed to think otherwise though, "Naruto-nii, didn't you say that before you sank a third of the Hyuuga clan's right wing mansion?"

Naruto defended himself, "Shut it, Konohamaru! That was a minor set back! Besides, Hiashi should be grateful I even made a pool at the side of their house!"

"Nii-chan, Hiashi was poised for a Jyuuken strike at your back." Konohamaru deadpanned and then added, "And he has more reasons to do so."

"So Hinata's got a big crush on me, he shouldn't be all protective of his eldest like that!" Naruto countered, Konohamaru began to get frustrated at his idol's reckless attitude.

"Look, Naruto-nii, it's not about that! It's about your projects! Can't you have just created your shadow clones to do the work for you! This is dangerous stuff!" Konohamaru suggested, Naruto looked thoughtful for a second and then grinned sheepishly.

"I forgot about that." Naruto admitted while Konohamaru resisted the urge to sigh in exasperation.

"Naruto-nii, you should really take these things into account, do you even know what you're doing?" Konohamaru asked, Naruto merely smirked as he said to the Sarutobi,

"What do you take me for, Konohamaru?"

Naruto looked at his apprentice and sighed. The last war had changed a lot of people, he was one of them, and Konohamaru was too. For better or for worse, it had made a lot of kids Konohamaru's age mature, they witnessed a lot of deaths and a lot of atrocities, so it was no surprise that Konohamaru would be cautious about his ideas now.

"Trust me, Konohamaru, this would be safe, I've actually thought of a lot of possibilities and the worst is we'd be teleported to a cliff." Naruto chastised his apprentice who seemed unwilling to believe such statements.

Naruto patted Konohamaru's back with a playful grin before putting his hands together for the seal of the ram, as chakra began spreading around the large seal below him and Konohamaru.

The symbols glowed in blue light as small orbs of blue chakra came convalescing at one point, the small orbs gathered, as the bubble like transparent substance grew in front of them. Naruto grinned as the center of the bubble distorted; the spaces around the bubble begin to fold as if it was being sucked in.

"It's working! It's working!" Naruto jubilantly declared, as he grinned seeing the small distortion orb of time and space, Konohamaru had a sudden feeling of something horrible about to go wrong.

The bubble soon began expanding. It got bigger and bigger until its size was comparable with the Suiro no Jutsu (Water Prison Technique). Then things started to go horribly wrong.

The bubble of folding space began sucking in like a vacuum, Konohamaru, in response, grappled his feet to the ground with his chakra, sticking him to it as the bubble began sucking matter in.

"Uh oh…"

The words didn't fall on deaf ears as Konohamaru suddenly grew pale at Naruto's utterance. Something was about to go terribly wrong again.

The bubble suddenly grew big its vacuum growing stronger and stronger as Naruto and Konohamaru were slowly dragged into the bubble.

"I thought you said this was going to be perfectly safe!" Shouted Konohamaru as Naruto defensively replied, "Of course we were! This was just… A minor setback!"

"You call this a minor setback, nii-chan? We're being sucked by a giant ball of distorted time and space to who knows where!" Konohamaru replied, both of them were inching closer and closer to the giant ball.

"So I made a small mistake, big deal! It's not like we're being sent through dimensions and are marooned hopelessly in a different world where the laws of our world are defined to a different perspective! Besides, I have the designs to the seal; we can get back to Konoha anytime!"

Konohamaru seemed sceptical, and before he knew it, both of them were instantly sucked in to the bubble before giving a veritable pop.

Mahora Academy:

In the cold dark of the night, a tiny, small pop was heard into the small forest of the

It was a dizzying sensation when it happened, one moment they were spiralling in a wormhole that looked like everything around them was soup. The next, they were sprawled on the ground, no amount of physical pain present, but a feeling of dread washed the both of them.

Naruto was first to recover, quickly dusting himself as Konohamaru slowly stood up, groaning.

"Ugh, now what happened?" Asked Konohamaru, holding his head at the headache he was about to receive. Naruto looked thoughtful for a moment.

"I seem to have pumped too much chakra and made a mistake in one of the seals that I placed on the ground. I wonder what it could be." The blonde began pacing back and forth, Konohamaru had other thoughts.

"The bigger question is where we dropped on." Konohamaru looked around, Naruto merely grinned as he looked around. He could only see trees.

He grinned.

"Well now, I can safely say that we're still in the Elemental Countries!" Naruto exclaimed with a smile. Konohamaru looked sceptical.

"How can you be so sure, Oyabun (Boss)? Trees don't normally grow this small anywhere in Fire Country."

As if to answer his question, a giant Shuriken was spinning fast as them. It gave a chopping sound in the air as it went straight at them as if the air around itself was being sliced in two.

With an experience of a Kage level ninja, Naruto caught the deadly but impractical weapon with a single hand as he gleefully said to Konohamaru, "See? This is proof enough, isn't it?"

The Shuriken seemed bigger than what they use as the standard size and slimmer too; the edges were more prominent and the blade was probably thicker overall.

"Nii-chan, the Shuriken's design isn't present to any village I've seen as far as I know." Konohamaru deadpanned. Naruto merely shrugged.

"Eh, every village has its quirks. Konoha has a tendency to have most of its famous shinobi psychologically imbalanced (crazy). So it pans out like how Kumo shinobi have a tendency to be excessively violent, look at the Raikage and his brother." Naruto grinned at that and Konohamaru shook his head.

The next they heard though, was a resounding bang as Naruto and Konohamaru simply ducked and Naruto whistled as a small object whizzed past them and embedding itself on the ground.

"Now there's something you don't see everyday." The blonde commented, Konohamaru irately said to his boss, "That's because we don't see something like that in any day at our home!"

"Konohamaru, don't be such a nitpicker, that war changed both of us, I know, I was in the center of it. But don't assume the negative so much! You'll grow old even faster!" Naruto lectured in a brotherly way, Konohamaru was having none of it.

"Naruto-nii, it's obvious we aren't in the elemental countries anymore! The trees are too small, the weapons are too different, and this place is just too uneasy for me!" Konohamaru exclaimed.

Naruto blinked once and then grinned.

"Now that's becoming of a true Konoha Shinobi! You're getting there day by day Konohamaru! You'll be like your grandpa in no time!"

Naruto then beamed at the younger boy until he had heard the sound of rustling leaves.

Someone or some people were nearby.

"Intruders on this campus are severely punished. I would like to know why the two of you are within the premises of an All-girl school like Mahora." Asked the person, coming out of the darkness, revealing skin as fair as any other, long black hair extending to her lower back, and wearing clothes that didn't seem to warm for the cold chill that the night brought, Naruto merely grinned as his apprentice were staring hypnotically at her hips.

"Well, we kind of had an accident while doing an experiment."

The girl raised her left eyebrow at this, "In the middle of a forest? A likely story…"

She pointed two L-shaped hand carried objects that both Naruto and Konohamaru assumed as weapons. Not wanting to start a ruckus, Naruto raised his arms to speak.

"Whoa, whoa, we aren't here to start a fight uhh…"

"Mana" The girl replied

"Mana-chan, we're just lost and we just like to know where we are." Naruto informed, Mana however, seemed unconvinced.

"She did say you were in Mahora, de gozaru." Said a new voice, which dropped below from the branches and wearing a red sleeveless battle gi, complete with fingerless gloves. She had dark green hair and had squinty eyes; she had a laid back smile on her face as she approached the two. What made her outstand however was her incredible rack that Naruto and Konohamaru were staring at unconsciously until the both of them said at the same time.

"De gozaru?"

To this, Naruto and Konohamaru looked at each other, slowly smiling and then finally letting out an enormous howl in laughter.

"Hahahaha! De gozaru! That is so outdated, nee-chan!" Konohamaru said between laughs, Naruto then added, "Don't tell us you're a Daimyo's daughter!"

The girl however merely smiled and shook her head. Naruto and Konohamaru halted their laughing and stared at the unnamed girl in confusion before grabbing the giant shuriken from Naruto's grasp and saying, "I believe this is mine, de gozaru."

Naruto let go of the giant weapon as the girl hefted it on her shoulders. Naruto scratched the back of his head and Konohamaru's laughs died down.

"So where is this Mahora Academy you speak off?" Naruto inquired, Mana and Kaede looked at each other for a moment and then back at Naruto and Konohamaru.

"It's in Japan."

Naruto and Konohamaru looked at each other in silence in utter confusion, as a chilly cold wind passed them by.

"We… Aren't in the Elemental Countries anymore aren't we?" Konohamaru asked hesitantly, Naruto could only nod in agreement.

To this, both gave a big sigh.

A few seconds of silence before Konohamaru spoke up, "THIS IS ALL YOUR FAULT, NARUTO-NII, I KNEW THAT SEAL OF YOURS WAS ASKING FOR TROUBLE!"

Naruto however, tried to ease, the keyword try, his apprentice's anger and said, "Now, now Konohamaru, no need to be so angry, I'm sure if we just use the technique again we'll be back to where we came from. That seal on the ground in Konoha also acts like an anchor aside from being somewhat a sensor we can detect."

Konohamaru stared at Naruto for a moment before looking sceptical once again.

Naruto clapped his hand together into the ram seal once again before concentrating his chakra. A small bubble had once again coalesced into the middle of them slowly forming a hole and sucking in the space once again, this time however, the bubble instantly popped.

"Uh oh…" The blonde said for a second time, as Konohamaru scratched his hair in frustration.

"I can't believe this is happening! I can't believe we got stuck here! I can't believe I proclaimed you to be my rival! I can't believe you're the one who ended the Great War!" Konohamaru pointed to Naruto the blonde merely shrugged and laughed a little.

"It looks like that technique was a one way ticket." Naruto embellished. Konohamaru was seriously about to strangle his master but held himself back. Naruto may be laid back but he was a great fighter with an equally impressive reputation. He wasn't named as the Shinku Arashi (Scarlet Tempest) for nothing.

"Ah what can you do? Looks like its back to the drawing board!" Naruto dismissed the idea and asked the two.

Mana leaned closer to Konohamaru and whispered, "Is he that reckless?"

Konohamaru could only reply in exasperation, "You don't know half of it."

The grandson of the third Hokage then looked at the blonde and asked, "So how many hours is your seal design going to take?"

Naruto looked at Konohamaru and laughed a little. Scratching the back of his head, he sheepishly replied to his apprentice, "About that… It was my last seal design and now I'm going to have to come up with a new one… It'll probably take us months."

Konohamaru looked like he was getting ready to throttle Naruto then and there, who was he kidding? The blonde's sheepish grin was not helping. It was as if it was mocking him.

"So now that we're stuck in Mahora Academy or whatever place this is, can you guys take us to your headmaster or something? We have a lot to explain and I think we may need some sort of job here to survive before going back."

"Oh, it seems that saves us the trouble of coming to you then."

The blonde turned around, another rustle from the bushes was heard and saw a middle aged man walking with a smile, he had spiky gray hair, the man adjusted his glasses before taking the cigarette out of his mouth and said, "Principal Konoe was suddenly disturbed when he felt the presence of two unidentified people popping up out of thin air."

Naruto and Konohamaru raised their right arms and said, "Guilty as charged."

The older man simply chuckled at this and said, "Now if you would please follow me, I think that the principal is waiting for us eagerly."

Arriving at the house of the principal, or mansion as it seemed, the two looked upwards in awe. Before the gate opened revealing the face of a wrinkly old man, having a grey beard almost long enough to reach his lower torso, sitting in front of them with a smile on his face, he looked over to the two new faces in his school and then looked to the three escorts nodding at them before saying, "Thank you for your time escorting these two, Tatsumiya-san, Nagase-san. You can get back to your dorms now, patrols are over and I have disturbed you long enough."

With that, the two female students left the building and went back to their respective dorms, Konoe turned to the two new faces and gave a wry smile before speaking.

"It seems you two caused quite a ruckus earlier. It was alarming for me because I could only detect you when you were already inside the academy." Konoe nodded sagely at that to which Naruto had stars in his eyes.

"Yes! I knew the seal formula had something going for it! Woohoo! I can now bend time and space, baby!" Naruto jubilantly replied, fist pumping upwards and was giddy with excitement.

"Oh, time and space manipulation you say?" Konoe suddenly seemed interested, it was rare for mages to have that kind of ability to bend and fold time and space on its own, in fact, it was a feat on the near levels of impossible. Yet here came a boy, who looked like a total idiot, dancing around about the success of his discovery, it only seemed appropriate that the old man ask him.

Naruto looked back at the man and nodded with a grin on his face, "Yeah, I was experimenting with Konohmaru about recovering a lost technique and tried to improve it too. It was a partial success or something that we really didn't expect that shot my beyond my expectations."

The blonde pointed to the spiky haired brunette that was wearing a long sleeve dark green shirt underneath an equally dark green flak vest and khaki shorts, a long blue scarf around his neck and a weird piece of metal plating that protected his forehead that was sewn on a blue cloth, tied around his head, keeping his hair from making contact with his forehead.

The younger boy merely gave a wave with an apathetic look and glared at his master before adding.

"Yeah, a mishap in the sealing process I'm sure. Naruto-nii has made a lot of mistakes in his seals ever since he started using them after the Great War." Konohamaru replied, Naruto glared at his apprentice as the said boy continued.

"One time, he tried to experiment it near an elite clan's mansion, the result was a third of the mansion's right wing sank to the ground, Naruto-nii had to dig it out bare handed and had to re-attach the sunk building back."

"Too much into detail, Konohamaru." Naruto said in between gritted teeth, Konohamaru didn't seem to mind until Naruto began giving his apprentice a noogie.

The old man laughed at the antics between the two as both Master and apprentice started to argue. Naruto stopped for a moment when he saw a rather old, Japanese style painting.

The writing was a bit ancient but Naruto, being a seals user, easily read at the side of the illustration, the unreachable item, the eternal illusion.

"Kyoka Suigetsu." Naruto read out loud, the old man seemed impressed. That was ancient texts that Naruto read, he had a hard time reading them as well but Naruto read it like it was an everyday writing system for him.

"Man what a dreary painting, I've seen better paintings from Sai, and he's as dreary as it gets!" The blonde commented. Konoe suddenly laughed; there was much to be learned about these two and every time he observed, the more surprised he became.

"Oh, I'm surprised you can read the title, not many have that kind of knowledge in ancient Japanese Texts these days, and one so young as well… How did you come to know such knowledge?" Asked the middle aged man, Naruto looked at the bespectacled man with a cigarette in his mouth and grinned.

"I'm a seals expert, that time and space bending that happened earlier, that was a result of countless seals I had to write on my back and shoulders, though I think I might have to remove them for a newer seal design." Naruto contemplated, Konoe then spoke.

"Regardless of that, I applaud you for doing such a very impossible feat. Though I have to ask, what will you do until you come up with a seal design to transfer back? From what I gather from Takahata here, he said it would likely take you months before coming up with a seal design. What would you people do then?" Konoe asked, looking at the two who looked rather embarrassed.

"Well, about that, we really need a place to stay for a while before we could go back. I was thinking about doing some work here while we wait. If possible, that is. I promise we won't be trouble!" Naruto said that last part in desperation, bowing in front of Konoe until the old man gave off a tiny chuckle.

"Well we do have two vacancies. One is Japanese, which is the language speaking now, if you don't know, and the other is Physical education. These are the two slots we need filling in, and by the looks of it, we won't be receiving any teachers in there for the first few days." Konoe replied, Naruto then looked at Konohamaru and said,

"Fight you for it. Best two out of three." Naruto raised his fists to Konohamaru. The apprentice looked up to his master with a frown, and fire burning in his eyes.

A lame class taught in a lame classroom versus a class taught outside with teenage girls possibly giving off sweat to accentuate their curves. It was a no brainer.

Konohamaru jumped back, hands balled into fists as he said to Naruto,

"You're on!" The apprentice accepted the challenge all the while he thought, 'It's better than reading a goddamn textbook! Phys. Ed girls, here I come!'

"Heh, Konohamaru, why so fired up? Don't tell me you're eyeing for being a PE instructor too." Naruto chided his apprentice who merely scowled and pointed to the blonde.

"I hate indoor classes, nii-chan. You know that." Konohamaru then balled his hands into fists and got into a fighting stance. He said to the blonde, "Going back to a classroom… I'd rather die than let it happen!"

Naruto's demeanour turned from laid back to almost serious, frowning at Konohamaru. "Like hell I'll be getting that desk job, Konohamaru. Looks like we can't come to terms with this at all… Oh well, it was nice knowing ya' Konohamaru, I bet we'll be great brothers in the next life."

"Heh, the only one who'll die here will be you, Naruto-nii." Konohamaru sneered, Naruto's grin turned into a scowl as he pointed to Konohamaru.

"I'm not holding back, Konohamaru. Not now, not ever!" Naruto declared, cocking his right arm back as both competitors shouted,




Ten seconds later, Konohamaru stood triumphant while Naruto was at the corner sulking like a child sitting down and holding his knees in a fetal position as his right hand continuously poked the ground.

Konohamaru was standing with a smirk but inwardly, he was gloating against his rival.

Konoe and Takahata had beads of sweat at the back of their heads seeing the two young men looked about ready to kill each other earlier but ended up playing rock-paper-scissors.

Naruto continued to sulk as Konoe slowly let out a small chuckle, these two were indeed interesting. "Well, I guess that settles it, the workload has been divided, Takahata, I wish for you to give them their schedules and take them to their dorms. I gather there are vacant rooms since the summer. These two are perfect for them."

The attendant bowed and began to walk outside, followed by a grinning Konohamaru and a depressed looking Naruto. Before exiting the house though, the old man spoke and asked the two new faces a question, "I almost forgot to ask your names, it wouldn't be good for me to forget the names of the new staffers of Mahora now, would I?"

Naruto and Konohamaru looked back at the old man and each gave a smirk, the blonde was the first to speak, "Uzumaki Naruto, Kage level ninja of Konohagakure no Sato."

Konohamaru gave a salute, "Sarutobi Konohamaru, chuunin level ninja of Konohagakure no Sato!"

The next morning:


The sound of the alarm clock echoed around the bedroom, the sun's morning rays gently caressing the room on the bed as both Naruto and Konohamaru groggily woke up at six in the morning. Both of them were unmoving, sitting up in their respective beds. Naruto would have slept in if it wasn't for that incessant ringing of the alarm clock.

That high pitch ringing was driving him up the wall this morning, he was about to deck the clock for good when he saw Konohamaru who was, himself, staring into nothing feeling the same bit of annoyance to the damned clock.

He then suddenly remembered the situation both of them were in right now. Inwardly cursing, Naruto shot up from his bed and frantically dashed towards the bathroom. Konohamaru looked at his mentor and rival dashing towards the bathroom and was suddenly reminded of their predicament like a sack of hammers. His mood beginning to turn sour more and more, he was about to get up from his bed and go towards the other bathroom and take a morning bath. He hated waking up in the mornings and this was no different. It was a good thing that his class was a little later but Naruto had a class in the morning and they were supposed to go for an orientation earlier on. Konohamaru gave a sigh as he walked into the bathroom.

Ten minutes later, both master and apprentice walked out, Naruto was wearing a suit, white long sleeve underneath a wool vest and a black long sleeve coat, he wore black cloth pants to complement his attire and a black leather shoes courtesy of the academy. He didn't want to put the necktie as he was as confused as hell as how he would put it on. Konohamaru couldn't blame him; those things don't exist in their world. It was funny how Naruto struggled putting on the damn thing and in the end, discarded it all together.

Konohamaru was wearing a plain white shirt and dark blue jogging pants, white sneakers and a silver whistle tied around his neck dangling loosely on his chest. Unlike Naruto, who wasn't wearing a headband, Konohamaru had a green one tied to his head instead.

Finally walking out, Naruto and his apprentice reached the train station where a lot of females stood waiting for the train to arrive. Naruto and Konohamaru were instructed to wait behind the yellow line as they waited for the train.

Diligently waiting, Naruto and Konohamaru felt like they were at the spotlight of all the women, as they both stared side to side seeing girls giggling whenever they made any eye contact, one even managed to pinch Naruto's butt, who the blonde suddenly jumped in surprise. He didn't expect that! Shouldn't girls be proper and some other bullshit!

Konohamaru was snickering when he too felt that stinging and painful yank on his ass. The boy turned around in a frown as he saw the girls talking among themselves. The last Sarutobi inwardly snarled and massaged his tender buttocks.

When the train arrived, Naruto and Konohamaru were suddenly pushed into the train by the crowd, going with the flow. Inside the train, it was cramped, a lot of people were standing as they were grabbing on the plastic handles as the train ran as fast as it can, Naruto had to admit though, the ride was utterly uninteresting jumping their way towards the academy was more appealing than this!

Well, that was what Konohamaru and Naruto thought until a strong gust of wind blew many of the teenage girl's skirts upward. Naruto and Konohamaru had to keep holding their nose and try not to force a nosebleed coming out amidst the myriad of pink, yellow, white and blue undergarments that the saw. As the wind died down, the girls looked at the seemingly two present male in the cart who were looking to what seemed to be a manga tankoubon.

'That was close!' Naruto and Konohamaru thought at the same time

On to the other side of the cart:

A small boy, with long red hair reaching to his upper back, snivelled and sniffed. After sneezing out, blew away all of the women's skirts inside. The boy timidly apologized before the girl with bells as ties for her ponytails shouted,

"You really do want to be expelled from this school, don't you!" The red head shouted.

The bespectacled boy bowed profusely and apologized many times over, hoping the pig-tailed girl would forgive him. During their bickering, the speaker from their upper right began playing its tune and spoke.

"Next stop, Mahora Academy Central."

The red headed girl with pigtails gave a fierce grin as she said to the boy, "All right, we're going to make a run for it."

The girl to the red headed boy's right side advised the little boy, "Don't fall behind, Negi-kun!"

The statement didn't fall on deaf ears as Naruto grinned, Konohamaru seemed reluctant about this, whenever Naruto grinned; he always had something up his sleeve. Konohamaru slowly inched away from his master who was reading a tankoubon as he said to Konohamaru, "How about a little training exercise Konohamaru?"

Konohamaru shivered, what idea popped into his head right now?

As if reading his mind, the blonde said to him, "Well, even if this is a relatively peaceful place we need to maintain our shape, peace dulls the senses of a shinobi and war is always ready to happen, any day, any time."

Naruto reminded Konohamaru in a sagely manner, in fits of whispers so that no one would hear. They have been in relative peace for quite some time now; there were no people ready to start another war. No one was stupid enough with Naruto around, he gave an example of that in the form of a severely beat up Madara, close to death, on his last legs and almost devoid of emotion as Naruto poisoned the man's chakra system with a mixture of his sage chakra and the Kyuubi's to the point he can't use anymore jutsu. It left the man a cripple, mentally void of any thought and slowly wilted away like a dying leaf.

"This is my training method number two hundred and sixty-four; it's the running-through-a-crowd-and-not-hitting-anyone-you-see-not-even-a-glancing-blow-to-get-to-first-place training!" Naruto exclaimed as Konohamaru sighed, another ridiculous title for a ridiculous training method, Naruto smiled and added, "Remember Konohamaru, if you pass my training, I'm going to let you learn a new Jutsu from one of Ero-Sennin's and Kakashi-sensei's jutsu library!"

Konohamaru was stoked for a moment there. Was this a chance to learn of the jutsu of the infamous Jiraiya of the Legendary Sannin, and one of the Copy Ninja's repertoires of jutsu? He was taking this stupid training!

"You've got yourself an exercise, Naruto-nii." Konohamaru looked focused for a few moments before squatting down a little, Naruto grinned as the doors of the cart opened immediately as countless girls ran from the train, dashing towards the gates of the prestigious school.

Konohamaru began bobbing and weaving through the crowd, he was barely noticed by the other girls as he made his way, he was too fast for anyone to see, sidestepping and jumping forward, back tracking for a few moments and dashing again if he saw the opportunity. He even managed to jump over one girl and wasn't even noticed until his feet hit the ground and dashing again. A gust of wind escaped as Konohamaru continued to pump chakra under his feet, his body flickering in and out of sight.

Just as seemingly he was at the front of the stampede of students, Konohamaru gave a triumphant grin until Naruto had surprised him who was already in front.

"Well that was a pretty easy exercise, huh, Konohamaru?" Asked the blonde, Konohamaru looked at his master incredulously, who had his arms at the back of his head as the said blonde was looking around.

Konohamaru's eye twitched, no matter how many times he tried to deny it, Naruto was still way too far for him to reach. He was already Kage Level in his teens, and would likely continue to keep getting stronger.

Konohamaru looked down and felt some form of mortification as he realized how he couldn't catch up to someone like Naruto. It was unfair, he, who only had the blood of the Sarutobi clan in his veins, can't stand up to a force of nature like Uzumaki Naruto. Konohamaru was about to frown until Naruto snapped him out of it by a smack on the back.

"Man, you're getting stronger and stronger everyday! It looks like I'm going to have to give you another scroll!" Naruto mentioned as he gave the boy another pat on the back that made Konohamaru cough.

Well, Konohamaru was getting there.

Principal's office:

Konoe Konoemon looked at the new teaching staff in his room with a pique of interest as they both stared at the side admiring the old man's room.

The said principal gave a laugh as he said to the duo, "Well now that you're officially a member of the teaching staff here in Mahora Academy, I would to give you some of the most important aspects of this academy."

The old man raised his finger to emphasize his point.

"First, this isn't a school that you would normally think; this is a school whose foundation is on the verge of supernatural."

Naruto and Konohamaru looked at each other before Konohamaru said, "We've had our own cases of the supernatural too, so it isn't like we can't handle things like that."

That was true, they had seen a lot of things that can be considered super natural, twenty foot tall talking frogs, twenty foot tall rampaging bijuus and the like, so it wasn't as if handling a school was anymore difficult to handle.

"Ohohoho, I see, so it's almost a day to day occurrence!" Konoe said excitedly, Naruto and Konohamaru nodded at the same time. Konoe held up his middle finger for his second point.

"Very well, on to my second pointer, this school has some students that are aware to that supernatural clause. Meaning, they are magically gifted individuals that have knowledge of said magic or have enough magical reserves to make them potentially aware of magic, my grand daughter is one of them. They don't know it and I would rather like to keep it that way." Konoe mentioned, Naruto and Konohamaru merely nodded. The old man then raised his ring finger for his third point.

"Third, since this school is established with high magical energies, the teachers are not only excellent in their academics; they are also strong enough to defend this dear academy of mine." Konoe finished as he leaned back to his leather chair and said to the two new teachers, "Can I ask the two of you to defend my academy as well, to protect the students of this school?"

Naruto gave a fierce and determined grin, his sapphire blue eyes seemed to have fire burning in them, "Consider it a deal, old man."

Konohamaru's interest quietly rose though, why would an academy hire teachers that know advance combat? Unless this school or city since the size campus can be considered one itself, is consequently having outside troubles.

With that, Konoe had called for Takahata to take them to a tour around the said school.

Said bespectacled man had entered the room with a smile and curtly greeted Naruto and Konohamaru who likewise greeted him.

As they made their way around the academy, Naruto couldn't help but be impressed at the size of the school itself, if the campus needed a train to get them around the entire school, then it was no surprise that the building itself would be big as well. As they were walking around the school, Takamichi had spoken to them that had to interrupt their tour.

"Oh, do you mind if I make a stop over at class 3A? I need to talk to a teacher closer to your age to have an idea about teaching a class. You should watch how he teaches to see what technique suits you best in teaching."

Naruto and Konohamaru looked at each other and asked, "There are techniques in teaching too?"

They didn't seem to mind the fact that they had a teacher close to their age.

Takahata nodded, "Yes there are, and depending on the personality of the teacher to convey the lessons being taught, the techniques done in teaching can best be described as a tool to deliver the message better."

Naruto and Konohamaru nodded at the same time as they finally reach class 3A.

Knocking on the door, Takahata waited for the teacher to open the door which a bespectacled boy of small stature opened, wearing a green suit. He had crimson red hair tied into a pony tail and chestnut brown eyes.

"Ah, Takahata-san, I never expected you to go to my class right now, what can I help you with?"

Takahata merely gave a smile and said, "Well, I'm here to introduce two new teachers in the academy, I would like to let them see how you teach to see as how they would take your technique pretty well."

"Oh, Takahata-sensei, what brings you here in 3A?" A newcomer asked, Konohamaru and Naruto looked at the woman who had an incredible bust and was also wearing glasses.

"Ah, Shizuna-sensei, I was just about to ask Negi if the two new teachers could sit in and see if his technique can be applied to their teaching style." Takahata pointed to the two new faces that were waving their hands with stupid grins all over their faces.

"I'm sorry but today is physical exams, I came here to remind Negi-sensei of that event. I'm afraid you're going to have wait for another day, when will the two of you start? Oh, where are my manners, I haven't introduced myself have I? I'm Minamoto Shizuna, a fellow teacher in this academy." She said with a smile, Naruto and Konohamaru shook hands with her and couldn't help but feel her hands were so soft and smooth. Naruto and Konohamaru then looked at the three teachers and had beads of sweat at the back of their foreheads.

'Are teachers here required to wear glasses?' Konohamaru thought as he looked at the blonde who answered the older woman.

"Two days from now, and it's no problem, I'm Uzumaki Naruto and this is my apprentice…" Naruto then looked at his said apprentice who continued, "Sarutobi Konohamaru."

"My, you already have an apprentice at such a young age? You must be an amazing genius for that." Negi replied seemingly impressed with the blonde, and then looked at the boy who was slightly older than him. Naruto had a bead of sweat at the back of his head.

Negi suddenly remembered what Shizuna had said and immediately went inside.

"Okay class, since today you'll be having a physical exam and since it's going to be a check up, um… Everyone please take off your clothes!"

Naruto looked at his apprentice who was merely giving off a grin as he and the blonde stealthily high-fived each other. As Negi ran outside visibly flustered, he slammed the door to his back hard and leaned against it, a blush ever present on his face.

Takahata apologized to Naruto and Konohamaru about the schedule, it seemed like the man forgot about the physicals scheduled today. Naruto and Konohamaru looked at Negi who slid down as he was carrying a staff. Shizuna had already left off, so that meant that the three of them were the only ones left outside.

"That's pretty bold of you to ask women older than you to take of their clothes, kid. What's your name?" Naruto asked with a small smile, the red head looked back at the blonde, it seemed that his smiles were infectious though as he too gave a smile, "Negi Springfield."

"Negi, eh? Pretty fitting name for you, I guess." Konohamaru mentioned, Naruto chuckled inwardly as Negi seemed confused by that somehow.

Just as they were talking, Negi suddenly felt something escape from the room, like somehow; malice was leaking its way out. The frown on Naruto and Konohamaru's faces were present, meaning that they too could sense that malice seeping out of the room. Negi was about to burst into the room when Konohamaru held him by the shoulder.

Naruto leaned in on one of the windows, grabbing his right arm with his left and flicked it, a kunai popped out of his sleeve, as his eyes steeled in gaze, those blue sapphire eyes suddenly turned cold. Reversing the grip on the Kunai, Naruto was going to let out his own killing intent. Negi suddenly felt a stinging pain in his chest, it was like something was stabbing his heart, it was filling the whole area as he felt it was getting harder and harder to breathe. He suddenly felt Konohamaru's grip tighten on his shoulder, his remaining free hand, turning already balled into a fist. A cold bead of sweat escaped from the brunette's forehead.

"Naruto-san, who are yo…"

"Negi-sensei!" Naruto had suddenly let go of his killing intent and retracted the kunai back in his sleeve. Konohamaru grip loosened, as he viewed to his side still with his frown. Negi could feel it, that steely gaze that both people had given, but as soon as they saw one of his students, their frown immediately vanished and that heavily foreboding feeling from earlier was now missing.

"We've got a problem, Makie is… Makie is…"

All of a sudden, a loud slam of the doors and window open, exposing the girls inside, in full blown lingerie and all.

Naruto immediately turned his back around, as did Konohamaru; their minds were now forever engraved with the female figure of every fifteen year old girl they saw in that classroom.

Negi, looked like a fish out of water as the girls were accidentally flashing themselves at the poor kid.


"It seems she was found sleeping in Sakura Lane." Shizuna mentioned, Negi looked like he was thinking to deep as he held his chin with his right hand. Naruto and Konohamaru were outside. The blonde was leaning against the door and listened to what the female teacher had to say, Konohamaru however had his hands in his pockets and looked at his master very discreetly. Every concerned classmate of the said girl was giving their pre-conceived notions of what might have happened, as the others kept looking at the two new faces.

Asuna looked nervous, as the blonde's facial expressions continued from frowning to scowling every few seconds. Negi looked very thoughtful as well. Negi looked very pre-occupied, but she had to ask him about the two new faces in the campus.

"Negi, is something wrong? You got quiet all of a sudden." Asuna asked, this snapped Negi from his thoughts, deciding to change the subject quickly, he said to the red headed girl,

"Ah, oh, there's no need to worry about her, Makie-san just got very tired, don't worry, she'll be okay." Negi said with a smile and then added, "By the way, Asuna-san, I'll be home late tonight so I won't be eating any dinner."

"Huh? Why?" Asked the girl with pigtails as she tilted her head in confusion, the tall blonde outside who was leaning against the door butted in and said with a wide grin, "That's because he promised us to take a tour around Mahora, didn't he, Konohamaru?"

As if to get an affirmation, Konohamaru nodded and said, "Yeah, Negi would take us around Mahora and look around!"

"Just my question though, who the hell are you two?" Asuna asked and pointed fingers at the blonde and Konohamaru. Negi had to interject being properly oriented about the two, "They're new teachers here in Mahora Academy. This is Uzumaki Naruto."

The blonde wave and said with a grin, "I'm going to be your Japanese teacher for the coming days so let's all get along!"

And Negi continued to the shorter of the two, "Sarutobi Konohamaru, PE teacher! I hope we can get along for the following year!"

Asuna looked at the two with a flabbergasted look; they looked like they were very close to their age! What was with this school? Some kind of breeding ground for geniuses or something!

"So what are you guys doing here hanging out in our class?" Asked the one with the long black hair and a miko cut, Naruto gave a lopsided grin and said in an embarrassed tone, "We were supposed to see Negi's teaching style so we can adapt to what style suited us best in teaching. We're complete amateurs on teaching lectures and we need Negi's framework for experience since he's closest to our age that can sympathize with the students."

Class 3A:

"Well class, we'll be having guests today in my lecture since they want to see how I teach all of you, I think it would be safe to say that they won't be bothering anyone." Negi mentioned with a tiny smile as the two teachers standing on the side waving their hands at the class. To say that the girls were intrigued was an understatement.

Negi then pointed to the taller of the two, a tall boy, roughly about five foot nine, spiky blonde hair and six whisker marks on his cheek, blue deep eyes that were shining with youth.

"This is Uzumaki Naruto, he's going to be your Japanese teacher from now on."

And then the child teacher then pointed to the shorter brunette that had a headband covering his forehead.

"And this is Sarutobi Konohamaru; he's going to be the PE instructor."

Konohamaru curtly waved in embarrassment as the girls kept staring at them, before Negi could tell them that they could ask questions, the girls had already beaten him to the punch.

"How old are you guys?"

"Do you have girlfriends?"

"What do you guys look for in a girl?"

Naruto and Konohamaru had beads of sweat at the back of their heads as the girls kept hounding them with unnecessary questions. Naruto and Konohamaru had a hard time keeping track of them. Negi on the other hand, felt somehow relieved that he could let his guard down and not get jumped on for once, at last, someone to share the pain!

Konohamaru tried to back up a little as he raised his arms gesturing that the girls were getting too close, Naruto looked like he was about to mentally shut down with the questions edging closer and closer to Jiraiya's forte.

Negi had to control the class eventually and everyone was back to their seats, Naruto and Konohamaru, simply stood on the back and watched Negi deliver his lesson.

Later that afternoon:

It was getting dark, everyone had already left the classroom, Negi was about to leave as well when Naruto grabbed him by the collar and pulled him back.

"Whoa there, Negi, we can't be going out there right now until that person comes out of his/her hiding." Naruto mentioned as he set the boy down.

"B-But… My students could be in danger, I sensed a strong ma…" Negi had to cut himself off by closing his mouth, anymore and he would be exposed as a mage in training.

"Don't worry, Konoe filled us in earlier apparently, a lot of teachers here are magically aware and that they are powerful enough to protect this academy." Konohamaru suggested as he sat down on the chair, Naruto nodded.

"That's right, we're here to get things straight and go after the person that's been terrorizing Sakura lane. Your student earlier, Makie was it? She was found unconscious on Sakura lane. Before that, we sensed powerful killing intent inside this room before going to your unconscious student." Naruto mentioned, Negi looked pale as he asked, "Are you saying that the person that could be the one responsible in Sakura Lane is my student?"

Naruto shook his head as Konohamaru added, "It's just a possibility, but we can't know for sure unless the culprit pops up on his own."

"So how are going to lure that person out?" Negi asked, Naruto merely gave a smile.

"Conveniently, it's almost night time already and maybe one of your students has to make way to Sakura lane before going home." Naruto informed and Negi gave a determined nod.

Sakura lane:

It was already dark and cold, nothing but the street lamps were the only light that had led to home, Nodoka Miyazaki carefully treaded Sakura lane because of the rumour she had heard earlier, as she walked and a small gust blew some of the cherry blossom petals descend to the earth gently as it danced and swayed in the air before dropping.

The wind however brought Nodoka cold chills down her spine as she walked faster and faster through Sakura lane, she felt her heart beat faster and faster as she got deeper and deeper into Sakura lane, her heart was now racing as she began to breathe heavily, feeling that her life was on the line. Fearing that the person was getting closer and closer, she ran.

She ran to where her legs can take her but suddenly stopped when she saw a girl, standing on one of street lamps, her black cape swaying back and forth as it fluttered into the wind; a black cone hat complimented her attire as she gave a smile that bore her fangs.

"Seat Number 23, Miyazaki Nodoka… Sorry but I'll be taking a sip from your blood." She then lunged at Nodoka, her fangs bared and her arms outstretched ready to incapacitate the girl. Nodoka immediately fainted from sheer terror as the girl was about to get close to her.

Until a kunai had suddenly stopped her and she jumped back, the kunai narrowly missing her by a few millimetres.

"Hold it right there!" The voice shouted, the girl turned around and saw the red headed boy running towards her, a spell ready to be cast, "Undekim spiritis aeris wincurm fientis iminucum caputent! (Eleven spirits of the wind become a seal and bind the enemy!)"

Wind began collecting in the palm of his hand and streams of it began forming as he outstretched his palm and aimed at the woman, "Sagitaur Magika Air Kaptorae! (Arrows of wind)"

The little girl let out a vial and muttered, "Reflectio (Barrier)"

It was that instant that the arrows of wind scattered and were sent about ever which way, Negi had suddenly stopped when he saw his spell being deflected, he looked to his side to see the downed form of his student, Nodoka.

"Katon: Housenka no Jutsu! (Fire Release: Mythical Fire Flower skill)" The new voice had mentioned as countless balls of flame began peppering the girl who jumped back and flipped, she stepped on one of the street lamps.

Konohamaru had suddenly appeared to Negi's side, his sandals skidding to the ground once more now that in his ninja attire. The lower half of his face covered by his long scarf that danced and swayed from the cold night wind, Konohamaru looked silently at the girl whose hat completely fell revealing a face that surprised Negi.

"E-Evangeline-san! You were the culprit!"

Konohamaru could surmise that this was one of Negi's students. He looked at the girl and said in a stern and cold voice, "I don't know what your problem is, lady, but you don't go around picking fights and terrorizing Sakura Lane like this."

The girl laughed at this and said, "But I do because I can. It's the start of the term Negi-sensei, Konohamaru-sensei. I want to formally greet you. I must say Negi Springfield; you have very strong magic… As to be expected of his son. Did you know that there two types of mages? That there are good ones and bad ones? Guess to which group I belong."

Eva gave a vicious grin at that as she licked her lips. She turned around to Konohamaru whose right hand was now littered with Kunai, placed between the gaps of his fingers.

"I must say that was very unique magic there, to fire countless orbs of fireballs is definitely good, but I don't think it would affect me anyway." She commented, Konohamaru didn't speak as he was ready to throw his weapon as Eva asked him again.

"That feeling that happened earlier, were you the one who let it out?" She asked, she had never felt an ill feeling like that for the past two hundred years, hell the fact that it got her riled up earlier was a worthy accomplishment on itself.

Konohamaru grinned, "No, it was my master who did that."

Eva suddenly stood surprised about that, if she had seen it earlier; her suspicions about the blonde man were becoming even truer.

Eva grinned, it was a good thing this small fry was the one that appeared before her, or there would have been a powerful clash and she couldn't possibly take the man on without her full power.

"Consider yourself lucky that he didn't come here just to beat you down, he said this was going to be part of my training, so who am I to disobey the guy that's been bribing me of jutsu after jutsu in exchange for a little training?" Konohamaru added and threw the three kunai at the same time as Eva quickly grabbed another vial.

She smiled sadistically as she broke the vial and the liquid spilled. Konohamaru quickly sensed a sudden change in demeanour as she held out her hand. The liquid contorted and expanded until it turned to ice and lashed out at the three.

"Gelidus Telum! (Freeze Lancer)" The streams of ice extended and headed straight towards the two. Konohamaru inwardly cursed as he went through a series of handseals to which Evangeline had immediately noticed.

"Doton: Doryuuheki! (Earth Release: Earth Wall Formation)" Konohamaru's cheeks suddenly puffed up as he began to vomit a black substance to the ground. Negi watched in utter disbelief as the mud that had spread on the ground began to solidify and erect from the cemented floor it rose and formed a wall of solid earth as tall as a fully frown man and deflecting the spears of ice.

"God, I hate that jutsu…" Konohamaru muttered wiping the smear of mud from his lip as he jumped over the earth wall and saw Evangeline was about to get away. Konohamaru went to another series of handseals and inhaled deeply,

"Oh no, you don't! Katon: Goukakyou no Jutsu! (Fire Release: Grand Fireball Skill)" Konohamaru then began spewing a large concentrated fireball the size of a normal human heading towards Evangeline. The stream of fire was immediately absorbed when Eva had taken out another vial from her pouch as Konohamaru cursed.


A voice had suddenly cried out, Konohamaru had immediately clung to the opposite wall to hide himself. They don't have to know that he was a ninja and he'd rather keep it that way.

"I knew it; Negi-kun is the vampire!" Konoka suddenly declared as if she had solved a very difficult case.

Negi had to vehemently deny the accusation, "No! This is a misunderstanding!"

Negi had suddenly remembered his reason of staking out in Sakura Lane and immediately gave Nodoka in the care of Asuna and Konoka.

"I'm leaving Miyazaki-san to you; I'm going after the person who's been causing all of these incidents!" Negi proclaimed as he dashed like a madman and going after the mage that had been causing havoc. Seeing as Negi was dashing to where Evangeline was, Konohamaru immediately followed suit as he activated his Shunshin no jutsu, flickering through the trees at top speed.

As they reached for the girl mage who was giving a sadistic grin this whole time, Konohamaru was about to perform another skill until she jumped off the edge. Konohamaru didn't expect it but Evangeline remained in mid air for a few more seconds and confirmed that she can fly.

Konohamaru didn't have anything like that! Hell even Naruto didn't have anything like that! He saw Negi jumping from the bridge and riding his staff as he too flew and headed towards Evangeline.

Konohamaru cursed as he had to look for a tall building to give enough fire support, he doubted if Negi could do it alone, that air of confidence and condescending tone from the girl was giving him a bad feeling, but he shook it off his head as he began jumping from tree canopies to rooftops, waiting for Evangeline to got into his range and take her out with an attack that can reach her. He saw Negi multiplying himself with eight clones made of wind as the streams of it dashed towards Evangeline trying to subdue her; Evangeline grabbed more vials from her person and released them, dispelling five of his wind clones immediately. Eva landed on the side walk and Konohamaru saw his chance, grabbing a scroll from his pocket, he unfurled it and revealed countless writings of kanji. Tapping the first character he saw, smoke wafted through the air as Konohamaru held a spinning object in his right hand that was spinning wildly like a propeller.

Konohamaru then threw the Fuuma Shuriken directly at Evangeline who immediately saw the offending projectile and jumped. It was then that three of Negi's remaining wind clones cut her off as the real one released a spell and aimed for her, "It ends here! I've caught you, Eva-san! Flans Exclamatio! (Wind Flower Disarm)"

As soon as he said that, Eva's mantle and attire were completely torn from her, revealing her pale white skin underneath and her undergarments for the world to see. Despite the compromising attire that she was wearing, she didn't seem embarrassed that two boys were staring at her with only her underwear on.

"This is our victory okay? And as promised, you're going to have to tell me what you know about my father." Negi said in a gentle tone, Konohamaru had jumped to his side immediately, kneeling as he landed, and stared Evangeline quietly. He just hoped Naruto would be here if they were to bite the bullet.

"A-Anyway, without your magic power, your mantle, and your vials, victory is ours, alright!" Negi shakily mentioned, Konohamaru merely rolled his eyes. Negi was still a child alright.

"He's right you know, you're cornered and you don't have any tricks left up your sleeve. I say you give what he wants." Konohamaru mentioned, Eva merely gave a grin, "Did you think you've already won?"

It was then that Konohamaru had detected a newcomer into the fray as the figure jumped from the adjacent roof behind Evangeline; she landed behind the girl as she dashed towards Negi and Konohamaru, Konohamaru was quick to react and cut off the girl's path straight to Negi, he had immediately flicked his arms and kunai immediately appeared from his sleeves the girl clashed with Konohamaru as he spun around, dust picked up from his right foot. Konohamaru flicked the kunai from his right hand, firing the said projectile towards the girl's face, the girl, quick to react, ducked from the blow but was quickly met with a knee straight to her face. She reacted fast enough by stopping it with her hands.

Konohamaru stared at disbelief. 'That is the strongest knee strike I could ever muster, she didn't even budge!'

Negi was quick to cast a spell but was immediately halted when Chachamaru quickly appeared in front of him, flicking a finger on his forehead. Negi couldn't properly cast a spell fast enough, as he suddenly staggered back, Konohamaru dashed at Chachamaru his hand hidden beneath his torso.

"Katon: Nensho Kouken… (Fire release: Burning Tiger Fist)" Konohamaru had suddenly appeared by Chachamaru's side gone was his angry look as he now looked completely cold the lower half of his face was covered by the shadow cast by the moon as his eyes showed the coldness the eyes of a cold blooded killer. His right hand blazing in fire, and unloaded his punch straight to Chachamaru's face. The girl simply leaned back as the burning punch missed by millimetres from her face, Konohamaru however, instead of losing balance, stopped and back handed Chachamaru who was suddenly hit at the stomach. The robotic girl had to jump back as Konohamaru wordlessly looked at them as he muttered.

"I won't fail another mission." Konohamaru's mind flashed through the deaths that littered around him, he saw Udon's cold body, lying lifelessly to his side, as Moegi was trying desperately to wake up the third member of their squad. Ebisu was at their side that was shaking his head.

"I won't fail to protect anyone again…" Konohamaru then unfurled his forehead protector and saw a golden tiara like crown wrapping around his forehead. Konohamaru's hand surrounded in fire dissipated as he put his hands together in the seal of the ram for a second. Evangeline, not wanting to see what Konohamaru could do with what he was about to do, told Chachamaru to immediately intercept the boy.

"I won't let something like what happened in the Great War happen again." Konohamaru's hand was already at the thin headpiece but felt his hand stopping as it was held with calloused ones. As if snapping Konohamaru from his reverie, Naruto was already there with a smile on his face as he said to Konohamaru.

Naruto was wearing his standard Konoha uniform and the red haori with the black flame design at the hem of the said cloak and edges of the sleeves.

"Don't go overboard, Konohamaru, Negi isn't dying. There's no reason to use that. Besides, they are still our students"

Evangeline didn't even detect the blonde getting closer to them! How was it possible for the boy to do that!

"Naruto-nii…" Konohamaru could only say as he stared at Naruto for a moment and then back at Evangeline. Naruto was the one to speak, "I think a truce would be good for now, wouldn't you say so, Eva-chan?"

Eva seemed to fume at that last part as she reacted while blushing, "Don't you dare call me Eva-chan, you plebeian!"

Naruto didn't seem to notice nor care, "I mean, it's not like you were going to kill, Negi, right?"

Eva, still fuming, decided to taunt the blonde, she smirked, "Oh, I was… I can't deny that, it's because for me to break this curse placed upon me by his father, I have to suck the blood of someone from his bloodline, and it being Negi, son of the Thousand Master, I need a set amount to make me free again and the amount I need would result in his death."

"Nope, sorry, no can do, Eva-chan. Now go back home before I give you a spanking." Naruto said with a smile, unknown to him, the immortal girl was ready to strangle the blonde male for his idiocy and the indignity of it all for being treated like a kid!

"I am going to kill you. Slowly." Eva mentioned as she and Chachamaru jumped back, falling from the eighth floor, Naruto stopped Negi from going after them.

Naruto saw Negi sit down from the fatigue as Konohamaru looked down on the ground, Naruto was sure that his apprentice was feeling mortified of what he had almost done. Sensing someone was coming after them, Naruto nudged Konohamaru and both bid farewell to Negi.

"Take care of yourself, Negi." Naruto said with a smile and both vanished with but a small flicker as Asuna was nearing the site where she saw Negi fall.

To be continued…

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