-1Author's note: This story contains graphic violence and portrays homosexual relations between men. I do NOT own Tokio Hotel and or any of the musicians or persons associated with the band. This is for non-profit and for entertainment purposes only. This story is inspired by the artwork of Mearii on Deviant Art entitled The Fame Monster and But What Are You Fighting For. I also do not own Griff Ball. Enjoy!

Survival; the dictionary defines this word as meaning the act or process of surviving or the fact that one has survived. In this world, survival was the only thing that mattered. War had sent the world into a downward spiral back in time. Gleaming skyscrapers had fallen; homes and office buildings were in ruins; and most cities were infected with thousands of blood sucking fiends. That's what the government had called them; fiends. The fiends had a disease called Hemoglobin Degeneration Disorder, or HDD; and it turned them into monsters who need to drink blood to survive. They were too strong, too fast, too quick to heal, and too hard to kill for the government to tolerate. And so, they were hunted down and exterminated. But the fiends wouldn't just lay down and die. And so, the great war started and somehow, it seemed that the humans were the one's that were losing.

Tom hiked over the piles of debris that littered the bridge into Owego, New York. He hated bridges, even if it was the middle of the day. They were bottle necks and perfect for ambushes by fiends. But right other side of the river was a Rite Aid and hopefully he would be able to find some supplies. The town was deserted. It had been one of the first towns to evacuate before they dropped the bio-bomb on The City. The wind picked up as Tom neared the end of the bridge and the hairs on the back of his neck stood up on end. Tom held his rifle at ready and flicked the safety off as he walked slowly in the direction his GPS said the drug store was in.

The store was a block from the bridge and easy to spot. Tom broke the sliding glass door when it didn't open and cautiously walked inside. The store seemed to be relatively untouched surprisingly and Tom automatically went toward the medical supply aisle as well as the pharmacy. They were both well stocked and Tom smiled happily at the find. "Sweet, I knew this was a good idea." Tom chuckled to himself as he began to stuff medication bottles and other medical supplies into his backpack.

After cleaning out the pharmacy, Tom wandered the aisles in search of protein bars and other things he might need. As he meandered through the selections he came upon a rack of condoms. Tom stopped to contemplate, "I am here looking for things to help with protection against infection… and you never want to be unprepared. Maybe just a couple." Tom smirked as he unzipped his pack again and started emptying boxes of rubbers into one of the pockets to conserve space.

Unfortunately while he went to work with the condoms, Tom did not hear the quiet foot steps that were coming up behind him and he didn't feel the hot rank breath on the back of his neck until he was being slammed into the metal aisle next to him and his rifle went skittering across the floor. Tom was in shock, looking down at him was a fiend. But this fiend was one of the pretty ones that tried to lure you into dark alleyways with promises of a good time. No, this one looked like it's flesh was flaking off and it's fangs had gone black and looked like they were rotting. The entire thing looked like it was rotting.

"Fuck!" Tom groaned and reached behind him for something he could use as a weapon. The fiend began to slunk towards Tom, his eyes locked onto into Tom's neck and it's foul breath making Tom gag. The fiend paused a few inches from Tom's face and seemed to contemplate it's capture; it's blacked out eyes looking him up and down; sticky black tinted drool sliding down it's chin and landing on Tom's shoulder with a sickening noise. In Tom's mind, this was it. He had gotten so close to The City and only to be killed off by a decomposing blood sucker a few days hike from his destination.

But it appeared that luck was on Tom's side because just as the monster was about to move closer a gun went off somewhere down the aisle and hot blood splattered across Tom's middle. The fiend and Tom looked down at the fiend's middle to find a metal claw lodged into it's chest with a metal wire coming out it's back.

The fiend screamed a gruesome and wet noise as the rope began to retract and it was pulled off of Tom. Tom watched as the monster was pulled away toward two men with machetes and a gallon of gasoline. The fiend clawed at the slick linoleum floor as it was dragged away and Tom look on in fascination as the men began to hack apart the beast accompanying the grotesque episode with it's horrendous screaming. After they finally beheaded the thing, they dumped the gasoline on it and lit it on fire. The men were laughing behind gas masks like the burning corpse was the funniest thing in the world.

Tom was shook out of his observations by two hands grabbing his large tee shirt and ripping it down the center and cutting the sleeves so the shirt could be pulled away from Tom's body and thrown onto flames. Tom hadn't noticed the third man before and at first he had thought that he was looking at a girl. But everything was suddenly moving very fast and Tom could hardly put up any protest as his shirt was removed and disposed of.

Where the two who had killed the fiend were rather average and muscular looking, this third man was very different. He was all sharp angels and long lines. Tall and thin; the young man had a thick mane of shoulder length black hair with white streaks and his eyes were smudged with dark shadow that matched the tattooed black swipes at the ridge of his left cheek bone and the dark lines that descended from both his ruby colored eyes. His mouth and nose were covered by a black and red gas mask, but Tom could tell by looking into this young man's eyes that the guy was smirking at him. "Better go get yourself a new shirt while we clean up." The young man said with a wink. "The shirts are one row over."

Tom was still in shock at the fact that in a matter of seconds so much had happened that he simply got up and went in search of clothing. His mind kept replaying what had happened and what was still going on as he sifted through the selection oh cheap clothing before choosing a rather large black tee shirt with some sort of white writing on it and a black zip up hoodie.

He was still in his daze when a gloved hand tugged at one of his cornrows. "Wha…what?" Tom jumped slightly and found the man that had ripped his shirt off looking at his quizzically.

"Did you get any in your mouth?" The man asked behind his mask.

"Did I get any of what in my mouth?" Tom asked.

"Blood. Did you get any blood in your mouth when we shot him?" The man reiterated.

Tom shook his head, "Nope, not that I can tell"

The youth looked at him suspiciously, "Not even one tiny drop?"

"NO! God, I didn't get any fucking blood in my mouth!" Tom retorted defensively.

"Fine, I believe you." The young man said as he removed a gun from it's ready position at Tom's waist. Tom hadn't even noticed the gun on him.

"What the fuck was the gun for?" Tom spat in confusion.

The man shrugged and looked the hand gun over. "Just in case you got infected. We'd have to kill you too if you were. That's just how it goes. Also you could have been faking the whole dumb kid thing and actually been part of an ambush. Oh and here's your gun." The young man said as held Tom's automatic out for him. "You might want to consider actually using the shoulder strap next time."

Tom couldn't say anything and hung his head. It had been a rookie mistake and one he hadn't made in three years. Tom tongued at his lip ring nervously as he slung his rifle over his shoulder so it rested on his back comfortably and the man watching him swallowed softly as a shiver went down his back.

"Umm, my name's Bill." Bill said as he unsnapped his gas mask and held out his hand for Tom.

Tom eyed Bill's hand for a moment. Bill's fingers were long and pale and half covered by mismatched fingerless gloves and his long nails were painted black. "It's not going to bite you." Bill teased after a moment of Tom's staring.

"Sorry," Tom apologized and took Bill's hand into his own. "I'm Tom. Tom Trumper."

"I know." Bill said matter-a-factly with a smile. Tom arched an eye brow in curiosity. Bill chuckled softly as he explained, "Don't worry. We went through a village a little ways back that said you had relieved them of a rouge fiend. They said you were heading toward The City. They also said that you were crazy for going toward the heaviest fiend infestation known to man. But, then again, we just so happened to be heading that way too, so we thought we'd give you hand."

Tom was about to reject the offer but was cut off by a small explosion from the back of the store.

"What the fuck was that?" Tom yelled, crouching and covering his head with his arms.

Bill just smiled happily, "Oh good, they found it." Bill looked down at Tom and almost laughed, "Don't worry, Georg and Gustav are just grabbing some stuff from the pharmacy that we need."

Tom slowly stood back up, "Don't bother, I already cleaned them out of pain killers and anti-biotic. Why the hell do they have to blow it up?"

Bill took a step closer to Tom and placed a hand on Tom's shoulder. This time it was Tom who had to fight the shiver that shot down his spine. Bill leaned into Tom and whispered into his ear, "What we're looking for isn't gonna be out on a shelve. What we're looking for is usually hidden in a high security safe. And we're just lucky enough that all Rite-Aids and Walgreens seem to have them." Bill licked his lips and took in a deep breath next to Tom's throat; his eyes closing when the rush of Tom's scent touched his nose. Tom's eyelids were working on their own and as Bill whispered to him they shut; one of his hands hesitantly reaching forward to brush against Bill's hip where a bit of skin was visible. Slowly Bill pulled away with a smirk. "So you wanna have some company while you travel to the big bad City or should we just hike half a mile behind you in case you get yourself in trouble again?"

Tom looked into Bill's blood red eyes and played with his lip ring as he contemplated what he was being offered. Coming to the conclusion that the three seemed at be able to handle themselves pretty damn well and that as much as he hated to admit it, Bill was pretty hot for a guy; Tom nodded, "Sure, why not."

Bill smiled and turned to walk toward the pharmacy. "Good, so lets see what the boys have gotten themselves into and then head out." Tom smiled softly and followed close behind, avoiding at all cost letting his gaze drop down to watch Bill's ass.

They met Georg and Gustav by the chard counter of the Pharmacy just as they were finishing packing up whatever they had found. "So boys did we get what we needed?" Bill asked hopefully.

"Yep, lots of it. It's a good three months supply." Georg responded with a smile.

"Awesome! Well it looks like we're gonna head toward The City with Tom. So let's head out toward that 84 Lumber. There's an ammunitions warehouse up the river and we'll stock up there too." Bill explained as they all packed up and headed out.

"So, what are you looking for that would be in a safe, in a pharmacy?" Tom asked after a few hours of walking along highway 17 heading east. Georg and Gustav were walking ahead of them and talking about something called Grif Ball.

Bill seemed to tense up for a split second before shrugging it off. "Just some really expensive drugs. People would pay a lot of money to get their hands on it."

"So what's it do?" Tom questioned.

"It keeps people… like me sane." Bill answered but was hesitant to say anything more. "So, why are you heading toward The City? The government dropped a bio-bomb on it for a reason you know. It's pretty much the fiend's head quarters."

Tom could tell that the meds were a touchy subject and let it drop to answer Bill. "I have to find someone; a fiend. He killed my best friend. Drank him dry and left his body in our old tree house. I looked the guy up on the internet. Apparently he was like this rich guy's son. Really powerful; and last anybody's heard he was living in this like ruined palace in The City. The guy's a spoiled brat from what I've heard and everybody's heard of him in someway or another. Problem is, he's pretty much fallen off the grid for the past few years. But I bet New York City is the best place to look. "

"What's his name?" Bill asked hesitantly

"William Kaulitz" Tom answered, the name rolling off his tongue like it was something disgusting. Bill froze for a second before chuckling uncomfortably. "What is it?" Tom asked at the noise.

"Oh nothing, How did you find out what his name was?" Bill asked and bit his lower lip anxiously.

"He told me himself." Tom replied with a dark tint of conviction in his voice, "He told me to come and kill him when I was strong enough. And when I get to The City, I'm gonna do just that."

"Hmm, that's funny, we were headed there to kill him too." Bill exhaled. Tom was about to ask more but Bill began to yell a head at George and Gustav, "Hey, guys, let's make camp here. We'll find a car tomorrow. I don't want to walk the whole way. My feet hurt."

Bill sat and stared into the fire; his head lost somewhere between thought and memory. Flashing images of the small youth in his arms; his pulse so loud in his ears as his body took control and his mouth latched onto the boys neck. His blood had been sweet; full of life and warmth and Bill recalled every moment that the sanity saving liquid ran past his thirsty lips.

Bill wrapped his arms around himself and closed his eyes as he remembered waking up from devouring the boy, finding his limp cold body in his embrace. A brutal shiver of regret and self-loathing ran though him at the memory of the cruel pride he had felt as he stashed the boy's body in the tree house. He had laughed as he looked down on the corpse as it went into rigor. He had been so pleased with himself.

But he could not stay long and watch his prey fall further into death. A boy had seen him, a child a few years younger then the boy he had drained. The boy had dark blond hair that strayed in front of his caramel brown eyes and Bill remembered the sun shining off the boys hair like stars as he trembled in fear and anger. Bill could see the hatred burning within the boy and knew the aching need to kill that was growing in him.

Bill had smiled then, teasing the youth and letting him see the blood that stained his lips red. "When you're strong enough to kill me, come looking for William Kaulitz. I look forward to meeting you again."

It had been a joke; just a stupid joke. But he knew now that the child had been Tom. He had looked different then. He still had money then. He was still living off his Dad's fortune and had used most of it on the most avant-garde fashions and hair. He had primped himself with fashionable make up and he had worn a mask when he hunted, to prevent the media from catching wind of his contraction of HDD. That had been his father's only rule at the time. No one must ever find out. He'd broken that rule that day. It was no wonder that Tom did not recognize him.

Bill opened his eyes to look at himself. His clothes were in ruins; splattered with dirt and water and blood. His fingernail polish was chipping and his cuticles were bleeding. He could feel the grime of the world sticking to every inch of visible skin and he almost gagged when he thought about the last time he had actually washed his hair instead of just spraying it with more hair spray to keep it from falling hopelessly flat. He was barely a remnant of the man he had once been all those years ago.

Luckily he did not have to contemplate his disheveled state much longer when Tom took a seat next to him and bumped his shoulder against Bill's almost playfully. "Something on your mind?"

Bill gave Tom and sad smile and nodded, "You could say that."

"Thinking about William?" Tom guessed.

"How's you know?" Bill exhaled in exhaustion

"I think about him a lot too. I used to have these dreams about him. I mean, it was years ago when I met him. I think I was 6. But he looked like this fallen angel. His hair was done up in a faux hawk and his skin was so white. His lips though, were haunting. They were painted red with my friend blood and that was all I really saw. He wore a mask too. Used to dream about taking that mask off. Sometimes I'd rip it off quickly, and other times I would reach up and slowly place my hand on his cheek. And I would pull it away from his face so slow it was painful."

"Did you ever get a good look at his face?" Bill pushed, suddenly very worried what would happen if Tom ever recognized him.

Tom tongued at his lip ring and shrugged, "Nah, it was always a different face but he was always beautiful. I guess I just knew he'd have to be beautiful."

Bill smirked at the compliment Tom had unknowingly given him. He would have been quiet pleased with himself had the subject matter been different, "Well, you were right about that one. He is… attractive."

"Oh, that's right. You're after him too. What's up with that? Do you know him?" Tom asked in fascination.

"Yeah, I know him. Georg and Gustav too. William was… one of our friend's growing up. He was this spoiled rich kid that thought he knew everything and could get whatever we wanted. And sadly, he could most of the time. Looking back he was really a jerk. He would order Georg and Gustav around and make them do his homework while he did something else. But we all loved William, whether we wanted to or not because he was always the life of the party and the center of attention no matter where we went." Bill played with his tongue ring spitefully as he recalled his snobbish upbringing.

"Sound's like he was always an asshole; even before he was a fiend. So what happened, how did he become a fiend? Why do you want to kill him?" Tom prodded.

Bill forced a laugh at the asshole remark. "Well, umm, he was always trying to show off and one night he got it into his head that he would kill a fiend. It was stupid, he was young and thought way too highly of his remedial fighting skills. But he went looking for trouble anyways. In the end he ended up being the one hunted instead of the one doing the hunting."

Bill closed his eyes when the fiend's face shot across his vision. She had been young and sweet looking, the only sign of her true nature was the blood that was smear across he lips and cheeks. She was drunk off blood; glutted with it; devouring every drop she could get her greedy hands on. Bill had thought he was going to die when she attached herself to his neck. But somehow he had been able to think and the faint idea to bite the monster back seemed the only way to make it out of this thing alive. He had been right.

"Sometimes, I think he would have been better off if he had just let her kill him." Bill continued, "As for why I wanna kill him. I woke up one morning and realized that William couldn't continue being who he was. He'd killed so many people, innocent people. And I couldn't deal with it anymore. So I've been trying to kill him ever since. But it's easier said then done."

Tom and Bill sat together and watched the fire in silence. There was an awful knot of guilt in Bill's stomach and the overwhelming urge to tell Tom who he was, was threatening to overtake him.

Bill turned to look at Tom. Tom seemed to be lost in his own thoughts, his caramel eyes gazing into the flames like they held some answers to the world, and Bill took the time to give Tom a good once over.

The boy had grown up well. He had a long neck that lead up to sharp cheek bones and a set of lips that were thin on top and full and pouty on the bottom; pierced on the left side with solitary ring of silver. And Bill wished Tom's obnoxiously large Tee-shirt didn't hide so much of the body behind it. He was sure that Tom had spent the last fourteen years carefully training himself into peak condition. All because of an off-handed comment he had made to a child.

But Bill's pondering were halted once again by the gut-wrenching feeling that he should tell Tom the truth, that he should save the boy the trip into The City where it seemed the gates of hell were gapping open.

Bill braced himself and opened his mouth to tell Tom everything when Tom turned to him and started to speak, "Hey, it looks like the muscle duo want to talk to you. I have to go put up my tent." Tom got up and went on his way toward his gear before Bill could even make a complaint.

"Fuck." Bill groaned and hit the soft dirt with his fist after Tom was out of hearing range.

Georg gave him a questioning look, "What's you're problem?"

Bill glared up at him, "What do you want?"

"It's time to take the Synthe." Gustav answered and tossed Bill a water bottle and a small plastic bag of red powder.

Bill sighed as he looked down at the objects in his hands and shook his head, "We've got a problem." Bill told the duo as he poured the powder into the water bottle before twisting the cap back on and giving it a good shake. "I know the kid and it's not a good I know the kid. I killed his friend when they were little. He's after my head." Bill held his water bottle up to the light and watched it as the water turned thick and crimson.

"It's a good thing he didn't recognize you then." Gustav commented with a chuckle.

"Yeah, it's a fucking good thing he didn't recognize me." Bill spat at his friends before taking a deep drink of the synthetic blood he had mixed. "He may have looked like a rookie today in the store but he's probably been training for the past decade or more and is a hell of a lot better then we thought. Today was a fluke." Bill could already feel the effects of the blood on his system. His thoughts were clearer and he was starting to calm down. Unfortunately as his thoughts cleared the realization that he was stuck traveling with the kid who was aiming to kill him became clearer as well. "Fuck! Fuck, fuck, fuck!"

"Hey," Georg hushed as he and Gustav knelt down to whisper, "Calm your ass down. So we ditch the kid and run in the opposite direction. Screw meeting up with Andreas in New York anyways. Andi's a dick."

Gustav cut him off, "Yeah, and he's gonna try and get you to kill again like he always does. I don't get why you want to go back anyways. The City is a bad place for you and you know it. There's way too much of a chance that you'll fall back into your old habits."

"No!" Bill snarled and stood up to prove his point. "Andreas is our friend and has been since we were little. I turned him into what he is just like I changed you two and I'm not letting some kid with a grudge keep us from seeing our friend; even if Andi hasn't come to his senses yet."

Gustav and Georg stood up to be eye level with Bill. "Then what are we supposed to do about the kid?" Georg asked.

"We'll take him with us and then find a way to ditch him in The City. And if he mentions William, he's just one of our friends that we're going to New York to kill. I don't want this kids blood on our hands but he's gonna try to find William Kaulitz no matter what. He wants a fight. I can at least get him there in one piece." Bill answered before looking over at Tom trying to piece together the brand new tent he had picked up at the Rite Aid and failing.

"GOD DAMIT IT!" Tom cursed when the frame fell apart and Tom kicked it multiple times in frustration.

Bill smiled despite himself and laughed softly, "Go help the kid with the tent while I finish off this shit." Bill instructed his friends and held up his half empty bottle of artificial blood.

Georg and Gustav just shrugged and started to walk toward their newest group member, "Whatever you say boss."

Bill sat back down next to the fire and began to drink the Synthe in his hand. The taste was metallic and cold; nothing like real human blood. But it got the job done and Bill wasn't about to go back to the way things were. Human was officially off the menu from now on. Bill looked over at his companions and Tom saw him and smiled warmly back. "Hopefully it'll stay that way." Bill mumbled to himself before forcing himself to drink down the last bit of bitter liquid.

Mean while, Tom began setting up his tent while Bill talked with Gustav and Georg. It was a simple enough tent and Tom figured he could put it up without much fuss. Bill and the muscle twins were having a heated conversation about something after a bottle of water and a bag were shoved into Bill's hands. "What is that?" Tom whispered in curiosity.

Bill was getting frustrated about something and Tom cursed himself for setting himself out of hearing range. The water that Bill had added the powder in the bag to had turned red and Bill was drinking the stuff. Tom chuckled at the face Bill made after drinking it. It looked like it tasted awful and Tom thought the way Bill scrunched up his nose in disgust was kind of cute.

"There's a thought." Tom said to himself as he looked at his tent which was half way constructed. Then a thought hit him. "GOD DAMN IT!" Tom started to curse and kick apart the tent he had almost finished putting together. The trio looked over at him and Tom tried to look like he had no clue what he was doing. "Come to papa." Tom chuckled under his breath.

Unfortunately for Tom, Bill sent Dull and Duller over to help him instead of himself and Tom huffed at his failed plan.

Georg and Gustav went to work on the poles while Tom looked over at Bill who was still drinking the thick red drink. There were creases of worry in Bill's forehead and Tom smiled at the brief image of kissing the lines away as Bill writhed under him. Tom's smile got bigger when his eyes met Bill's.

But it didn't last long as Gustav bumped into him and told him to actually pay attention so he could put it together by himself next time. Tom rolled his eyes and watched as they set his tent up again.

Bill rolled over onto his side and tried to cover his ears with his hands. Georg and Gustav were using tonight as a last chance to get some before they got to The City and were going at it like jack rabbits in heat with only a thin layer of nylon tenting between their half of the tent and Bill's. And to make matters worse it seemed that the G's were purposely trying to be louder then the pattering of the heavy New York rain.

"I am never going to get any sleep like this." Bill growled as the moans kept seeming to grow increasingly louder. Then an intriguing and not wholly unpleasant idea happened upon Bill. There was another tent. And from the looks of it, it would comfortably fit two young men. Or at least one young man and an fiend who looked like a young man.

After contemplating his options; staying here, not sleeping at all, and having to listen to the G's sex noises all night long or going out into the rain and getting at least a little sleep in Tom's tent; Bill decided that the rain and Tom was a better choice.

Mind made up, Bill threw back his sleeping bag cover and shuffling to the tent opening in his pajamas after wrapping himself in a blanket. Slowly, Bill opened the zippered front of the tent and looked out into the rain. "Fantastic! This is fantastic. I hate the rain." Bill whined before booking it across camp toward Tom's tent. Unfortunately Bill forgot to consider that when water mixes with soil it makes mud and said mud is often slick. Four long strides from Tom's tent Bill's bare foot slipped and sent Bill toppling into the muck.

After a few moments of shocked laying in a puddle, Bill sat up and pouted, "I HATE THE RAIN! God, there is no way we're showing up in New York with me looking like this. I look like Tom attacked me and we went mud wrestling." Bill paused and took a moment to think about that particular thought. "Ok so maybe that option wouldn't have been too awful. But still…"

Bill's tantrum was halted by a noise in front of him. Looking up, Bill realized that he was right outside Tom's tent and soft choked sounds were coming from inside. Spurred by curiosity and a slight flutter of lust in the pit of his stomach, Bill crawled closer and put his ear lightly against the plastic fabric of the tent door.

Several noises assaulted Bill's ears at once; quiet stifled moans, the rustle of a sleep bag as if someone was grabbing at the cloth and the wet smacking sound of flesh against flesh. All of which could only signal Tom's activities being one thing. "Oh my God, he's jerking one off!" Bill mouthed silently at the realization and with interest pressed his ear closer the fabric.

The moist noise of rapidly moving flesh grew quicker and Bill bit his lower lip to stop himself from grabbing his own growing erection. And the faster the pace of Tom's hand supposedly went the more Bill pressed his ear against the door of the tent. He was so caught up in listening to the sounds of Tom's release that when Tom moaned out a loud and rather sloppy version of Bill's name he failed to hear the zipper on the door coming open from his weight and leading to himself bursting into Tom's tent; rain-drenched and half covered in mud, as Tom screamed, tried his best to cover himself with his sleeping bag and falling off his inflatable mattress in the process.

"BILL! WHAT THE FUCK! SHIT!" Tom yelled in shock and disbelief.

Even in the dark, Bill's better then human eye sight could see all the planes and ridges of Tom's chest and abs. Luckily Bill's moan was covered by Tom's shouts of surprise.

"Hi, Tom. How are you tonight?" Bill asked in an attempt to cover the awkwardness of the whole situation.

"I'm fine… What are you doing here?" Tom questioned again after pulling on his boxers as quickly as he could manage.

"Umm…" Bill hummed as he sat up and tried to think of a way to phrase his request, "Well, funny story, I was in my tent, unable to sleep because of my tent mates being rather rude and ignorant to other peoples sleeping habits when I realized that you also had a tent. So I was wondering if I could possibly bunk with you for the night." Bill finished and tried to give his best version of puppy dog eyes.

Tom fiddled with his lip ring for a moment before nodding. "All right," Bill smiled brightly and was about to crawl closer onto the sleeping bag when Tom stopped him. "But you ain't coming anywhere near the air mattress covered in mud."

Bill looked down at his pajamas and remembered the fall; causing a slight pout to cover Bill's lips. But then again, the idea of sleeping next to Tom, who apparently slept in his boxers, in only his underwear as well didn't sound all that bad.

With a playful smirk, Bill peeled off his wet tee-shirt and threw it on the ruined blanket in the corner. Tom swallowed and stiffly tried to turn around as Bill started to strip. But lust seemed to get the better of him and Tom slowly turned his head to look over his shoulder to catch a look at Bill in a tight pair of black boy short undies. Bill's back was toward him and Tom continued to stare at Bill's backside. Bill could feel Tom's wandering eyes on his body and a mischievous thought came to him. Folding his pajama pants up, Bill slowly bent over and placed them on top of his shirt and blanket.

Tom's jaw dropped as Bill leaned over and gave him a stunning view of Bill's thin hips and rounded ass. Tom swallowed hard and cursed God for the fact that even though he had just gotten one off, he was getting hard once again. After a moment, Bill straighten up and Tom seemed to snap out of his Bill induced haze. "Am I clean enough for you now?" Bill teased and slowly turned around and placed his slender hands on his hips.

"That should be fine. Let's, eh, go to bed… I mean to sleep." Tom stuttered and even in the dark of the tent, Bill could almost make out the blush on Tom's cheek. Bill just smirked and climbed onto the mattress and under the unzipped sleeping bag with Tom.

It was slightly uncomfortable for a few minutes as both of them tried to lay on the full sized space without touching each other and both refusing to say anything. Finally however, Bill got fed up with not being able to sleep and growing cold with only half his long body covered by their blanket. "You know we can touch. It's not like I bite." Bill offered but held back the chuckle at the last bit and the murmured "anymore." to himself.

"Ok, I mean, it is kind of cold and body heat would make this a lot more comfortable." Tom commented in return. Bill smiled at the nonchalant smirk in Tom's voice.

"Yeah," Bill agreed slyly and scouted closer to the center of the mattress, "In the boy scout hand book it says the best way to prevent hypothermia is to get down to your underwear and huddle together."

"Exactly. Because skin to skin contact promotes body heat because you're not heating your clothes. And we wouldn't want to get sick before we go into a fight now would we?" Tom continued, also closing the gap between them.

"That's right," Bill sighed as he remembered once again his guilt. Finally the pair were laying in the center of the mattress back to back. "That's…better." Bill commented but was slightly disappointed that Tom hadn't pressed his broad chest against his back instead.

"Yep." Tom yawned

There was another couple minutes of silence and Bill flicked his tongue stud against his teeth and tried to fight the conflicting emotions that were battling in his chest. On the one hand, telling Tom the truth was still an option even though he had told The G's that they wouldn't. In which case, Bill was pretty sure Tom would attack him and probably end up killing him since Bill refused to take another human life. But on the other hand, Tom was really hot and from what Bill had overheard, Tom kind of thought he was pretty hot too. In which case, keeping his mouth shut and seeing where he could take this attraction to sounded like an awful lot of fun as well as a nice way to spend his last few days alive.

Meanwhile, Tom was having conflicting emotions of his own. He didn't entirely trust Bill and he could tell that his traveling companions were hiding something. But every time Tom closed his eyes, Bill came to his mind and being this close to the young man caused the tight golden coil of want to grow taunt. Tom bit at his lip ring in confusion and need.

Fortunately for the both of them Bill was impatient and had decided that having relations with Tom for the next few days was a much better decision over dying and so while Tom was still fretting with his lip ring and thinking over his options Bill sat up, leaded over and kissed Tom on the cheek, "Good night." Bill whispered against Tom's ear.

Tom froze for an instant before catching the drift and turning his head to look up into Bill's crimson eyes. The moment lasted for a small eternity as they locked eyes and Tom shifted so he could bring a hand up to Bill's cheek and brush his thumb over Bill's tattoos.

Bill closed his eyes and exhaled a breath he didn't know he had been holding. Tom's hand moved from Bill's face back into thick ebony hair and pulled Bill closer, their breath intermingling between them before Bill finished the circuit and surged forward to join his lips with Tom's.

"I knew those condoms would come in handy." Tom chuckled as he toppled Bill over and pinned him to the bed.

Bill woke up to a shaft of morning light sliding in through the still half way open door and assaulting his eyes. Groaning, Bill attempted to escape the garish light and squirm away but a heavy arm around his waist pulled him back into place.

"Oh." Bill gasped as the memories of the night before came back to him and the slight ache in his rear began to register in his mind. Meanwhile, Tom had began to nuzzle at Bill throat and the hint of morning stubble was sending tiny shivers down Bill's spine.

"Morning," Tom moaned sleepily as his nuzzling turned into kissing and lapping at the new set of love bites he had draped across Bill's flesh; they were already beginning to fade and Tom was on a mission to make sure they stayed there.

"Stop that." Bill whined with a smile but not putting up much of an effort to stop Tom's minstrations.

"What're you going to do about it if I don't?" Tom replied playfully

"I might just push you down and have my way with you before breakfast." Bill answered as he rolled over to face Tom.

Tom had a shit eating grin on his face. "Is that so? I'd like to see you try."

Bill arched an eyebrow at Tom, "You'd like it."

"Bring it on then." Tom chuckled; his lips only moments from Bill's

"Oh, it's already been brought." Bill retorted against Tom's mouth before closing the short distance between them and fulfilling the kiss.

Tom's lips nipped and teased at Bill's mouth, demanding entrance, and Bill was only too happy to oblige. Their tongues danced against each others, as they struggled for dominance. Tom's hands roamed Bill's lithe frame with calloused and explorative caresses while Bill's ventured into Tom's braids in a last ditch attempt to keep control.

They wrestled atop one another until Tom finally won out and pinned Bill beneath him. Exhausted and out of breath, Tom parted from their kisses and rested his forehead upon Bill's. Closing his eyes, Tom took a small moment to breath in the scent of his prize. "You're perfect, you know that?" Tom breathed.

Bill shuddered beneath Tom. Guilt and lust and some emotion that Bill refused to think about were mixing like poison in his chest and he truly began to feel like he was acting like the monster he had once been. His heart was racing and it felt like it was going to eat it's way out of his chest. He had to tell Tom the truth; about who he was, about what he had done, and hopefully Tom would allow him the chance to explain that he wasn't that person anymore.

"Tom, I have to tell you something." Bill whispered.

Tom raised his head and looked down upon him. "Yeah, what is it?" Light was shining into the tent from the open doorway to the tent and it shone down upon Tom. His braids were loose and hung down around his face like tendrils of raw black silk. Bill raised one of his hands to touch Tom's face and run his thumb over Tom's cheek bone in a mirror image of the caress Tom had given him the night before. Tom smiled softly and turned into Bill's hand; placing a slow soft kiss upon the palm.

"You'll hate me if I do." Bill confessed and fought back tears he knew would come if he allowed them.

Tom sighed against Bill's wrist, "Bill, you can tell me. If we're going to go kill William together we have to trust each other. Trust me, you can tell me."

Bill bit his lower lip to hold back a stab of pain in his chest. "That's what I have to tell you about. Tom…" Bill paused as if to steel himself for the next moment which would lead to his death. "Tom, I'm actually…" Bill started but was cut off by an alarm and shouting from outside the tent.

"SHIT!" Tom spat before leaning in quickly to kiss Bill one more time. "Save that thought for later, it sounds like the electronic perimeter I set up last night is working. We've got company. And lots of it by the sound of it."

Bill was about to protest, but Tom had already thrown on his jeans, grabbed his rifle and his newly shop lifted machete and was rushing out of the tent.

"Fuck!" Bill yelled and quickly went about grabbing his dirty pajama pants and pulled them on right before rushing out into the daylight. Three starved and blood crazed fiends were running toward the camp through the trees and it was making it hard to get a clear shot at them. Georg and Gustav were fully dressed and were rushing toward their attackers with machetes drawn and guns blazing. As Bill rushed for his tent to grab his own rifle he caught a glimpse of Tom getting a few shots off into the chest of an oncoming fiend.

The fiend went down at Tom's feet and Tom quickly shot it several times in the head to make sure it was dead. Georg and Gustav had dispatched of the other two just as quickly and were already lighting the corpses on fire. Tom looked around and saw Bill walking toward him with a small can of gasoline and matches. "It's gonna be a good day." Tom smiled to himself.

Author's Note: So this is the end of Part One! I should have the second half out by Friday I hope! Please comment!